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As Google+ nears 3rd anniversary, where does it go from here?
With Google's social network coming up on its third anniversary, industry analysts are wondering if the company is rethinking Google+ and where it goes from here.

Why the social networks are falling apart
The social networks are falling apart -- breaking up into multiple sites and apps that do in a scattered way what used to happen centrally.

With Gundotra out, changes likely for Google+
Now that Google's Vic Gundotra, a senior vice president and the head of Google+ is leaving the company, changes are likely afoot at the social network he championed since its inception, industry analysts said.

Google+ creator Vic Gundotra is leaving Google
Vic Gundotra, a key executive at Google who helped to create Google+, is leaving the company, he announced on Thursday.

Google+ popularity jumps with 540M monthly users
Google announced a number of enhancements to its social media platform Google+ and said the number of monthly active users on Google+ jumped from 390 million in May to 540 million users today.

Getting around Google+: 25 tips and tricks for power users
The last of JR Raphael's three-part how-to series includes advanced tips and tricks to help you take your Google+ experience to the next level.

Getting around Google+: Expand your circles -- and your influence
Part 2 of our three-part how-to series on Google+ teaches you how to find your crowd, create a following and make your content pop.

Getting around Google+: A guide to the basics
In the two years it's been around, Google+ has both grown and changed. In the first of three "how-to" guides, we tell you how to get started.

Google+ updates mobile apps for iPhone, Android
Google has released updates for its Google+ apps for iPhone and Android.

500K users flee dead-RSS-walking Google Reader for Feedly
Feedly, a free Web-based RSS service that also offers iOS and Android apps, has added half a million new users since Google announced it would pull the plug on its Reader RSS feed this summer.

Petitions plead for Google Reader's life, collect 100K signatures
Americans took to the Internet Thursday as tens of thousands signed petitions on sites pleading for Google Reader's life.

In Google+ hangout, astronauts talk tech, Isaac Newton and Twitter
In the their first Google+ hangout, astronauts onboard the International Space Station said they didn't panic when their communication link to the ground was cut off for three hours this week.

Obama talks about math, online privacy and an open Internet in Google+ hangout
During a Google+ 'Fireside Hangout' on Thursday, President Barack Obama talked about his daughters' math and science studies, the benefits of making computer programming a required high school class and the need to keep the Internet open.

Google+ suffers outage Friday morning
Google+ suffered a site outage Friday morning, prompting users of the social network to complain on both Google+ and Twitter that the site was down or slow to load.

Astronauts, Obama to host Google+ hangouts
Google's social network, Google+, is getting attention from the likes of astronauts and the U.S. president. Both will be hosting hangouts with the U.S. public.

What's so great about Google+ Communities?
Google has taken the social web to the next level with a new feature called Communities.

Google+ use skyrockets, says report
Social network Google+, which turned a year old at the end of June, has seen its user base take a dramatic jump in the past six to seven months, according to comScore, an Internet traffic monitor.

Google+ outpaces Facebook in customer satisfaction
Facebook may be the biggest social network in the world, but rival Google+ wins when it comes to user satisfaction, according to a report from the American Customer Satisfaction Index.

Apple iPad gets dedicated Google+ app with Hangouts
Google this week pushed out a Google+ app for the Apple iPad.

Google announces social sharing done right
The upcoming Google+ History will prepare your content for sharing, but holds it in a private space until you choose to share it. It's how social networking should work, writes columnist Mike Elgan.

At first birthday, has Google+ found its niche?
Google+ reaches a major milestone this week. Google's fledgling social networking has hit its first birthday.

Elgan: How I publish from Google+
Columnist Mike Elgan offers tips on how to post to Twitter and Facebook, send a newsletter and more all from a Google+ account.

Google+ ups competition with Facebook by including teens
Google is widening the potential user base for Google+ by lowering the age requirement from 18 to 13 years old -- a move that could help it grow in Facebook's shadow.

QuickPoll: What was the top story of 2011?
IT made headlines throughout 2011, from social media's role in Arab Spring to the popularity of Google's Android and Google+ and more. What was the top story of the year?

Is Google's big bet on Google+ too risky?
Google is ending 2011 with a cliffhanger: Will Google+ succeed? And if it does not, how much damage will the company suffer as a result?

Why Google+ will become Google's only product
Google will integrate its best products into a single super product, Google+, that marginalizes smaller rivals and clobbers Facebook with total superiority.

Google unveils 'Find My Face' tool for Google+
Google dove into the realm of facial recognition on Thursday, unveiling a tagging suggestion feature for its Google+ social network.

Is Google+ or Facebook better for business?
While Google+ could find a lucrative niche in the social networking world among enterprise users, Facebook has a head start.

Google+ comes to the enterprise via Google Apps
Google announced that its new social networking site is now integrated with Google Apps, its cloud-based office suite.

Privacy a concern as Google links Plus with its other sites
Google's work to integrate its Google+ social networking site broadly with its other services could raise red flags for users who want to closely guard their privacy.

Google readies Google+ for push into the enterprise
Google looks close to unleashing Google+ on the enterprise.

Google slips a sneak peak at Gmail redesign
Google seems to have accidentally given users a preview of an upcoming Gmail redesign.

Page looks to 'transform' company with Google+
Forget about building a popular social network. Google CEO Larry Page wants to use Google+ to transform the entire Google experience.

Google's Schmidt (finally) takes to Google+
After being noticeably absent from his company's own social network, Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt finally has joined the ranks of Google+ users.

Elgan: Easy automation for Google+
Columnist Mike Elgan reveals new ways to automate Google+ and names the contest winners who came up with the most useful and fun Google+ automations using IFTTT (If This Then That).

Google feels the pain of users who can't get on Google+
Google is keenly aware that many people are eager to set up profiles in Google+, the company's new social network, but the site will remain in a limited trial while the company works feverishly toward a broader rollout that can accommodate a larger number and wider variety of users.

Google+ introduces identity-verification badges
Google is adding badges that certify the identity of users of its Google+ social networking site, starting with public figures and with people who have been added by many as contacts.

Google+ Games goes live
Google's new social network, Google+, took a big step forward Thursday by adding games to its site.

Facebook use linked to teen psych disorders
Using Facebook and other social networks can have some significant negative effects on teenagers and young adults, says a California State University researcher.

Elgan: 10 things I hate about Google+
Columnist Mike Elgan has a love-hate relationship with the new social networking tool Google+. While Google is still fixing many of its flaws and limitations, here are some tips and workarounds to try.

At one month, Google+ already a 'major player'
Google+, which on Thursday hit its one-month birthday, is already a major social networking player, analysts say.

40 Google+ tips and tricks for power users
Get the most out of Google's new social network Google+ with these 40 awesome tips and tricks.

Google+ traffic, usage dropped last week
After weeks of explosive growth, the Google+ social networking site's traffic and usage dropped last week, according to Hitwise.

Hands on: The Google+ Android app is a winner
An Android app allows Google+ members to keep up with the new social networking service on their smartphones.

Facebook woos businesses; ups battle with Google+
While Google asks businesses to hold off using its new Google+ social network, rival Facebook is helping companies get onboard its site.

QuickPoll: Is Google+ being too pedantic about using real names?
Google is adjusting the real-name policy of its Google+ social service to appease angry users -- many kicked off without notice. But Google will still not allow pseudonyms. Is Google+ being too pedantic about real names?

Google works to soothe users over real name controversy
Google has heard the public outcry about its name restrictions and the way it terminated many Google+ user accounts, and it's working fast to fix the problem.

Update: Complaints mount over Google+ account deletions
An issue that had simmered for several weeks boiled over this weekend, as Google apparently accelerated deletions of Google+ accounts over the site's requirement that members use their real names.

Google scrambles to accelerate Google+ business profiles
Demand for Google+ business profiles has reached white-hot intensity, prompting Google+ leader Vic Gundotra to acknowledge the company has been caught off guard, but pledging a fix is being fast-tracked.

Google+ iPhone app: 5 things you need to know
Almost a month after Google announced its new social network, the Google+ iPhone app is finally available in the iTunes App Store. Those who downloaded the app Tuesday when it first went live complained of a litany of bugs. Google has since released an update, fixing many of the errors.

Google+ grows fast but still a minor player, says Hitwise
The new Google+ social site, out in limited beta release since late June, is growing its usage very quickly, but it remains far from a leadership position, according to Hitwise.

Google+ for iPad, iPod Touch coming 'soon'
Google will offer a Google+ app for the iPad and iPod Touch 'soon,' a company product manager said today.

LinkedIn CEO: Not enough free time for all social nets
LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner raised a few eyebrows when he predicted the demise of Google+, which has been attracting attention and gaining momentum.

Apple approves Google+ app for iPhone
Apple today approved the Google+ app for the iPhone, and posted it to the App Store.

Elgan: What I lost on the Google+ Diet
On July 8, columnist Mike Elgan went on the Google+ Diet, using Google's new social network for all his online communication. He stopped using Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and several other services. Here's what he learned.

Visual tour: 8 Google+ add-ons, extensions, and downloads
Google+ is so popular that people have already taken to tweaking it themselves. Here are eight useful Google+ tweaks.

With 10M users, Google+ is becoming a social competitor
It's official. Google+, which is just a bit more than two weeks old and still in the field trial stage, has attracted more than 10 million users.

Google races to create business version of Google+
Google has picked up the pace in its efforts to get a business version of Google+ up and running.

Privacy, contact updates added to Google+
After promising earlier this week that changes to Google+ were coming, Google is making good on that vow with a privacy update and a new contacts tool.

Can Facebook and Google+ coexist?
Like oil and water, or peanut butter and jelly? Google+, the search giant's new social network, has everyone in the tech industry speculating about whether it's 'the Facebook killer.'

Google+ fervor may be making Facebook nervous
Just two weeks old, Google's social network is generating a tidal wave of curiosity and excitement. And that level of interest may be making social networking giants like Facebook and Twitter a little nervous.

Google to developers: Stay tuned for Google+ tools
It became standard procedure in recent years for Internet companies to launch early test versions of their newest services with hooks for external developers, but Google is bucking that trend with its Google+ social network.

Google+ hit with spam bug
The Google+ social networking site malfunctioned this weekend, spamming its users with repeated notifications via e-mail.

Visual tour: 10 Google+ tips for beginners
You just got your hands on a Google+ invite -- but what next? Check out these 10 tips to get you started on Google's new social network.

Elgan: How Google+ ends social networking fatigue
Google+ isn't just another social network. It's the one place to consolidate all of your social activity.

Privacy experts praise Google+ rollout so far
After major privacy failures in its Buzz and Street View services, Google has hit the right notes with its deliberate, measured roll out of its new Google+ social networking site, according to privacy experts.

Google: Business version of Google+ is coming
Google is telling IT executives to hold off on using Google+, perhaps until later this year, as it prepares its new service for the rigors of business use.

Hands-on: Facebook Video Calling vs. Google+ Hangout
Video chat is turning out to be a popular feature for social networking; we tried out both Facebook's new Video Calling and Google+ Hangout.

Google+ invites re-open to double user base
After shutting down the Google+ invitation process late last week because of 'insane demand' from people eager to try out its new social network, Google is once again allowing new members in.

Google vs. Facebook by the numbers
As the two Internet heavyweights are poised to battle it out in the social networking arena, how do the companies stack up? A look at some data.

Google dealing with privacy bugs in Google+
Google's new social networking site Google+, built to beat Facebook primarily on privacy features, has several privacy bugs the company is working to fix.

What would you pay for a Google+ invite?
Wish you were on Google's new social networking service, Google+? Well, you're not alone. And some are looking to make a little cash on people's desire to get in to some Google+ circles.

Google+ invites shut down after 'insane demand'
Interest in Google's new social networking service has exceeded not only the company's expectations but its ability to keep up with demand. For now, it's not allowing new users to join.

Can Google+ dethrone Facebook?
Can Google+, the new social network from Google, lure users away from Facebook, the world's largest social network? It won't be easy, say analysts.

QuickPoll: Do you think Google+ will take Facebook down a notch?
After much speculation, Google is finally taking on Facebook with Google+. Check out our first-look review, then cast your vote.

First look: Google+ lets you hang with a small (or large) circle of friends
Google+, the search giant's latest try at social networking, lets users limit who gets which message -- a strategy that could eventually challenge Facebook's "one list fits all" approach.

Google goes after Facebook with Google+
After months of speculation, Google has launched Google+, a social network that aims to compete with Facebook.

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15% of Americans say they don’t need no stinking Internet

A Pew study shows that 15% of adult Americans don't use the Internet or email. What?

Why the Google+ Android app leaves the Facebook app in the dust

Not impressed with the Facebook Android app? Join the club. I find it confusing and sometimes buggy, especially on a Honeycomb tablet. The Google+ Android app, however, is a winner.

Could spam sink LinkedIn? Yes!

LinkedIn logo Richi's Rant: I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore! The situation with LinkedIn (NYSE:LNKD) spam is getting out of hand. It's seriously damaging the LinkedIn brand and the site's effectiveness. If the company doesn't get this problem under control soon, you can add LinkedIn to the sorry list inhabited by MySpace and Friendster. Find out what I'm complaining about in The Long View...
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Google+ iPhone app finally at Apple iOS App Store

The Google+ iPhone app for Google's (NASDAQ:GOOG) new social network has finally been approved by Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL). After a suspiciously long delay, the iOS app is now available from the App Store. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers give it a try. Not to mention: The (NY) Times they are a-changin'...

Microsoft's Tulalip social media service is no Facebook or Google+ killer

Microsoft accidentally briefly opened the curtain on a new social media service it's working on called Tulalip, before turning off access. It's not quite clear at this point what Tulalip will be, but one thing is clear: It's no Facebook or Google+ killer.

Hey Apple: Where's the Google Plus iPhone app already?

The Google Plus iPhone app has been ready for weeks -- so why is Apple taking so long to approve it?

The Google+ gold rush problem

With many social media pundits eager to prove their Google+ street cred, I wonder if peer pressure will make it tough to get an accurate picture of the service.

Facebook vs. Twitter vs. LinkedIn vs. Google+

What each does best (and worst)

Get a Google+ invite here: join Plus project circle

Google+ Want an invite to this week's hottest social network? I can send a Google+ invitation to your inbox, if you ask nicely. Eschew the morons, idiots, and scammers --- follow Richi's rules. Here are your instructions; observe them carefully.
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Four reasons Google+ Hangouts beat Facebook's Video Calling

Wondering whether Google+ Hangouts or Facebook Video Calling is the better service? Wonder no more. Here are four reasons that Hangouts beats Video Calling.

Facebook search for awesome fails: Skype video yawnZZZzzz...

Mark Zuckerberg ( Facebook is on a search for new, sticky features; Skype video calling integration isn't it, it seems. After the big buildup, yesterday's "awesome" announcement turned out to be pretty pedestrian. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers yawn at Mark Zuckerberg's big snoozefest. Not to mention this great British idea: Shop the online grocery store, while you wait for your train...

Four reasons Google+ beats Facebook

Google+, now available to a limited number of people, won't likely ever overtake Facebook as the Web's premier social networking service. That's a shame, because after putting it through it's paces, I've found that it's superior to Facebook. Here are four reasons Google+ beats Facebook.