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Opera Mini becomes default browser for Microsoft's fading feature phones
Opera Software and Microsoft have struck a deal to replace Nokia's Xpress browser with Opera Mini on Microsoft's dying line of feature phones.

Coming soon: No-name tablets priced under $35
Generic Android tablets with 7-inch screens and quad-core chips that deliver decent performance could soon sell for under $35.

Even rivals are waiting for Apple to get into wearables
There may be big expectations for the wearables market, but the reality is that until someone transforms the category -- Apple's the usual suspect -- it won't break out of a very small constituency.

AT&T to get the M8 for Windows, too; it's not just Verizon
Less than a day after the HTC One (M8) for Windows went on sale "exclusively" on Verizon Wireless, AT&T also said it will carry the new smartphone, too.

Why HTC put Windows on its M8 smartphone
HTC announced the HTC One (M8) smartphone for Windows todayl it's available exclusively at Verizon Wireless for $99 on a two-year contract.

The news isn't good for Windows Phone
As global smartphone shipments hit a historic high of 301.3 million in the second quarter, the third-ranked operating system, Windows Phone, saw its share of that pie stumble to well below 3%.

Samsung pins its hopes on Galaxy Alpha's metal frame
Samsung launched its new Galaxy Alpha with a metal frame in a bid to boost sales after the plastic design of its smartphones was blamed for the company's recent struggles.

Messenger app users worry how Facebook uses a device's phone, camera
Facebook ignited a flood of criticism last week when it began requiring mobile users to load its Messenger app for Android and iOS separate from its basic Facebook app.

Kyocera Brigadier review: An Android phone built for abuse
With a sapphire display and military-grade construction, the Kyocera Brigadier is one seriously tough Android phone. We put its durability to the test.

Motorola makes a comeback
Motorola Mobility has made an unexpected comeback thanks to its popular Moto G and Moto E smartphones, but increased competition and its looming acquisition by Lenovo make the future far from certain.

Blu unveils quartet of unlocked sub-$150 smartphones
Blu Products has launched four new low-cost, no-contract smartphones that all run Android 4.4.

Galaxy Note 4 won't turn around Samsung's ailing fortunes, analysts say
Samsung Electronics is expected to soon launch the Galaxy Note 4 in a bid to help improve its ailing fortunes in the high-end segment of the smartphone market.

Navdy's planned heads-up car display works with iPhone or Android
A crowdfunding project hopes to attract enough money to develop the heads-up car display, which can be controlled by voice or hand gestures and syncs with iPhone or Android devices.

Amazon Fire Phone deep-dive review: Two weeks with a weird device
After spending two weeks with Amazon's Fire Phone, our reviewer thinks Amazon should be paying YOU to carry the device around.

Xiaomi passes Samsung in China as largest smartphone vendor
In another sign of worry for Samsung Electronics, the Korean tech giant has lost its ranking as China's top smartphone vendor, after holding onto the position for two straight years, according to research firm Canalys.

EC steps up antitrust inquiry into Google, Android
The European Commission is stepping up its inquiry into Google's alleged anti-competitive behavior in the market for mobile software, making a formal investigation into the company's Android business more likely, according to a report.

LG G3 deep-dive review: A phone with great specs, but real-world issues
The LG G3 Android smartphone has some impressive features, but during real-world use, problems can emerge.

Google, Linaro develop custom Android edition for Project Ara
Google is working with open-source development organization Linaro to develop a special edition of Android for the Project Ara customizable smartphone.

Huawei's smartphones shipments rise on international sales
Huawei Technologies shipped 62% more smartphones in the first half of 2014 than the same period last year, with shipments to some countries outside its home market of China doubling or even tripling.

Is the Samsung Z smartphone just delayed -- or doomed?
The launch of the Samsung Z, the first smartphone to run the Tizen OS, has been delayed indefinitely.

Apple will 'set the world on fire' with iPhone 6 sales
Look for Apple to "set the world on fire" later this year with huge sales of the next iPhone.

A new tool for disasters: The personal antenna
New York start-up goTenna has created a portable antenna that could come in handy when cellular service is unavailable.

Sprint to resell Google Apps for Business cloud service
Sprint announced a partnership with Google to offer the Google Apps for Business cloud service, adding that customers of the service won't be required to use Sprint's wireless network or Android devices.

File-encrypting Android ransomware 'Simplocker' targets English-speaking users
A ransomware threat that encrypts files stored on the SD memory cards of Android devices has been updated to target English-speaking users with FBI-themed alerts.

Hands on with Xiaomi's Mi 4, a high-end handset, with an iPhone look
Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi jokes that its newest handset, built out of stainless steel, is like a "kitchen knife," but iPhone-esque might be the better comparison.

Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols: Bye, Nokia, nice knowing you
Nokia, once a great company and the pride of Finland, is shuffling to its grave under Microsoft's leadership.

Red Alert app warns of imminent missile attacks in Israel
Red Alert: Israel is a free app for both iOS and Android that provides real-time alerts when missiles or rockets are fired into Israel. It's also become a specialized kind of social network.

Microsoft reveals bankruptcy of devices strategy by dumping Nokia feature phones
Microsoft decision to ax the feature phone business it got when it bought Nokia's handset business for $7.2 billion shows the investment 'went for naught.'

Rise of the Planet of the Lockscreens
The humble lockscreen is about to become the most important interface on your smartphone, says columnist Mike Elgan.

Surface survives Microsoft cuts, but tablet strategy remains muddled
Microsoft plans to press ahead with its in-house Surface tablets, but the company's strategy remains vague and elusive.

As it lays off workers, Microsoft also kills its low-end Nokia X smartphones
In addition to announcing its largest job cuts ever, Microsoft today also signaled a retreat from its low-end Nokia X line of Android phones.

Apple and IBM: A winning combo for IT
One thing is clear about the Apple-IBM partnership: It will change the dynamic of the enterprise mobility market in significant ways.

Why Microsoft isn't spooked by the Apple-IBM alliance
The Apple-IBM partnership will have little effect on Microsoft's dominance in the enterprise, or drastically change its mutating mobile strategy.

Apple-IBM deal threatens Android's enterprise push
The new Apple-IBM partnership seems sure to help Apple sell more iPads to businesses, but it may also be setting off alarm bells at mobile device management companies large and small.

Apple fashions 'brilliant' partnership with IBM for instant enterprise cred
The business-focused deal between Apple and IBM unveiled Tuesday is 'brilliant,' one analyst said, noting that Apple now gets into the enterprise through the front door rather than the back.

Microsoft plans price war to stymie Chromebook growth
Microsoft's COO says his company and its army of OEMs will compete on price with Google's Chromebooks, a milestone in Microsoft's battle against the encroaching enemy.

Microsoft gets real, admits its device share is just 14%
Microsoft COO Kevin Turner acknowledged today that his company's operating systems power only a small fraction of all devices worldwide.

Google's 3D mapping tech flying to space station
After a successful Sunday launch, the Cygnus cargo spacecraft is on its way to the International Space Station, carrying a Google 3D smartphone, along with a flock of tiny satellites.

Why Samsung needs to move beyond Android -- and Google
Samsung depends on Google's Android OS, but needs to find a way to differentiate itself from rivals who also use Android if it's to grow and thrive.

Samsung makes over app store to focus on Galaxy devices
Samsung Electronics has updated and rebranded its app store, in an apparent bid to cut into Google's revenue from its Play store for apps running on Android devices.

Apple's CarPlay to dominate infotainment systems, will be in 24M cars by 2019
Apple's API for in-car mobile devices, better known as CarPlay, will outpace both the open API MirrorLink and GENIVI.

Samsung Gear Live vs. LG G Watch: A real-world evaluation
The LG G Watch vs. Samsung Gear Live may look similar, but the first two Android Wear watches have some meaningful differences.

Android Wear deep-dive review: A smart start to smartwatch software
Google's Android Wear platform is an impressive first step toward making smartwatches people will actually want to buy. Here's an in-depth look at where the software shines -- and where it falls short.

Apple yanks Google Maps from iCloud's 'Find My iPhone'
Apple has begun replacing Google Maps with its own mapping technology on, specifically in the Web-based "Find My iPhone" service.

Getting started with Microsoft Azure RemoteApp
There are several deployment choices, but none is overly complex to set up.

Gartner scales back Windows forecast
Gartner today scaled back its forecast of Windows' near future, saying that while Microsoft's OS will power a growing number of devices this year and next, the gains will be smaller than it projected in January.

Android bug lets apps make rogue phone calls
A vulnerability present in most Android devices allows apps to initiate unauthorized phone calls, disrupt ongoing calls and execute special codes that can trigger other rogue actions.

OnePlus One deep-dive review: Unbeatable value for Android geeks
With a starting price of just $299, the unlocked, Cyanogen-powered OnePlus One Android phone beats the bigger brands at their own game.

Firefox falters, falls to record low in overall browser share
Firefox's user share on all platforms -- desktop and mobile -- has plunged in the last two months as its desktop browser continued to bleed and efforts to capture users on smartphones fell short.

Google shows Apple how to buy a music service
Google's purchase of music streaming service Songza will be a boost for the Google brand as well as its search, Play, Glass and other services. Maybe Apple could learn a thing or two from the deal.

HTC's Q2 earnings rebound on flagship phone sales
HTC posted a year-over-year gain in net profit for the second quarter, following the release of the company's latest flagship phone, and new low-end handsets coming to China.

Microsoft trolls for Office beta testers
Microsoft today put out a call for commercial and consumer beta testers to put upcoming versions of Office through the wringer.

Samsung's S5 mini: Slimmer and slower than S5, but still scans fingerprints
The Galaxy S5 mini will still have the fingerprint scanner, heart-rate monitor and waterproofing of its bigger brother, but its quad-core processor will run slower and its screen will, of course, be smaller.

Privacy-focused Blackphone starts shipping to early adopters
The wait is almost over for early adopters of Blackphone, an Android-based smartphone that promises enhanced privacy and security.

Why Android Wear is the new iPad
Columnist Mike Elgan tested a smartwatch with Android Wear and said he has experienced a culture-changing platform.

Smartwatches at work: Boon or bane for IT?
It's hard to assess how popular smartwatches will be for business users, or how much of a pain they'll be for IT to support. But don't surprised when they start showing up in the office.

Google answers Apple's 'Continuity' with partial measures
Google this week offered a partial answer to Apple's Continuity technology, announcing a system that will let Android-powered smartphones interact with Chrome OS on Chromebooks.

Android Studio heading towards full release
Google's Android Studio development environment is available in a beta version that makes it easier to create apps for smartwatches and TVs.

Google gets into the weeds of Android Work
Google has revealed more about how its new enterprise security and management framework -- otherwise known as Android Work -- will function when the next version of Android rolls out.

What happened to smart homes, Glass and robots at Google I/O?
Of all the things Google officials talked about during the annual developers conference keynote, the things that had a lot of people buzzing were those the company didn't mention.

How Samsung's Gear Live shrinks Android for the wrist
Google has unveiled the first three smartwatches that will run Android Wear, a cut-down version of Android for wearable devices, and we got our hands on one of them: the Samsung Gear Live.

Google targets business users with cloud, Docs advances
After focusing on Android during much of today's lengthy keynote, Google officials turned their attention to the enterprise.

Samsung Gear Live unveiled as latest Android Wear smartwatch
Google gave about 6,000 developers attending its I/O conference on Wednesday two Android Wear smartwatches -- one for now and one for later -- as a not-so-subtle invitation to get developers to build more apps for those devices and their connected smartphones.

Google trumps Microsoft's 1TB of storage with unlimited space
Google today answered Microsoft's boost of cloud storage space by announcing it would give Google Apps for Business customers an unlimited amount of storage for an additional $5 a month per user.

With Android L, Google makes pitch for enterprise users
Google will provide enterprise-focused security and management features to its entire Android showcase of mobile devices, including features reserved only for Samsung devices running Samsung security software called Knox, a Google executive announced during the Google I/O keynote address Wednesday.

Google unveils voice-controlled Android Auto
Google is bringing its Android mobile operating system to one more thing that you use every day -- your car.

Google previews upcoming Android 'L' release
Google gave several thousand developers and a global Internet audience a preview of the next version of its Android operating system Wednesday as it opened its I/O conference in San Francisco.

Google moves to cut prices of Android smartphones to under $100
Google wants to cut prices on Android smartphones to under US$100 and is providing a reference design so handset makers can reach that price.

Opera grabs prime spot on Microsoft's Nokia X2, but searches go to Google
Microsoft's newest Android smartphone, the Nokia X2, relies on Opera as the pre-installed default browser. But Opera defaults to using Google's search engine, not Microsoft's own Bing.

At Google I/O, expect smartwatches as Android spreads to new screens
Expected news around smartwatches, health systems and Android-connected devices at Google's I/O conference, which starts Wednesday, is sure to draw attention from consumers as the search giant tries to connect a wide range of home and personal devices.

New tools and hardware are on developers' wish lists at Google I/O
Developers have Wear smartwatches, a stable version of the Android Studio development environment and a lightweight programming language on their wish lists ahead of the Google I/O conference.

Google I/O looks to be about more than Android
Google's annual I/O conference kicks off tomorrow amid widespread expectations that a new version of Android will be unveiled, along with discussions of smartwatches and, perhaps, security.

Yahoo launches Aviate app for a 'smarter' Android home screen
Yahoo has released an Android personalization app that could give the company a stronger foothold in mobile contextual search.

Could robots walk on stage at Google I/O?
Will Google CEO Larry Page walk out with a 330-lb. robot when he takes the stage this week at Google I/O, his company's developers conference? With Google's purchase of eight robotics companies, it could happen.

Panasonic's 5-inch 'handheld tablet' redefines tough
They aren't exactly smartphones, tablets or even phablets, but Panasonic's new Toughpad line of 'handheld tablets' redefine tough for mobile devices and include the ability to warm themselves in extreme cold with a built-in heater.

Amazon's Firefly will flicker on iOS, Android
Amazon has good reasons to turn Firefly loose on iOS and Android even though the technology is one of the selling points for its own Fire phone.

Android 4.4.4 fixes OpenSSL connection hijacking flaw
Less than three weeks after pushing Android 4.4.3 to users of its Nexus devices, Google released a new version of the OS that incorporates a patch for a serious vulnerability identified in the OpenSSL cryptographic library.

A closer look at the new technologies in Amazon's Fire smartphone
By leveraging the Fire smartphone's Firefly and Dynamic Perspective technologies, Amazon could help online buying evolve in a variety of new directions, an IDC analyst predicted.

As iPhone thefts drop, Google and Microsoft plan kill switches on smartphones
Responding to more than a year of pressure, Google and Microsoft will follow Apple in adding an anti-theft "kill switch" to their smartphone operating systems, U.S. law enforcement officials will announce later Thursday.

Amazon names initial apps, lights 'fire' under developers
Many of the most popular mobile apps look set to be available on Amazon's new Fire smartphone when it launches on July 25.

Amazon's Fire phone is 'Prime' example of customer first
With its new Fire Phone, Amazon is primarily interested in connecting to its 250 million Amazon and Prime customers with a phone that makes it quick and easy to shop over the Web.

Amazon enters smartphone market with 'Fire'
Amazon unveiled its highly anticipated entry into the smartphone market Wednesday, a handset called "Fire."

Galaxy S5 gets QHD display and latest Snapdragon chip -- in South Korea
Samsung Electronics has launched a new version of the Galaxy S5 with an upgraded screen and faster processor, but for now it is only available in South Korea.

Security holes could give hackers access to iOS, Android devices
Apple's tight vetting of mobile applications gives it a security edge over Android, but there are still several ways for attackers to steal data from iOS devices, a mobile security company warned in a report Tuesday.

Facebook tries to stop Snapchat drain with Slingshot
Facebook took direct aim at social competitor Snapchat with its new mobile app, Slingshot.

Amazon's expected smartphone already faces skeptics
If Amazon announces a smartphone on Wednesday, as is widely expected, it will face an avalanche of skeptics.

Samsung leans on high-res Super AMOLED screens with new tablets
Samsung is banking on the high-resolution Super AMOLED screens on its Galaxy Tab S tablets, which also weigh less than Apple's latest iPads, to help it maintain momentum in a tough market.

Samsung impresses with the light Galaxy Tab S 8.4
I'm not easily impressed by tablets, so I haven't been tempted to buy an upgrade for my (ancient-by-tech-standards) Nexus. But the Galaxy Tab S 8.4 and 10.5 are definitely contenders.

Russian mobile banking Trojan gets ransomware features, targets US users
An Android Trojan program originally designed to steal mobile banking credentials from Russian users was recently retrofitted with ransomware functionality and has started infecting users in the U.S., using photos of its victims to intimidate them into paying a fictitious FBI fine.

Outlook Web App goes native on Android
Microsoft on Wednesday released a preview version of Outlook Web App (OWA) for Google's Android, fulfilling a promise made in March.

Update: Tizen OS declared 'dead in the water'
Days after Samsung introduced a Tizen OS-based smartphone, a UK-based analyst declared the operating system a non-starter, despite its backing by a consortium of heavyweights including Intel, Samsung and LG Electronics.

SwiftKey is free for Android, as predictive keyboard competition grows
Innovations for predictive virtual keyboards used in smartphones and tablets keep rolling in. SwiftKey said its Keyboard app for Android smartphones and tablets that allows predictive typing would be free on Google Play.

Google Glass update lets users keep track of World Cup scores
Google is getting on the soccer World Cup bandwagon with a Glass update that lets users keep track of the tournament.

iPhone to keep punching revenue above its weight class
Apple's iPhone may continue to shed global market share in the next five years, but its portion of total revenue will remain stable because Apple will resist slashing iPhone prices, a research analyst said today.

Apple Maps search may get more personal thanks to Spotsetter
Apple may be looking to infuse its mapping software with personally relevant results by incorporating social search with technology acquired from the startup Spotsetter.

Google unseats Microsoft as the U.S. browser powerhouse
Google has unseated rival Microsoft as the leading browser maker in the U.S. for the first time, Adobe said this week, citing data from its analytics platform.

Will Apple's Internet of Things vision hurt a beautiful idea?
Apple's just announced approach to home automation involves Homekit, an iOS 8 framework and network protocol for controlling devices in the home. But will it play nicely with others?

Dual-boot Windows and Android tablets live on at small manufacturers
Small Chinese tablet makers continue to experiment with dual-boot tablets running Windows or Android, a market that big device makers have shied from.

Google moves to attract developers for its smartwatch
Smartwatch applications can be customized for devices with round displays by tweaking the user interface, Google said as it ramps up efforts to get developers ready for the launch of Android Wear.

Instagram loads up on editing effects in major update
Instagram has added a suite of new effects to its app in a move to win over users who might otherwise turn to alternative software for photo editing tools.

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Apple and Google are driving toward the connected car. Government and car manufacturers are working with them to achieve this. This isn't just about sending emails or music playback -- driving will be changed forever. Your car will speak to you. Here are 10 ways driving will change:

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Smartphone reviewers love sensational superlatives, but in the real world, things are rarely so black and white.

Your Android has a Fake ID problem, allowing malware to impersonate trusted apps

Your Android phone has a Fake ID problem, but so do all other Android devices; malicious apps can impersonate the digital certificate chain of trusted apps. The critical vulnerability, dubbed Fake ID by security researchers, has been around since 2010, but only one of about 6,300 different Android models has been patched. It's time to contact wireless carriers and ask them to push out the firmware patches before cyber thugs start exploiting Fake ID in the wild.

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