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10 questions for LogMeIn CFO Jim Kelliher

By Nancy Weil
May 14, 2012 11:04 AM ET

IDG News Service - Name: Jim Kelliher

Age: 52

Time with company: 6 years

Education: Bachelor of Science in Accountancy from Bentley College

Company headquarters: Woburn, Massachusetts

Revenue: $101M as of December 2011

Countries of operation: U.S., India, Hungary, the Netherlands, U.K., Australia, Japan

Number of employees total: 500

Number of employees the CFO oversees: 50

CFO's areas of responsibility: Finance, IT, legal, HR

About the company: LogMeIn provides software that allows remote control, file sharing, systems management, data backup, business collaboration and on-demand customer support of PCs, servers, Macs, smartphones and other connected devices

1. Where did you start in finance and what experiences led you to the job you have today?

I started with what is now known as PWC [PricewaterhouseCoopers] in public accounting. I was in public accounting for roughly six years, based here in Boston, and mainly focused on high tech and within high tech specifically on software companies, as an auditor.

The software industry is a good industry for a number of reasons. It's really dynamic, it changes so quickly. The cost of entry is a lot less than having to build a manufacturing plant and, in general, it's a young industry. Not just young in age, but young in mind set. Decisions have to be made quickly to stay competitive.

The other thing that I think really positioned me for differentiating myself in the marketplace was that in my first job after public accounting I went and lived overseas as the European finance director for a software company. I spent four years in London in the late '80s for a software company that had about 35 percent of its operational revenue coming from Europe. The company's name was Cullinet Software. That role gave me great operational experience and really great international experience and differentiated me in the marketplace. In this industry, where a lot of things are changing, international experience really does differentiate you.

2. Who was an influential boss for you and what lessons did they teach you about management and leadership?

There are a number of individuals -- I've been in the industry since I was 21, so I've been around for 30 years and worked with a lot of people. One guy that I'm still very close with was the lead partner at PWC, a guy named Edwin Gillis, who was the high-tech partner there who helped mentor me early in my career, and then he and I reconnected. I was at Parametric and helped bring him in to be CFO and then worked for him there for another five or six years. He is on our board here now. He is very smart, very focused and works hard to get things done.

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