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Mac OS X Mountain Lion
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Mountain Lion mauls other OS X editions for top spot
Five months after its release, Apple's Mountain Lion became the most widely-used version of OS X, a Web measurement firm said Tuesday.

Apple consistently convinces customers to upgrade OS X
Unlike rival Microsoft, Apple has consistently been able to get a significant portion of its Mac customers to quickly upgrade to the newest version of OS X, data from a Web measurement company showed.

Apple to kill Messages beta for OS X Lion next month
Apple has told Mac owners running OS X Lion that the beta of Messages, its replacement for both the older iChat instant messaging service and SMS (short message service) texting, will expire Dec. 14.

OS X Mountain Lion's torrid upgrade pace cools
More Mac users took to OS X Mountain Lion last month even as the explosive growth of August slowed dramatically, Web measurement company Net Applications said Monday.

Apple rolls out iOS 6, upgrades Mountain Lion
Apple today shipped iOS 6, an upgrade that replaces Google Maps with Apple's own mapping technology and turn-by-turn GPS navigation.

OS X Mountain Lion grabs 20% share of all Macs
One in five Mac users has adopted OS X Mountain Lion, the upgrade launched five weeks ago, according to Web analytics company Net Applications.

Apple's Mountain Lion clears 10% bar, now runs 1 in 10 Macs
Apple's OS X Mountain Lion now powers more than 10% of all Macs, and may be on the way to outdoing its predecessor, Lion, in adoption speed, an online advertising network said today.

Macs at risk from 'super dangerous' Java zero-day
A zero-day vulnerability in Java 7 can be exploited through any browser running on any operating system -- from Windows and Linux to OS X -- that has Java installed, security experts said today.

Mac laptop owners report shortened battery life after Mountain Lion upgrade
Apple is investigating reports of shorter battery life on Mac laptops that customers have upgraded to OS X Mountain Lion, according to the company's support forum.

Mac users left wondering if OS X Snow Leopard's retired
Apple's refusal to put into writing its operating system support policy leaves Snow Leopard users wondering whether their copy of OS X has been retired, security experts said today.

Customers grab 3M copies of OS X Mountain Lion, says Apple
More than 3 million copies of OS X Mountain Lion have been downloaded since its debut last week, Apple said today.

Mountain Lion grabs 3% share of OS X in first 48 hours
Apple's OS X Mountain Lion is off to a solid start in its first 48 hours and now powers more than 3% of all Macs, an online advertising network said today.

Angry Mac owners raise Twitter ruckus over missing OS X upgrade codes
New Mac owners took their frustration with Apple onto Twitter today as they groused that they have not received redemption codes for the free copy of OS X Mountain Lion they were promised.

Mountain Lion upgrades take from 13 to 57 minutes, says Apple reseller
Mountain Lion upgrades can take as little as 13 minutes and as long as almost an hour, a New York City Apple reseller said today.

QuickPoll: Will you be upgrading to Apple's new OS, Mountain Lion?
The latest version of Mac OS X, Mountain Lion, is now available. Will you be upgrading to Apple's new operating system?

Apple ships OS X Mountain Lion
Apple launched OS X Mountain Lion, the ninth version of the 11-year-old Mac operating system.

Apple OS X Mountain Lion review: iOS-like features help unify your digital world
With its new operating system, Mountain Lion, Apple continues its practice of cross-pollinating between OS X and iOS, as it cherry-picks the best features for users, whether they're at a desk or on the go. Michael deAgonia offers a detailed look.

Analyst predicts stellar iPad sales in next week's Apple earnings
Apple will report a fall-off in iPhone sales next week, although not as dramatic as some believe, but the iPad will make up the difference, with units sales 72% above last year's, a financial analyst today.

Google to pull Chrome plug on OS X Leopard
Google will pull the plug for Chrome running on OS X 10.5, aka Leopard, after it releases version 21, which is currently in beta and will reach the browser's "stable" channel sometime next month, the company has announced.

Some Lion-powered Macs can't upgrade to OS X Mountain Lion
Apple's new OS X, dubbed Mountain Lion, will exclude some older Macs that can run 2011's Lion, the company's website said.

Apple ships final OS X Mountain Lion to developers
Apple on Monday released a "golden master" of OS X Mountain Lion to developers, putting the impending operating system on track to reach customers this month.

Five things to look forward to in Apple's iOS 6
Apple says there are some 200 or so new features in iOS 6, most of which are smaller tweaks and changes. But there are plenty of updates that will change, for the better, how mobile users will use their iOS devices.

FAQ: Apple reveals more about OS X Mountain Lion
Even though Apple fleshed out more details about OS X Mountain Lion at WWDC, it's obvious that questions about the enhancements and improvements remain. So we've got the answers.

Apple sets OS X Mountain Lion release for July, cuts upgrade price 33%
Apple said today that it would ship OS X 10.8, or Mountain Lion, next month, for $19.99, a 33% price cut from last year's upgrade to Lion.

WWDC: Cook unveils iOS 6, new OS X, Retina display MacBook Pro
Apple CEO Tim Cook and a trio of top executives today outlined the new iOS 6, talked up this year's Mountain Lion upgrade for OS X and unveiled a new MacBook Pro laptop with a high-resolution "Retina" display.

Apple to narrow OS X Mountain Lion's release date, unveil price today
Although speculation that Apple would wrap up work on its Mountain Lion Mac OS early has flopped, the company will likely narrow the launch date during its Worldwide Developers Conference today.

WWDC 2012: What to expect
This year's Worldwide Developers Conference looks to be unlike any of its predecessors in scope and scale, with Apple CEO Tim Cook likely to talk about everything from iOS 6 to OS X Mountain Lion to new hardware.

Mozilla readies Firefox for Mountain Lion's Gatekeeper
Mozilla is scrambling to craft a code-signed version of Firefox for the Mac in case Apple launches OS X 10.8, or Mountain Lion, early.

Apple patches 36 bugs in OS X, fixes encryption password goof
Apple on Wednesday patched 36 vulnerabilities in Mac OS X, most of them critical, plugging a hole that revealed passwords used to encrypt folders with an older version of FileVault.

Is Apple's OS X Mountain Lion on early-release track?
Apple may release OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion earlier than expected, according to a report by a popular blog and clues found within the release dates of the three developer previews of the new operating system.

Mac owners 3X more likely to preview next OS than Windows users
Mac users are nearly three times more likely to be running an early version of the OS X Mountain Lion operating system than PC owners testing Microsoft's Windows 8, the Chitika online ad network said today.

Analyst: Free Mountain Lion upgrade would be 'brilliant' Apple move
Apple would be making a 'brilliant' move if it decided to give away OS X Mountain Lion to Mac users as a free upgrade, an analyst said today.

Analyst: Microsoft won't copy Apple's online-only sales for Windows 8
Microsoft will probably trim the number of Windows 8 editions it will sell later this year, but won't mimic Apple's online-only approach to OS upgrades, a retail sales analyst said today.

Apple moves toward digital unity with Mountain Lion
It was clear with the release of Lion in 2011 that Apple's OS X and iOS feature sets were joining forces; that trend will continue this year with the release of OS X Mountain Lion.

FAQ: What's what in OS X Mountain Lion?
Last week, Apple took most Mac users by surprise when it released a developers preview of Mountain Lion, the company's upcoming desktop OS. We're here to fill in some of the blanks about the new cat.

OS X Mountain Lion: A big cat for business?
OS X Mountain Lion is something of a mixed bag for enterprise environments: it adds some very useful features, but its tight integration with iCloud could raise red flags for CIOs and IT pros, says columnist Ryan Faas.

Apple's new OS X tightens screws on some malware
Mac OS X Mountain Lion will offer users a new security model that by default lets users install only programs downloaded from the Mac App Store or those digitally signed by a registered developer.

Apple's Mountain Lion share menu lacks Facebook option
Apple's new Mountain Lion OS, which was previewed Thursday, includes a sharing feature readily available in most apps -- but users can't use the menu to share via Facebook.

Apple, Microsoft to duel in '12 with OS upgrades
This year is shaping up as a repeat of 2009, when Microsoft and Apple last faced off with rival operating system upgrades, analysts said today.

Apple's Mountain Lion shows personal cloud trumps personal computer
In a move that surprised many, Apple today seeded developers with a preview of Mac OS X 10.8, dubbed "Mountain Lion," and said it would offer the upgrade to customers this summer.

Mountain Lion: Hands on with Gatekeeper
(Image Caption: The actual wording is in flux, but Mountain Lion will warn you if you try to open an app from an unidentified developer.)

Mountain Lion: Hands on with Notification Center
For years, many Mac app developers have had to design their own ways to get your attention. The open-source project Growl helped save those developers from reinventing the wheel by creating a more general notification system supported by lots of apps. But with Mountain Lion, a true systemwide notification service will finally arrive when the Mac OS X update ships this summer.

Mountain Lion: Hands on with Notes and Reminders
Two of the new iOS-flavored apps to move to the Mac with the release of Mountain Lion this summer are Notes and Reminders. Here's a sneak peek at how they work.

Hands on with Apple's new OS X: Mountain Lion
Apple updates its iOS mobile operating system once a year. But why should the iPhone and iPad have all the fun? On Thursday Apple announced that it will release a new version of OS X--Mountain Lion--this summer, just a year after the release of OS X Lion.

Mountain Lion: Messages replaces iChat, gets public beta
iChat is dead--long live Messages. With Thursday's announcement of Mac OS X Mountain Lion comes the news that iChat is being upgraded and renamed to Messages, with support for the iMessage chat system introduced with iOS 5.

Messages beta ready for download
Messages is now ready for Mac users to test drive. Shortly after announcing its planned Mountain Lion update for OS X on Thursday, Apple released a beta of the revamped version of iChat that will ship with the new operating system this summer.

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Apple's Tim Cook tells Microsoft: Ours is bigger than yours.

In his keynote address at WWDC, Tim Cook couldn't resist dissing Microsoft, at several points badmouthing the paltry growth of PCs and Windows 8, and contrasting them with Apple's much bigger growth numbers. Size certainly does matter...but are Cook's claims really accurate?

Will OS X Mountain Lion be one of the last desktop operating systems Apple ships?

Let's think about OS X Mountain Lion and Apple's readiness to disrupt its own business models and consider this: "Will Mountain Lion be one of the last desktop operating systems Apple ships?" In a sense, I think it will. That's because I believe operating systems are heading inexorably into the cloud and here's why:

Mountain Lion release date, Apple system requirements puzzle devs

Here comes the OS X Mountain Lion release date. But despite the GM seed appearing in the Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) Dev Center, the system requirements do seem a bit... errm... random. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers try to work out what's going on.

What's next for Apple's iMac?

What's next for Apple iMac? The popular consumer desktop hasn't seen an update since May 2011; and hasn't seen much of a face lift since way before then. What's going on?

WWDC 2012: Four insights into Apple's future platform plans

It's the morning after the great big Apple [AAPL] WWDC keynote platform-love-fest and while things seem pretty interesting in the fruit-flavored garden, I can't help but feel a little emptiness in its wake. What's new in Apple's platform strategy as it sets out its stall for the year ahead? Here's four signals from yesterday's announcements:

WWDC 2012: With Facebook integration OS X Mountain Lion -- $19.99, ships July

No, it's not going to be made available for free. Apple [AAPL]'s new Mountain Lion OS ships in July and will cost $19.99. The company has also introduced new MacBook Airs and MacBook Pros, including a Retina Display model.

WWDC: The Apple Maps spy plane, iOS 6, new Macs, no iPhone

Breaking news this morning claims Apple has hired a fleet of aircraft to travel above the planet taking accurate images of the streets and houses, meaning you can forget the Google cars, the Apple maps future features planes taking snapshots across the planet in an attempt to build a huge 3D database capable of capturing the smallest objects. And, in other news, what else to expect from WWDC later today.

WWDC: iPhone in the wings, expect software surprises

WWDC 2012 seems set for software surprises as Apple [AAPL] steps into the limelight with Tim Cook's appearance at D: All Things Digital and arrays of claims and counterclaims as eyes turn to San Francisco. What should we expect? Siri, iOS 6, new Apple TV software and -- in future -- those 4-inch iPhone rumors have showed their face again.

Apple Mountain Lion OS stalks to launch -- free upgrade?

Flicking through the dial of Apple rumor radio and you'd be forgiven for thinking iPhone 5 is the only channel that counts, but there's life in the Mac yet, as the company heads toward the potential June introduction of its next big cat, Mountain Lion.

Apple WWDC 2012: iOS 6, iCloud, OS X and Macs

After iPad, Apple gets 'resolutionary' with high-res Macs

The Retina Display is far and away the favorite feature on the new iPad, but it won't stop there because Apple plans a fresh 'resolution' with higher-res Macs.

Collected: Video and news on Apple's OS X Mountain Lion

Apple has introduced Mountain Lion, its name for the next version of OS X, due to ship in summer. I've gathered some little-known news and a clutch of video guides to the new OS, take a look.

Mountain Lion: Download Apple OS X 10.8 dev build

[Updated with leaked data about Apple dropping support for some Mac models] Mountain Lion, or Mac OS X 10.8, is coming, and you can download the developer build (if you're a dev, or if you have teh BitTorrentz). Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) execs are unexpectedly opening the kimono on the new OS, several months before release. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers wonder if Windows 8 has got them worried. Not to mention: Everything is a Remix Part 4...

Apple unleashes iOS-loving OS X Mountain Lion preview for Macs

Apple has introduced a developer preview of the next major version of OS X, 'Mountain Lion'. Set to launch late summer 2012, the new OS signifies another huge step toward bringing iOS and OS X together, closing the gap between mobile devices and Macs in the post-PC age.

That would explain it

User complains that there's a problem with her PC's video card: It's not rendering colors correctly. But when this pilot fish checks it out, everything looks fine -- including the very nice image that's being used for wallpaper.