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Two slick input devices: The Azio KB336RP Wireless Multimedia Keyboard and the new Logitech m600 Touch Mouse

By Mark Gibbs
February 15, 2012 11:28 AM ET

All in all, a fairly good wireless keyboard at around $54. The Azio KB336RP RF 2.4G Wireless Multimedia Keyboard with Touchpad gets a Gearhead rating of 4 out of 5. And even though it's a lifesaver, don't throw it in the water.

But wait! I just received a new mouse to test that I'm now using along with the Azio keyboard and makes up for the trackpad deficiencies: The Logitech m600 Touch Mouse.

My first impression was that it's very cool looking! The mouse is a slick tapered ovoid with a smooth surface finished in black and gray that feels good in your hand.

The m600, which is wireless and comes with an ultra low profile USB dongle, is touch sensitive and supports gestures rather like the Apple Magic Mouse. Thus, a swipe up or down on its top surface will produce a page scroll while a flick will trigger "inertial" scrolling (that's the name for a scroll action that scrolls according to how prolonged the "flick" gesture is). The m600 also supports right and left swipes which, in applications such as most Web browsers, will invoke page forward and backward navigation.

Left and right clicks are supported by pressing on the left or right of the mouse but that's it ... unlike the Apple Magic Mouse, the m600 doesn't support any other gestures.

Designed specifically for Windows 7, I discovered it also works flawlessly on Windows Vista.

I really like the Logitech m600 for its aesthetics and the fact that with Windows, you can plug in the USB dongle and it just works. If only more gadgets were like that ...

On the other hand, the Logitech is priced similarly to the Apple Magic Mouse but does less, which makes it, at around $60, a little spendy. The Logitech m600 Touch Mouse gets a Gearhead rating of 4.5 out of 5.

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