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Windows 8 launch: Complete coverage

News, opinions and more on the introduction of Microsoft's new OS

By Computerworld staff
October 25, 2012 06:00 AM ET
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Windows 8 presents a radically new interface to users, but never fear: Our comprehensive guide will help you find your way around the new OS and make the most of its features.

All about Microsoft's Windows 8 launch

After 2012 launch splash, Windows 8 faces enterprise skepticism
Among the raft of recent and upcoming Microsoft upgrades, Windows 8 towers in importance but its chances for success remain cloudy among enterprise customers.

8 of 10 customers choose Windows 7, says PC builder
Given a choice, customers of a Pacific Northwest PC system builder overwhelming pick Windows 7 over the newer Windows 8, the company's president said Thursday.

Windows 8 uptake: More like Vista than Windows 7
After a month on the market, Windows 8's usage uptake resembles 2007's Vista -- ultimately a poor performer for Microsoft -- rather than the eventually successful Windows 7, Net Applications said Saturday.

Windows 8 PC orders weak, says analyst
Computer sellers have scaled back their expectations of the sales pop they'll get from Windows 8 this year, an analyst said today.

Enterprise interest in Windows 8 half that for Windows 7 in '09
Enterprise IT decision makers are about half as enthusiastic about the new Windows 8 as they were three years ago about the then-just-released Windows 7, an analyst said today.

HP urges consumer customers not to downgrade new PCs to Windows 7
Hewlett-Packard (HP) has advised consumer customers not to downgrade new PCs equipped with Windows 8 to the earlier Windows 7.

Microsoft Build: Wooing Windows 8 developers
At its conference this week, Microsoft pulled out all the stops to convince developers why they should build Windows 8 apps.

Windows 8 uptake remains listless after public launch
Driven by millions of upgrades, Windows 8's global usage share climbed by a third last month, but the new OS's adoption pace remained lethargic compared to that of its predecessor three years ago.

Microsoft sued over use of live tiles in Windows
Microsoft has been slapped with a patent infringement lawsuit over its use of dynamic "live" tile icons in Windows, including in the newly launched Windows 8 OS for PCs and tablets and in the Windows Phone 8 OS for smartphones.

LG introduces 23-in. touch monitor for Windows 8
For users who want a regular monitor, but still want to control Windows 8 using touch gestures, LG Electronics has introduced the Touch 10 monitor.

Microsoft goes with 'Windows 8 Store apps' as replacement for 'Metro'
Microsoft today made it official, saying that the replacement for the now-dead-and-buried "Metro" brand for apps on Windows is "Windows 8 Store."

Microsoft releases Windows Phone 8 SDK
One day after the launch of its next generation mobile operating system, Windows Phone 8, Microsoft has released the SDK (software development kit) that will allow programmers to write applications for the new platform.

Microsoft touts 4M Windows 8 upgrades
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer today said that the company had sold 4 million upgrades to Windows 8 since Friday, when the discounted deals kicked off.

Consumers unaware of Windows 8, unimpressed with Surface RT
Fewer than half of U.S. consumers have heard of Windows 8, hinting that Microsoft faces a tough task convincing buyers that they need to jump on the bandwagon.

Windows Store has enough apps to prevent Windows RT flop, say analysts
The apps available for Microsoft's new Windows operating systems are good enough to entice early buyers of tablets and other touch devices, analysts said.

Microsoft starts $40 Windows 8 upgrade sales
Microsoft today opened its virtual store and began selling upgrades to Windows 8 Pro for $39.99, making good on a promise made last summer.

Microsoft Surface goes on sale to cheering crowds
About 100 people waited outside Boston's Microsoft Store Friday to buy the company's new Surface tablet, which runs a new version of Windows.

A second look: The mighty Surface RT tablet
Microsoft's Surface RT tablet goes on sale on Friday, starting at $499 for a 32GB model. It seems to be a rough-and-tumble device.

Surface tablets can take a fall
Microsoft officials on Thursday demonstrated how the new Surface tablet can withstand a fall from several feet onto a carpeted floor and is strong enough to be used as a skateboard.

Analysts dissect Microsoft's Windows 8 pitch
Microsoft's big launch today for Windows 8 and its sibling, Windows RT, in New York City was either the best Windows launch in nearly 20 years or 'bupkis.'

In search of the sub-$300 Windows RT tablet
Where are the sub-$300 Windows RT tablets? That's a question that might not be answered until Friday, when tablet makers finally put them on sale.

Microsoft kicks off Windows 8 marketing blitz in NYC
Kicking off what may be the company's most challenging marketing effort yet, Microsoft has launched its next generation operating system, Windows 8, in New York City.

Microsoft seeks to catch up in tablet market with Windows 8
Windows 8 is finally here and the stakes are sky high for Microsoft.

EU antitrust regulators let Microsoft limit browsers on Windows RT
European Union regulators will not force Microsoft to open its Windows RT operating system to rival browsers, the Brussels-based antitrust agency said Wednesday.

Windows 8 in the enterprise? Not next year, says Gartner
Enterprises won't move quickly to adopt Windows 8, and most will wait till 2014, according to research firm Gartner.

Microsoft to webcast Windows 8 launch event Thursday
Microsoft will webcast the opening hour of its Windows 8 and Surface RT launch Thursday, the company said today.

Surface RT review: Microsoft's bid for a thing of its own
Microsoft has introduced its new Surface RT tablet in an attempt to create a product that will stand out in a crowded consumer marketplace. How well does it succeed?

Microsoft touts Skype for Windows 8, Windows RT launch on Friday
Microsoft today said that a free Windows 8 and Windows RT Skype app will be ready for downloading from the Windows Store on Friday, Oct. 26.

Apple plays hardball with iPad Mini reveal
In staging an Apple event on Tuesday to unveil the long-awaited iPad Mini, Apple is poised to steal a lot of Microsoft's Windows 8 launch thunder. That's symbolic of a confident Apple, says columnist Ryan Faas.

Windows 8 review: Still a two-headed beast
The two faces of Windows 8 -- the Desktop and the interface formerly known as Metro -- still coexist uneasily in the final RTM version of the OS. But some of Windows 8's native apps are great.

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Windows 8 and RT tablets are too pricey to gain maker share, warns IDC

There's bad news for Microsoft's attempt to gain market share in the intensely competitive tablet market: IDC warns that the $500 price tag for Windows 8 and RT tablets is too high for them to succeed.

Here's the crapware you can expect to find on your Windows 8 PC

When it comes pre-loaded junk and crapware, Windows 8 appears to be no different than its predecessors -- expect that the Windows 8 PC you buy will be loaded with it. When will Microsoft recognize that this is no way to please its customers?

Windows 8 adoption rate lags early Windows 7 adoptions by a five-to-one margin

The early results for Windows 8 adoptions likely won't please Microsoft: Net Applications reports that only 0.45% of Windows computers in October used Windows 8. That compares to a much higher adoption rate of 2.33% for Windows 7 during its October launch three years ago.

Microsoft says Metro apps are now "Windows 8 Store apps" -- is this the worst branding mistake of all time?

It's official: The apps once called Metro apps are now formally called "Windows 8 Store apps" by Microsoft. Along with being one of the worst branding moves of all time, the new name is misleading.

Windows 8 early upgrades beat Mountain Lion OS X early upgrades by 1 million. Is that good or bad news for Microsoft?

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer claims that Microsoft has sold 4 million upgrades to Windows 8 in the first three of its launch -- more than the 3 million upgrades of Mountain Lion sold in the first four days of its launch. That sounds impressive -- but is it really good news for Microsoft?

Consumers greet Windows 8 and Microsoft Surface tablet with a big yawn

If Microsoft was hoping for a big-bang Windows 8 launch, it's disappointed: a poll from the Associated Press finds that people are greeting the operating system --- and the Surface tablet --- with a big yawn.

What to tell your mother about Windows 8

Techies will inevitably be asked by friends and relatives about upgrading older Windows machines to the just-released Windows 8. Weigh in on what you'll do when the time comes.

Eight ways Microsoft can improve Windows 8

Windows 8 is the most controversial version of the operating system Microsoft has released. It doesn't have to be that way, though. Here are eight ways Microsoft could improve Windows 8.

Five reasons Windows 8 could be a big hit

Windows 8 could be the biggest gamble that Microsoft has ever taken. But even though many people have said that gamble looks like a bad one, there's certainly a chance that it will pay off. Here are five reasons that Windows 8 could be a big hit.

Windows 8 launch: Live blog

Join on-the-spot Computerworld reporters today at 11 a.m. for the inside blow-by-blow as Microsoft launches its new Windows 8 operating system -- along with a slew of exciting new devices, including tablets, Ultrabooks, hybrid tablet/laptop combos and all-in-ones.

Needed: A 7-inch Microsoft Surface or other 7-inch Windows RT tablet to compete with the iPad mini

As Microsoft prepares to unleash a Windows 8 and Windows RT tablet assault, there's one thing notably missing: a 7-inch RT tablet to compete with the just-announced iPad mini and slews of 7-inch Android tablets. Without that missing piece, it will be hard for Microsoft gain a big tablet market share.

Windows 8 will mean an "ugly" 2013 for Microsoft, no growth in its 30% PC-and-devices market share, says Forrester

The Windows 8 launch will be a rocky one, leading to an "ugly" 2013 for Microsoft, warns a report from Forrester. And Microsoft's overall share of the PC-and-devices market, currently at 30%, will remain static at least until 2016, the report adds.

User interface guru: With Windows 8, Microsoft throws users "under the bus"

Plenty of people have complained about Windows 8's interface, which is targeted more at tablets than traditional PCs. And now well-known interface guru Jakob Nielsen has charged that users of traditional PCs are "essentially being thrown under the bus" by Microsoft with the new design.

Windows 8 release date soon: Review roundup

Friday sees the Windows 8 release date so here are the reviews. There are basically two competing memes: Either Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) has totally failed to offer a compelling upgrade to Windows 7, or the new converged operating system is the best thing since... errmm... whatever was best before sliced bread. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers sharpen their knives.

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