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Sidebar: Tips for Coping With Disasters

April 19, 2004 12:00 PM ET

Computerworld -

  • Choose vendors that are proactive and don't require prodding to upgrade or test your disaster recovery plan.

  • Don't test people; test your disaster recovery plan. People come and go. Make the plan easy to follow and use.

  • After a disaster, don't count on employees being willing to fly to alternate work sites.

  • Distribute key disaster recovery personnel across many geographic locations.

  • Turn disaster recovery data centers into active work sites.

  • Disaster recovery plans are living, breathing things. Keep them up to date and make sure employees are well versed in them.

  • Seek vendors with plenty of longevity and geographically dispersed offices for disaster recovery.

  • Make sure portals to your outsourcing vendor are dedicated or have enough bandwidth to handle multiple companies seeking fast restores.

  • Make sure that not just your vendor but you understand how to back up and restore systems.

  • Verify that backup tapes can restore data.

  • Train and involve all IT personnel in the disaster recovery process.
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