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WWDC 2013
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Apple's "Continuity" initiative is all about using the right device for the right task at the right moment and shifting between devices seamlessly. It very much leverages all of Apple's strengths to create a smooth flow from iPhone to Mac to iPad.

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Apple unwraps OS X Yosemite public beta Thursday
Apple will release its first public beta of OS X Yosemite early Thursday

Dev interest in OS X Yosemite is 4X what it was for Mavericks in '13
Developer interest in OS X Yosemite appears to be quadruple that of 2013's Mavericks.

Yosemite's 'Handoff' will work only on Macs less than 2-3 years old
Apple's "Handoff" -- one of the key new features of iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite -- will work only on newer Macs that support Bluetooth 4.0 and the Bluetooth LE (low energy) technology.

Headphone makers will be wary of Apple's Lightning audio pitch
Apple will find it difficult to convince headset manufacturers to switch to a Lightning port for audio, an analyst argued today.

Devs can 'Handoff' iOS apps to browser-based UIs on Macs
Apple's new Handoff feature in iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite not only lets users pick up on one app from where they left off on another, but it can "forward" them to a website on an iPhone, iPad or Mac.

Apple's storage strategy: Clear, not cloudy
Despite the iCloud enhancements and new features Apple talked up at WWDC, don't expect the company to broadly compete in the online storage market.

Apple's Continuity tack brings ubiquitous computing to Yosemite and iOS 8
At this year's WWDC, Apple showcased a variety of new technologies under the Continuity umbrella that take device communication to a more sophisticated level. Users are the winners, says columnist Michael deAgonia.

What's in a name? Aussie 'HealthKit' firm unhappy with Apple
An Australian company has made a big deal this week of taking umbridge over Apple's use of the name HealthKit. That's because the company is named HealthKit.

Will Apple's Internet of Things vision hurt a beautiful idea?
Apple's just announced approach to home automation involves Homekit, an iOS 8 framework and network protocol for controlling devices in the home. But will it play nicely with others?

Apple returns to beta testing with Yosemite, just as Microsoft downplays the ritual
Apple has returned to public beta testing of its Mac operating system after a 14-year absence, just as rival Microsoft has begun backing away from the practice.

Wi-Fi calling coming to iPhones in iOS 8, with T-Mobile's support
Apple's new iOS 8 will support Wi-Fi calling when the version launches in the fall, and T-Mobile US was quick to say it will support the feature on its customers' iPhones.

Apple counters Microsoft's convergence strategy with Continuity
Apple yesterday countered Microsoft's vision of the future, where multiple devices collapse into one, with a recognition that compromises and multiple devices are not only the reality, but could be lucrative.

At WWDC, continuity across devices is the theme
Apple's "Continuity" initiative is all about using the right device for the right task at the right moment and shifting between those devices seamlessly. Columnist Ryan Faas explains.

Cook jabs at Windows, Android in WWDC keynote
Apple may have had a lot to dish out Monday to developers, but that didn't stop CEO Tim Cook from taking time to talk a little smack about rivals Microsoft and Google.

Apple will preview OS X Yosemite to first 1M beta testers
Apple today said the public can try out early versions of the OS X Yosemite operating system, the first time since 2000 the company has let large numbers of outsiders get an early look at an upcoming Mac OS.

Apple's 'Swift' is a new programming language for iOS, Mac
With plans to slowly retire the long-used Objective-C, Apple has introduced a new programming language, called Swift, for designing apps and applications to run on Apple iOS devices and Apple Macintosh computers.

Apple opens up iOS, struts Mac-iPhone-iPad integration
Apple CEO Tim Cook and one of his top lieutenants today outlined the next iterations of the company's critical iOS and the less-important OS X before enthusiastic developers.

OS X Mavericks will power 70% of Macs before it's replaced by today's upgrade
With Apple poised to introduce its next version of OS X within hours, the current edition, Mavericks, will end its career this fall powering almost three-fourths of all Macs, a validation of Apple's decision last year to give away the operating system.

Tip of the Hat: Apple's 'enormous' year starts today
The Apple world that long saw its company deliver innovative products like the iPhone and iPad has shown some uneasiness in recent months.

WWDC preview: For Apple, it's all about platforms now
Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference is the company's one big chance to talk up hardware, operating systems and services -- and explain where Apple is headed. Ryan Faas explains what to look for on Monday.

Apple confirms WWDC public webcast on June 2
Apple today confirmed that it will webcast the keynote at its Worldwide Developers Conference next Monday.

Apple plots home break-in, home automation break-through
It looks like Apple will trumpet its entry into the home automation market next week at its annual developers conference.

Cheaper iMacs, Retina MacBook Air make best contenders for WWDC reveals
Apple will unveil new or refreshed Mac personal computers next week, and all three major lines are potential candidates.

Apple to reveal iOS 8, OS X 10.10 June 2 at 10 a.m. keynote
Apple will again kick off its developer conference with a keynote, where top-tier executives, including CEO Tim Cook, will tout the newest versions of iOS and OS X, and likely introduce new hardware.

Apple slates WWDC for June 2-6, sets up ticket lottery
Apple today announced that its annual developers conference will run June 2-6, and that it's copying Google's method of assigning tickets through a random drawing.

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WWDC: 4 reasons Apple's HealthKit won't be healthy (Updated)

WWDC: Apple's HealthKit is certainly going to kick start the market for health-related apps and devices, but you can't yet guarantee these solutions will actually keep you healthy. Here are four reasons why:

WWDC 2014: Apple's plan to save high street retail

If you happen to be a developer, someone in retail, or digital experience marketing, you'd be a fool to ignore Apple as it prepares to open up its omnichannel, as it may soon offer you the secret sauce you seek.

WWDC: 18 iOS 8, Yosemite details you probably missed

Apple didn't tell us everything about its plans for iOS 8 or OS X Yosemite during Monday's keynote; I've collected together a few small improvements you probably don't know about.

WWDC: Get your Mac ready for OS X Yosemite beta

Apple will introduce OS X 10.10 Yosemite this Fall, but you won't need to wait that long to put the beta version of the software through its paces -- you don't even need a spare Mac. This short and painless guide will help you get your Mac ready for Apple's public beta.

WWDC 2014 Apple puts its fighting boots on

Apple never said it, but the fact that Xcode 6 includes new OS Simulator features that will allow developers to resize the simulated screen for any arbitrary resolution means -- well, it's a pretty blatant confirmation Apple will introduce devices with different sizes -- small (iWatch) and large (phablet phones). The other thing it implies is that Apple isn’t talking about it yet.

WWDC 2014: Apple sets the scene for its next decade

The WWDC keynote may be over, but new programming language, Swift, sets Apple up for the next decade; and it's not about 'Made in Cupertino' any more: the new Apple is all about enabling a much more powerful ecosystem.

WWDC 2014: What to expect (final edition) (Updated)

WWDC 2014 opens up with Apple's keynote speech in just two hours time. Hundreds are already gathered outside the Moscone Center hall to see what the company has to say -- here's what to expect:

'Siri, cook my lunch': 8 iOS solutions for smart homes

As I predicted in 2011 Apple is expected to introduce a new iOS-based SmartHome ecosystem at WWDC, giving its developers new opportunities for innovation. Take a look at this short collection of existing iOS smart home solutions for a hint of how Apple's going to put intelligence inside your home.

WWDC: Crowdfunding Apple's new tech revolution

I'm researching crowdfunding at the moment, so I thought it would be useful to share a few ideas to help developers (and investors) exploit the huge innovation opportunities Apple will reveal at WWDC.

WWDC: So, how is Apple's Liquidmetal thing shaping up?

Apple does not want to be the ideas workshop of the world. A move to use materials no one else can use would make its solutions hard to imitate. After all, just how will Apple's emulative enemies copy Apple products if they can't get the parts?

Apple has big plans for WWDC 2014

Apple has huge plans for WWDC 2014, which begins with a mammoth two-hour keynote speech on June 2. What's going on?

New iPad 6 and iOS 8 rumors rampant, ahead of WWDC14

iPad 6 release date still assumed to be November.

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) is expected to introduce side-by-side app multitasking next month. At WWDC14, Tim's crew will show off a split-screen feature to allow two apps to run simultaneously—or so the rumors say.

Cue much salivation from BYOD fanbois.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers make the obvious comparisons to Windows 8 and Touchwiz.

WWDC 2014: Apple's return to glory?

Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) begins June 2 in San Francisco; the company says -- will the event mark a return to industry leadership?