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How super high-def displays change everything

June 15, 2013 07:00 AM ET

All this adds up to a very design-y look that would have been impossible on lower-resolution displays.

No matter what your opinion is about Apple's new iOS interface, you have to admit that super high-resolution screens give designers a lot more freedom to create better designs.

More flexibility on screen size

Another unexpected benefit of super high-resolution screens is that they give users more choice in terms of screen size. Let me explain.

Each of us has a probably unstated tolerance for how big a screen we use for desktop, laptop, tablet and phone. For example, I personally feel cramped on a 13-in. screen laptop or smaller. 15 inches is fine. 17 inches or higher is great (although too much to carry).

But I didn't feel cramped on the Chromebooks' 13-in. screen. Because the screen is higher-resolution than other screens, I can see the same information and detail on a smaller screen.

The same goes for phones and tablets. Super high-resolution screens enable you to do more serious reading and desktop-type work on a smaller mobile device.

But most of all, super high-resolution screens simply make our lives better. Most of us spend way too much time staring at screens.

The new super high-resolution screens bring beauty, clarity and precision to our work and play. They're expensive, it's true. But I think they're worth the money.

Editor's note: The use of the term high-def or HD in this column was used in a general way that would include Apple's high-resolution Retina display as HD on the iPhone. While this usage may not meet met the technical specification of HD, it was used in a way to describe the higher-definition and higher-quality displays available in Apple's and other smartphones.

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