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Tweets about Ferguson, Mo., shooting show Twitter's quick grip on the news
Is social media in general and Twitter in particular speeding up the news cycle?

Twitter to remove images of deceased upon request
Twitter said late Tuesday it will remove images and videos of deceased people upon the request of family members, but it put conditions on the policy.

IT puts millennials to work - as mentors
Reverse mentoring helps seasoned IT execs get comfortable with new technologies like social media while gaining insight into what makes millennials tick.

The trouble with trolls (and how to beat them)
A vulnerable person. A sociopath or two on social media tormenting that person without consequence. That's trolling in a nutshell. Mike Elgan explains what you can do about it.

How to Craft a Social Media Policy
Crafting a social media policy for the workplace is as much about protecting your employees as it is about limiting your business' exposure to unwanted criticism or legal issues.

Twitter sets the stage for video ads
Twitter is looking to boost its advertising business by letting more businesses pay to include video in their tweets.

How to Generate Leads From 4 Top Social Networks
Most users turn to social media sites for entertainment and information, but for digital marketers social engagements represent a dynamic way to generate leads. Fostering leads, or potential customers, in social media is not as clear-cut or obvious as email, TV or print marketing, but there is enough history and background now to follow and replicate what is already working.

How AWS Helped Scale App for World Cup Social Media Hub
Running a social media hub for any large event poses a challenge, but perhaps none quite so daunting as running the FIFA Social Hub, the official social platform of the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

In search of a social site that doesn't lie
Mike Elgan would like to find a social network that doesn't lie to users, doesn't experiment on users without their clear knowledge, and delivers by default all the posts of the people they follow.

Twitter Scores by Moving the Goal Posts
Twitter is moving the goal posts and Wall Street likes the new numbers it sees up on the scoreboard. The company's monthly active user base grew 24 percent from the year-ago period to 271 million, but the actual reach of Twitter goes well beyond that, the social media company claims.

Update: Facebook back up after crash
Facebook said its website is back up after suffering a widespread outage for nearly two hours today.

Twitter acquires image search firm Madbits
Madbits, a year-old company that uses deep learning technology to assign relevant information to raw images, has sold itself to Twitter, according to the Madbits website.

Twitter more than doubles its sales, stock soars
Twitter more than doubled its sales in the second quarter, the company reported Tuesday, showing a strong advertising business.

If you can't check in, is it really Foursquare?
In their quest to copy competitors, social sites and apps increasingly drop features that are part of the popularity and identity of their products, says columnist Mike Elgan.

How to Make Sure Your Cat Photos (and Other Pics) Don't Disclose Location Data
You know those cat pictures you keep sharing on social media sites? They may reveal more about you than your love of felines.

Twitter says employees mainly male and white, admits it has 'lot of work to do'
Twitter disclosed the gender and ethnicity breakdown of its employees on Wednesday, less than a week after U.S. civil rights leader Rev. Jesse Jackson called on the company to release its employee diversity information.

What to expect in Facebook's earnings call today
With Facebook set to release its Q2 earnings today, it's a safe bet company execs will talk about mobile issues and user growth.

Civil rights leader seeks Twitter employee diversity data
U.S. civil rights leader Rev. Jesse Jackson has called on Twitter to release its employee diversity information, which its Silicon Valley peers such as Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn and Facebook have already done.

Twitter and Facebook see a bright future for in-the-moment spending
If you're an impulse buyer trying to reform your ways, Facebook and Twitter are not on your side.

Don't Give Your Job Search a Summer Vacation
For most people, summer's the perfect time to relax, take a vacation and operate at a more leisurely pace than during the rest of the year. But if you're a job-seeker, you can't afford to put your search on the back burner. Instead, use the slower pace and longer days to your advantage.

How Microsoft announces layoffs will show the company's PR IQ
If Microsoft pulls the layoff trigger today, as many expect, the company will face PR problems if it doesn't make smart moves, a crisis communications expert said.

A New Dawn for System Design
Today an enterprise system must engage the workforce the same way Twitter, Facebook, Google and a galaxy of apps have engaged the masses. That means the next system we deploy cannot be the result of a traditional negotiation between business analysts and technologists. It must come from the same place as those consumer apps and Internet successes: the nexus of fast-paced, multi-disciplinary and human-focused development that doesn't look or act at all like the people or processes that created the systems of the last 30 years.

Internet companies press for net neutrality in FCC filing
An association of more than two dozen technology companies including Facebook, Google, Twitter and Netflix urged the U.S. Federal Communications CommissionA on Monday to create strong, enforceable net neutrality rules for wired and mobile networks.

Russian Windows leaker denies link to ex-Microsoft worker who stole trade secrets
Notorious Russian leaker Wzor denied any link between the publication of internal Microsoft info and a former employee who stole trade secrets.

Google shows Apple how to buy a music service
Google's purchase of music streaming service Songza will be a boost for the Google brand as well as its search, Play, Glass and other services. Maybe Apple could learn a thing or two from the deal.

Twitter to buy mobile ad company TapCommerce
Twitter said Monday it has agreed to acquire TapCommerce a mobile advertising company focused on re-engaging people who have downloaded advertisers' apps.

More ads coming on Twitter
You will likely see more ads on your Twitter feed that link to mobile apps in the Apple and Google stores.

Microsoft botched all aspects of Exchange outage response
Microsoft blew it Tuesday when its Exchange Online hosted email service went dark and the company made no effort to explain what was going on to customers.

Are Social Media Giants Betraying Your Trust?
The leading social media companies are outraged over NSA surveillance, but would that spying even be possible if Facebook, Google and Twitter weren't collecting data and selling it to online marketers? Social media companies unintentionally opened new windows for spies to creep into our lives, and their claims of innocence are insincere.

Microsoft's Exchange Online becomes Exchange Offline as service goes dark
Exchange Online went offline today, affecting businesses that had shifted to the off-premises email service. Microsoft confirmed the outage and said it's working on a fix.

New software targets hard-to-understand privacy policies
Have you ever tried to read a website's privacy policy only to give up after slogging through paragraphs and paragraphs of dense, lawyerly language? Privacy-focused companies Disconnect and TRUSTe have released a new browser add-on that attempts to translate those policies into easy-to-understand terms.

CIOs vs. Consumer Tech: How to Win Over Your Users
CIO's Publisher Adam Dennison makes the case for CIOs to take advantage of user enthusiasm for new technologies while shoring up security and compliance controls.

Twitter keeps sending texts to recycled phone numbers, lawsuit says
Promotional texts and other messages from Twitter are fine if you consent to them, but some are going out to old phone numbers that have been around the block, according to a new lawsuit.

As Google+ nears 3rd anniversary, where does it go from here?
With Google's social network coming up on its third anniversary, industry analysts are wondering if the company is rethinking Google+ and where it goes from here.

Editor's Letter: Why CIOs Must Own Data Valuation
As more companies look to profit from the their data, CIOs must grow beyond their traditional roles as data stewards, says CIO magazine's editor in chief.

Internet in Iraq suffers government-ordered shutdowns amid violence
In what's become a familiar pattern in recent years, the government in Iraq appears to have ordered major Internet shutdowns over the past few days amid escalating sectarian violence in the country.

How Social Media Is Enhancing the World Cup Experience
More than a billion people will tune in to watch the final match of World Cup 2014. But before then, even more will share their highs and lows on social media. (And if Twitter and Facebook can't turn you into a futbol fan, maybe a Brazilian supermodel can.)

Twitter restores TweetDeck service after XSS worm floods victims' feeds
Twitter took its browser-based TweetDeck service offline today for an hour as it wrestled with a vulnerability that criminals exploited to tweet script-filled messages to victims' feeds.

Evan Schuman: Do you know the people you're following on Twitter? Neither does Twitter, apparently
Fake accounts that troll for followers' contact info just might be a problem. Meet 'Alex Van Pelter.' Oh, and LinkedIn is great, except when it's annoying.

Mesosphere aims Twitter clustering tool at the enterprise
Apache Mesos, a software package for managing large compute clusters that's been credited with helping Twitter to kill its Fail Whale, is being primed for use in the enterprise.

Senators question need to rein in NSA surveillance
The U.S. Congress would endanger the nation's security by passing even watered-down legislation to limit the National Security Agency's bulk collection of domestic phone records, several U.S. senators said Thursday.

After 5 years, Bing still trails Google -- but it has other plans
Microsoft released Bing -- meant to be the great challenger to Google's ubiquitous search engine -- in June 2009. And while it remains mired in second place to Google, it's still looking for ways to grow.

Comcast plans to encrypt email exchanged with Google's Gmail
Comcast plans to work with Google to encrypt email exchanged between its own servers and Gmail, a Comcast spokesman said.

Twitter user base to grow by 24.4% in 2014, researcher says
Twitter users are expected to grow 24.4% this year to over 227 million with double-digit growth forecast to continue through 2018 when the number of users will be nearly 400 million, according to a report.

Surface Pro 3's 'tweener' screen is too small for a laptop, too big for a tablet
Microsoft picked the wrong screen size for its new Surface Pro 3 if it really plans to push the hybrid device as a replacement for premium-priced notebooks, a retail analyst said.

Internet 'Do Not Track' system is in shatters
Chalk up another victory for corporate surveillance: Five years after advocates came up with an easy way to let you browse the Web with just a little privacy, the Do Not Track system is in tatters and that pair of boots you looked at online last month is still stalking you from website to website.

Amazon, AT&T, Snapchat rated among the least trustworthy with data, EFF finds
Amazon, Snapchat and AT&T rank among the least trustworthy technology companies when it comes to how they handle government data requests, according to a report from the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Online advertising endangers user security, privacy
The current state of online advertising endangers the security and privacy of users and the U.S. Federal Trade Commission should force the industry to offer better protections through comprehensive regulation, the U.S. Senate said in a report.

The rise of vagueness as a service
An unexpected trend is emerging in technology. Information presented to the user is growing vague. Columnist Mike Elgan explains why.

5 Twitter clients for Linux
Linux users who want to avoid browser-based Twitter apps can try out these five local clients -- including one that still uses a command-line interface.

8 Expert Online Marketing Tips for Small Businesses
Small business digital marketing pros share their top picks regarding the best ways for businesses with big plans but small budgets to market their products or services.

Amid staff shortage, tech leaders want more computer education in California schools
Leaders of key technology companies including Microsoft, Google, Twitter and have written to California Gov. Jerry Brown offering to partner with the state to increase computer education in kindergarten to 12th grade schools.

Is that Twitter account a bot? Researchers make app to find out
They spread lies. They push products you don't care about. They make unpopular people look popular. Sometimes, they take over your machine with malware.

Wall Street Beat: Internet stocks are under the gun
Twitter, LinkedIn and eBay quarterly earnings show what Internet companies are up against.

Twitter more than doubles sales, still can't turn a profit
Twitter on Tuesday turned in some healthy sales figures for the first quarter, though its net loss grew substantially compared to last year.

Why the social networks are falling apart
The social networks are falling apart -- breaking up into multiple sites and apps that do in a scattered way what used to happen centrally.

Facebook launches FB Newswire for social newsies
Facebook, looking to provide more valuable news information, is providing a new tool to that will post real-time content related to the day's news.

Is There Any Digital Marketing Value in New Breed of Social Apps?
The road to revenue for ephemeral and anonymous apps like Snapchat, Secret and Whisper is uncharted. How these social apps will ever achieve a level of revenue that would justify their sky-high valuations is foggy at best.

Google to push mobile app installs in search and YouTube
Mobile users of Google's search and YouTube service will soon see more targeted ads that take them straight to the installation pages for advertisers' mobile apps.

Apple has bigger plans than just song ID with Shazam deal
Apple will integrate music identification technology created by Shazam into the next version of iOS, but could go much further than simple song naming.

Twitter to promote app downloads in its mobile timelines
Twitter's new mobile advertising suite lets companies pitch their mobile apps in promoted tweets or place ads inside other apps.

Twitter brings the data back in-house with Gnip buy
Aiming to play a bigger role in analyzing tweets and sharing the resulting insights with advertisers and other businesses, Twitter has acquired Gnip, its partner for the past few years.

Digital dustups: Can social media protest force corporate change?
Several online protests in recent weeks mark a new trend in activism against companies and other entities, as activists grow empowered by the ability to affect change with just a few key strokes.

What you need to do about Heartbleed
The Heartbleed bug has affected about two-thirds of the world's websites, meaning virtually everyone should be taking steps to protect themselves now.

Twitter says it dodged the horrors of Heartbleed
Twitter was not affected by the Heartbleed Internet vulnerability that rocked the Web security world this week, making one less password consumers need to change to protect themselves, but users still need to be careful how they respond to the threat.

MediaFire offers 1TB of cloud storage for $2.50
MediaFire has launched a storage and file-sharing service that it argues is more secure than Amazon's.

USAID defends its Twitter-like service in Cuba
The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) on Thursday defended its work in setting up a Twitter-like service in Cuba to promote democracy in the communist country.

Google Plus Outperforms Twitter (Really)
Marketers who ignore Google Plus are missing a worthwhile opportunity, according to a new report from Forrester. Googles social platform delivers nearly double the engagement rate of Twitter, and yet some large brands continue to be lackadaisical with their effort.

Why Twitter, Facebook, Google and Amazon want to be each other
It was a loony week in Silicon Valley. Four major technology companies announced expensive and risky programs to become less like themselves and more like their competitors.

Mozilla employees call for new CEO's resignation
Several Mozilla employees yesterday took to Twitter to call for the resignation of their new CEO, JavaScript creator Branden Eich, for supporting California's Proposition 8 more than five years ago.

7 Tips for Managing Digital Information Overload
Email, social media, texts. Today's business and project managers have more electronic distractions than ever. So how can busy managers successfully navigate the electronic jungle? Organization and productivity experts share their top tips for beating information overload.

Twitter offers photo tagging and lets you upload a photo 'collage'
Twitter users on mobile devices can now tag people in photos and upload multiple images to form a collage.

White House urges end to Turkey's Twitter ban
The White House have called on Turkish officials to end the country's Twitter ban.

Turkey blocks access to Twitter over content
Twitter offered workarounds to Turkish users on Thursday following reports by users that the service was facing interruptions and possibly a block in the country.

Twitter marks 8th birthday with your first tweets
Twitter is getting ready to celebrate its eighth birthday on Friday and it's marking the occasion with a present for its users.

Windows leak site Wzor goes dark a day after feds arrest Microsoft mole
The noted Windows leak site was offline Thursday and its Twitter account had disappeared, a day after an ex-Microsoft employee was charged with stealing trade secrets from the company.

Why C-Suite Executives Need to Shine on Social Media
Most CIOs -- and other C-suite executives have at least a LinkedIn profile, but social media requires much more these days. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and others are no longer exclusively personal, but also reflective of your role in the larger organization.

How to Use Social Media to Improve Your IT Recruiting Strategy
Social media is ubiquitous in today's digital world, so you can bet your next star employee is out there sharing, liking and tweeting. Here's how to leverage social networking technology to effectively target and recruit IT candidates.

Twitter CEO visits China; firm won't change policies to be unblocked there
Twitter may be blocked in China, but that isn't stopping its CEO Dick Costolo from visiting the country this week to learn more about the nation's tech market.

Desktop search spending to fall this year as mobile grows, study finds
The money spent by advertisers on the desktop will decline this year as people continue to reach for their smartphones to search for information, according to new data from eMarketer.

Researchers pocket record $400K at Pwn2Own hacking contest's first day
Researchers cracked Microsoft's Internet Explorer 11, Mozilla's Firefox and Adobe's Flash and Reader at the Pwn2Own hacking contest, earning $400,000 in prizes, a one-day record for the challenge.

The paranoid's survival guide, part 2: Protect your privacy on social, mobile and more
We've rounded up a bunch of experts' tips about how to retain your privacy when messaging and using apps, and while on social media.

Twitter crashed -- again -- on Tuesday
The Twitter website crashed on Tuesday -- the social network's second outage in the past nine days.

Social Media Getting More Spontaneous and Less Personal
Deliberate status updates are losing luster as quick, impromptu, short-lived activity on social media gathers momentum. If the first phase of social media was a massive effort to share our online identities, this current wave is all about fleeting encounters.

Despite sagging hardware sales, confidence in tech remains high
Confidence in the underlying strength of the tech sector as a whole appears to be solid despite some dispiriting news on the hardware front.

Hands on: Apple's Mac Pro is the fastest Mac ever
One thing is certain: You won't mistake Apple's powerful new Mac Pro for any other desktop computer. And it has the computing chops to match its high-style look.

The Oscars -- and a selfie -- rock Twitter
While actors, directors and other Hollywood types got their coveted Oscar awards last night, Twitter was getting recognition of its own.

The paranoid's survival guide, part 1: How to protect your personal data
We've rounded up a bunch of experts' tips about how to retain your privacy -- as much as possible, anyway -- and how to surf the Web silently, among other things.

Arizona tech firms fight anti-gay bill and a future in a pariah state
Arizona's tech industry is united in fighting a state bill that allows a business to deny service to gay customers for religious reasons.

Personal Websites Give Job Seekers Greater Control
If you are looking to land your next tech job, creating and promoting a personal website can help you control Google search results, better highlight relevant skills and provide an edge in a competitive job market.

Thousands call, email Congress to protest NSA programs
Organizers of The Day We Fight Back, a protest Tuesday against U.S. National Security Agency surveillance programs, called the effort a 'tremendous success,' with nearly 100,000 phone calls made to U.S. lawmakers and 185,000 people signing up to send email blasts to their congressional representatives.

Twitter tests Facebook-like profile page redesign
Twitter is reportedly working to redesign its profile pages, making them more visual, with bigger images, and looking a lot more like social rivals Facebook and Google+.

Twitter's slipping user growth spooks investors
Twitter Wednesday reported that fourth quarter sales more than doubled over the past year, but the company nevertheless spooked investors by acknowledging a slowdown in new user growth and in user engagement.

Costolo prescribes fix for Twitter growth pains
New figures released by Twitter on Wednesday suggest the company may be struggling to keep its users engaged, but CEO Dick Costolo has outlined some ideas to make the service more inviting.

Twitter offers historical data to select researchers
Twitter will give researchers access to its public and historical data to help them get insights on a wide variety of issues.

Twitter doubles revenue but profit remains elusive
Twitter reported its first earnings as a public company on Wednesday, revealing that sales more than doubled from a year ago, though it still hasn't managed to turn a profit.

Get ready to tweet your questions for Twitter's first earnings call
Twitter is opening up access to company executives today during the firm's first earnings calls as a public company.

At 10, Facebook strives not to be your granny's social network
Facebook, the company that defines social networking, is turning 10 years old and looking into a future where it must evolve or risk becoming the next MySpace -- a company Facebook eclipsed years ago.

Super Bowl sets Twitter record, as Volkswagen launches social war room
The Super Bowl may have set a record for Twitter, but it was a tougher game for companies trying to score big on social media.

Volkswagen looks to drive social Super Bowl
Volkswagen of America is looking to capitalize on an expected broad use of social media by viewers of Sunday's Super Bowl.

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Twitter retweets favorites! Twitter retweets favorites!

Twitter's experiment takes a dive.

Not satisfied to amble along a trail of user mistrust blazed by Facebook and OKCupid -- Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) is taking a shortcut to the land of user annoyance. Its inexplicable decision to retweet favorites is making users tweet about changes to favorites -- secretly hoping their tweets become retweeted Twitter favorites -- yet at the same time hoping their own favorites aren't retweeted for the same exact reason.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers think about it over and over again.

Behold: The always-available bubble-based Twitter app for Android

A new app puts Twitter into a movable bubble on your screen -- and gives you easy pop-up access to your timeline whenever you want it.

Is Twitter flying high or crashing to the ground?

Twitter: The future is reliably uncertain.

Growth, net losses, profitability, mobile ads? Buy, sell, or hold? First quarter sales figures from Twitter (NASDAQ:TWTR) has everyone seeing a different outlook for the social media company. Some bloggers are worried about Twitter's future, yet some remain optimistic.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers roll the dice and hope for the best.

Will Twitter feather its nest with more advertising?

Twitter: Additional ads a plus?

Like a homing pigeon flying towards profitability, social media company Twitter (NASDAQ:TWTR) has decided to roll out new types of ads in the coming few weeks. That is, according to anonymous posters feeding close to the paragraph streaming specialists. The move will likely feather a larger nest for Twitter, but at what cost?

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers keep it short and tweet.

Android Power's 3 favorite things for February 2014

From beautiful home screens to powerful task-switching and a fresh take on social media, this month's Favorite Things is all about apps that offer something special.

Why the NSA gets higher marks for privacy than business

Despite the NSA's insatiable appetite for people's personal data, Americans trust the spy agency more than business.

Chasing Mavericks: 8 great OS X tips

Apple's OS X Mavericks includes a host of handy features for power users, but they're not all super-obvious. I've gathered together a short collection of hints and links to help you use them:

Twitter's $1.5B #IPO date rumors, $17--$20 share price range $TWTR

Values company around $10 billion.
Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) announces more IPO details. The shares will be priced around $18.50, but that may increase after the investor roadshow. Already pundits are saying that's a conservative valuation. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers #followthemoney.

15% of Americans say they don’t need no stinking Internet

A Pew study shows that 15% of adult Americans don't use the Internet or email. What?

Security sucks: The Twitter example

The greatest enemy to security is security itself.

WOW! $14B #TwitterIPO could happen within just 4 months

$14 BILLION? How did they keep that secret? Twitter seeks an IPO, possibly as soon as this year. Discussions with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) have been going on for a while, in secret: Apparently, that's legal. Valuation rumors imply the company's now worth around $14 billion, on revenues of just a few hundred million. Can you spell B.U.B.B.L.E? In IT Blogwatch, bloggers blog #yes.

Android essentials: The first 12 apps I install on every phone

When you use enough Android devices, you start to realize something: There are certain apps you just can't live without. 

Robotic beer dispenser showcases the positive uses of technology

Technology has many uses, but none more worthwhile than pouring a great glass of beer.



Microsoft: We've had surveillance requests on over 31,000 customers

How much snooping do government agencies actually do on people and businesses? Judging by the surveillance requests they ask of Microsoft, quite a bit. Microsoft reports that for the second half of last year, it had received requests on between 31,000 and 32,000 customers. And Google, Facebook, and Apple have had many tens of thousands others.

With #TweetsFromHillary, Clinton jumps on Twitter


Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has joined Twitter -- with a sense of humor and some fanfare.