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Mobile World Congress 2012
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QuickPoll: What will be the biggest change to smartphones this year?
Mobile World Congress 2012 revealed many emerging trends for smartphones. Which will be the most significant?

Broadcom readies chips optimized for Android 4.0
Broadcom announced this week a set of 3G smartphone chips that have been designed specifically to exploit Android 4.0, also known as Ice Cream Sandwich. The new silicon especially focuses on improving Android graphics performance.

Wi-Fi, small cells could disrupt mobile
The rise of mixed mobile networks of Wi-Fi, small cells and traditional base stations, a major theme of this week's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, may change the competitive landscape of both service providers and equipment vendors.

Altair Semiconductor finds a place among mobile innovators
Israel-based Altair Semiconductor showed off its LTE radio chips -- and the tablets and routers they're being installed in -- at a small booth at Mobile World Congress this week.

Nvidia expects to do well in Windows-on-ARM race
Nvidia, little known just a few years ago, is winning attention for its Tegra 3 quad-core technology, which is being used in smartphones and tablets.

More smartphones are getting HD Voice
Quad-core processors and big screens are getting most of the attention at Mobile World Congress, but a feature that is getting more common on new smartphones is HD Voice.

Microsoft shows Windows on ARM tablet designs
Windows on ARM-based reference design touchscreen tablets made an appearance on stage at Microsoft's Windows 8 Consumer Preview event at Mobile World Congress.

Windows on ARM will be 'huge,' exec says
The potential of Windows 8 on ARM has excited tablet and laptop users globally but none more than the U.K. firm that provides the reference design for processors used in most smartphones and in iOS and Android tablets.

Nokia aims to appeal to developers
Nokia pitched its Windows Phones as the best bet for operators and app developers, and to prove it, announced partnerships for new apps with brands including Michelin Travel, Red Bull, Kraft Foods and others.

Google once considered issuing currency
Google once considered issuing its own currency, to be called Google Bucks, company Chairman Eric Schmidt said on stage at the Mobile World Congress Tuesday.

NFC payment plans face detractors as tech comes to U.S.
Mobile payment technologies may be slow to spread, at least in the U.S., as polls show Americans are suspicious of NFC technology for security reasons, analysts note.

Cisco bridges Wi-Fi, cellular nets
At Mobile World Congress this week, Cisco unveiled products designed to provide cellular-like roaming among Wi-Fi hotspots, and disclosed deployments among several wireless service providers.

Wireless network demands push carriers to innovate
Executives from three wireless carriers offered testimony Tuesday showing how an explosion of both wireless users and devices is forcing them to expand their networks even though doing so might not lead to an equivalent increase in revenue.

Verizon to sell Galaxy Tab 7.7 on Thursday for $500 over LTE
Verizon Wireless today announced it will sell the the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 exclusively starting Thursday for $499.99 with a two-year agreement for the carrier's 4G LTE network.

Ericsson extends SON to automate mixed mobile networks
Ericsson took a step to simplify carrier mobile networks on Tuesday, during a Mobile World Congress show where infrastructure is getting more complex.

Five smartphone trends at Mobile World Congress
Big smartphone vendors such as High Tech Computer (HTC) and LG Electronics are trying to get their mojo back after some challenging times, and they hope to do so by putting quad-core processors and big, high-definition screens in the products on show at Mobile World Congress.

Isis gets Chase, Capital One, BarclayCard for its mobile wallet
Isis announced this week that Chase, Capital One and BarclayCard will enable their credit, debit and prepaid cards for the Isis Mobile Wallet that's expected to launch in mid-year.

Quad-core smartphones could have price, battery issues
Smartphones with quad-core processors that are able to deliver PC-like performance have finally been announced, but high prices and battery issues could potentially stymie adoption, analysts said on Monday.

Android 5.0 could come in fall, Google exec implies
It's now likely that Android 5.0 will be rolled out in the fall, according to comments made by Hiroshi Lockheimer, Google's vice president of engineering for mobile, at the at the Mobile World Congress here.

Google exec hints of Android 5.0 release this fall
Google isn't offering much information about the forthcoming Android 5.0, even though there are rumors saying that new version of the operating system will be available on a smartphone by early summer.

Asus announces Padfone, three tablets at MWC
Asus launched its anticipated PadFone and Transformer Pad tablet line-up at Mobile World Congress on Monday.

Intel presents new smartphone chips, partnership with ZTE
Intel Monday announced smartphone chips and said that ZTE and Orange will both build devices based on its Atom microprocessor.

MWC: New software virtualizes multiple Android instances on smartphone
A new virtualization technique lets users create two separate Android "spaces" on their smartphone or tablet, one for personal use and a kind of walled garden for work use. The beta software, from Cellrox, is being demonstrated this week at Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona, Spain.

Thousands of apps won't work on new Windows Phones
Microsoft said it has found 5 percent of Windows Phone apps that won't work on devices that adhere to the new system requirements the company released for low-end phones.

Skype for Windows Phone arrives in beta version
Windows Phone users now have access to the Skype Internet calling service.

Carrier IQ hopes customers will come back after scandal
Carrier IQ said it hopes that operators, some of which have disabled its software after a privacy uproar late last year, are now realizing how valuable the data its software collects is.

ZTE unveils low-end Windows smartphone
ZTE continues to push Windows Phone with the launch of the Orbit, a cheaper phone that aims to expand the market for Microsoft's smartphone OS.

Mobile carrier CEOs tout partnerships
Mobile operators highlighted cooperation with developers and other partners, while emphasizing things only they can do, in a keynote session on the opening day of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

ZTE launches quad-core smartphone and tablet
ZTE has put quad-core processors in a smartphone, the Era, and a tablet, the PF100, which were among a plethora of new Android-based smartphones and tablets it launched at Mobile World Congress on Monday.

Samsung adds 10-inch Note to its tablet portfolio
Samsung Electronics has expanded its portfolio of tablets with the 10-inch Galaxy Note 10.1, as the company tries to differentiate itself from the barrage of other Android-based products by allowing users to write on the screen using a digital pen, the company said on Monday at Mobile World Congress.

SAP, Symantec upgrade mobile device tools
Mobile Device Management software got a boost from rivals SAP and Symantec who separately announced improvements to their management tools at Mobile Work Congress.

OK Labs, LG working on secure, virtualized phones for DoD
Government workers might not be best known for their sense of style, but some Defense Department workers may soon be carrying Prada - the phones, that is.

Recovering Nokia Siemens sees hope in data growth
By 2020, the average wireless network user will generate 1GB of data traffic on wireless networks every day, and this will require networks 10 times as fast, Nokia Siemens Networks CEO Rajeev Suri said at an NSN event on Sunday, the eve of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

New HTC phones offer high quality photo, audio features
HTC kicked off its new strategy of offering fewer but more differentiated phones in 2012 with the launch on Sunday of the HTC One series of phones, emphasizing high quality photo and audio technologies.

HTC One X smartphone to launch on AT&T
HTC joined AT&T at Mobile World Congress to launch the HTC One X smartphone on Sunday. It will run Android 4.0 and work over the carrier's 4G LTE network.

Freescale puts base station on single chipset, may help improve coverage
Freescale has launched a system on a chip that includes a full base station, which will allow vendors to build smaller, greener and cheaper units while maintaining performance for 3G and 4G networks, the company said on Monday at Mobile World Congress.

Sony adds two new phones to Xperia NXT line
Sony on Sunday introduced two Android new phones into its NXT series, following the first phone in the series that it launched at CES earlier this year.

Samsung returns with a new projector phone
Samsung has launched the Beam, an Android 2.3-based smartphone that comes with an integrated projector that can project a 50-inch high-definition image, the company said on Sunday.

Samsung launches low-cost Android 4.0 tablet with bigger screen
Samsung Electronics has added a second tablet to a new Galaxy Tab 2 family of low-cost tablets, but this time with a 10-inch screen, the company said on Sunday.

Nokia was the biggest Windows Phone vendor in Q4, Strategy Analytics says
Nokia shipped 900,000 Windows Phones during the fourth quarter, which was enough to become the world's No. 1 Microsoft smartphone vendor, market research company Strategy Analytics said on Friday.

Small-cell, Wi-Fi backers advancing their technology
Wi-Fi hotspots and small cellular radios could make life easier for both consumers and mobile operators, and powerful backers are lining up this week to show how they can maximize that potential.

LG launches Optimus 4X HD with quad-core processor
LG Electronics has launched the Optimus 4X HD smartphone, which is powered by a quad-core processor from Nvidia and runs Android 4.0, the company said on Thursday.

Wi-Fi Passpoint standard could end hotspot sign-on hassles
The Wi-Fi Alliance will launch a program to simplify the use of Wi-Fi hotspots in July, making it easier for both users and mobile operators to get off strained cellular networks.

Smartphone vendors have a lot to prove in Barcelona
The pressure is on HTC and LG Electronics to show they can compete with Apple and Samsung Electronics in the smartphone market by showing off impressive products at Mobile World Congress, which starts in Barcelona later this month.

3G, 4G, Wi-Fi coming together in small cells
The age of monolithic cell-tower networks with a few Wi-Fi hotspots and home femtocells sprinkled in may come to an end at this year's Mobile World Congress, where a diverse range of small cells and integrated Wi-Fi systems will be on display.

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