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Dell improves deployment services, notebook lineup

By Tom Krazit
February 1, 2005 12:00 PM ET

IDG News Service - Dell Inc. said it will unveil new deployment services for its customers Tuesday alongside new notebooks that take advantage of Intel Corp.'s Sonoma technology and a new workstation designed to be friendly to both IT managers and environmentalists.

Dell's Weekend Notebook Exchange and ComputraceComplete Recovery Guarantee services will be added to the portfolio of offerings available through Dell Managed Services. The company's managed services are designed to help IT managers with time-consuming tasks such as setting up new PCs.

The Weekend Notebook Exchange will allow customers to ship old notebooks to Dell on a Friday, and have the company take the software images and data from those systems and transfer them to new systems that should be available on Monday, Dell said. The company isn't promising a two-day turnaround, but is setting that as the goal. Customers will also receive a credit for the value of their old systems when they are returned, and Dell will make sure the systems are properly disposed of.

Absolute Software Corp.'s ComputraceComplete software allows IT departments to track lost or missing notebooks, and the Vancouver, British Columbia-based company promises to recover any missing PCs or provide up to $1,000 to replace those systems. Dell will now load the software onto notebooks at the customer's discretion, it said.

Dell will also unveil a new chassis design for OptiPlex workstations. It follows the Balanced Technology Extended (BTX) specification for desktop motherboard designs that rearranges the placement of hot components such as the processor and graphics card in order to more efficiently cool the system. The chassis is compliant with specifications developed by the European Union to reduce chemical compounds in computer cases. The Reduction of Hazardous Substances directive will apply to all products shipped after July 2006, but Dell said its OptiPlex systems are compliant with that directive as of Tuesday.

Dell will also roll out three Latitude notebooks and two mobile workstations with Intel's Sonoma mobile technology introduced earlier this month. Sonoma is the latest version of Intel's Centrino technology, which includes the Pentium M processor, a mobile chip set and an Intel Pro/Wireless chip.

The new 915 chip set within Sonoma supports the Peripheral Component Interconnect Express technology and Double Data Rate 2 memory. It also increases the speed of the front-side bus that connects the processor to the memory. The new Latitude notebooks, as well as the Dell Precision mobile workstations, all include the new Intel technology.

Additional details about the systems and services will be presented at the unveiling event in New York by Dell executives Alex Gruzen andJohn Medica, both senior vice presidents in Dell's Product Group.

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