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SOPA controvery
Internet censorship or protecting creative work from theft?
The controversy over SOPA and PIPA  SOPA RSS

SOPA blowback, and other tech predictions for 2013
The most controversial tech issue taken up by the outgoing Congress was, by far, the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). Here's the outlook for legislation for the next Congress.

Paul Ryan is no friend of tech, yet
Despite the humor and the interest in meeting tech firms in Silicon Valley, Ryan may be tough sell to the tech industry.

Grading the Tech Policy Makers: A First Quarter Recap
It's been a busy 2012 on the Hill. As legislators and policymakers grapple with an array of issues central to the policy agendas of companies in the technology industry, takes stock of how Washington has moved on intellectual property, cybersecurity, privacy and spectrum in the first quarter of 2012.

Operation Global Blackout: Real danger or irrelevant?
Anonymous announced March 31 as the date of the attack, along with the method they intend to use -- disabling the Domain Name Service through DDoS attacks.

With H.R. 1981, the jaws of law will eat your Internet rights
Like the great white in , there's proposed legislation about to strike and it's your liberties that will have a chunk missing

Groups: Congress should scrap SOPA, PIPA and start over
The U.S. Congress should scrap two controversial copyright enforcement bills and start over with attempts to target foreign websites accused of infringement and counterfeiting, more than 70 groups have said.

Who really was behind the SOPA protests?
Some critics have blamed Silicon Valley tech firms for the massive online protests last month against two controversial copyright bills. Other groups have trumpeted the grassroots nature of the protests.

The real reasons why SOPA and PIPA are real bad
A reader letter makes Gibbs sum up why SOPA and PIPA are such bad ideas.

SOPA's big brother signed by EU nations amid widespread protests
The European Union signed up to the controversial Anti Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) on Thursday despite widespread opposition, particularly in Poland where people took to the streets in protest.

Sen. Grassley's Twitter account hacked
Twitter and federal law enforcement are investigating the hacking of a U.S. Senator's Twitter account Monday afternoon.

SOPA and PIPA: What went wrong?
For Internet activists, last week's Web protests against two controversial copyright enforcement bills were a huge victory against three powerful and well-funded trade groups that pushed hard for passage of the Stop Online Piracy Act and the Protect IP Act.

Out with SOPA, in with cloud
Count us among the critics of SOPA and PIPA, the two ill-conceived bills that were intended to protect American firms against copyright infringement by foreign websites.

Mozilla touts Firefox impact in SOPA blackout
Mozilla yesterday extolled the impact of its 12-hour participation in Wednesday's anti-SOPA strike, saying Firefox users and fans generated over a third-of-a-million emails to the U.S. Congress.

Sen. Leahy criticizes 'knee-jerk' reaction to PIPA, SOPA protests
Sen. Patrick Leahy, the lead sponsor of the controversial Protect IP Act, today criticized the "knee-jerk' reaction of fellow senators to this week's protests against the bill. He vowed to press on with it.

No blackout for SOPA/PIPA? We know who you are.
Yesterday saw many major Web sites going into blackout to protest SOPA and PIPA ... but, to their shame, a few of the biggest opted out

Feds charge 7 in 'massive' case against Megaupload online piracy ring
A day after thousands of websites went on strike protesting controversial anti-piracy legislation in the U.S., federal authorities today announced they have busted a pirate ring that allegedly hauled in $175 million.

Anti-SOPA, PIPA protests to continue
Wikipedia and other sites that participated in an unprecedented Internet blackout Wednesday are back online and promising to keep the battle going against two controversial anti-piracy bills in Congress.

Twitter, Facebook fuel SOPA protests
Several major internet companies and thousands of concerned users are lighting up social networks in efforts to spread opposition to controversial anti-piracy bills now under debate in Congress.

Issa introduces SOPA alternative in the House
Lawmakers opposing the controversial Stop Online Piracy Act have introduced alternative legislation in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Microsoft opposes SOPA, declines to join blackout strike
Microsoft today said it opposes a controversial anti-piracy bill in the U.S., but did not join the widespread "Internet strike" that sites like Google and Wikipedia were conducting.

SOPA and PIPA: Web protests seem to be a turning point
Opponents of the Stop Online Piracy Act and the Protect IP Act cheered Wednesday's Web blackout as a turning point in the debate over the two controversial copyright protection bills.

Supporters of SOPA, PIPA stick to their guns
Beleaguered supporters of two online antipiracy bills today downplayed widespread protests against the legislation and insisted the opposition is misguided and misinformed.

U.S. lawmakers flip their positions on SOPA, PIPA
As thousands of websites and blogs went dark Wednesday to voice their opposition to the Stop Online Piracy Act and the Protect IP Act, some U.S. lawmakers have had a change of heart about the controversial copyright enforcement bills.

Wikipedia anti-SOPA blackout bypass trick roils backers
A security company's advice on how to circumvent today's anti-SOPA Wikipedia blackout has roiled some users.

Wikipedia, Craigslist, other sites black out against SOPA at midnight
Wikipedia and other Internet companies blacked out their websites in one way or another early today in protest of controversial anti-piracy legislation in Congress.

Mozilla, Firefox join anti-SOPA strike
Mozilla, the open-source organization responsible for Firefox, joined other major technology companies today to protest anti-piracy legislation by blackening the browser's home page.

Science, technology and politicians
What is it about politicians that makes them believe that they, with a few minutes' cursory review, know better than people who have studied in an area for decades? Whatever the case, it far from a rare condition. The most recent example of this attitude is the copyright protection proposals currently in front of Congress.

Protests against SOPA, PIPA go viral
Several websites, including Google, Reddit, Wikipedia, BoingBoing, Imgur and Tucows, plan an unprecedented Internet "strike" Wednesday to protest anti-piracy legislation being considered by Congress.

GOP lawmakers seek to postpone PIPA vote
In a sign that massive public pressure may be working, six Republican U.S. Senators who previously supported the Protect IP Act, late Friday asked Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada) to postpone a scheduled Jan. 24 vote on the controversial bill.

Reddit to go dark in SOPA protest
Social news site Reddit will black out its site for 12 hours on January 18 to protest the controversial Stop Online Piracy Act SOPA bill that is currently working its way through the U.S. House of Representatives.

SOPA fight in 'last rounds,' says senator at CES
Two lawmakers who are fighting the controversial SOPA and PIPA bills took their case to the world's largest consumer electronics gathering Wednesday.

Anti-SOPA crew woos gaming giant Electronic Arts
A new petition on, whose previous petitions have brought about policy reversals at Bank of America and Verizon regarding proposed new fees, is urging gaming powerhouse Electronic Arts to oppose the Stop Online Piracy Act.

2012 Outlook: The end of everything?
Gibbs reviews last year's predictions and sees that the end could be nigh ...

5 resolutions to change the world in 2012
Steve Jobs, who was obsessed with changing the world, died this year. But he left behind a world we can all change.

The Internet has escaped the ax, at least in the US, at least for now
A year ago I wrote that 2011 would be a year in which the Internet would "be under a multi-pronged attack that threatens to change it irrevocably in ways that may destroy much of the Internet's potential." Well, 2011 has come and mostly gone, and it turned out that my pessimism may have been misplaced but not invalid.

Goodbye 2011 ... What a year!
Gibbs ponders the year that just shot past ...

SOPA meets strident opposition at House hearing
A controversial bill to prevent online piracy by rogue foreign sites appears poised to pass a House committee despite strong opposition from some lawmakers.

FAQ: What the SOPA soap opera is all about
The Stop Online Piracy Act has ignited a firestorm of protest over whether it could lead to online censorship. Here's a look at what the fight is all about.

Google, Yahoo join opposition to rogue website legislation
Google, Yahoo, Facebook and several other large Web companies today joined a growing chorus of strong opposition to proposed legislation that aims to curb online IP and copyright theft by foreign sites.

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Megaupload sings sad song of destroyed evidence

Megaupload logo [Updated with more comment and analysis] Megaupload is warning that its hosting service providers may be about to destroy evidence. The data is 'important' to the company's defense that 'more than 50 million people' used the service for their legitimate cloud staorage needs -- not just copyrighted songs and movies. The U.S. government has washed its hands of the matter. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers hope that justice is seen to be done. Not to mention: Grammar Nazi's (learning you lesson's of speling & grammar)...

U.S. gov't security site hacked & TSA claimed railway suffered cyberattack

Another day, another hack. All aboard the crazy cyber-attacked train? The TSA claimed that hackers launched a cyberattack that manipulated a railway company's computers. Then, last night, AntiSec hacktivists set sail and hacked, a U.S. government online security website. The FTC managed site was rooted and a pastebin statement threatens to dump the looted booty if SOPA or PIPA legislation passes.

Megaupload down, DoJ charges 7, Anonymous fights back

Megaupload logo Megaupload is down. The file-sharing locker service was nuked by the U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ), Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and the FBI -- in cooperation with authorities in New Zealand. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers note Anonymous' swift retaliation. Not to mention: 30 Things to Stop Doing to Yourself...

SOPA/PIPA 'dead' as OPEN bill rises from ashes

[Updated with more comment, bile, and venom] The SOPA and PIPA bills appear to have lost critical political support after yesterday's blackout protests by Wikipedia, Google, et al. However, there's now a new bill, known as Online Protection and Enforcement of Digital Trade (OPEN). In IT Blogwatch, bloggers wonder if this one is just as one-sided, unconstitutional, and unworkable as the previous efforts.

Microsoft's opposition to SOPA is solid and sincere, not half-hearted

Microsoft has joined the public opposition to SOPA, although like Google and many other opponents, won't black out its site today. Although some people have said Microsoft's opposition is insincere or half-hearted, the company has been quietly working against it behind the scenes at least since November.

SOPA/PIPA: Down but not out (yet)

Despite some serious setbacks, the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protect IP Act (PIPA) are still alive and still contain several controversial provisions.

SOPA/PIPA bill blackout Weds: Wikipedia to go dark #J18

[Updated with more sarcastic comment] Wikipedia and other sites will protest the proposed SOPA and PIPA bills with a 24-hour blackout tomorrow, January 18. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers hope the U.S. doesn't break the Internet.

SOPA bill victory! Go Daddy folds.

Go Daddy has announced that it's changed its mind. It's now not supporting the SOPA bill.

SOPA bill prompts boycott of supporters

The widely-hated Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) is causing its supporters to suffer boycotts. Organizations such as GoDaddy and 3M are being targeted by serious activism. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers ponder protectionism and DNS Balkanization.

SOPA hearing: Bi-partisan political FAIL

The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) hearing by the House Judiciary Committee did not go well for those who fear it gives censorship power to big businesses. Many lawmakers demonstrated their ignorance of the Internet, while rejecting calls for expert assistance. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers follow the money.

Why SOPA deserves a closer look

A proposed bill that is designed to make it harder for offshore sites to sell counterfeit U.S products and copyrighted content gives content and IP owners way too much power, critics contend.