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Internet of Things
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There's a new industrial revolution in the offing that will rely heavily on Internet of Things technologies, the cloud and low-cost design and fabrication tools.

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With SmartThings buy, is Samsung embracing an open Internet of Things?
In acquiring SmartThings, Samsung is gaining a philosophy, platform and development community for the Internet of Things. It may also be betting that open standards -- open platforms -- will be the key to winning this market.

IoT is here, there, not yet everywhere
The Internet of Things is still too hard. Even some of its biggest backers say so.

Google Fit preview sets stage for fitness apps on Android
Want to measure heart rate or weight? Google can help you.

Popular Internet-of-Things devices aren't secure
A security audit of 10 popular Internet-connected devices -- components of the so-called "Internet of things" -- identified an alarmingly high number of vulnerabilities.

Microsoft backs open source for the Internet of Things
Microsoft has joined what began as a Linux Foundation effort to create an open platform for the Internet of Things. It's a move that may be a telling sign regarding Microsoft's plans for home automation, and even for the Xbox.

Microsoft joins AllSeen Alliance, the Qualcomm-led IoT project
Microsoft has joined the AllSeen Alliance, which is building an open source framework for connecting homes, cars and mobile devices.

The Internet of Things at home: Why we should pay attention
The Internet of Things is producing a lot of interesting consumer products that have the potential to lead to important enterprise tools. Here is a basic overview of the concept, together with examples of available products and what they offer.

The Internet of Things at home: 14 smart products compared
What can Internet of Things products bring to your home? Here are the features offered by 14 of the major vendors.

Google's move into home automation means even less privacy
Smart thermostat maker Nest Labs plans to soon start sharing some customer data with Google, its corporate parent, and that means the search engine giant will have to address users' privacy concerns as it expands into home automation.

It's time to get moving on IPv6 rollout
As the dwindling number of IPv4 addresses starts to cause problems for organizations around the world, the time has come to roll out IPv6 on a larger scale, according to the chief of the regional Internet registry in the Asia-Pacific region.

A new industrial age is being built on sensors, 3D printing and the cloud
There's a new industrial revolution in the offing that will rely heavily on Internet of Things technologies, the cloud and low-cost design and fabrication tools.

Could robots walk on stage at Google I/O?
Will Google CEO Larry Page walk out with a 330-lb. robot when he takes the stage this week at Google I/O, his company's developers conference? With Google's purchase of eight robotics companies, it could happen.

The Internet of Things figures into this IT leader's five-year plan
Chris LeBeau, IT director at Advanced Technology Services, is shutting down several outdated systems, migrating users and switching to a more modern business architecture.

Microsoft, insurer, may make home automation inexpensive -- even free
If home automation can reduce insurance claims due to fire, water damage and theft, insurers may become advocates for Internet of Things technologies.

U.S. looks to create an 'Internet of Postal Things'
The Internet has so far delivered mostly bad news to the U.S. Postal Service, but the agency now hopes an emerging Web application -- the Internet of Things -- can help it improve efficiency.

Samsung looks to backyard projects for IoT inspiration
Global gadget giant Samsung Electronics uses techniques from the so-called "maker" community of hobbyists to develop products at a Silicon Valley Internet of Things lab.

Forget coffee, Starbucks is a tech company
People think Starbucks is a coffee company. But every restaurant sells coffee. What makes Starbucks unique is technology. Here's why.

Will Apple's Internet of Things vision hurt a beautiful idea?
Apple's just announced approach to home automation involves Homekit, an iOS 8 framework and network protocol for controlling devices in the home. But will it play nicely with others?

PCI backers push low-power features with an eye on Internet of Things
The PCI technology that's served PCs and servers well for decades is learning to get by on less power so it can play in mobile devices and the Internet of Things.

WWDC preview: For Apple, it's all about platforms now
Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference is the company's one big chance to talk up hardware, operating systems and services -- and explain where Apple is headed. Ryan Faas explains what to look for on Monday.

Apple plots home break-in, home automation break-through
It looks like Apple will trumpet its entry into the home automation market next week at its annual developers conference.

Cyber-physical systems readied for demos by White House-led team
A White House-led effort to show that the Internet of Things can save lives and create jobs is about to put on a big show.

The philosophy of IoT: Will it help or hurt?
As the Internet of Things evolves, will it free up human potential? WIll everyone benefit -- or just a few? And how will it change the way people use technology. A conference in July hopes to find some answers.

Coming soon to a fridge near you -- targeted ads
Targeted advertisements are headed to smart fridges, smart thermostats and other Internet-connected devices, raising potentially new privacy issues for consumers who use those products.

IoT, cloud computing, and nation-state threats redefine enterprise security
A printer that connects to the Web may pose as great a risk to enterprise security as an OS vulnerability, but yet companies worry about the latter and too often ignore the former, said a CTO during a discussion at MIT.

Bandwidth-sipping IoT steers clear of net neutrality debate
If you're worried about an Internet "fast lane" squeezing out all the futuristic connected devices you're hoping to use around your home, fear not.

An Internet of Things prediction for 2025 -- with caveats
A massive survey by the Pew Research Center about the Internet of Things in 2025 is very optimistic about its future, though its responses are filled with questions, doubts and caveats.

Feds offer $15M for research on the next Internet
The National Science Foundation is investing $15 million to create a more robust, agile and secure Internet.

With the Internet of Things, smart buildings pose big risk
In an Internet of Things world, smart buildings with Web-enabled technologies for managing heat, lighting, ventilation, elevators and other systems pose a more immediate security risk for enterprises than consumer technologies.

Cisco's IoT chief resigns
Cisco Systems' point man on the Internet of Things has resigned just as industries start to explore how millions of sensors and devices can be connected over networks.

Embedded systems are a 'life form'
Among the number of provocative points that Dan Geer, the CISO of In-Q-Tel, makes about embedded systems and supply chain risk, one stands out: The systems are immortal.

Internet of Things may make owning less appealing
At an Internet of Things conference in Boston, people are well beyond thinking about sensors and analytics. They are considering what happens once these tools are a part of every product sold. The implications are, potentially, huge.

Explained: The ABCs of the Internet of Things
You've heard the term and probably read stories about smart homes where the toaster talks to the smoke detector. But what makes it all connect? These frequently asked questions help explain it all.

Whirlpool CIO moves 69,000 global employees to Google Apps
Whirlpool CIO Mike Heim says low-cost sensors will soon be found in the company's appliances, predicting the need for maintenance, noting fluctuations in temperature, and even allowing consumers to download recipes to their stoves.

The Internet of Things could encroach on personal privacy
A recent White House report on big data wonders aloud about the capability of sensors and smart meters to turn homes into fish tanks, completely transparent to marketers, police -- and criminals.

The Internet of Things likely to drive an upheaval for security
The Internet of Things is likely to bring 'a major inflection point in security' sooner than you think.

The Internet of Things meets disruptive technologies
How will the IoT affect social, mobile, the cloud and analytics? (Insider; registration required)

4 things to do now to get ready for the Internet of Things
Loads of IP-addressable sensors and other smart devices are descending on the enterprise. Here's how you'll need to pull them all together.

Can we talk? Internet of Things vendors face a communications 'mess'
Vendors will tell you that the Internet of Things (IoT) has arrived. We're here to tell you that it hasn't.

Brace yourself, here comes the mobile appsplosion
Companies are engaged in a kind of arms race with competitors to see how many apps they can get everyone to use. But this aggressive push for more apps is going to end up giving users app fatigue.

6 ways the Internet of Things will transform enterprise security
It's already started, with a refrigerator that sent out email spam. The Internet of Things trend shows how even a benign consumer appliance could pose a danger to enterprises if connected to the Internet without proper security.

Nest to disable key feature of IoT Protect smoke alarm
Nest, the connected-home device maker Google agreed to buy in January, is disabling a feature that allows its Nest Protect smoke and carbon-monoxide alarm to be silenced with a wave of the hand.

Cross-industry IoT group pushes for gear that works together
Five IT and equipment companies have formed a group to drive standards for the so-called Internet of Things, a network that would feed data back and forth between computers and all kinds of industrial gear.

SmartThings founder sees a limitless Internet of Things
The idea that sparked the start-up SmartThings was a personal disaster.

The Enterprise of Things
Consumers will lead the charge to the Internet of Things, but enterprise adaptation will not be far behind. Will your IT department be ready?

Cybersecurity Expert and CIO: Internet of Things is 'Scary as Hell'
The terms "Internet of Things" (IoT) and "connected home" are two of the trendiest buzzwords in the technology world today. And while both clearly offer very real potential, they also introduce their own share of risk, particularly if they're not approached with caution, according to Jerry Irvine, an owner and CIO of IT outsourcing services firm, Prescient Solutions.

Cisco's Intercloud could supercharge its Internet of Things plans
Cisco Systems' "Intercloud" platform for interoperable cloud services could be combined with remote-computing technology to define the so-called Internet of Things from the weather-ravaged, intermittently connected edge to regional and global data centers.

Open source challenges a proprietary Internet of Things
The only limit to the Internet of Things isn't imagination or technology. It's interoperability. And the Linux Foundation thinks that's an issue it can help fix.

Wind River outfits VxWorks for 'Internet of things'
Wind River Systems has updated its widely used VxWorks embedded RTOS (real-time operating system) to make it ready for use on impending "Internet of things" systems.

The 'Internet of things,' beyond the hype at Mobile World Congress
If you want to find out how the so-called Internet of things is shaking up the tech industry, Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is the place to be this week.

IBM and AT&T join forces on 'Internet of things' systems
AT&T and IBM will start jointly offering services designed to help municipalities, utility companies and other organizations use "Internet of things" technologies to better manage their infrastructure.

Evan Schuman: Get ready, IT; here comes the Internet of Things
You might see security and privacy pitfalls, but the advantages of the Internet of Things mean there's no stopping it. Your smart fridge is going to miss you when you're working every night.

There's a rapid push to give tech something we're born with: senses
Any product that can be connected to a network is also being given the ability to sense our environment, largely through use of MEMS sensors.

Tip of the Hat: Will smartphone failure slow Google's 'Internet of Things' plans?
Google is moving aggressively on -- and paying billions of dollars for -- the technology and talent it needs to create successful smart home and robotics businesses even as it acknowledges its failure to run a strong smartphone business.

Internet of Things in five words: sensor, monkey, radio, cloud, Paris
If you want to build your own Internet of Things, try the toy monkey hack.

Google's DeepMind buy would add smarts to search, robots and homes
With the purchase of artificial intelligence company DSeepMind Technologies, Google may be taking steps to add extra smarts to everything from search to robots to the Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things for sports is quickly taking shape
Jason Fass, the CEO of Zepp Labs, imagines a future for sports where sensors are everywhere: in balls, bats, footballs and in a player's clothing. It's hard not to get caught up in the vision.

Why the 'Internet of Things' may never happen
The so-called "Internet of Things" will be littered with multiple, warring, incompatible standards and systems for connectivity, making it very unlike the actual Internet, which is a shame, writes columnist Mike Elgan.

Of Internet-connected Crock-pots, cars, smartwatches
The oft-used phrase, 'Internet of Things' is one emerging tech jargon abstraction that average users are still noodling over in order to better understand and appreciate it.

Bosch says the future is the Internet of Things
Bosch, a company best known as a maker of appliances, including stoves, dishwashers, washing machines and coffee makers, is increasing its focus on the Internet of Things.

Home appliance makers connect with open source 'Internet of things' project
Home appliances, cars and computers could soon be talking to one another thanks to an open source framework that has the backing of consumer electronics manufacturers in a new industry alliance.

Worm may create an Internet of Harmful Things, says Symantec (Take note, Amazon)
Security researchers are raising red flags about the Internet of Things, warning that the number of systems that can be hacked will grow exponentially as the network of connected devices expands. The Hitchcockian plot lines are endless.

Get ready for the 'Internet of customers,' CEO Benioff says
Much has been made about the "Internet of things," but behind every device is a customer, and companies that fail to recognize this do so at their own peril, according to CEO Marc Benioff.

The Internet of things needs a lot of work
Mobile connected devices may make life easier for consumers in the long run, but today they present a bundle of user headaches, a panel of industry leaders said Tuesday.

IBM's do-it-yourself kit makes Internet of things accessible
IBM and hardware partner Libelium hope to cut through the complexities of the so-called "Internet of things" through a do-it-yourself kit allowing users to test and deploy sensor networks.

Intel chases Internet of things with new chips, software
Intel, whose chips have long gone into PCs, servers and mobile devices, has begun chasing the market for the so-called "Internet of things" with new low-power chips and software for connected devices and data-gathering instruments.

ARM acquires Sensinode, a maker of software for 'Internet of Things'
ARM has acquired Sensinode in Finland in its bid to provide technology and processors for the 'Internet of things' consisting of a variety of low-power and inexpensive devices including sensors communicating with the Internet and one another.

'Internet of things' will mean really, really big data
Bland by name and superficially viewed as gee-whiz technology never to be realized, the Internet of things has significant potential to transform business. Early forays into Net-enabling physical objects are already pointing the way.

IBM launches appliance for the 'Internet of things'
Preparing its customers to join the emerging 'Internet of things', IBM has released a new appliance built to manage and route a voluminous amount of machine-to-machine small data messages

The Internet of Things gets a protocol -- it's called MQTT
Setting the foundation for what may be a multitrillion-dollar marketplace, OASIS (the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards) has declared MQTT (the Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) as its messaging protocol of choice for the emerging Internet of Things.

Programmable networks will power 'Internet of Everything,' says Cisco
For the Internet of Things to become a reality, networks need to get a whole lot smarter and more flexible, according to Cisco.

Thornton May: IT and the Internet of Things
In an era when any real-world object can be IP-addressable, connectedness will become an important metric.

Today, the Internet -- tomorrow, the Internet of Things?
There is another computer revolution around the corner, where everything is instrumented and users can interact with the resulting data. And it's closer than you might think.

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Can Apple keep us safe in the Internet of Things?

All the tech players are getting into the space but that doesn't mean they know what they are doing. All they seek is a way to keep revenue rising, some by selling you things, others to learn more about you so they can sell you. And in their rush they're selling problems not solutions.

10 ways Apple, Google and others will change the way you drive

Apple and Google are driving toward the connected car. Government and car manufacturers are working with them to achieve this. This isn't just about sending emails or music playback -- driving will be changed forever. Your car will speak to you. Here are 10 ways driving will change:

The IoT meets the Internet of Behaviors

As part of their everyday use, many IoT devices will contribute to what I call the “Internet of Behaviors”. This is the detailed usage and behavioral data that’s collected as individuals use various IoT devices and systems. It provides compelling insights that organizations can use to gain a better understanding of their customers in terms of their preferences, behaviors and interests.

Botnets coming soon to a smart home or automated building near you

Security researchers say it's only a matter of time before organized crime will master a new class of botnets on smart homes and smart buildings. Remote attacks on automated systems might target an entire region of hospitals, set off fire alarms in airports, could take aim at server room climate control to destroy servers, hold the elderly for ransom in an automated building, or covertly target a trader in a "smart" building like a stock exchange.

Shall we play a game? DARPA: 'Computer will beat all the hackers one day'

DARPA is best known for inventing the Internet, but this arm of the Pentagon is working on system that will beat any and all attackers.

The problem with cloud security cameras

When a Wi-Fi security camera triggers an alert and you're on the road, it's up to you to stop and figure out what's going on.

3 enterprise IoT lessons learned from triathlete training gear

As emerging technologies evolve they often find an initial niche in highly specialized application scenarios, or in specific industry verticals, before expanding to wider areas of applicability.  Within these initial niches the end users can be any combination of early adopter from digital enthusiasts, to fashionistas, to – perhaps mostly importantly - folks simply using the technology because it serves a specific need extremely well.

Student hackers make Apple's iOS 7 Siri way more useful with Spotify support

Four students have hacked Apple's iOS 7s voice assistant to control third-party apps with Siri without jailbreaking their iPhone.

The Internet of Things and real-time analytics

Joseph Schumpeter, one of my favorite economists, coined the term "creative destruction" to describe the way in which innovation disrupts how things are done, and in the process, gives rise to new companies and new ways of operating. What's been called the Internet of Things -- the rapidly proliferating connection of all devices, sensors, machines and people -- is set to create disruption on a huge scale. This ups the ante significantly for analytics and real-time computing.

Don't look now but the LED light fixtures are spying on you

If you feel like you're being watched at Terminal B in the Newark Liberty International Airport, then that's real and not paranoia. It's not the TSA this time, but covert airport surveillance via LED light fixtures capable of taking video, identifying suspicious activity, as well as collecting and data-mining mountains of data about 'ordinary citizens.'

BYOD and the Internet of Things bring unique challenges for hospital CIOs

There are two trends in healthcare that should give hospital IT professionals pause: BYOD and the Internet of Things. The bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend is certainly not new, but hospitals are still figuring out how to navigate the security concerns.

Clarifying analytics terminology: Removing the confusion to help businesses

Time to ignore manufacturers that are security slackers

With the number of Internet-enabled devices growing by the billions, now is the time to refuse to buy insecure products.

Hacking the Internet of Things at DerbyCon: Weaponizing your coffee pot

If you are not a morning person, then you might be a bit brain-dead until you have serious doses of caffeine. So if your high-tech coffee pot connected to the Internet of Things had been hijacked by a bad guy, how would you even know if it, or another of your connected appliances, were being used against you? At the security conference DerbyCon 3.0, Daniel Buentello gave a very interesting presentation titled “Weaponizing your coffee pot.”

Researchers create battery-free wireless communication 'out of thin air'

People repurpose all manner of things, but engineers have created a battery-free communication technique that repurposes wireless signals that already surround us. This new wireless communication system seems like "magic," since it "provides connectivity between computers out of what is essentially thin air." It takes us a step closer to an Internet of Things reality as it lets devices talk to each other without relying on batteries or wires for power. Instead, it taps into already existing ambient Wi-Fi, TV or cellular signals to exchange information.