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Ryan Faas

Apple plays hardball with iPad Mini reveal

In staging an Apple event on Tuesday to unveil the long-awaited iPad Mini, Apple is poised to steal a lot of Microsoft's Windows 8 launch thunder. That's symbolic of a confident Apple, says columnist Ryan Faas.

iOS 6 device management: What companies should know

Apple is clearly making it easy for businesses and IT departments to secure new iOS 6 features and is ramping up devise security in several ways. Columnist Ryan Faas offers an overview of what's new.

The iPhone 5 at work -- How companies should prepare

With the iPhone 5 slated to ship Sept. 21, the big question for business users and IT pros is how it and iOS 6 will affect them and their companies. Columnist Ryan Faas has some answers.

Lessons for IT, Apple in Flashback brouhaha

Although the number of Flashback-infected Macs is on the decline, the reverberations from the outbreak will affect Apple and the businesses that have increasingly adopted Macs. Columnist Ryan Faas explains.

What does the new iPad mean to business?

Apple's new iPad arrived Friday and, given the popularity of early sales, will be showing up this week at an office near you.

How mobile, BYOD and younger workers are reinventing IT

IT departments and the duties of their staffers haven't changed much in recent years. But the rise of mobile, the bring-your-own-device trend and a new generation of workers is about to change all that. Ryan Faas explains.

OS X Mountain Lion: A big cat for business?

OS X Mountain Lion is something of a mixed bag for enterprise environments: it adds some very useful features, but its tight integration with iCloud could raise red flags for CIOs and IT pros, says columnist Ryan Faas.

Will this be the year of Apple in the enterprise?

All of the big trends in IT right now -- cloud computing, mobile solutions and the consumerization of IT -- look good for Apple as it slowly worms its way into the enterprise. Columnist Ryan Faas explains why it's happening now.

Dig deep into Lion: The best overlooked, underrated features

Mission Control and other snazzy new Lion features may have gotten all the press, but columnist Ryan Faas has uncovered a slew of lesser-known features that every OS X Lion user should know about.

Apple's new vision of education

Apple made it clear this week that one of the industries it hopes to reinvent is education -- an area in which the company has a long history. Columnist Ryan Faas explains what Apple has in mind for schools.

Will OS X Lion roar in the enterprise?

Companies with large deployments of Macs may be eying Apple's new OS X Lion warily. Ryan Faas offers advice on how to roll it out successfully.

Can HP's webOS and TouchPad slow down the iPad?

The HP TouchPad arrives July 1. Can it, unlike earlier iPad rivals, finally take a bite of Apple's success in the tablet market? Columnist Ryan Faas thinks it just might.

How the Apple iCloud compares to Google's cloud

With its upcoming iCloud service, Apple takes a common concept -- cloud computing -- and pares it back to core functions. Columnist Ryan Faas compares Apple's plans with what Google already offers.

Apple's iCloud and iOS 5: New challenges for the enterprise

Although many of the features Apple talked up Monday during the WWDC keynote could be a boon to enterprise IT shops, some could pose security challenges, says columnist Ryan Faas.

Windows 8, from an iPad user's view

While Microsoft's Windows 8 offers 'a lot of good ideas,' says columnist Ryan Faas, it risks confusing users by being too gesture-intensive.

WWDC: Why this year is different

Apple has already said it'll be highlighting its new iCloud service, the Lion OS and iOS 5 at next week's Worldwide Developers Conference. Columnist Ryan Faas offers a sneak peek at some of the details.

Apple's OS X server strategy: Data centers for everyone

In addition to a variety of new features, Mac OS X 10.7 'Lion' is getting something all new: Lion Server, which will be bundled with it for free.

Yes, your iPhone is tracking you -- the question's why

The recent publicity about whether iPhones and iPads are keeping tabs on their users' whereabouts -- they are -- left a lot of people wondering what Apple's up to. Columnist Ryan Faas offers his take on the location-tracking brouhaha.

Image gallery: Tools that bring 'Lion' features to Mac OS X today

Why wait until the new version of Mac OS X is released this summer? With the right tools, you can get some of the features promised for Lion in Snow Leopard, Leopard or Tiger now.

Mac OS X: Make Snow Leopard (and other cats) roar like Lion

Why wait until Lion is released this summer? With the right tools, you can get many of the features promised for the upcoming OS in Snow Leopard, Leopard or Tiger today.

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