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Ron Miller: Will the FCC stick us in the slow lane?

By Ron Miller
May 14, 2014 08:23 AM ET

Yet the power of the people does sometimes shine through this morass of corruption and special interests, and if the Internet community can come together and raise one voice, it's possible that even the FCC will listen.

It's happened before, but in that case the party that caved was Congress, whose members have to answer to the voters at some point. They couldn't ignore the rancor of their constituents. The FCC board members don't answer to anyone, except perhaps the president, and it's hard to gauge his influence or his interest in the case.

One thing is certain: The Internet community is unhappy. It will be interesting to see if the FCC responds to the will of the people or the will of the industry lobby. I remain hopeful but cynical on that point.

Ron Miller is a freelance technology journalist and blogger. He is an editor at FierceContentManagement and a contributing editor at EContent Magazine.

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