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By the Numbers

Find out what employees want, and what employers are offering.

Keeping the Peace

Companies can't thrive when generations bicker, says Ira S. Wolfe.

The top five: Large
5,000 or more U.S. employees

  1. Created an in-house "university" just for IT

  2. Perks include on-site child care and Starbucks

  3. Offers a company-funded pension plan

  4. Teaches IT soft skills like conflict resolution

  5. Coaches IT staffers to be customer-centric

The top five: Midsize
1,000 to 4,999 U.S. employees

  1. "InDays" offer time off for innovation

  2. Shared IT-specific values unite employees

  3. "Innovation Express" competition inspires IT

  4. Offers IT workers 16 days of training per year

  5. Staff is empowered to try new technologies

The top five: Small
Fewer than 1,000 U.S. employees

  1. Virtual firm's strong culture connects IT staff

  2. Reimburses IT staffers for tech certifications

  3. Robust communications tools foster teamwork

  4. Diversity plan helps women and minorities excel

  5. Agile, fast-paced environment energizes IT

Get to know the No. 1 places

Quicken Loans

Strong values, new training opportunities return this Detroit powerhouse to the top slot.


Fast-track career growth inspires workers at this Silicon Valley luminary.

Noah Consulting

A vibrant, nurturing environment connects workers at this up-and-coming Houston firm.

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Here's a look at what makes the top firms stand out from the competition.

Video: Tour the No. 1 winners

Pool tables and popcorn aren't the whole story, but they sure add to the fun.

Video: What employees want

IT pros are attracted to top organizations for many reasons, not just money.

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