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Use our Smart Salary Tool to compare your pay with IT workers in similar jobs from across the U.S.

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IT staffers are being hit with a double-whammy -- more work and flat pay. Not surprisingly, job satisfaction for some is falling. Read How IT Workers Across the Board Are Faring.

IT salaries for both men and women stagnated in the past year, yet women saw their bonuses slashed 10% more than men's. Why women are feeling a bigger pinch and why some are dropping out of IT.

Career experts say the best job candidates are always taking steps to manage their career, assessing the market and building relationships to keep them employed during good times and bad.

On paper, IT salaries are frozen. In real life, there are still ways to get a raise. Here's how.
Salaries across the industry are flat, but contractor pay is falling fast. Here's whats driving the dip.

A look at trends in workers' job and pay satisfaction, along with their job security and stress levels.

See base salary, bonus and total compensation figures for more than 40 job titles, and compare salaries by level.

As companies begin to rev up projects and investments, retaining key IT personnel will be critical. Robert Half Technology's Dave Willmer offers some inventive approaches to keeping workers on board.
Don't wait until your best talent begins leaving. To improve worker satisfaction now, consider implementing internship-style coverage rotations and sharing budgeting responsibilities, says Yoh's Joel Capparella.
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