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CES 2011 coverage
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Five questions for IT from CES
This year's shows included many announcements that will affect what IT shops do.

Visual tour: Top tablets from CES
Take a gander at our picks for the most intriguing tablets from CES. Is one of these new models in your future?

CES: 11 tablets worth watching
About 80 tablets were shown at the CES trade show last week, but many are not expected to be around a year from now. Here are 11 that merit a closer look.

CES in 2011 was likely biggest in three years, says CEA
This year's Consumer Electronics Show attracted some 140,000 people, easily surpassing pre-show attendance estimates and beating the two prior events.

Lenovo looks at tablets to expand mobile operations
Lenovo will focus on consumer tablets and also look at enterprise tablets as it tries to rev up its mobile operations, a company executive said at CES.

CES: Hard drive withstands drops, submersion, gunfire
ioSafe's Rugged Portable hard drive launched at the Consumer Electronics Show this week withstood drops, submersion and even blasts from a 12-gauge shot gun.

CES 2011 daily video update: Green computing, Ludacris headphones and wireless charging
Here's a preview of Saturday's news from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas

Intel says Light Peak interconnect technology is ready
An Intel executive on Friday said that its Light Peak interconnect technology, designed to link PCs to devices like displays and external storage, is ready for implementation.

Microsoft's slow, steady tablet strategy a big gamble
Could Microsoft's risky bet of choosing its client version of Windows over Windows Phone 7 as the OS for tablets pay off in the end?

CES 2011 daily video update: Panasonic TV tablet, Verizon 4G phones, Ford cars
A preview of our Friday coverage from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Ford debuts all-electric car
Ford Motor Company debuted its first all-electric vehicle, the Focus Electric, at the 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show Friday. It is one of five new electrified vehicles that will be available in North America and Europe by 2013.

An iPhone for Sprint? Unlikely, but maybe a WebOS device from HP
Verizon Wireless is expected to get the iPhone early this year, but what about Sprint Nextel, the nation's third-largest carrier?

QuickPoll: What's the highest-impact news from CES 2011?
CES 2011 has delivered the goods on tablets, mobile phones, next-gen PCs and much more. What's the highest-impact news from the show?

Intel to integrate DirectX 11 in Ivy Bridge chips
Intel will integrate DirectX 11 graphics technology in its next generation of laptop and desktop chips based on the Ivy Bridge architecture, a company executive said on Thursday.

CES: Lady Gaga unveils Polaroid sunglasses camera, printer
Almost a year to the day since Polaroid said it was signing on Lady Gaga as its creative director, the popular singer unveiled on Thursday the fruits of her labor at the imaging company.

OLPC cuts XO 1.75 laptop to $165, power use by half
One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) showed off the next version of its famous laptops on Thursday at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, saying the new price-per laptop has been reduced to $165 each and power consumption has been slashed by half compared to the previous version.

Sprint plans WiMax RIM PlayBook
Sprint Nextel will sell a WiMax version of the Research In Motion PlayBook tablet beginning this summer, the companies announced on Thursday at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Sprint launches third WiMax phone, HTC Evo Shift 4G
Sprint announced its third 4G WiMax smartphone on Thursday at CES 2011, the HTC Evo Shift 4G, which will sell for $149.99, the lowest price for a 4G device.

Intel: Sandy Bridge's Insider is not DRM
Intel on Thursday defended its Intel Insider feature in the latest Sandy Bridge PC chips, which secures streaming of high-definition movies from online movie services to PCs.

Microsoft must get ISVs onto ARM bandwagon
When Microsoft announced plans to release a version of Windows for ARM processors, it created a lot of work not only for itself, but for all the independent software vendors who sell Windows software as well.

CES 2011 daily video update: Windows 8 for ARM, Android 3.0, Verizon iPhone
Here's a preview of Thursday's news from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Analyst 'baffled' by Microsoft talk of Windows 8 on ARM
Microsoft's announcement at CES that its next version of Windows will run on the ARM chip architecture was the wrong message at the wrong place, said an industry analyst.

Cisco's Cius tablet coming to Verizon LTE
Verizon Wireless will introduce Cisco's Cius tablet for its fast LTE mobile broadband network in the spring of 2011, and the companies will also offer LTE interfaces for Cisco's second-generation Integrated Services Router for small and medium-size businesses.

Google previews Honeycomb features
Google showed off the first preview of features in Honeycomb, its upcoming version of Android designed for tablets, during a keynote speech at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Intel's Otellini banking on Sandy Bridge chips
Intel CEO Paul Otellini said he expects the Sandy Bridge chips to account for one-third of Intel's corporate revenue this year.

Ballmer plugs Windows 7 as an OS for all devices
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer positioned Windows 7 as an operating system that can drive new and innovative products, as the company tries to fend off competition from tablet computers based on software from Google and Apple.

Motorola Mobility hits ground running with Android 3.0 tablet, 4G smartphones
Motorola Mobility announced at CES three new smartphones and the Xoom tablet running the new Android 3.0 OS, formerly code-named Honeycomb -- just one day after its official spin-off as a separate company.

Update: Motorola launches Xoom tablet with Android 3.0
Motorola finally unveiled its highly anticipated tablet, the Xoom, which features a 10.1-inch touchscreen and runs the latest version of Google's Android mobile operating system, formerly code-named Honeycomb.

Tablets, chips share early limelight at CES
Tablets are taking center stage at CES, at least so far, but big announcements from Microsoft and buzz around chips are also in the limelight.

LG to show off Wi-Fi Direct on upcoming smartphone
Wi-Fi Direct, a wireless LAN mode that doesn't require a hotspot, is starting to emerge in handsets and will be demonstrated on an LG Electronics smartphone this week at the International Consumer Electronics Show.

Microsoft bashes Apple at CES while previewing next-gen Windows
Microsoft Windows president Steven Sinofsky took a shot at Apple during CES, saying users are being inconvenienced because there is no convergence across the iPhone, iPad, iPod and MacBook.

Nvidia unveils 'Denver,' its first CPU for PCs
Nvidia is developing new CPU cores based on the ARM architecture for PCs and servers that will be able to run Microsoft's upcoming Windows OS, the company said on Wednesday.

LG shows 4.3-, 7-inch glasses-free 3D screens
LG Electronics showed it's serious about 3D in mobile devices on Wednesday, introducing a new 4.3-inch glasses-free 3D screen for mobile devices and a similar prototype 7-inch 3D screen on a mobile TV.

Microsoft to put next Windows OS on ARM chips
Microsoft said Wednesday that the next version of its Windows PC operating system will run on ARM processors, part of an effort to adapt Windows to the fast-growing market for tablet computers, where Apple and Google have gained traction.

What Intel's Sandy Bridge chips offer you
Intel's new Sandy Bridge line of Core processors, officially unveiled today at CES, offer more speed, use less power and include integrated graphics.

AT&T to start LTE rollout by mid-year, finish by end of 2013
AT&T is set to unveil multiple LTE devices this year and to complete work on a nationwide LTE deployment by 2013.

Motorola Atrix 4G Android phone pairs with dock
Motorola on Wednesday showed off a new Android phone that connects to a docking station that looks like a laptop but has no CPU, so that users can access a full physical keyboard and monitor.

CES 2011 daily video update: Tablet-palooza, press day, Microsoft keynote
Tablets are the big news so far and we get ready for press conferences and the evening Microsoft keynote (6:30pm PST).

With CES raining tablets, some will get flooded out
With as many as 100 different models of tablet computers from dozens of makers expected to be on display at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this week, market consolidation is a certainty.

Toshiba's Android tablet unveiled, due in coming months
Toshiba will join the tablet race later this year with an Android-powered computer based on an Nvidia Tegra processor.

Lenovo shows its first tablet, the LePad
Lenovo has shown off its first tablet computer, the LePad, and will launch more tablets later this year in a bid to carve out some share in the emerging market dominated by Apple's iPad.

Asustek unveils Android Honeycomb, Windows 7 tablets
Netbook pioneer Asustek Computer unveiled four new tablet devices on Tuesday, including the 10.1-inch touchscreen Eee Pad Slider with the latest version of Google's Android mobile OS, Honeycomb, and the 12-inch touchscreen Eee Slate E121, which has Microsoft's Windows 7 OS.

Dell, Asus, Motorola offer previews of tablets
Companies have turned to Internet videos to leap ahead of rivals in announcing their new products at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this year, or at least to create buzz around their launches.

CES 2011 daily video update: Toshiba tablets and no-glasses 3D TV
A preview of Tuesday's news from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, including new tablets from Asus, Toshiba and Lenovo, and no-glasses 3D from Toshiba.

Opera previews browser for tablets
Norwegian company Opera Software will unveil the first public preview of its browser for tablets at the International Consumer Electronics Show.

CES 2011 trends: Fast chips, Android tablets and more
Intel's Sandy Bridge chips, 4G smartphones, Android-based tablets, PCs that support USB 3.0, and smaller and cheaper SSDs will all be featured at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week.

Intel tracks 500 design wins for Sandy Bridge chips
The world's largest chip maker will show off its most advanced line of microprocessors ever at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas on Wednesday, complete with a range of laptop and desktop PCs with the chips inside.

AMD's Fusion processors to go into $200 laptops
After years of talks and demonstrations, Advanced Micro Devices started shipping Fusion processors for netbooks, laptops and small desktops priced between $200 and $599.

HP announces Fusion netbook with LTE
Hewlett-Packard on Tuesday announced a netbook with some cutting-edge mobile broadband and graphics technologies that could make it the most powerful netbook yet.

Cisco to expand networking role in video content world
Google and Apple, among others, are creating technologies to bring online and on-demand video content to TVs and other devices for mass consumption, so it should come as no surprise that Cisco Systems, the king of networking, is entering the game.

Stream TV launches tablets with Android 3.0
Stream TV Networks on Monday announced seven Elocity tablets with 10-inch screens that will run Google's upcoming Android 3.0 OS.

Lexar doubles SD storage capacity with 128GB SDXC card, removable media
Lexar Media announced the first 128GB SDXC secure digital memory card, which could help products like digital cameras store more video and images.

CES 2011 daily video update: Tablets, Smart TV anticipated
A look ahead at offerings from Toshiba, Asus, Sony, and LG.

Report: Asustek to unveil tablet PC with sliding keyboard
Asustek Computer will introduce two tablet PCs this month, one with a detachable keyboard and another with a sliding keyboard. The products will join a tough market dominated now by giants such as Dell and Acer.

Lenovo to show first tablets at CES
Lenovo will show its first tablets this week as it moves to make a mark in the fast-growing market led by Apple's iPad and Samsung's Galaxy Tab.

Tablets, 4G and auto-tech to lead next week's CES
You don't need superhuman precognition to know what will be big at next week's International Consumer Electronics Show: tablet computers. Companies have been rushing to catch Apple's iPad since it went on sale in April, and at CES 2011 a slew of new tablet computers are expected to be launched.

Microsoft set to unveil Windows version for tablets, reports say
Rumors swirl around Microsoft preparing a ARM-based tablet version of Windows for CES 2011.

Intel's Atom chip: Can it take on ARM?
Intel will make a big splash at the CES trade show Jan. 6 showing its Atom chips running inside tablet computers and netbooks. But how well it can compete for the smartphone market, which is dominated by the ARM architecture, remains to be seen.

NEC to show dual-screen Android tablet at CES
NEC will show a dual-screen tablet computer based on Google's Android operating system at January's International Consumer Electronics Show.

Freescale to show 23 tablets at CES, says 11 now on sale
Freescale will display 23 tablet computers at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas next month, and 11 of them are already on sale ahead of Christmas, according to an executive from the company.

Apple slates Jan. 6 launch for Mac App Store
Apple today announced that it would open its Mac App Store on Jan. 6, 2011, beating its self-imposed deadline by several weeks.

Microsoft may preview Windows 8 at CES
Microsoft may show the first glimpse of the next generation Windows at CES, the New York Times reports

Pixel Qi to show 7-in., power-saving screen at CES
Pixel Qi is preparing a seven-in., power-saving display for devices like tablets and e-readers, which could become available as test samples during the Consumer Electronics Show in early January, the company said.

Why CIOs need to think CES
Yes, it's the Consumer Electronics Show, but more and more, consumers are determining what happens in IT.

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CES 2011 has delivered the goods on tablets, mobile phones, next-gen PCs and much more. What's the highest-impact news from the show?

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CES 2014: Apple, Google wanna pimp your ride

Regular readers will know I've told you what's coming when it comes to connected devices and the chance to put smarts inside your ride, but this year will be the year Apple and Google try to put their digital keys in your lock.

Apple iBeacon tech lights up CES 2014

It's the same every year at CES: Apple doesn't appear at the event but its shadow looms large. This year's a little different, because the Apple championed iBeacon  will be part of the show.

Big PC makers aim Android at the heart of Microsoft

Android has long dominated Windows on mobile devices, but now PC makers are doing the previously unthinkable: Aiming it straight at traditional PCs, the heart of Microsoft's core business. Will Microsoft be able to survive this latest assault on Windows?

CES with Windows 8: A mixed verdict

When I borrowed an Acer Aspire S7 ultrabook for use at the recent CES technology trade show, I thought that I'd end up either lauding it to the skies or complaining that I should have brought my netbook instead.

CES 2013: Five technologies Apple users should watch

CES 2013: Apple [AAPL] isn't at the show, but there's a selection of new solutions in discussion at or around the show that may get picked up by Cupertino's I/O execs who have been seen prowling the exhibition floor. These include better wireless, more responsive displays, and much more.

CES 2013: Samsung beats Apple with super-smart voice-controlled TV

CES 2013: Samsung has beaten Apple to the punch with a super-smart, voice-controlled television as broadcast and cable industry chiefs face an advertiser rebellion -- television is changing, but has the iPhone maker lost its lead?

From Comic-Con to CES to your department: Sci-fi technologies shaping IT

IT is currently undergoing a major transmogrification -- to a point where the way business runs a few years from now may be unrecognizable to the traditionally grounded mind. For a sneak peak at what it'll look like, check out CES, or, better yet, Comic-Con.

CES and trade show serendipity will live on, Microsoft or not

The best things that happen at big trade shows like CES can go unnoticed.

CES 2012: Remembering the real world

With the constant bombardment of new tech toys that journalists, buyers and other industry people are subjected to at CES, we can sometimes forget that we aren't everyone.

iPad 3 release date, specs, features 'revealed' at CES 2012 (iPad 2S?)

iPad 3 Will the iPad 3 release date be this quarter? Yes, according to sources at CES 2012, who also blabbed about its specs and features. There seem to be few external changes, so, in IT Blogwatch, bloggers wonder if it'll be called the iPad 2S. [Updated: New news about Retina display sourcing, as Sharp fails to make the grade, reportedly]

CES 2012: Following the new startups

This year, the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) pointed directly at some very early startups with its Eureka area, which featured companies and products which (at least most of them) aren't quite ready for prime time, but which show potential for the future.

CES 2012: Application Developers Alliance tries to get noticed

A new organization for developers is looking to create a name for itself by exhibiting at CES.

Why you shouldn't care about CES

Microsoft's decision to pull out of the Consumer Electronics Show after this year was the right one and the harbinger of things to come. The show, originally designed to show off technology like TVs and stereos has become increasingly irrelevant in a world of around-the-year product breakthroughs.

CES: Lenovo shows 2012 IdeaTabs beat 2010 iPad

Lenovo IdeaPad S2 At CES 2012, Lenovo (HKG:0992) will show off its new IdeaTab line. The S2 improves on 2010's iPad design and the K2 on 2011's iPad 2. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers wonder why China is getting them first.