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Continuing coverage of Desktop Virtualization  Desktop Virtualiation

How IT can better help enterprises get work done
Digital workspace delivery technologies can give users more individualized tools that will make them more efficient in their particular tasks. (Insider; registration required)

Virtualizing Oracle software: Don't pay for what you don't need
Squeezing software cost savings from virtualization projects is tricky for lots of reasons, but can be particularly challenging when it comes to Oracle databases. Here's why, and some tips to help.

Citrix adds desktop management to XenMobile
Citrix Systems wants to manage desktops and mobile devices with the latest version of XenMobile, and is also working on making it easier for XenApp users to upgrade.

How to get a job in manufacturing IT
To excel in manufacturing, tech workers need to be one part tinkerer and one part visionary, with a bit of analytical acumen thrown in as well.

VMware extends Horizon beyond virtual desktop
VMware is about to release a new version of its Horizon VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) software that will allow administrators to manage VDI and non-VDI deployments in a unified manner, by using multiple VMware technologies.

Cisco plans $1B investment in global cloud infrastructure
Cisco Systems plans to invest over US$1 billion to expand its cloud business over the next two years, including building an OpenStack-based "network of clouds" with partners.

How YHA Australia reduced costs through virtual desktop infrastructure
Not-for-profit hostel accommodation provider YHA has reported financial and IT support savings following the rollout of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).

VMware unwraps hybrid cloud desktop virtualization
With the new VMware Horizon DaaS offering, IT organizations can deploy enterprise-class virtual desktops to a public cloud, private cloud or seamlessly mix the two with a hybrid cloud deployment.

U.S. spy agencies adopt new IT approach
The CIA's decision to use Amazon's cloud is part of a broader IT shake-up to make the spy business more efficient.

Chromebooks to get VMware virtual desktop service
VMware will offer virtual desktop services for Google's Chromebooks, allowing them to run Windows applications on the pared-down laptops based on the Chrome OS.

Dell ships Android-based PC on a stick
Dell has started shipping the Android-based Wyse Cloud Connect, a $129 device that is slightly larger than a USB stick and can be used by consumers to watch movies in HD or by enterprises as a virtual desktop client.

How to choose the right enterprise mobility management tool
As mobile device management continues to morph, consider what's 'good enough' for what you need right now -- and don't neglect the user experience, whatever else you do.

VMware acquires AirWatch to boost mobile device, application management
VMware has reached a deal to acquire mobile management specialist AirWatch for US$1.54 billion, as it aims let users manage desktops, mobile devices and applications using its products.

Citrix buys Framehawk to give virtual desktops a boost
Citrix Systems has acquired Framehawk for an undisclosed sum, and will use the company's technology to improve the performance of virtual desktops and applications over wireless networks.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Offers Risks and Rewards
After years of false starts, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) products are here. They work, and if implemented correctly they can deliver substantial cost savings to enterprise IT shops. What are the risks and rewards involved in embarking on a VDI implementation for your organization?

Senate looks to push U.S. gov't data center consolidations
Federal agencies aren't moving fast enough to consolidate government data centers, according to U.S. lawmakers. So they're pushing a bipartisan bill that sets 'hard deadlines' to move the effort forward.

VMware says virtualized desktops bring better 3D graphics
VMware hopes that improved graphics capabilities and the ability to circumvent Microsoft's licensing terms can persuade enterprises to make the leap to virtual desktops.

VMware acquires Desktone, makes network virtualization generally available
VMware continues to push its plan to virtualize the whole data center, with the general availability of its network virtualization platform, and desktops too with the acquisition of desktop-as-a service company Desktone.

VDI Technology Better, Faster and Cheaper, But Adoption Still Slow
Virtual desktop infrastructure has come a long way since the terminal service days of the 1960s. Heck, VDI has come a long way since the 2000s thanks to plummeting prices for clients, better graphics cards and improved administration. By and large, though, VDI deployments remain more of a niche solution.

Using private clouds for all the right reasons
Here's why some customers are adopting the technology and which vendors they turned to for help.

Teradici boosts virtual desktop performance with caching and GPUs
Teradici has updated the PCoIP Hardware Accelerator with caching and better GPU support to improve the performance of virtual desktop installations based on VMware's Horizon View platform.

Updated Citrix XenClient lets users install apps
The latest version of Citrix Systems' XenClient offers better integration with its other desktop virtualization offerings and more user personalization, as the vendor hopes to make the bare-metal hypervisor more popular among road warriors.

The whole enchilada: Integrated compute platforms steamroll across IT
Vendors are rebuilding the mainframe with converged infrastructure, collapsed kit or integrated compute platforms -- whatever you want to call it. And customers are loving it.

Seagate unleashes first consumer SSD; enterprise version gets blazing fast 12Gbps SAS connectivity
Seagate Technology today announced its new portfolio of flash-memory devices, taking the wraps off its first consumer SSD and its next generation of enterprise models.

Career advice: Are certs worthwhile?
Premier 100 IT Leader Gary Hensley also answers questions on transitioning to the security field and becoming a leader.

Citrix outfits NetScaler with troubleshooting tools
Citrix has released new software to help users of its NetScaler Application Delivery Controller more easily troubleshoot application performance problems in complex network and data center environments.

Companies take bold steps into desktop virtualization
Five organizations that have experienced the benefits, challenges and ROI of desktop virtualization offer tips for successful implementations. Insider (registration required)

Teradici releases preview of delayed PCoIP platform for VMware and Microsoft
Teradici has been forced to delay the release of Arch, which combines VMware and Microsoft server-based desktops using its PCoIP protocol, due to a scalability issue. But a new tech preview will still allow enterprises to familiarize themselves with the product.

Cisco virtual desktop users to get access to Jabber HD voice and video
Users of Cisco's virtual desktop system will soon be able to engage in voice and video communications with their colleagues using the Jabber instant messaging tool.

IT manager's revitalization guide 2013
Before diving into what's sure to be another rollercoaster year in IT, take a moment to retool your personal and professional priorities with some of our most insightful tech management articles.

Fiscal cliff or not, it's already rough for federal IT vendors
If Congress doesn't avert the fiscal impasse, automatic budget cuts could reduce federal IT spending by $66 billion in the fiscal year that began Oct. 1, according to an analysis by the industry group CompTIA.

Intel releases new 'smartphone class' server chip
Intel announced a 64-bit, 32nm dual-core Atom processor, the S1200, which is designed for the emerging microserver market.

IT shops will become consultants instead of tech managers, says EMC's CIO
An EMC executive said customers should have a sense of urgency about deploying IT as a service via a cloud infrastructure, but not everyone at the data storage company's user forum agreed with him.

Downgraded chip industry may signal tech transition
The worldwide chip market dropped from being labeled 'stagnant' to 'in a slump' this year, with one analyst firm downgrading its forecast to a level that puts the entire year in a decline.

The cybersecurity needs of the borderless enterprise
As the traditional security perimeter dissolves in a virtualized environment, organizations need a new cybersecurity framework and architecture.

EMC releases upgrades to its document content management line
EMC today unveiled upgrades across its Documentum content management and Captiva document capture product lines.

Common management console is first step in Citrix cloud plan
Citrix Systems has started to detail the future of Windows desktops and applications in its virtual environments with tech previews of Excalibur and Merlin, the first versions of its Project Avalon.

Legal and technical BYOD pitfalls highlighted at RSA conference
Allowing employees to bring their own devices to work is causing new challenges, including what happens when a device needs to be wiped or employees want to sell their smartphone or tablet.

Qubes OS 1.0 isolates programs inside virtual machines for better security
The first stable version of Qubes OS, an open source desktop operating system designed to provide a greater level of security by isolating programs inside virtual machines with different permissions, was released Monday by Polish security firm Invisible Things Lab (ITL).

Dell, EMC, Cisco Tackle BYOD With Desktop Virtualization
As the Bring Your Own Device trend gains traction, Dell and EMC/Cisco are taking different approaches to desktop virtualization. Generally, Dell aims for PC users in the midmarket, while the EMC/Cisco partnership may work better for enterprises that have to consider the iPad. Both tacks are worth a look, though.

Desktop Virtualization Cuts Costs and Improves Social Services
Gary Bateman, CIO of Iowa Workforce Development, was able to turn a budget desktop virtualization project into a hugely successful expansion of state services for the unemployed--and he lowered operating costs to boot.

VMware Workstation 9 is all about Windows 8
Staying ahead of Microsoft itself, VMware has updated its Workstation desktop computer hypervisor so it can run Microsoft's soon-to-be-released Windows 8.

Crisis malware infects VMware virtual machines, researchers say
The Windows version of Crisis, a piece of malware discovered in July, is capable of infecting VMware virtual machine images, Windows Mobile devices and removable USB drives, according to researchers from antivirus vendor Symantec.

For BYOD Best Practices, Secure Data, Not Devices
IT organizations are justifiably concerned about the security risks inherent in bringing your own device (BYOD). Many are turning to mobile device management (MDM) products and services to address the problem. But a number of mobile security vendors believe organizations are focusing the device when they should be focusing on the data.

Five tips to virtual desktop ROI
Server virtualization made IT rock stars by improving uptime and saving the organization some serious dollars. So now it's time to look at how to leverage this expertise for the desktop.

VMware patches arbitrary code execution flaw in desktop, server virtualization products
Virtualization software vendor VMware has released security patches for its Workstation, Player, Fusion, ESXi and ESX products in order to address two vulnerabilities that could allow attackers to compromise the host system or crash a virtual machine.

64-bit OSs, virtualization software on Intel chips vulnerable to hacks
Some 64-bit operating systems and virtualization software programs are vulnerable to local privilege escalation attacks when running on Intel processors (CPUs), the U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) said in a security advisory on Wednesday.

VMware buys desktop management company Wanova
VMware has acquired Wanova, a developer of software used to centralize and simplify image management on physical and virtual desktops, the company said Tuesday.

Can Nvidia's Kepler Processor Revolutionize Virtual Desktop Hosting?
Nvidia recently demoed its long-awaited Kepler graphics processor with no less than a simulation of two galaxies colliding. On a practical level, though, the technology could answer many questions about virtual desktop hosting and, in the process, fill glaring holes in BYOD policies.

Citrix boosts VDI offering, talks up cloud-based future at Synergy confab
Citrix Systems is upgrading XenDesktop, acquiring Virtual Computer, introducing a new type of hardware-assisted thin client and initiating a cloud project in an effort to make its virtual desktop infrastructure offering more attractive.

VMware to offer enterprise application portal
VMware will offer enterprise software that allows employees to access all their desktop Windows applications and online services from a single portal, the company announced Wednesday.

How to Create a Bootable Mac OS X Flash Drive
A bootable Mac OS X thumb drive comes in handy when you need to troubleshoot OS issues for yourself, your family, or your friends. It's also extremely useful for keeping your basic setup consistent across multiple computers, if you find yourself switching hardware regularly; and I've had fun in the past setting up a bootable USB keychain loaded with all the apps and files I need to turn any Mac-compatible computer into a viable media center quickly and easily.

Microsoft boosts virtualization capabilities in Desktop Optimization Pack
Microsoft is boosting the virtualization components of its Desktop Optimization Pack suite of IT management tools.

Dell to buy thin-client company Wyse Technology
Dell has signed an agreement to acquire thin-client hardware and software company Wyse Technology, to expand its desktop virtualization offerings, Dell said Monday.

Standardizing the Desktop
More companies are using desktop virtualization tools to create a 'gold standard' -- one desktop version that gets pushed out to all end users.

OnLive Desktop Brings Office and Windows 7 to Android
After launching OnLive Desktop for iPad users last week, cloud gaming service OnLive released on Thursday its free Windows desktop virtualization app for Android tablets. Now Android users can run Microsoft Office apps and even stream videos and games to the tablet.

4 Consumer Technologies That Could Change Your Enterprise
From technologies born out of gaming companies to hardware waterproofing products, we find some gems at the Consumer Electronics Show that CIOs will be glad to welcome to their IT shops.

Six Reasons Small Businesses Need Virtualization
If you run a small or mid-sized business, server virtualization promises cost savngs and improved IT efficiency. To help ensure you understand the advantages, we drew up a list of the most tangible benefits that virtualization has to offer small and mid-sized businesses

Security roundup: Lockheed Martin sounds alarm on Adobe Reader zero-day; Microsoft patchfest coming
When Adobe last week issued an advisory about a dangerous zero-day attack based on an unpatched Adobe Reader vulnerability that was being exploited in the wild to try and seize control of both PCs and Macs, it credited Lockheed Martin for sounding the alarm about it.

Teradici upgrades PC-over-IP firmware for zero clients
Teradici has upgraded the firmware for PC-over-IP-based zero clients to provide smoother authentication, improved USB performance and support for Internet Protocol version 6, the company said on Monday.

CIO Q&A: How Citrix supports more workers with lower IT budget
Citrix CIO Paul Martine is the poster child for everything that Citrix markets to other CIOs.

VMWare Fusion 4
Fusion 4 is the newest version of VMware's virtualization solution for the Mac, which allows you to run multiple operating systems within Mac OS X. Since we reviewed Fusion 3, VMWare has added support for Lion and the ability to create OS X Lion virtual machines, reduced the consumption of system resources to zero when you aren't running a virtual machine, redesigned the settings window, and much more.

Can Windows Play Well on the iPad?
A new Citrix SDK helps Windows software developers solve a big problem: How to extend desktop apps to the iPad and iPhone in a way that doesn't turn off mobile users.

iPad in Healthcare: Not So Fast
One hospital hasn't jumped on the iPad-in-healthcare craze yet. Critical desktop apps just don't render well on the iPad, while iCloud's security concerns cause "trepidation," the CTO says.

Standardizing the desktop: Strategies for success
It's not easy to walk the line between locking down the desktop and providing some flexibility for employees to do their jobs. Here's what has worked for some shops.

University of Sydney moves to virtual desktop
The popularity of consumer devices combined with the launch of four learning hubs has caused the University of Sydney to deploy desktop virtualisation software across its campuses.

VMware hopes to boost VDI popularity with new program
VMware is launching the Rapid Desktop Program, which allows OEMs to build pre-configured appliances for desktop virtualization, making it easier for enterprises to start using the technology, the company said at VMworld in Copenhagen.

VMware aims to simplify management with new suites
VMware hopes to simplify management and help enterprises virtualize more of their infrastructure, with new and updated software suites announced at VMworld Europe in Copenhagen.

Desktop virtualization: Parallels vs. VMware vs. VirtualBox
Virtual machines are the best way to accommodate different application needs in a datacenter environment. Whether you need to run your apps on a specific platform, or just need to meet scaling requirements, virtualization is the solution to a lot of IT manager's problems, thanks to fast and cheap memory.

Behind the scenes of Wellesley College's desktop virtualization rollout
Although desktop virtualization is still a relatively new technology, Ravi Ravishanker is no stranger to it. He helped implement VDI projects at Pace University and Wesleyan University in recent years and now is overseeing a rollout at Wellesley College, the all-women's school west of Boston where he serves as CIO.

Microsoft to equip Windows 8 with virtualization hosting
The next version of the Microsoft's desktop OS, code-named "Windows 8", will include the ability to run other OSes in virtualized containers, the company announced by blog Wednesday.

Desktop virtualization users say the technology brings challenges
Sacking the old PC in favor of desktop virtualization is starting to grow and the information technology managers taking the lead on that trend offered some perspectives on the networking and security challenges it brings.

Giving Users the Virtual Desktop They Want
Scenario: The user experience will make or break desktop virtualization

VMware refreshes View virtual desktop software
Keeping pace with its rivals in the VDI (virtual desktop interface) market, VMware has updated its desktop virtualization software so that users can now personalize their desktops and stream them over WANs (wide area networks), the company said Monday.

VMware CEO: Cloud to end computer desktop era
VMware CEO Paul Maritz urged customers to think beyond the desktop computer. It is a dead metaphor, he insisted, one ill-suited for today's workforce.

Citrix personalizes, extends virtual desktops
Working to boost the versatility and speed of virtual desktops, Citrix Systems has updated its XenDesktop software to allow users to personalize their desktops, as well as offer the ability to access their desktops over wide area networks (WANs), the company announced Wednesday.

Red Hat RHEV freed from Windows fetters
With the next release of its Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (RHEV) package, Red Hat has finally rid itself of one of its most notorious dependencies, namely the use of Microsoft's Windows Server and SQL Server.

Citrix buys VDI personalization vendor
Citrix has acquired RingCube, a vendor of software for personalizing desktops within virtual desktop infrastructures (VDI), the companies announced. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Data center surprises
It isn't surprising that virtualization topped the list of technologies expected to have the biggest impact on data center investments over the next two years, according to a new Network World study, but the survey turned up some surprises as well.

Easing the juggling act with client virtualization
In IT's never-ending search for efficiency improvements, client virtualization and its subsets -- presentation, application and desktop virtualization -- must be considered.

Oracle bolsters VirtualBox for enterprise use
Oracle has updated its open source VirtualBox virtualization software to make it more suitable for widescale enterprise deployments, the company said Tuesday.

VMware releases client for Android tablets
Android tablets could become more appealing to the enterprise with VMware's View Client for Android.

Putting VirtualBox to the test
The free virtualizatin systems scores high, as does a new PC maintenance tool Slimware. The Syllable operating system, not so much.

Desktop Dreams Pop
Southern Co. had been planning to move most of its employees into a virtual desktop environment within two to three years but will now tackle a much smaller-scale deployment over time.

Bluestacks tech can run Android apps on PCs
Bluestacks plans to soon start offering technology that will let PC users run Android apps on their laptops and desktops.

Citrix buys virtualized desktop company Kaviza
Citrix Systems has acquired Kaviza, a company whose preconfigured Virtual Desktop Infrastructure-in-a-box makes it easier for small and medium-size businesses to start using desktop virtualization.

Rackspace offers hosted virtual desktops from Citrix
Rackspace hopes to make using virtual desktops easier by hosting Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp, it announced on Monday.

The impact of 'enterprise technology'
With ET, technology has leapt off the desktop and joined the real world. Users and inanimate objects (like cameras, signs, monitors and sensors) are now mobile-enabled and compute-powered. That's paving the way for a host of new applications.

Grocer goes with thin clients
Hard-dollar ROI savings on desktop virtualization haven't yet materialized for The Co-operative Group, but the grocer should realize them by the end of the second year, after full migration.

Hosting virtual desktops: Tips for a successful outcome
Businesses are finding that the benefits of hosted virtual desktops are more nuanced than those for server virtualization. The advantages may be harder to quantify and harder to justify based purely on traditional ROI calculations. Here's an in-depth look at what you need to know.

Desktop virtualization
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Air Transport Industry Plans Private Cloud
SITA, the IT group owned by the air transport industry, plans to launch a 'community cloud' for airlines and airports at regional data centers.

Government agencies make move to desktop virtualization
Interest is growing in desktop virtualization, especially for government agencies, where the main drivers are better manageability and lower costs. Here's a look at three local and federal agencies that are making the first moves into desktop virtualization.

VMware readies desktop virtualization blueprint
In an effort to boost the popularity of desktop virtualization, VMware is working on improvements related to scalability and WAN performance and is preparing documentation that outlines how best to use the technology, according to a company executive.

Dell's new servers come preloaded with hundreds of virtual machines
Dell on Thursday served up a new choice for buying its servers: plug-and-play configurations that include up to 200 VMware virtual machines along with the networking and storage needed to run them.

VMware's iPad management tool awaits Apple OK
VMware is waiting for Apple to approve a software client for iPads that will allow IT staff to manage their virtualized environments.

VMWare shows mobile virtualization on Android
VMWare is showing a mobile virtualization platform that will let people run a personal profile and a separate, secure profile for work applications on the same Android phone.

Confusion Reigns
Software licensing for desktop virtualization is incredibly complex and confusing, as software increasingly becomes divorced from its traditional association with a specific piece of hardware.

IBM rolls out virtual desktop offering
Through its partner program, IBM unveils a virtual desktop offering for small businesses

The best hardware and software of the year
InfoWorld's 2011 Technology of the Year Awards recognize the best products at the forefront of today's top data center, desktop, mobile, and programming trends

Virtual desktops
Security. Business continuity. Operational efficiencies.
Save both space and power.
Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is most popular.
Virtual desktop architectures can tax your network.
Factor in license costs for management tools and software.
Evaluate the suitability of applications for virtualization.
Costs for a virtualized client environment can vary widely.
The pilot will set the stage for selling users on the project.
Premier 100 Chat with Kevin Summers, Whirlpool.
[See also, Whirlpool VDI strategy focuses on customer service]
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