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IDG Enterprise CEO interviews
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Unisys going on offense in server and security markets
CEO Ed Coleman says a new software-focused data center strategy and powerful new security technology will enable Unisys to take up the attack in vital market segments and shake up customer views about the usually quiet company.

VMware CEO talks software-defined data centers, OpenStack and dueling Amazon
As a top executive at Intel and EMC, Pat Gelsinger helped build the data centers of today. Now, as CEO of VMware, he's promising to deliver the data centers of tomorrow. In this installment of the IDG Enterprise CEO Interview Series, Gelsinger spoke with Chief Content Officer John Gallant and Network World Senior Writer Brandon Butler about what he's accomplished one year into his tenure, and why the company is uniquely positioned to deliver on the vision of software-defined data centers. Gelsinger detailed the company's plans for its upcoming infrastructure-as-a-service offerings and how it will out-duel early leader Amazon in that market. He also discussed VMware's plans to simplify mobility and explained how, rather than threatening the company, OpenStack is widening VMware's market. (Oh, one other thing about OpenStack: He doesn't see it gaining traction in the enterprise.) Gelsinger also shared thoughts on VMware's competitors and discussed how he'll work with former VMware CEO Paul Maritz's new Pivotal spin off.

AirWatch CEO: We'll be the breakout market leader in mobile management
In this installation of the IDG Enterprise CEO Interview Series, Chief Content Officer John Gallant talks to AirWatch CEO John Marshall about the company's approach toward mobile, its $225 million in venture funding, and its new Content Locker product, which aims to help enterprises control data access from devices.

eBay's CIO Succeeds by Innovating and 'Connecting the Dots'
eBay CIO Scott Seese says he and his team are using technology and innovation to drive the company's mission of connected commerce. He explains how the ecommerce giant taps into the power of social and mobile to help customers find and purchase exactly what they seek from among millions of sellers. Seese also discusses his strategy for success and why it's important to connect the dots.

BroadSoft CEO: Here's why communications is moving to the cloud
You might not know BroadSoft if you're not in the telecommunications space. But if you use a hosted unified communications service from a provider like VerizonSwisscom, or any of about 500 other telcos around the world, you may be a BroadSoft customer without realizing it.

Citrix: What kind of company is it anyway?
Citrix is many different things to many people. It's a cloud company, it's a virtualization player, it's a mobile technologies vendor and it's a collaboration products provider. But according to Mark Templeton, Citrix CEO since 2001, all of that blends together and fits with where enterprise IT shops are headed. Here, speaking with IDG Enterprise Chief Content Officer John Gallant, Templeton dishes on Citrix's overall strategy, its relationships with Cisco, Microsoft and Apple, its rivalry with VMware, and its controversial take on open source cloud computing.

Juniper CEO Johnson talks software, the company's recent challenges and key future directions
Juniper Networks had a challenging 2012 as new product cycles were slow to take hold and global economic conditions took a toll on sales. The company also undertook a restructuring that saw 500 positions cut and the departure of four executive vice presidents. As the Sunnyvale, Calif.-based company looks to re-energize its business, particularly with an eye towards enterprises and data centers, CEO Kevin Johnson shared his lessons learned in leading Juniper since 2008, as well as what's ahead for the company in a discussion with IDG Enterprise Chief Content Officer John Gallant and Network World Managing Editor Jim Duffy. In this installment of the IDG Enterprise CEO Interview Series, Johnson also shared his thoughts on the hot topic of software-defined networks (SDN), Juniper's role in enabling cloud and competing against the industry's 800-pound gorilla, Cisco.

Cloudera CEO: We're taking Hadoop beyond MapReduce
In an exclusive interview, the voluble CEO of Cloudera, Mike Olson, holds forth on the company's new Impala project and the boundless potential of Hadoop.

Q&A: Lenovo's U.S. chief details enterprise strategy, explains PC maker's rapid growth
Lenovo is gobbling up market share and is now neck-and-neck with Hewlett Packard for leadership in overall PC sales. For our CEO Interview Series, Chief Content Officer John Gallant talked recently with David Schmoock, President of Lenovo in North America, at IDG Enterprise's CITE conference on consumerization of IT in New York City.

Virtual Instruments CEO: We're the bridge between physical and virtual
John Thompson, former Symantec CEO, explains why the company he now heads offers a better way to manage the performance of cloud infrastructure

CDW CEO: On growing services, cloud applications and reshaping IT
In this installment of the IDG Enterprise CEO Interview Series, CDW CEO Thomas Richards spoke with Chief Content Officer John Gallant about how CDW is expanding its strategic services offering, and how mobility and consumerization are expanding growth opportunities for the company. He also talked about the rollout of Windows 8 and the Surface tablet, and why CDW is in an ideal position to capitalize on the big changes reshaping IT.

Red Hat CEO: We're the cloud leader -- with Linux
Jim Whitehurst says it's not just Red Hat's products, but its philosophy that place it at the forefront of cloud computing

CEOs talk about outsourcing, customers, mobility, big data and so much more
In a recent series of interviews, IDG Enterprises's chief content officer, John Gallant, spoke with several CEOs about a wide range of current challenges facing top tech executives. Some put the customer first, and some decidedly do not. Register to download the PDF.

CEO Dick Williams on Webroot's big cloud gamble
Anti-malware vendor Webroot has bet the company on cloud.

HCL CEO Vineet Nayar: Outsourcing is dead, and there's nothing innovative in cloud technology
The customer always comes first. Except when it comes to HCL, the $6 billion Indian outsourcing -- make that co-sourcing -- giant led by CEO Vineet Nayar, who literally wrote the book on a philosophy known as 'employees first, customer second.' In this latest installment of our CEO Interview Series, Nayar spoke with IDG Enterprise Chief Content Officer John Gallant about how that philosophy is fueling HCL's rapid growth and why more CIOs ought to consider adopting it.

SAP co-CEO Bill McDermott explains its five-market focus
If you think SAP equals ERP, Bill McDermott would like a few minutes to set you straight about the 2012 version of the software giant, which he claims is in the midst of "an intellectual renewal." McDermott has been co-CEO -- along with Jim Hagemann Snabe -- of SAP since 2010 and has helped broaden the company's strategy beyond traditional applications and analytics to the cloud, mobile, Big Data and a bet-the-business focus on real-time computing with the HANA in-memory database at the forefront. Insider (registration required)

Chevron's CIO Talks Transformation and Why IT Leaders Should Smile
In the latest installment of the CIO Interview Series, Louie Ehrlich, CIO and president of Chevron Information Technology Company, talks about the most important things he's learned leading a giant, global IT team through massive change. His answers may sound simple, but they're hard-won lessons for Ehrlich, the top tech executive for the nearly $250 billion energy company, whose transformation effort has yielded the better part of a billion dollars in payback for Chevron. Insider (registration required)

CA Technologies CEO: Doing what the customer needs
As part of the IDG Enterprise CEO Interview Series, William McCracken, chief executive officer of CA Technologie,s spoke at the recent CA World conference to IDGE Chief Content Officer John Gallant about how the concept of 'business service innovation' is driving CA's business. Insider (registration required)

Oracle's best-of-breed strategy, as described by president Mark Hurd
Oracle President Mark Hurd spoke with IDGE Chief Content Officer John Gallant about Oracle's strategy and why the company is uniquely positioned to help IT leaders deal with the difficult challenges they're facing today. Insider (registration required)

SUSE Linux top exec: Interoperability is key
In an exclusive interview, SUSE president and GM Nils Brauckmann talks about strategic partnerships, building clouds, and whether the economic downturn presents an opportunity for open source. Insider (registration required)

Enterasys CEO: Total cost of ownership sets us apart
How's this for a challenge? The CEO dies suddenly and you're tabbed to take his place -- on the heels of your network infrastructure company entering into a major new strategic partnership and in the midst of the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. Oh, did I mention your competition includes some companies named Cisco Systems, Hewlett-Packard and Juniper Networks, among others? That's life for Chris Crowell, CEO of Enterasys Networks, who took over in 2009 shortly after predecessor Mike Fabiaschi's untimely death. Insider (registration required)

TIBCO CEO: How Real-Time Computing Will Change the Landscape
Tibco CEO Vivek Ranadive talks with IDGE Chief Content Officer John Gallant about why your company needs to move to real-time computing and how TIBCO's 'two-second advantage' can change your business.

Acme Packet's 'building a signaling system for the Internet'
Not familiar with the terms "session border controller" or "session delivery network"? Don't worry. Andy Ory, CEO of fast-growing Bedford, Mass.-based Acme Packet, is more than happy to share his passionate vision of how SBCs and SDNs -- and the emerging era of "opt-in communications" -- will change your business and the world.

RightNow CEO on improving the customer experience
For Greg Gianforte and his colleagues at Bozeman, MT.-based RightNow Technologies, Inc., customer relationship management is so, well, yesterday. The key focus for companies today, Gianforte told IDG Enterprise Chief Content Officer John Gallant in this installment of the IDGE CEO Interview Series, is dramatically improving the 'customer experience' in all the places consumers touch organizations -- from the Web to the call center.

Michael Dell: We're a 'solutions' company
In an exclusive interview, CEO Michael Dell talks about his company's new direction and its plans to serve a diverse midmarket

VMware CEO: What we plan for the post-PC era
Paul Maritz, CEO of VMware, sees virtualization as one piece of the platform VMware intends to offer a mobile, cloud-enabled world

Attachmate boss on Novell buyout: Great brands, little overlap
The Attachmate Group this week finalized its $2.2 billion buyout of network industry pioneer Novell. IDG Enterprise's Chief Content Officer John Gallant spoke with Attachmate Chairman and CEO Jeff Hawn shortly after the Novell deal was sealed to get his thoughts on what the acquisition means for Attachmate and its new and old customers.

LANDesk Software CEO talks up 'end user in' strategy
LANDesk Software CEO Steve Daly says success in managing and securing your IT environment means managing from the 'end user in,' not from the data center out.

Meru Networks: Closing in on all-wireless enterprise network
Meru Networks claims to have been the first company to deliver an 802.11n access point and is now riding that technology's popularity as enterprises move increasingly to high-speed wireless networks. In this installment of the IDG Enterprise CEO Interview Series, Meru President and Ihab Abu-Hakima speaks with IDGE Chief Content Officer John Gallant about what sets Meru apart from bigger competitors.

QlikTech CEO's Weapon: Frustration With Big BI
Business users often watch as IT deploys costly, complex BI programs that take months to arrive -- then fail to deliver the needed insights. QlikTech CEO Lars Bjork says you don't have to take it anymore. In this Q&A, he explains how his company's data discovery tools give the power to users -- and even help police crack murder cases.

NetSuite's CEO cashes in on cloud mania
An exclusive interview with Zach Nelson, CEO of NetSuite, reveals the challenges and rewards of being the leading ERP-as-a-service provider

HP's Leo Apotheker: We're heading to the cloud
In an exclusive interview, HP's new CEO expands on his strategy and offers frank assessments of his competition.

Cloud security: Symantec CEO shares why it's a game-changer
Symantec Corp. CEO Enrique Salem outlines why 03 is such a critical initiative for the company, and how cloud and virtualization changed the security threat landscape and the business opportunities for Symantec.

F5 Networks gunning for more data center control
Interview with Sean McAdam, CEO of F5 Networks, which has managed to garner nearly half of the Layer 4-7 switching market.

Q&A: Aruba has smartphone, iPad-crazy enterprise covered, CEO says
IDGE Chief Content Officer John Gallant spoke with Aruba CEO Dominic Orr about the changing wired/wireless network architecture, competing with Cisco Systems, exploiting the cloud and the rise of 802.11n.

Q&A: Stratus CEO looks to bring high availability to the masses
Stratus Technologies has earned high marks for delivering fault-tolerant computing, but with the rollout of Stratus Avance CEO David Laurello is pouncing on an opportunity to expand beyond the company's existing market niche.

CEO Interview: Blue Coat Systems' Mike Borman
In a candid discussion, brand-new CEO Mike Borman lays out his plans for WAN and network security vendor Blue Coat

Q&A: Microsoft's Bob Muglia details cloud strategy
Microsoft's Bob Muglia, head of the company's Server and Tools Division, is gung-ho on cloud computing and on Microsoft's efforts to make it easier for customers to embrace the technology. He talked about what Microsoft is doing in an interview with IDG Enterprise Chief Content Officer John Gallant and and Editor in Chief Eric Knorr.

Q&A: Avaya's CEO on how video will change business world
Last week, Avaya Inc. unveiled a portfolio of new collaboration products, including the Flare Experience multimedia conferencing system. IDGE Chief Content Officer John Gallant talked with Avaya leader Kevin Kennedy about the company's collaboration strategy and what it's going to take to make video a part of everyday life for business users.

Q&A: BMC takes on management of cloud computing
BMC CEO Bob Beauchamp talks about his company's cloud strategy, why BMC thinks IBM and HP are the wrong answer for management buyers and how BMC's acquisitions have positioned the company to dominate the evolving management market.

Q&A: Riverbed CEO sees WANs in the data center and the cloud
Riverbed CEO Jerry Kennelly gives his views on battling with Cisco Systems, expanding Riverbed's product line and opportunities in the cloud.

Q&A: Sybase CEO John Chen touts a turnaround
Sybase CEO John Chen sat down for a wide-ranging discussion about his company's return from near-irrelevance in the late '90s, where the database software vendor is now, and what Chen sees for the future of the enterprise application market. The interview took place before SAP announced its plans to buy Sybase.

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