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Windows Phone 7
Continuing coverage of Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 Windows Phone 7

Microsoft exec doesn't rule out Intel-based Windows Phones
After Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer made a surprise appearance during a Qualcomm keynote at International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), some analysts wondered how married the company is to Snapdragon chips and the ARM-based ecosystem.

LG backs off Windows Phone for now, report says
Smartphone-maker LG Electronics has backed off producing Windows Phone devices for now and will instead focus on Android phones, according to a report.

Carriers desperately seeking Windows Phone
AT&T and Verizon Wireless want Windows Phone smartphones to succeed in the U.S., partly to provide leverage against Apple's demands for subsidies required for selling the popular iPhone.

Review: Nokia Lumia 900 puts Windows Phone back in the race
The Nokia Lumia 900 puts Windows Phone in with the big kids, offering good performance, a bright display and stylish design.

Microsoft spins Android malware into Windows Phone giveaway
Microsoft is using the latest malware campaign aimed at rival Android to give away new Windows 7 Phones to the five Android users who tell the best tales of woe.

Microsoft pursues webOS devs, offers free phones
Taking advantage of HP's departure from the tablet and smartphone market, Microsoft has offered webOS developers free phones, tools and training to create apps for its Windows Phone 7 platform.

First Windows Mango Phone unveiled
The first smartphone based on the new Mango edition of Microsoft's Windows Phone platform was unveiled on Wednesday in Tokyo.

Windows Phone OS Mango sent to manufacturers, carriers
Mango, the latest version of the Windows Phone mobile operating system, was released to manufacturers Tuesday.

Ballmer: Windows Phone 7 not successful yet
While Microsoft has enjoyed many successes over the past year, Windows Phone 7 hasn't been among them, admitted Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer during the opening keynote Monday at the 2011 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, being held this week in Los Angeles.

Microsoft offers developers early access to Windows Phone Mango
Microsoft began this week an early access program for developers to get the upcoming "Mango" release of Windows Phone.

Nokia confident that Windows Phone will ship this year
Nokia has "increased confidence" that the first of its smartphones with Windows Phone will ship in the fourth quarter, the company said on Tuesday.

3 reasons Mango could interest you in buying a Windows Phone
Microsoft on Tuesday demonstrated more than 20 of the 500 features in its Windows Phone upgrade called Mango. Here are the top three features that might make customers want to buy a Windows Phone-powered device.

With Mango software update, analysts ask, where's the hardware?
Even though Microsoft announced that the Windows Phone update called Mango will have 500 improvements, some analysts are concerned that the company didn't show any new smartphones to ship with Mango installed in the fall.

New 'Mango' Windows Phone version integrates apps
Microsoft on Tuesday unveiled many new features to its Windows Phone software but it left out a few that some people had hoped to see.

Microsoft issues first Windows Phone security update
Microsoft has released the first security update for Windows Phone 7, replicating for smartphone users a patch the company gave Windows desktop users six weeks ago.

Microsoft admits to more Windows Phone update problems
Yet another problem has cropped up preventing some Windows Phone 7 users from getting two software updates, adding a new chapter to the update saga that started in February.

After delays, Windows Phone 7 smartphones get update
Microsoft on Tuesday started rolling out software updates to users of the Windows Phone 7 phones including Samsung's Focus and LG's Quantum, following more than a month of delays.

Crisis expert grades Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 update mea culpa
Microsoft's latest explanation of its Windows Phone 7 update fiasco gets an A for effort, but a B+ for its timing, a crisis communications expert said today.

Microsoft unveils tools for next-gen Windows phone OS, 'Mango'
Microsoft on Wednesday announced 1,500 new developer tools coming in May for the next version of the Windows Phone operating system, code-named Mango, that's due in the fall.

Microsoft says it learned lessons from Windows Phone update fiasco
Microsoft did not realize how different smartphones are from PCs until recent software updates broke new Windows Phone 7 devices.

Developer yanks unauthorized Windows Phone 7 update tool
Just hours after launching a tool that let Windows Phone 7 owners grab smartphone updates directly from Microsoft, the developer yanked the utility from his Web site.

Developer sidesteps carriers, offers Windows Phone 7 update tool
A developer today released a tool that lets adventurous Windows Phone 7 owners upgrade their smartphones' operating system now rather than wait for their carrier to offer the update.

Windows Phone apps now total 11,500 'without padding,' Microsoft says
Microsoft bragged Thursday about growth in its Windows Phone 7 developer community one year after its birth, but immediately got blasted for not disclosing developer revenues.

Crisis expert bashes Microsoft over Windows Phone 7 update fiasco
Microsoft needlessly botched getting timely updates for Windows Phone 7 to customers and antagonized some of its most loyal fans by not delivering on its promises, a crisis communication expert said today.

Windows Phone to hit second spot by 2015, IDC says
IDC made a bold prediction Tuesday, forecasting that Windows Phone will surge ahead to become the No. 2 smartphone operating system by 2015 behind Android in the top spot.

Nokia lays out serious risks in Microsoft WP7 deal
In a filing with the SEC on Friday, Nokia laid out the threats it faces as part of its planned deal with Microsoft to use Windows Phone 7 on its smartphones.

Microsoft says Windows Phone apps growing
While it sounds miniscule next to Apple's App Store and its more than 350,000 apps, the Windows Phone Marketplace now offers 9,000 apps and games and is growing by an average of 100 apps a day.

Can the Nokia deal save Microsoft?
Microsoft isn't exactly suffering, but it needs deals like this to maintain high growth.

Windows Phone 7 update jams some mobile phones
Microsoft's first Windows Phone 7 update is apparently causing some users' phones to not work, with the company advising at least one person to take his device into a store.

QuickPoll: Will you buy a Nokia running Windows Phone 7?
Nokia and Microsoft announced ahead of the Mobile World Congress trade show that Nokia would ditch its current mobile operating systems and use Windows Phone. Will you buy a Nokia running Windows Phone 7?

Mike Elgan: Why Nokia is toast
It's hard to remember now, but there was a time when Finland was at the center of the cell phone universe. No more. And partnering with Microsoft won't save them.

Nokia-Microsoft deal hurts Intel smartphone plans
The deal between Nokia and Microsoft hurts Intel's plans to enter the market for smartphones, in which the company has virtually no presence, analysts said on Friday.

Nokia's pact with Microsoft puts Symbian developers in play
Developers who had built a business coding apps for Symbian smartphones were put on notice Friday that they should pick another platform, as Nokia announced its switch to Microsoft's Windows Phone 7. Other platforms will be maneuvering to win them over.

Nokia-Microsoft: Will they succeed or continue to limp along in smartphones?
The broad strategic partnership announced Friday between Nokia and Microsoft in which the Windows Phone OS would run on Nokia smartphones sounds like good news for both companies because of their struggles in the smartphone market.

Analysts: Companies need to prep for Nokia's Windows move
Technically, Nokia's E7 smartphone is a better option for enterprises than Windows Phone 7 phones, according to market researcher Gartner. But Nokia's announcement Friday that it will adopt Microsoft's Windows Phone as its primary smartphone OS means users have to prepare to switch OSes.

Update: Nokia adopts Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 OS
Nokia will adopt Microsoft's Windows Phone as its primary smartphone strategy, the company said on Friday, after days of speculation on what it would do to compete with Apple's iPhone and Google's Android.

'Burning' memo from Nokia's CEO sets stage for OS shake-up
Nokia CEO Stephen Elop compared the company's situation to standing on a burning oil platform in the North Sea. Nokia must decide how it is going to change its behavior, or perish in the flames as its platform burns, Elop wrote in a memo to employees.

Microsoft touts 1.5M Windows Phone 7 smartphones sold
Microsoft today said makers of phones running its new Windows mobile operating system had sold 1.5 million handsets since the October launch of Windows Phone 7 (WP7).

Devs yank WP7 unlock tool after Microsoft makes promises
Less than a week after they released software that unlocked Windows Phone 7 (WP7) smartphones to let users install unauthorized applications, three developers have yanked the tool from distribution.

Lack of buzz on WP7 raises questions about sales
Windows Phone 7 (WP7) smartphones have been on sale for more than three weeks in the U.S. and seem to be producing little buzz and only so-so sales.

Third-party tool opens WP7 to unapproved apps
Three developers have released software that allows Windows Phone 7 users to "sideload" applications onto their phones, giving access to applications that have not been approved by Microsoft.

WP7 smartphone supplies 'tight,' Microsoft says
Windows Phone 7 smartphones have only been on sale for four days through two wireless carriers in the U.S. and already Microsoft is saying 'initial supplies are tight.'

Windows Phone 7 flying off store shelves
The HTC DH7, one of the first smartphones featuring the Windows Phone 7 OS, has sold out one day after its release.

Windows Phone 7 goes on sale, with interest expected to grow steadily
Windows Phone 7 smartphones went on sale today at AT&T and T-Mobile retailers in the U.S., although customers are not exactly breaking down doors to buy them in the early going.

Microsoft touts UI efficiency with WP7
Microsoft claims its Windows Phone 7 smartphones allow users to do more in fewer steps than do rival phones.

Will WP7 live up to Microsoft's 'Really' ads?
AT&T and T-Mobile will start selling Windows Phone 7 smartphones on Nov. 8, a date Microsoft recently began promoting in clever, if questionable, TV ads labeled 'Really?'

Windows Phone 7: A groundbreaking interface ships on great new phones
The first phones using WP7 are out. We take an in-depth look at the new OS and how it performs on the Samsung Focus and the HTC Surround.

Windows Phone 7 could rival Apple's iOS 4
Now that Microsoft has unveiled Windows Phone 7, the long-raging debate between Windows and Mac fans can move into the mobile OS world. Columnist Ryan Faas takes a look at how Microsoft's new mobile offering stacks up against Apple's iOS.

Will the Venue Pro help Dell's smartphone presence?
Dell's Venue Pro may well be the most unusual smartphone in the early lineup of Windows Phone 7 devices. But will it prove popular with consumers?

Opinion: 5 ways Windows Phone 7 puts Microsoft back on top
Sure, Microsoft has its Windows Phone 7 naysayers, but the software giant is off to a strong start with its first round of smartphones.

Microsoft: No Windows Phone 7 for tablets on horizon
Microsoft does not have immediate plans to port the Windows Phone 7 mobile OS to tablets, a company official said on Monday.

Visual tour: Windows Phone 7 handsets and OS
Take a tour of the hardware and software of five Windows Phone 7 models to be released in the U.S. this November.

First look: A trio of Windows Phone 7 units from AT&T
Microsoft and AT&T introduced three new WP7 smartphones today. Samsung's Focus seems to show the most promise.

Fandango app for WP7 easy to build, developer says
Some third-party developers have been unhappy with Microsoft for complicating the ways they can port apps from Windows Mobile to the new Windows Phone 7. But not Fandango.

Microsoft announces Windows Phone 7 launch partners
Microsoft announced the Windows Phone 7 OS for handheld devices today, taking a step forward in the company's efforts to strengthen its position in the still-growing smartphone market. CEO Steve Ballmer unveiled the first phones to run the OS, and named the network operators that will distribute them.

Hands on with HTC HD7 Windows Phone 7 handset
Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC will soon launch the HTC HD7, a handset with a 4.3-inch touchscreen that uses Microsoft's new Windows Phone 7 operating system.

Samsung reveals first Windows Phone 7 handset, Omnia 7
Samsung Electronics became the second mobile phone maker after rival LG Electronics to leak a new Windows Phone 7 smartphone, the Omia 7, model GT-I8700.

LG announces first Windows Phone 7 handset
LG has announced its first cell phone based on Windows Phone 7, Microsoft's new handset operating system.

Windows Phone 7 to launch Monday amid crowded smartphone market
Microsoft will unveil devices running its new Windows Phone 7 operating system for the first time at an event in New York Monday that some experts predict will be a make-or-break product launch.

Microsoft's mobile ambitions ride on new Windows Phone 7 handsets
The first crop of smartphones with Microsoft's overhauled Windows Phone 7 operating system are being unveiled Monday. Microsoft's future in the mobile business hinges on consumers embracing what the CEO Steve Balmer says is the "delightful" OS.

Developers take wait-and-see attitude on Windows Phone 7
Some wireless application developers are hesitant about next week's launch of Windows Phone 7 devices, preferring to wait and see how the phones sell before investing big in the platform.

Microsoft confirms Oct. 11 launch of Windows Phone 7
Microsoft will launch its latest mobile phone operating system, Windows Phone 7, in New York on October 11, according to a posting on its website.

Patent protection key to Windows Phone 7 license
Microsoft may be one of the only remaining mobile operating-system providers that charges handset makers a licensing fee, but in exchange vendors get at least one important benefit: protection from intellectual property worries.

No tethering for Windows Phone 7
Forthcoming Windows Phone 7 devices are expected to have most of the required features of today's smartphones -- an application store, a 5-megapixel or better camera, a touchscreen, gaming -- but there's one it won't have, and that's tethering.

Windows Phone 7 initially on GSM, then CDMA in 2011
Windows Phone 7 devices coming this fall will initially work with GSM carriers such as AT&T and T-Mobile, but will not include carriers of CDMA technology, which include Verizon Wireless and Sprint Nextel.

Microsoft lines up developers for Windows Phone 7
The Windows Phone Developer Tools have been downloaded more than 300,000 times, Microsoft said, as the company prepares to offer a new application store and mobile operating system.

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More dismal news for Windows Phone: Windows Mobile beats it by over 200%

Microsoft is betting billions on Windows Phone, but a new market reports shows that despite all those billions, it has a dismal market share -- and lags even the old Windows Mobile platform by more than 200%.

Windows Phone upgrade confusion; Microsoft mum on WP8/Apollo compatibility

[Update: The rogue Microsoft employee gets a metaphorical chair thrown at him by Microsoft's PR people] Will today's Windows Phones get the upgrade to Apollo (Windows Phone 8)? In February, Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) seemed to say no. This week, yes. Then, errm, we're not sure exactly what it said. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers scratch their heads.

Does it really matter if Windows Phone 7 devices can't be upgraded to Windows 8 "Apollo"?

All signs point to Windows Phone 7 devices not being upgradable to Windows Phone 8, code-named Apollo, when it ships. The big question is: Does it really matter?

Nokia Lumia 900 review roundup

Nokia Lumia 900 The Nokia Lumia 900 reviews are in. And they're mostly positive, especially about the free/$100 price. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers at Engadget, PCWorld, Ars, and The Verge log their thoughts. Not to mention: Weird Al parodies canned Hollywood interviews...

Microsoft will punish app makers who won't release Windows Phone apps, spend $24 million to spur new app development

To close the gap in the number of apps available for Windows Phone versus the competition, Microsoft will spend $10 million to punish app makers such as Pandora who aren't developing Windows Phone apps, while while spurring Windows Phone app development with tens of millions of dollars in new funding.

Report says Windows Phone continues to lose ground to Android, iOS

Better days are likely ahead for Windows Phone, but for now at least, sales continue to be dismal, losing ground to both iOS and Android. Overall sales have also declined according to the latest report from the analyst firm Canalyst.

Confirmed: Windows Phone 8 OS 'Apollo' has PC kernel

Windows 8 The Windows Phone 8 OS, code-named 'Apollo', will have the same kernel as the Windows 8 for PCs and tablets. A leak of a Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) partner video tells us this and much more info about the new smartphone platform. It's now been confirmed by people who were under a non-disclosure agreement. Redmond isn't commenting though. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers cheer the death of Windows CE. Not to mention: Canadian Lego Man... IN SPAAACE!..

Microsoft paid Nokia $250 million in fourth quarter to adopt Windows Phone 7; billions more to follow

Nokia's fourth quarter earnings report last night contains a juicy tidbit: Microsoft paid Nokia $250 million in the quarter for "platform support payments" -- in other words, payment for Nokia to adopt Windows Phone 7. Billions more will follow.

Windows Phone 7 will be fastest-growing smartphone OS in 2012, draw developers, says Ovum

2012 may prove to be a breakout year for Windows Phone 7: The analyst firm Ovum says it will be the fastest-growing smartphone OS in 2012 and will draw a surge of developer interest. It's the latest in a series of reports that say Windows Phone 7 will eventually become a success.

Windows Phone to beat iPhone, become number 2 smartphone platform, says analyst

Windows Phone may today have less than a two percent market share, but analysts at IHS say it will knock the iPhone from its number two perch in smartphones by 2015, jumping to 16.7% market share, squeaking by iOS at 16.6% and well behind Android's 58.1%.

CES 2012: LTE Nokia Lumia 900 'Ace' lives! 800 news, too...

Nokia Lumia 900 At CES 2012, the Nokia Lumia 900 'Ace' breaks cover, on AT&T's LTE. Espoo (NYSE:NOK) (BIT:NOK1V) also brings news of the Lumia 800 for the U.S. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers live in a world of lost wages.

Credit Suisse -- 2012 will be a breakout year for Windows Phone 7

There's more evidence that 2012 may prove to be the year that Windows Phone finally breaks out: A Credit Suisse analyst today said that the platform will become the third major smartphone platform, with high growth this year.

Upcoming CES news: Microsoft, partners to spend hundreds of millions to market Windows Phones

Determined to make 2012 a breakout year for Windows Phones, Microsoft and its partners will spend hundreds of millions of dollars to market Windows Phone devices, including a bounty of up to $15 for every Windows Phone sold by retail sales people. So says Paul Thurrot on his blog, and those numbers wouldn't surprise me at all.

Former Windows Phone 7 general manager explains why the platform is failing -- consumers can be easily fooled

Despite years of development and countless millions in marketing, Windows Phone 7 still has gained no traction with consumers. Charlie Kindel, former general manager of Windows Phone 7, recently blogged about why the device remains a failure -- and he says it has absolutely nothing to do with technology, and everything to do with the malleability of consumers.

Microsoft and Nokia said to post 'astroturfed' comments on negative review of Lumia 800

Microsoft and Nokia employees may have posted negative comments about an online review slamming the Windows Phone 7.5-based Nokia Lumia 800, while hiding their true identities. Given that the review was a truly terrible piece of journalism and analysis, why would the companies even bother?