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Apple has bigger plans than just song ID with Shazam deal
Apple will integrate music identification technology created by Shazam into the next version of iOS, but could go much further than simple song naming.

Twitter to promote app downloads in its mobile timelines
Twitter's new mobile advertising suite lets companies pitch their mobile apps in promoted tweets or place ads inside other apps.

Twitter brings the data back in-house with Gnip buy
Aiming to play a bigger role in analyzing tweets and sharing the resulting insights with advertisers and other businesses, Twitter has acquired Gnip, its partner for the past few years.

Digital dustups: Can social media protest force corporate change?
Several online protests in recent weeks mark a new trend in activism against companies and other entities, as activists grow empowered by the ability to affect change with just a few key strokes.

What you need to do about Heartbleed
The Heartbleed bug has affected about two-thirds of the world's websites, meaning virtually everyone should be taking steps to protect themselves now.

Twitter says it dodged the horrors of Heartbleed
Twitter was not affected by the Heartbleed Internet vulnerability that rocked the Web security world this week, making one less password consumers need to change to protect themselves, but users still need to be careful how they respond to the threat.

MediaFire offers 1TB of cloud storage for $2.50
MediaFire has launched a storage and file-sharing service that it argues is more secure than Amazon's.

USAID defends its Twitter-like service in Cuba
The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) on Thursday defended its work in setting up a Twitter-like service in Cuba to promote democracy in the communist country.

Google Plus Outperforms Twitter (Really)
Marketers who ignore Google Plus are missing a worthwhile opportunity, according to a new report from Forrester. Googles social platform delivers nearly double the engagement rate of Twitter, and yet some large brands continue to be lackadaisical with their effort.

Why Twitter, Facebook, Google and Amazon want to be each other
It was a loony week in Silicon Valley. Four major technology companies announced expensive and risky programs to become less like themselves and more like their competitors.

Mozilla employees call for new CEO's resignation
Several Mozilla employees yesterday took to Twitter to call for the resignation of their new CEO, JavaScript creator Branden Eich, for supporting California's Proposition 8 more than five years ago.

7 Tips for Managing Digital Information Overload
Email, social media, texts. Today's business and project managers have more electronic distractions than ever. So how can busy managers successfully navigate the electronic jungle? Organization and productivity experts share their top tips for beating information overload.

Twitter offers photo tagging and lets you upload a photo 'collage'
Twitter users on mobile devices can now tag people in photos and upload multiple images to form a collage.

White House urges end to Turkey's Twitter ban
The White House have called on Turkish officials to end the country's Twitter ban.

Turkey blocks access to Twitter over content
Twitter offered workarounds to Turkish users on Thursday following reports by users that the service was facing interruptions and possibly a block in the country.

Twitter marks 8th birthday with your first tweets
Twitter is getting ready to celebrate its eighth birthday on Friday and it's marking the occasion with a present for its users.

Windows leak site Wzor goes dark a day after feds arrest Microsoft mole
The noted Windows leak site was offline Thursday and its Twitter account had disappeared, a day after an ex-Microsoft employee was charged with stealing trade secrets from the company.

Why C-Suite Executives Need to Shine on Social Media
Most CIOs -- and other C-suite executives have at least a LinkedIn profile, but social media requires much more these days. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and others are no longer exclusively personal, but also reflective of your role in the larger organization.

How to Use Social Media to Improve Your IT Recruiting Strategy
Social media is ubiquitous in today's digital world, so you can bet your next star employee is out there sharing, liking and tweeting. Here's how to leverage social networking technology to effectively target and recruit IT candidates.

Twitter CEO visits China; firm won't change policies to be unblocked there
Twitter may be blocked in China, but that isn't stopping its CEO Dick Costolo from visiting the country this week to learn more about the nation's tech market.

Desktop search spending to fall this year as mobile grows, study finds
The money spent by advertisers on the desktop will decline this year as people continue to reach for their smartphones to search for information, according to new data from eMarketer.

Researchers pocket record $400K at Pwn2Own hacking contest's first day
Researchers cracked Microsoft's Internet Explorer 11, Mozilla's Firefox and Adobe's Flash and Reader at the Pwn2Own hacking contest, earning $400,000 in prizes, a one-day record for the challenge.

The paranoid's survival guide, part 2: Protect your privacy on social, mobile and more
We've rounded up a bunch of experts' tips about how to retain your privacy when messaging and using apps, and while on social media.

Twitter crashed -- again -- on Tuesday
The Twitter website crashed on Tuesday -- the social network's second outage in the past nine days.

Social Media Getting More Spontaneous and Less Personal
Deliberate status updates are losing luster as quick, impromptu, short-lived activity on social media gathers momentum. If the first phase of social media was a massive effort to share our online identities, this current wave is all about fleeting encounters.

Despite sagging hardware sales, confidence in tech remains high
Confidence in the underlying strength of the tech sector as a whole appears to be solid despite some dispiriting news on the hardware front.

Hands on: Apple's Mac Pro is the fastest Mac ever
One thing is certain: You won't mistake Apple's powerful new Mac Pro for any other desktop computer. And it has the computing chops to match its high-style look.

The Oscars -- and a selfie -- rock Twitter
While actors, directors and other Hollywood types got their coveted Oscar awards last night, Twitter was getting recognition of its own.

The paranoid's survival guide, part 1: How to protect your personal data
We've rounded up a bunch of experts' tips about how to retain your privacy -- as much as possible, anyway -- and how to surf the Web silently, among other things.

Arizona tech firms fight anti-gay bill and a future in a pariah state
Arizona's tech industry is united in fighting a state bill that allows a business to deny service to gay customers for religious reasons.

Personal Websites Give Job Seekers Greater Control
If you are looking to land your next tech job, creating and promoting a personal website can help you control Google search results, better highlight relevant skills and provide an edge in a competitive job market.

Thousands call, email Congress to protest NSA programs
Organizers of The Day We Fight Back, a protest Tuesday against U.S. National Security Agency surveillance programs, called the effort a 'tremendous success,' with nearly 100,000 phone calls made to U.S. lawmakers and 185,000 people signing up to send email blasts to their congressional representatives.

Twitter tests Facebook-like profile page redesign
Twitter is reportedly working to redesign its profile pages, making them more visual, with bigger images, and looking a lot more like social rivals Facebook and Google+.

Twitter's slipping user growth spooks investors
Twitter Wednesday reported that fourth quarter sales more than doubled over the past year, but the company nevertheless spooked investors by acknowledging a slowdown in new user growth and in user engagement.

Costolo prescribes fix for Twitter growth pains
New figures released by Twitter on Wednesday suggest the company may be struggling to keep its users engaged, but CEO Dick Costolo has outlined some ideas to make the service more inviting.

Twitter offers historical data to select researchers
Twitter will give researchers access to its public and historical data to help them get insights on a wide variety of issues.

Twitter doubles revenue but profit remains elusive
Twitter reported its first earnings as a public company on Wednesday, revealing that sales more than doubled from a year ago, though it still hasn't managed to turn a profit.

Get ready to tweet your questions for Twitter's first earnings call
Twitter is opening up access to company executives today during the firm's first earnings calls as a public company.

At 10, Facebook strives not to be your granny's social network
Facebook, the company that defines social networking, is turning 10 years old and looking into a future where it must evolve or risk becoming the next MySpace -- a company Facebook eclipsed years ago.

Super Bowl sets Twitter record, as Volkswagen launches social war room
The Super Bowl may have set a record for Twitter, but it was a tougher game for companies trying to score big on social media.

Volkswagen looks to drive social Super Bowl
Volkswagen of America is looking to capitalize on an expected broad use of social media by viewers of Sunday's Super Bowl.

Twitter buys 900 IBM patents, dodges an infringement suit
Twitter has acquired over 900 patents from IBM, a move likely intended to settle IBM's claims that Twitter was infringing on at least three of its patents.

State of the Union speech lights up Twitter with nearly 2M tweets
President Obama's State of the Union address had people tweeting their support or their disdain and lighting up Twitter with nearly 2 million tweets.

Spy agencies collude to extract personal data from mobile apps
Spy agencies including the U.S. National Security Agency have been working together to extract personal information, including location data and address books, from mobile apps as part of a globe-spanning effort to thwart terrorist plots, according to newly disclosed documents provided by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden.

Ouch -- Facebook called a 'twit' for Twitter-like trending feature
A new feature on Facebook designed to keep people abreast of certain topics has sparked criticism from some users who want it gone, calling it nothing more than a cheap Twitter knock-off.

Evan Schuman: Hijacked by social media
Why would anyone be comfortable with social networking sites sending out messages in their name?

Facebook hijacks Trending feature from rival Twitter
Taking another page from social rival Twitter, Facebook launched a new Trending feature that will show users the most popular topics being discussed on the social network.

Syrian Electronic Army shanghais Microsoft's Twitter account, blog
A group that bills itself as the Syrian Electronic Army claimed credit for grabbing control of a pair of Microsoft company Twitter accounts and the firm's primary blog for a short time Saturday.

Yahoo email encryption standard needs work
Yahoo has started to automatically encrypt connections between users and its email service, adding an important security layer that rival Gmail has had for almost four years, but its implementation needs work, according to at least one security expert.

Twitter co-founder launches Jelly, a social search app
What's this strange object in front of me? A new app from Twitter's co-founder wants to give you the answer, by asking your friends.

What to Look for When Hiring Social Media Tech Talent in 2014
Social media professionals need to have a specific set of communication and technical skills as well as varied experience if you expect them to be a strategic part of your business in 2014.

As Twitter hires, HP fires
With the attention given to Twitter's IPO, one might assume that the tech industry is dependent on its success. It isn't. Not even close.

The security industry finds a dream enemy -- government spy agencies
2013 was the year we learned we must encrypt our data if we don't want the likes of the U.S. National Security Agency or the U.K. Government Communications Headquarters reading it as it crosses the Internet.

How to track Santa's big trip with NORAD, Google
As Santa Claus and his elves prepare for their biggest night of the year, NORAD and Google are getting ready to track his big Christmas Eve ride.

QuickPoll: What was the biggest tech story of 2013?
CEOs stepping down, social media IPOs and phablets were just a few stories made news this year. What was the biggest tech story of 2013?

Tech companies find their inner Zen
Tech companies like Intel and Google are offering courses in meditation to help their workers handle stress, become more innovative and find work/life balance.

Obama to meet tech leaders on site, surveillance
U.S. President Barack Obama, hoping to repair some of the damage wrought by the troubled site, will meet with executives from technology companies including Yahoo and Twitter on Tuesday.

2013: The year in numbers
From single digits to trillions, the tech industry loves numbers, and it generated plenty of them in 2013. Here's a look at some of the figures that stand out from the year:

Twitter reverses policy that would allow blocked persons to follow user
Twitter reversed a controversial policy change announced Thursday that would let a user block others on Twitter, but the blocked people could still continue to follow and see the user's tweets and interact with them.

Twitter expands keyword targeting so Nestle knows you 'luv' coffee
Do you love, no scratch that -- "luv" espresso? Do you "adore" it even? Twitter advertisers may now know how you feel about their products no matter how you choose to express yourself.

Twitter simplifies messaging, adds photos to boot
Twitter has made its direct messaging service easier to use and added the ability to send photos, in an update to the Twitter app for Android and iOS released Tuesday.

Twitter, the protector of news?
As Twitter rings in the new year, it's got some big ideas for expanding its audience by forging more news partnerships.

The top tech stories of 2013: Big Brother, wearables, and the struggles of aging tech giants
Politics collided with technology this year as stories about U.S. government spying stirred angst among U.S. citizens and foreign governments and the flawed site got American health-care reform off to a rocky start. Meanwhile, the post-PC era put aging tech giants under pressure to reinvent themselves.

8 big tech firms call for government surveillance reforms
Eight top tech companies in the U.S. have asked governments around the world to reform surveillance laws and practices, and asked the U.S. to take the lead.

Twitter changed IPO prospectus after SEC inquiry
U.S. securities regulators questioned an early version of Twitter's initial public offering prospectus that claimed the social media company was becoming more profitable when it was actually losing increasing amounts of money.

Should Facebook, Yahoo and Twitter really judge what's news?
Where did you first learn about Amazon's crazy plan to deliver packages via drone? "60 Minutes"? The New York Times? Increasingly, the answer is likely to be Twitter, Facebook or Yahoo, and that's just how the online giants like it.

Only 30% of top CEOs use social networks
Only 30% of the CEOs at the top companies traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange are active on social media sites, gathering spots for millions of potential customers.

Twitter, Deutsche Telekom team on Android
Twitter and Deutsche Telekom have joined forces to develop software for Android.

Apple buys Topsy for at least $200M to get deep access to Twitter, report says
Apple has acquired Topsy, a social media analytics company that analyzes a range of data from Twitter, according to a recent Wall Street Journal report.

Why smartphone food photos look horrible
Martha Stewart wants to show you horrible pictures of nauseating-looking food for some reason. Mike Elgan finds this personally vexing.

14 Ways to Use Twitter to Market Your Business
Twitter experts, marketing pros and business leaders share their top tips on how to turn 140 characters into online marketing gold.

Twitter tightens security against NSA snooping
Twitter has implemented new security measures that should make it much more difficult for anyone to eavesdrop on communications between its servers and users, and is calling on other Internet companies to follow its lead.

Facebook's Sandberg says teen decline exaggerated
Facebook executive Sheryl Sandberg said rumors that the social media company is falling out of favor with teenagers have been greatly exaggerated.

One out of seven people use social networks, study shows
About one in seven people around the globe use a social networking site at least once a month, and that number is expected to see grow significantly over the next several years, according to eMarketer.

Perspective: Twitter's success opens up IPO pipeline
Twitter's IPO launch two weeks ago could be a sign that the market is ripe for other social networks to launch their own efforts to go public.

By the numbers: Twitter vs. Facebook IPOs
Facebook's IPO was considered an early bust while Twitter's has been deemed a success. In terms of orderly market activity, that's without question. But what about prices?

Snap! 'Selfie' becomes International Word of the Year
If you posted selfies on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter this past year, you helped make "selfie" the Oxford Dictionaries' international Word of the Year for 2013

Here comes the age of ambient everything
Trends in social, search, mobile, wearable and the Internet of things will alter our perception of reality. Change is in the air, says columnist Mike Elgan.

Amazon: New analytics tool can scrutinize massive amounts of data
Amazon Web Services this week rolled out a new cloud-based data analytics tool named Kenesis, which can analyze massive amounts of data in real time and be paid for by the hour.

Retina iPad Mini inventory tracker returns from dead
A pair of inventory trackers, including one resurrected after Apple demanded it stop collecting data from its online store website, are helping buyers locate scarce Apple smartphones and tablets.

Days after IPO, Twitter launches custom timelines
Twitter users will be able to create custom timelines in TweetDeck around conversation on any event or topic on Twitter, the microblogging company said.

Wall Street Beat: Does Twitter IPO signal a tech bubble?
Despite the frothy headlines stirred by Twitter's initial public offering, tech is not in a bubble of the sort that arose before the 2000 dot-com crash.

Twitter rides high on IPO in stark contrast to rival Facebook
Twitter's first day of trading as a public company sits in sharp contrast to Facebook's troubled and disappointing IPO a year and a half ago.

Update: Twitter goes public at $45 a share
Twitter is now a publicly traded company and opening at a price of $45.10 a share, 73% higher than its initial IPO price.

Twitter sets IPO price at $26 a share
Twitter has set its IPO price at $26 per share, a dollar above the top end of the price range it predicted earlier this week.

Biz Stone's Jelly app 'very close' to launch; free for iOS and Android
Some new details have emerged about Jelly, the mysterious startup from Twitter co-founder Biz Stone: The company's app is "very close" to launching, and will be available for free on iOS and Android-based devices, Stone recently said.

With IPO cash influx, Twitter could be bigger threat to Facebook
If Twitter's IPO succeeds and the social network is showered with a new stockpile of cash, the site could become an even bigger threat to social media giants Facebook and Google+.

Thumbing nose at Oracle, Rimini Street to file for IPO
Third-party software support provider Rimini Street is moving ahead with its expected plans for an initial public offering, even as it awaits a showdown in court with Oracle.

Twitter's news junkies are younger, more educated
Nearly one in 10 U.S. adults say they get their news through Twitter, and that has to be good news for the social media company that's days from launching its IPO.

Is Twitter emulating Facebook with pre-IPO price bump?
With a move that harkens back to the days before Facebook's IPO, Twitter has upped its opening stock price to a range of $23 to $25 a share.

'No Estimates' in Action: 5 Ways to Rethink Software Projects
The idea behind the #NoEstimates approach to software development isn't to eliminate estimates but, rather, to explore other ways to solve problems without specifically asking, 'How long will it take?' Here are five real-world examples of teams that are doing just that.

Open-source tools keep Twitter up and running
To prevent disruptions and scale up its service while keeping costs down, Twitter has drastically changed its core infrastructure and has adopted some open-source tools.

Bing and Twitter continue their search party
Microsoft bills its Bing search engine as a social one, and to keep it that way it's renewing a partnership with Twitter to keep tweets appearing in Bing search results, the companies said Friday.

Ahead of IPO, Twitter shines up multimedia image
Just a week before its IPO, Twitter moved to go from mainly snippets and quips to a more visual social network

Google Apps, once a leader, faces growing cloud app rivals
When Google Apps arrived in 2006, it stood on the cutting edge of web-hosted email and collaboration suites for businesses. But it's fallen behind rival suites from IBM, Cisco and Microsoft and needs to step up its game, say analysts.

Some users grumble about Twitter's photo previews
Some Twitter users are complaining about a change that puts photo previews front and center in their streams, and offering advice to others on how to turn it off.

Twitter gets more visual with photo, video previews
Twitter became an Internet phenom as a tool for posting short text messages, but now it also wants to feature multimedia content more prominently.

Twitter kicks off pre-IPO investor roadshow
Twitter kicked off its pre-IPO roadshow, meeting with potential investors and touting the social network's ability to democratize users' voices and the power of instantly sharing information with the world.

Buffer encrypts access tokens after spammer hack
Buffer, a service for scheduling social media posts, said Sunday it has strengthened its security after spammers gained access to its network.

As its IPO looms, Twitter faces investor grilling
With its IPO share price now set and its roadshow about to begin, Twitter will soon face some tough questions from potential investors.

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Twitter's $1.5B #IPO date rumors, $17--$20 share price range $TWTR

Values company around $10 billion.
Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) announces more IPO details. The shares will be priced around $18.50, but that may increase after the investor roadshow. Already pundits are saying that's a conservative valuation. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers #followthemoney.

15% of Americans say they don’t need no stinking Internet

A Pew study shows that 15% of adult Americans don't use the Internet or email. What?

Security sucks: The Twitter example

The greatest enemy to security is security itself.

WOW! $14B #TwitterIPO could happen within just 4 months

$14 BILLION? How did they keep that secret? Twitter seeks an IPO, possibly as soon as this year. Discussions with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) have been going on for a while, in secret: Apparently, that's legal. Valuation rumors imply the company's now worth around $14 billion, on revenues of just a few hundred million. Can you spell B.U.B.B.L.E? In IT Blogwatch, bloggers blog #yes.

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Robotic beer dispenser showcases the positive uses of technology

Technology has many uses, but none more worthwhile than pouring a great glass of beer.



Microsoft: We've had surveillance requests on over 31,000 customers

How much snooping do government agencies actually do on people and businesses? Judging by the surveillance requests they ask of Microsoft, quite a bit. Microsoft reports that for the second half of last year, it had received requests on between 31,000 and 32,000 customers. And Google, Facebook, and Apple have had many tens of thousands others.

With #TweetsFromHillary, Clinton jumps on Twitter


Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has joined Twitter -- with a sense of humor and some fanfare. 


Twitterwatch LIVE: On the ground in #Watertown, nr. Boston

Something a little different today: I'm glued to Twitter, watching events unfold in Boston's Watertown surburb. Watch along with me, as I curate the story in tweets from people on the ground...

Microsoft, Apple, and Google agree: The federal ban against gay marriage must go

Microsoft, Apple, Google, and other tech giants rarely agree on anything. But they all agree on this: The Supreme Court should rule that the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which for federal purposes defines marriage as only being between a man and a woman, is unconstitutional.

Microsoft tops Facebook and Twitter for getting "cooler," survey finds

You might think that the words Microsoft and "cool" rarely come in the same sentence, but a new survey finds that more young people think Microsoft is "cooler" today than in the last few years than think that Facebook or Twitter is "cooler" today than in the past few years. So finds a Reuters/Ipsos poll.