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CES 2012 coverage
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Is the 'quantified self' movement just a fad?
The quantified-self movement appears to be going mainstream, but are these people who measure everything they eat and monitor every step they take any happier or healthier than the rest of us?

Elgan: Voice, gestures dominate CES
CES 2012 ushered in three new ways that we will interact with our electronics: multitouch, voice and in-the-air gestures.

Windows 8 on ARM: You can look but you can't touch
For a touch-based interface it was awfully hard to get hold of. Microsoft's Windows 8 OS was shown on a handful of prototype ARM-based tablets at this year's CES, but almost no one was allowed to try it out.

Google's Marissa Mayer says more women needed in tech
Women may have come a long way in the high-tech field in the last 10 years, but there's still room for growth, according to a group of female tech executives who spoke at CES.

Hands on: Sony Xperia Ion smartphone
Sony showed off its new Xperia Ion smartphone in the middle of its massive booth at CES, drawing attention to its multimedia features and sleek styling.

New Ford Focus Electric comes with smartphone app
Ford's first all-electric passenger vehicle, the Focus Electric, features a smartphone app that can help drivers keep track of when the car is being charged remotely.

Insecure Android a myth, Motorola exec says
It's a myth that Android isn't secure and is difficult for IT managers to control, contended a top Motorola Mobile executive in an interview at the Consumer Electronics Show.

For $1000, a chance for tech glory in Vegas
"When you've got a lot of angry zombies coming at you, you really don't want to have to look away from the screen..."

Buyers hang on for cheaper, faster Windows 8 ultrabooks
Ultrabooks are attracting admirers at the Consumer Electronics Show, but some attendees are waiting to buy the thin laptops until prices drop and Windows 8 is released later this year.

CES: Coming soon, drones for home and office
The Navibot and TeleMe show where robotics could be going.

Forget quad-core tablets; here's a quad-core smartphone
While some tablet makers are talking up the benefits of quad-core processors in their devices, Fujitsu has put a quad-core chip in a smartphone -- at least for a prototype version on display at CES.

Nvidia shows quad-core tablet prototype running Windows 8
Nvidia showed tablets using its Tegra 3 quad-core processors at CES, including a developer prototype that was running Windows 8.

At CES, Microsoft sets stage for lower Windows revenue
Microsoft executives this week hinted at lowered expectations for Windows revenues in the fourth quarter of 2011, citing data from research firms that point to a stall in PC shipments at the end of 2011.

Hands on with Atom-based phones at CES
Lenovo's K800 smartphone running the Intel Atom processor was put on display at the International Consumer Electronics Show next to a reference design smartphone that could be used by Motorola and other smartphone makers.

Hands-on at CES: Droid Razr Maxx sports big battery
The new Droid Razr Maxx unveiled by Motorola during CES has a stunningly large battery that's nearly twice as powerful as others on the market.

AMD hopes to take down Intel's ultrabooks on price
Advanced Micro Devices demonstrated its upcoming mobile chips for thin-and-light laptops, which the company said will lead to cheaper but equally speedy alternatives to Intel's expensive ultrabooks.

Justin Bieber, robo-boy, drops in on CES
Justin Bieber caused a minor scrum on the floor of the Consumer Electronics Show on Wednesday when he stopped by to launch a dancing robot for Vietnamese toy and robotics designer Tosy.

New kinds of products hit Verizon's LTE network
Verizon used the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas as an opportunity to show off some of the unique applications and products being developed on its LTE network.

SOPA fight in 'last rounds,' says senator at CES
Two lawmakers who are fighting the controversial SOPA and PIPA bills took their case to the world's largest consumer electronics gathering Wednesday.

FCC chairman urges action on spectrum auctions
Julius Genachowski, chairman of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission, used his time on stage at the Consumer Electronics Show Wednesday to warn that if Congress doesn't let the agency move forward with its plans to free up more wireless spectrum, it risks damaging the economy into the future.

MEMS devices swarm over CES
Smartphones will soon know not only where you are but what floor of a building you're on, thanks to advances in MEMS technology, one of the quiet success stories of the consumer electronics industry.

RIM hopes apps will sell PlayBooks
Research In Motion is highlighting the native and Android apps available on its struggling PlayBook at the Consumer Electronics Show as it prepares to launch the first major overhaul of the tablet's software next month.

Top CES products in handy chart format
From slender smartphones to coffee-table-sized touch screens, all the hot tech products from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

LTE explodes at CES
LTE has exploded at this week's Consumer Electronics Show, where the three top U.S. wireless carriers and dozens of other vendors are showing off how they plan to use the high-speed technology with new smartphones, tablets and even ATM's.

Intel fights for its future with smartphone deals
With Intel finally breaking into the burgeoning smartphone market, analysts say the company is moving to defend its turf -- and possibly even its future stability -- against an encroaching competitor.

Silver gloves said to ease cold-weather touchscreen use
The problem of using smartphone and tablet touchscreens has led to the creation specialized gloves that ease the task and can conduct a person's bioelectricity.

HP takes wraps off 'premium' ultrabook
HP is hoping to grab the fashionable user with its new ultrabook, the Envy 14 Spectre.

Do mobile devices really need multi-core chips?
Multi-core processors for tablets and smartphones are being touted by chip maker Nvidia and others at the CES trade show, but some in the industry question their value.

After Microsoft, what next for CES?
Steve Ballmer gave Microsoft's last keynote at CES Monday night, a damp squib that confirmed for some that the software maker has outstayed its welcome. But whether its departure is the beginning of the end for the show depends on whom you ask.

Intel enters smartphone market after uphill battle
Intel on Tuesday announced its first smartphone customers, signaling the arrival of Intel Inside smartphones after years of uphill struggle by the chip maker.

Google's Schmidt says devices, apps need to be friends
Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt told an audience at CES that the future of technology revolves around connecting all of the electronic devices in our lives.

Golden-i headset computer to run over Verizon's 4G LTE
Kopin engineers demonstrated at CES a headset computer called the Golden-i for use in public safety and other field workforce applications.

Dell announces XPS 13, its first ultrabook
Dell on Tuesday announced its first ultrabook, the XPS 13, making some noise amid a smaller presence at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas compared to previous years.

Quad-core chips boost tablet price vs. performance battle
Attendees at Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week are seeing the tablet market splitting in multiple directions as the price and performance battle intensifies.

Qualcomm targets PCs, takes aim at Intel's ultrabooks
Qualcomm wants a piece of the PC market with its upcoming Snapdragon S4 chips as the company looks to jump out of its traditional stronghold market of smartphones and tablets, CEO Paul Jacobs said on Tuesday.

Linux takes on a bigger role at CES
The annual Consumer Electronics Show event is always a fun place to learn about the latest new gadgets coming down the pike, but--aside from Google's ubiquitous Android platform--Linux has not typically played a starring role.

iRobot unveils robotic navigator
Ever wish you had someone to help visitors find their way through your business? Well, iRobot may be developing the robotic guide for you.

Hands-on: Samsung Galaxy Note smartphone
The Samsung Galaxy Note, with the world's largest smartphone screen at 5.3-in, doesn't really feel all that big at all.

For Microsoft's last CES keynote, Ballmer hawks Windows 8, Kinect
Microsoft's motion-sensing Kinect technology will be available for Windows PCs in a few weeks and is destined for a lot more than just gaming, CEO Steve Ballmer said at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas Monday.

AT&T pushes ahead after T-Mobile bid
AT&T dropped its $39 billion bid to buy T-Mobile USA in December, but the company demonstrated that it is still running on all cylinders with announcements at CES of new smartphones, a tablet and new tools for mobile app developers.

Corning readies new Gorilla Glass for 20% thinner screens
Corning is shipping samples of an updated version of its popular Gorilla Glass product, that will allow screens to be 20% thinner at the same strength.

HP Spectre ultrabook offers NFC, wireless audio
Hewlett-Packard on Monday announced the Envy 14 Spectre ultrabook, which the PC maker is trying to distinguish from competition with fresh features such as NFC and wireless audio.

Lenovo takes wraps off ultrabook, tablet hybrid
Lenovo got in on the ultrabook excitement before CES even officially opened, unveiling the IdeaPad Yoga as well as a cloud service and a new desktop PC with a touchscreen.

Samsung plans smart TVs with face recognition, voice and gesture control
Samsung Electronics announced a host of new gadgets at the International Consumer Electronics Show on Monday, including smart TVs with face recognition, plus voice and gesture control, and a super-thin ultrabook laptop with a DVD drive.

Nokia unveils Lumia 900 smartphone at CES
Nokia on Monday unveiled the Lumia 900, its first 4G LTE smartphone, which will run over the AT&T network.

Vizio's new 10-in. tablet to have Intel chip, Android
A new tablet from Vizio will come with Intel's upcoming Atom chip, code-named Medfield, and will run Google's Android operating system, a source with knowledge of the product plans said.

AT&T to sell Android tablet, 5 smartphones on 4G LTE
AT&T said it will unveil five Android smartphones and one tablet, the Pantech Element, on its 4G LTE network sometime early in the year.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 coming to Verizon
Samsung and Verizon Wireless announced the Galaxy Tab 7.7 at CES to run on the carrier's 4G LTE network.

Windows ultrabooks: What's Apple response?
With a glut of 'ultrabook' announcements slated at this week's CES, Apple watchers have one question: How will the Cupertino, Calif. company respond?

Intel shows off hybrids: Ultrabooks that turn into tablets
Intel is taking on the burgeoning tablet market by working on hybrid ultrabooks that look and act like both laptops and tablets.

Sprint unveils Galaxy Nexus, tri-mode hotspot for LTE
Sprint Nextel's first three devices for its coming LTE network will be the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and LG Viper smartphones and a Sierra Wireless hotspot that will use Sprint's 3G and WiMax networks as well as LTE, the carrier announced in advance of the Consumer Electronics Show.

3M Demos 46-inch multi-touch display
3M today is demonstrating a 46-inch coffee-table like multi-touch display at the Consumer Electronics Conference.

HTC Titan II coming to AT&T 4G LTE
HTC announced the Titan II smartphone at CES on Monday, making it the first Windows Phone on AT&T's fast 4G LTE network.

LG aims smartphones at sports fans, corporate IT
LG Electronics today unveiled its latest smartphone, highlighting its ability to stream sports.

Live coverage from CES 2012
See the latest live reports and photos from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Intel shows off ultrabook prototype at CES
Intel today showed off a prototype of an ultrabook with a transparent touch screen. The device, unveiled at CES, can be used as either a notebook or tablet.

Huawei introduces 'world's slimmest smartphone'
At about 6.8 millimeters thick, Huawei Technologies' Android 4.0-based Ascend P1 S is the thinnest smartphone yet introduced, the company said on Monday.

Lenovo unveils new IdeaTab tablet, S2 smartphone
Lenovo unveiled at CES the IdeaTab S2 10, a 10-in. tablet that weighs just 1.1 pounds, and latest S2 smartphone

Cloud Services Emerge as CES Trend
Lenovo and Acer are following Apple, Google and Microsoft into the cloud with services that make your music, videos, photos, and documents available instantly across all your devices.

MediaTek lays groundwork for gigabit WLANs
Semiconductor company MediaTek has introduced a system-on-a-chip that will be used to power wireless routers based on the 802.11ac wireless networking standard, which promises gigabit speeds.

Sweden's Tobii shows 'gaze control' on Windows 8 PC
We've had gesture control with Microsoft Kinect. Now get ready for gaze control. Swedish firm Tobii is at the Consumer Electronics Show this week to promote the use of its eye tracking technology in PCs and tablets, though it could be a couple of years before it's ready for mainstream use.

USB 3.0 to reach smartphones, tablets by year end
USB 3.0 ports will reach smartphones and tablets by the end of the year or early next year, the USB standards setting organization said on Sunday.

Falling memory prices may bring irritating, intrusive devices
Everyone likes it when prices fall, right? But there may be a point when flash memory gets too cheap for its own good.

Lenovo unveils quad-core IdeaTab K2 multimedia tablet
Lenovo on Sunday announced the 10-inch IdeaTab K2 gaming and multimedia tablet, which has a quad-core ARM processor and a premium IPS display like the one found on Apple's iPad.

Lenovo gets a jump on Apple in smart TVs
Lenovo on Sunday announced its first smart TV that will recognize voice commands and run Android 4.0 applications, getting a jump over Apple's rumored pursuit of TVs with advanced features.

Acer shows laptop with Intel's Ivy Bridge at CES
Acer on Sunday became one of the first PC makers to show a laptop with Intel's upcoming Core processor code-named Ivy Bridge, which will deliver better appplication and graphics performance than current Core processors.

Acer to offer free cloud service, shows super-slim S2 ultrabook
Acer kicked off CES on Sunday by previewing a free cloud service for storing images and other documents online, and showing a novel ultrabook that hides its I/O ports in a hidden pop-up section at the back.

How Google and Apple will control TV
The future of TV is going to be pretty awesome. The addition of compute power, apps and Internet access are inevitable for TVs over the next few years and Google and Apple will be at the forefront, writes columnist Mike Elgan.

OLPC's XO-3 tablet to debut at CES
One Laptop Per Child's XO-3 tablet is ready to ship after years in the making, and working units will be shown next week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, OLPC founder and chairman Nicholas Negroponte said.

Intel bets big on ultrabooks
Intel will get a strong indication at next week's Consumer Electronics Show whether its decision to bet heavily on ultrabooks is a good one -- or not.

Ultrabooks, expected to be hot at CES, could be boon for enterprise IT
With ultrabooks poised to be the hottest devices to come out of this year's Consumer Electronics Show, analysts say the new hardware should be a boon for enterprise IT shops.

Rockchip aims for Android 4.0 tablets under $100
A company making ARM processors used in inexpensive Chinese tablets hopes to make a splash in the U.S. and Europe this year and drive down prices of Android 4.0 tablets to under US$100.

Intel to make a major mobile push at show
Intel will make a major mobile push at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show, where it will likely announce smartphone customers and show off a Windows 8 tablet with its upcoming Atom chip code-named Clover Trail, a person familiar with the company's plans said.

Broadcom to unveil four faster Wi-Fi chips
The International Consumer Electronics Show next week may be a major launchpad for a new, faster generation of Wi-Fi that goes about three times faster than current gear, with at least one major silicon vendor announcing and demonstrating a set of chips for the IEEE 802.11ac standard.

Marvell's new chip fills Google TV void left by Intel
Marvell was set to announce a new ARM-based chip for televisions on Thursday that will run Android and Google TV software, filling a void left by Intel's decision in October to depart the TV market.

LG to show new ultrabooks at CES
LG Electronics has introduced two new ultrabooks -- the Z330 and Z430 -- which will be on display at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next week, the company said Thursday.

Ultrabooks to get the CES spotlight, netbooks get the knife
With ultrabook announcements expected to get all the attention at next week's CES, it's important to lament the ill-fated netbook -- left for dead by a callous and capricious tech industry. Patrick Thobodeau explains.

Lenovo adds new Core chips, Thunderbolt to ThinkPads
Lenovo announced ThinkPad laptops with cutting-edge technologies including Intel's upcoming third-generation Core processors and the Thunderbolt interconnect.

Has the world's largest gadget expo lost its mojo?
The International Consumer Electronics Show takes place next week in Las Vegas, and as always there will be plenty to trigger our technolust.

Live TV coming to Metro PCS smartphones later in 2012
Metro PCS Communications customers in 14 cities will be able to watch live, local broadcast TV on their mobile phones later this year.

HP unveils consumer PCs and display ahead of CES
Hewlett-Packard on Wednesday launched the company's first 27-inch all-in-one PC, its most powerful HP Pavilion PC to date, and a monitor that connects to and charges some of its laptops using USB.

Atom chip on Android smartphones expected at CES
LG Electronics and Samsung are expected to unveil Android smartphones next week at CES that use Intel's latest Atom chip, dubbed Medfield, analysts said.

Microsoft bails from CES tech trade show after '12
Microsoft today announced that next month's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) will its last as an exhibitor.

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CES 2012: Following the new startups

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A new organization for developers is looking to create a name for itself by exhibiting at CES.

Android 4.0 and the Transformer Prime: This is how upgrades should be done

Asus is delivering Ice Cream Sandwich to its Transformer Prime, making it the first tablet to receive Android 4.0. Take note, manufacturers: This is how the Android upgrade game should be played.

CES 2012: LTE Nokia Lumia 900 'Ace' lives! 800 news, too...

Nokia Lumia 900 At CES 2012, the Nokia Lumia 900 'Ace' breaks cover, on AT&T's LTE. Espoo (NYSE:NOK) (BIT:NOK1V) also brings news of the Lumia 800 for the U.S. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers live in a world of lost wages.

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Asus has announced a new version of its highly rated Transformer Prime tablet: the TF700T. So what's this new device all about, and what does its arrival mean for the original Transformer Prime?

Consumer tech and IT: Not always a good marriage

When the security needs of a company clash with an employee's personal equipment, the result is sometimes a divorce.

Why you shouldn't care about CES

Microsoft's decision to pull out of the Consumer Electronics Show after this year was the right one and the harbinger of things to come. The show, originally designed to show off technology like TVs and stereos has become increasingly irrelevant in a world of around-the-year product breakthroughs.

CES: Lenovo shows 2012 IdeaTabs beat 2010 iPad

Lenovo IdeaPad S2 At CES 2012, Lenovo (HKG:0992) will show off its new IdeaTab line. The S2 improves on 2010's iPad design and the K2 on 2011's iPad 2. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers wonder why China is getting them first.

CES 2012: Why Apple will steal the show (again)

CES 2012 is coming and it seems Apple will dominate once again, even without being there. That's because the firm already offers products and services that match those trends we'll see emerge as ever so, ever so important this year.