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Server makers rush their Heartbleed patches
Enterprise IT vendors are rushing to protect users from the Heartbleed bug, which has been found in some servers and networking gear and could allow attackers to steal critical data -- including passwords and encryption keys -- from the memories of exposed systems.

Windows XP expiration couldn't save PC market in Q1
The looming threat of running an unsupported OS wasn't enough to save PC shipments from continuing their slide in the first quarter.

4 reasons Microsoft is a new company
There's no question that today's Microsoft is a whole new company. Many of the changes announced under the leadership of CEO Satya Nadella were initiated under his predecessor, Steve Ballmer. But it's clear that it's a whole new Microsoft.

Microsoft teases touch-first Office for Windows
Microsoft teased a touch-first Office for Windows 8.1, but contrary to many experts' expectations, previewed only one app and declined to define a release window.

New rugged laptop from Dell has a screen with a twist
Dell's new rugged laptop has a 11.6-in. screen with a twist -- the screen can rotate 180 degrees to turn the device into a tablet.

Nadella wins praise for public debut as CEO
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella's first public appearance on Thursday was a hit with analysts, who gave him a thumbs up for his time on stage as the company unveiled Office for iPad.

Dell's new research division wants computers to detect your mood
Dell Research, a new division of the recently privatized Dell, is conducting early experiments with brain and body sensors to detect a person's mood for use in computers involved with education and communications. It could also be used to monitor a person's mood while driving or playing games.

Nadella unveils mobile managment suite for iPad and Android
Along with Office on the iPad, Microsoft Thursday released a comprehensive Enterprise Mobility Suite for managing and securing mobile devices, mobile applications and user identity and access -- all from the cloud.

Microsoft to webcast event where Office for iPad may be announced
Microsoft on Thursday will publicly webcast a press event from San Francisco during which many expect CEO Satya Nadella to not only make his first appearance but also announce an upcoming Office for Apple's iPad.

Dell unveils fabric switch, SDN controller
Dell rolled out products designed to help customers build and scale cloud environments.

Dell buys predictive analytics firm StatSoft
Dell has added another company to its growing software portfolio with the acquisition of predictive analytics company StatSoft for an undisclosed amount.

Microsoft tries to tempt XP diehards with $100 discount on new PCs
Microsoft is pitching another deal at pry-XP-from-my-cold-dead-hands customers, offering them $100 off a new Windows 8.1 device if they spring for one that costs more than $599.

Dell replacing displays on XPS 12 hybrids with 'burn-in' issues
Dell has admitted that some of its XPS 12 convertible laptops have "burn-in" issues with the display and is offering to replace affected screens for free, even on systems that are out of warranty.

Microsoft dangles $50 carrot in front of XP users
Microsoft has anted up in its attempt to convince last-minute laggards to abandon Windows XP by handing a $50 carrot to people who buy a new Windows 8.1 device.

Review + videos: 3 convertible Windows laptops try to be all devices to all people
We look at three Windows 8.1 convertibles that can transform into laptops, tablets or presentation devices, and try to discover how useful they really are.

Gameover malware is tougher to kill with new rootkit component
A new variant of the Gameover malware that steals online banking credentials comes with a kernel-level rootkit that makes it significantly harder to remove, according to security researchers from Sophos.

Ex-Microsoft architect's startup focuses on SaaS integration
A former Microsoft architect has founded a startup called Azuqua aimed at tackling the problem of joining together and automating business processes from multiple SaaS (software-as-a-service) applications.

Dell to resell, implement NetSuite's cloud ERP software
Dell and NetSuite are broadening their relationship, with Dell becoming a global reseller and IT systems integrator for NetSuite's cloud ERP (enterprise resource planning) software.

Microsoft tries to jumpstart cheap Windows devices with license price cut
Microsoft has cut the price of Windows 8.1 by nearly three-fourths to device makers who produce lower-cost laptops and tablets.

Dell, Red Hat team up on network virtualization
Dell is teaming up with Red Hat to drive its effort to be a force in the burgeoning area of network function virtualization (NFV) technology, aimed at helping carriers reduce costs and quickly roll out new services.

Dell is the first PC maker to join wireless power group
Dell has become a member of the Alliance for Wireless Power, an indication that the company is eyeing the technology for some of its products.

Intel stresses in-memory computing with 15-core server chip
Intel has added up to 15 cores in its latest Xeon E7 v2 family of server processors, but is stressing in-memory computing improvements with the latest chips.

Microsoft sets Oct. 31 as stop date for Windows 7 consumer PC sales
Microsoft has set Oct. 31 as the end of sales of new consumer-grade Windows 7 PCs, but for now has left open the do-not-sell-after-this-date for business machines.

Nadella's $40M portfolio puny compared to Ballmer's
Microsoft disclosed new CEO Satya Nadella's stock holdings -- both those he now controls and a larger number he has coming to him -- at 1.1 million shares, with a paper value of nearly $40 million.

Why Steve Ballmer Left Microsoft Better Than He Found It
New Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella certainly has his work cut out for him, but his job pales in comparison to the mess Steve Ballmer inherited in 2000. Nadella should succeed -- and if he does, he owes a lot to his oft-maligned predecessor.

The future of Dynamics in a Nadella-led Microsoft
Microsoft's Dynamics ERP and CRM product lines seemed safe immediately following former CEO Steve Ballmer';s sweeping reorganization of the company last year. But now that longtime Microsoft executive Satya Nadella has been named Ballmer's successor, the time is ripe for more focused speculation on the future of Dynamics. Here's a look at what could be in store.

Microsoft promises Nadella up to $18M for fiscal year 2015
Microsoft this week set Satya Nadella's annual base salary at $1.2 million, nearly twice his predecessor's but right on the average of CEOs in the tech industry, an executive compensation expert said today.

Nadella returns Microsoft to 'magic of software' roots
Satya Nadella, Microsoft's new CEO, took the unexpected step Tuesday of addressing customers and partners in a 16-minute interview, where he did not stray from the messaging Microsoft has used for 20 months.

Tip of the Hat: Insider CEO Nadella must take on tough task of disrupting Microsoft
Since reports surfaced late last week that Satya Nadella would be the third CEO in Microsoft's history, the tech world has been abuzz with speculation about the future of one of the industry's major forces.

Jonny Evans: Microsoft, the wallflower
The choice of Satya Nadella as CEO suggests that the consumer-market party is over for the company, as it turns its attention to the unglamorous world of infrastructure.

Microsoft's new CEO and his first-100-days plan
Microsoft's new CEO, Satya Nadella, had better hit the ground running with a plan for his first three months on the job, corporate strategy and branding experts said today.

Personal history may thrust new Microsoft CEO into visa debate
Microsoft's new CEO, Satya Nadella, was born in Hyderabad, India, one of that nation's largest IT centers, and graduated from Manipal University in India before heading to the U.S. to earn an advanced degrees in business and computer science.

As Dell cuts, Apple adds jobs in Austin
If there is one region in the U.S. that can absorb Dell's planned workforce cutbacks, it may be the Austin, Texas, area, one of the nation's hottest areas for tech jobs.

Bill Gates steps aside as chairman, becomes Nadella's 'consigliere'
Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates will step down as chairman of the board to spend his time with the company advising the new CEO, Satya Nadella.

Microsoft stays in-house, taps Nadella as new CEO
Microsoft today ended its five-month CEO search where it began as it named insider Satya Nadella its third-ever chief executive.

Dell cuts 'small percentage' of workforce
Dell Monday confirmed it has cut its global workforce by what it called a "small percentage," which could mean a reduction of thousands of employees.

Cognoscenti anoint Nadella as next Microsoft CEO
After sustained reports surfaced that Microsoft is close to naming its third-ever CEO, Satya Nadella, a 21-year veteran of the company, is now seen as the heir apparent.

Dell lets managers go 'off road' with self-serve analytics
Once upon a time within Dell, managers who needed a business analysis report had to put in an IT request, a drawn out process that drove business units to set up their own shadow IT systems to run these numbers instead.

Has Dell Created the Perfect Thin Client?
Many have tried to create a marketable thin client, let alone a perfect one. So far, all have failed. But the Dell-Wyse Cloud Connect, announced this week, might be close.

Dell ships Android-based PC on a stick
Dell has started shipping the Android-based Wyse Cloud Connect, a $129 device that is slightly larger than a USB stick and can be used by consumers to watch movies in HD or by enterprises as a virtual desktop client.

Russian man pleads guilty in SpyEye malware case
Russian Aleksandr Andreevich Panin has pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit wire and bank fraud for his role as primary developer and distributor of the SpyEye bank fraud Trojan, the U.S. Department of Justice said Tuesday.

Read this before you buy another hard drive
It's rare that a company would release internal data on drive failure rates -- even more so when that company, Backblaze, earns its living storing consumer data in the cloud. That makes the hard drive data released this week even more valuable.

IBM moves again to sell low-end server business; Dell, Fujitsu, Lenovo circling
IBM has revived efforts to sell its low-end server business and Dell, Fujitsu and Lenovo are all lining up to take a look, according to reports this week.

HP sticks thumb in Microsoft's eye, discounts consumer Windows 7 PCs
Hewlett-Packard today launched a new online promotion that discounts several consumer PCs by $150 when equipped with Windows 7, saying the four-year-old OS is "back by popular demand."

Dell doesn't rule out layoffs to maintain stability
Dell on Thursday declined to confirm a report of employee layoffs, but said it could make decisions related to the workforce if necessary in order to maintain company stability.

Prices of 4K monitors fall to under $800
Prices of 4K monitors have fallen to under US$800, finally coming within the reach of users who didn't want to spend thousands on displays.

Microsoft trumps Apple in branding, takes top spot
Microsoft came out on top in a brand survey conducted by Forrester Research, beating often-trumpeted Apple because of Microsoft's ubiquity in consumers' lives and its cross-generational appeal.

Analysts blast crappy Chromebooks reporting, defend platform's potential
Media reports two weeks ago that Chromebooks had had a successful 2013 drew criticism from analysts, including one whose data sparked the coverage.

3 Things That Will Make the 'New' Dell Different
Dell is going private, and that means Michael Dell can stop worrying about shareholders and start focusing on what it will take to make his company grow.

Chromebooks charge into business market
Sales of Chromebooks exploded from basically nothing in 2012 to more than 20 percent of the U.S. commercial PC market, analyst firm NPD reported on Monday, while Windows PCs and MacsA remained flat at best.

Dell joins forces with Dropbox to boost hosted storage for enterprises
Dropbox is getting help from Dell to persuade enterprises to pick its hosted storage and file-sharing platform, and also to make it more secure.

Dell, Red Hat team to sell OpenStack cloud platform
Dell will start selling systems early next year that run Red Hat's version of the OpenStack open-source cloud platform.

Dell's Chromebook is a sign of shakier times for Windows
Dell's debut of a Chromebook, an inexpensive laptop that runs Google's browser-based Chrome OS, is a sign that the platform has gone mainstream, an analyst argued today.

Dell's Chromebook 11 breaks reliance on Google's cloud
Most Chromebooks on the market rely on Google for online services, but Dell's new Chromebook 11 adds another cloud option to extend file sharing across desktops, laptops and mobile devices.

Review: Dell Compellent storage delivers flash speeds at disk prices
Dell's latest update to the Compellent Storage Center includes a novel approach to tiered SSDs, but it comes with caveats

Dell to add Chromebook 11, looks beyond Windows and Android
Dell said it would join a growing market of thin-and-light Chrome OS laptops with the new Chromebook 11, but the system will initially be available only to educational institutions.

Tablets remain tops in American gift-buying plans
A slightly-smaller percentage of American families plan to buy a tablet during the holiday season than last year, but tablets remain a hot-ticket item, a market research company reported today.

300 victims report fake support calls to security org
The Internet Storm Center, an arm of the SANS Technology Institute, has started collecting reports of fake support calls in an attempt to figure out how prevalent the scam is among computer owners.

U.S. investigates allegations of Dell computer resales into Syria
The U.S. Department of Justice is investigating a report alleging that Dell computers have been sold to the Syrian regime despite the trade embargo in place, according to a July filing by Dell to the U.S.A Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that was made public this week.

The top tech stories of 2013: Big Brother, wearables, and the struggles of aging tech giants
Politics collided with technology this year as stories about U.S. government spying stirred angst among U.S. citizens and foreign governments and the flawed site got American health-care reform off to a rocky start. Meanwhile, the post-PC era put aging tech giants under pressure to reinvent themselves.

Microsoft sells out Dell tablet doorbuster in minutes
Microsoft sold out the Dell Venue 8 Pro tablet within minutes of kicking off an online discount Monday morning.

Storage hardware sales hit by lower government spending
Storage vendors struggled with a decline in spending by the U.S. government and increased investment in public cloud capacity during the third quarter, according to IDC.

Laptop and tablet prices are about to hit their lows for the year
Prices of some laptops and tablets have already fallen as the holiday shopping season approaches, and more price drops are expected starting with Black Friday year-end sales in the U.S. this week.

Dell Venue 8 Pro review: A Windows 8.1 tablet for the rest of us
Dell's new Venue 8 Pro Windows 8.1 tablet offers users a fine display, good features and impressive audio -- at a reasonable price.

Fake Windows tech support calls continue to plague consumers
More than a year after the FTC heralded a major crackdown on fraudsters posing as Microsoft technical support personnel, consumers continue to receive calls from scammers.

Dell PowerEdge VRTX hits the high notes
Dell's four-blade, 32-drive, 'cluster in a box' packs high performance, high availability, and high-end management in a tidy package

Dell faces scrutiny for alleged labor violations in China
Workers at four Dell suppliers in China are allegedly enduring long overtime hours and facing exposure to toxic fumes, according to new reports from watchdog groups.

Microsoft culls list of CEO candidates
Microsoft has shortened its list of CEO candidates to a minimum of eight, including five outsiders and three current executives, according to the Reuters news service.

How Cloud Computing Puts Adverse Selection in Its Place
For years, operations departments have used adverse selection principles to allocate resources, often deeming small projects unworthy of enterprise computing power. Today, though, the cloud makes computing so cheap that there's no reason to deny any project, no matter how small. Doing so will simply push users to the public cloud -- and beyond IT's control.

Dell's deal to go private complete, no change in product plans
A deal to buy out Dell was completed on Tuesday, officially taking the company private.

Dell to show its first 64-bit ARM server this week
Dell will give its first public demonstration of a 64-bit ARM server this week, the latest step in an industrywide effort to build servers based on low-power chips like those used in smartphones.

Newest forecast kicks Windows' rebound further down the road
Gartner this week downgraded its Windows device shipment forecast for the second time this year, saying that while Microsoft's platform is still expected to rebound in 2014, its climb out of the PC slump will take longer.

The puzzling Lumia 2520 tablet: Will it disappear when Microsoft buys Nokia?
Nokia's launch today of its first Windows tablet, the Lumia 2520 running Windows RT 8.1, left observers wondering what would happen to the new tablet once Microsoft finalizes its $7.2 billion purchase of Nokia, probably next year.

Windows 8.1-based Bay Trail tablets to hit stores next week
With the release of Windows 8.1 next week will come new tablets with Intel's latest Atom chip code-named Bay Trail. The tablets, with starting prices from $299 to $350, include Dell"s Venue 8 Pro, Toshiba's Encore and Asustek"s Transformer Book T100. More models will ship in the coming months.

PC shipments stink less, may prop up Microsoft's Q3 revenue
Microsoft will probably report better than expected Windows revenue when it issues its third-quarter earnings numbers on Oct. 24, according to estimates of PC shipments this week by research firm IDC.

U.S. Mac shipments shrink 56X more than industry average
Mac shipments in the U.S. during the third quarter fell at a dramatically steeper rate than that of sales of other PCs, including those powered by Microsoft's Windows, IDC said Wednesday.

Owners of Dell's XPS 10 and Lenovo's Yoga 11 to get free Windows RT 8.1 updates
Dell's XPS 10 tablet and Lenovo's Yoga 11 hybrid with Windows RT have been discontinued, but the companies will provide customers free upgrades to the latest Windows RT 8.1 when the OS is released later this month, according to representatives from the two vendors.

HP's Whitman pegs Microsoft as an 'outright competitor' over Surface
HP CEO Meg Whitman yesterday blamed part of her company's problems on competition from long-time partner Microsoft, making HP the U.S.'s largest OEM to publicly find fault with Redmond.

New $249.99 Acer Chromebook bound to spark price war
Acer's latest 11.6-inch C720 Chromebook will sell for $249.99, which is the lowest price yet in the newest wave of thin-and-light laptops with Google's Chrome OS.

Dell's Surface Pro wannabe: Threat or proof Microsoft's strategy works?
Microsoft faces competition for its Surface Pro 2 tablet, and it's from an expected source: One of its own hardware partners, Dell.

With new Venue tablets, Dell signals its PC division is alive and kicking
Dell sent a message that it intends to keep its PC division alive with the launch of new Venue tablets on Wednesday.

Dell launches four new tablets -- all on Intel chips
Dell introduced four new low-cost tablets on Wednesday that run on Intel processors, shutting out ARM-based processors from its launch.

Dell updates private cloud to become PCI compliant
Looking to solidify its refocused efforts on private cloud platforms, Dell today rolled out new features to improve security and manageability of its offerings.

How Tech Companies Can Succeed by Going Private
BlackBerry, BMC and Dell are three of the latest tech companies to go private after a series of stumbles as public companies. To succeed in the latest chapter of their business lives, these firms need to undo the damage done by going public in the first place. It's easier said than done.

The America's Cup: nerves, skill and a lot of computers
This year's America's Cup will be remembered for Oracle Team USA's jaw-dropping comeback against Emirates New Zealand, but it should also be remembered for the huge role computers have come to play in the competition.

Microsoft is sole Windows RT tablet vendor as Dell's XPS 10 is 'unavailable'
Dell's XPS 10 tablet models with Windows RT have been removed from the company's website, which analysts said could leave Microsoft as the only vendor selling ARM-based tablets running versions of Windows RT.

New Dell won't abandon the PC
Dell officials vow that the company will continue making acquisitions and will remain committed to its struggling PC business once its $24.9 billion deal to go private is complete.

Microsoft expands buyback deal to goose sales of Surface, Windows phones
Microsoft has expanded a buyback program to boost sales of Windows smartphones and tablets, and will pay up to $350 for a wide variety of rival hardware powered by Apple's iOS and Google's Android.

Microsoft won't discount Windows 8.1 upgrades
Microsoft today announced that it will charge full price for Windows 8.1 upgrades from Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7.

Dell introduces $349 Inspiron 11 touchscreen laptop
Dell has introduced an 11.6-inch Inspiron 11 touchscreen laptop starting at $349 as the company reshapes its consumer laptop lineup with a new naming scheme and models.

5 bad signs for Apple's iPhone 5s fingerprint scanner
When Apple announced its new iPhone 5s last week, the fingerprint scanning technology, called Touch ID, stood out as one of the most notable additions. The benefits are easy enough to identify a iPhone users will no longer need to repeatedly type in an annoying security PIN code to unlock their phones or download apps or media from iTunes.

Why HP's Successful Turnaround Is Closer Than It Looks
Hewlett-Packard's turnaround effort under CEO Meg Whitman, like an object in the rearview mirror, is closer than it appears. Credit the impending success on strategic partnerships, good hires and a broad view of the future of tech.

Dell to continue acquisitions, remains committed to PCs after going private
Dell will invest in additional acquisitions and remain committed to its struggling PC business once a US$24.9 billion deal to go private is complete, according to company officials.

Dell goes private as shareholders approve $24.9 billion deal
Shareholders have voted to approve a US$24.9 billion buyout of the company by founder and CEO Michael Dell and investment firm Silver Lake Partners.

BMC chief says going private is 'great news for customers, bad news for competitors'
While Dell has captured headlines for months as it attempts the transition from public to private company, BMC Software went private on Tuesday without all the drama and shareholder fireworks.

Dell reviving Venue mobile brand with new Windows 8.1 tablet
Dell on Wednesday showed off a new Windows 8.1 tablet called Venue, a brand name for mobile devices the PC maker abandoned when it discontinued shipment of smartphones early last year.

Icahn withdrawal clears Dell buyout path
After a long battle, Carl Icahn and associates admitted they were fighting a losing battle and have stepped away from their attempt to buy Dell.

Dell sticks with Windows 8 for business tablets
Demand for Windows 8 may be sluggish, but Dell still thinks it's the best operating system for business tablets and plans to roll out more Windows 8 products later this year.

Disk storage revenues decline in Q2
Disk storage systems sales generated $7.7B in the second quarter, a 5% decline from the same quarter in 2012, according to IDC.

Tesla's Model S vulnerable to hackers, kind of
It's the curse of the connected car a once it's linked to the Internet, it's, well, on the Internet. In the case of the Tesla Model S, this means that malicious hackers could, in theory, control some functions of the vehicle and even track it without the owner's knowledge.

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Customer service lessons from Michael Dell, Jeff Bezos and Mickey Mouse

The key to a successful business is a relentless focus on not just good customer service, but totally awesome customer service.  This holds true for companies of all sizes and in all industries, but also for IT departments within companies.  Let me define my view of customer service:  It’s that feeling of goodness, that warm calm inside, that justification (even if distorted) for spending money, that someone gets from a positive interaction with your service or people.

Big PC makers aim Android at the heart of Microsoft

Android has long dominated Windows on mobile devices, but now PC makers are doing the previously unthinkable: Aiming it straight at traditional PCs, the heart of Microsoft's core business. Will Microsoft be able to survive this latest assault on Windows?

Dell and enterprises diss Windows 8 big-time

If selling and buying operating systems were a football game, Dell and enterprises might be called for piling on, because within the last several days both of them have given big thumbs-downs to Windows 8. This is just the latest in a long series of bad news for the newest version of Windows.

Windows 8 and Windows 7 are helping sink Dell, company says

Dell, which built itself into a tech powerhouse by selling Windows-based PCs, is being seriously hurt by poor Windows 8 adoptions and big slowdowns in enterprise Windows 7 upgrades. So says a Dell SEC filing. And things may only get worse from here -- potentially for Microsoft as well as Dell.

Did a fear of Linux spark Microsoft's investment in Dell?

One theory about why Microsoft lent $2 billion as part of a deal to take Dell private is that Microsoft plans to use its newfound influence with the company to stop Dell from further building Linux hardware. Is that really the case, or just a conspiracy theory?

The Dell deal: Microsoft comes out a big winner

Microsoft is one of the biggest winners in the deal to take Dell private. It means the continuance of a healthy Windows ecosystem, including for tablets. More important, it could ensure Microsoft's dominance in the enterprise, and lead to possible success in the cloud.

Why Microsoft should invest in Dell: It's all about tablets and the cloud

Why would Microsoft invest up to several billion dollars to help Dell go private and become part owner of the company? For Microsoft it's all about two of tech's biggest growth drivers: Tablets and the cloud.

Dell stock to exit market? Are PC sales that bad?

Dell (NASDAQ:DELL) is said to be trying to go private. Rumor-mongers say the company is talking to private equity firms about a buyout. The Street likes what it hears, it seems. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers ponder what it all means for the PC market.

Windows 8 convertible devices: Born to fail

Microsoft and hardware makers have big hopes for "convertible"Windows 8 notebooks/tablets -- machines that do double-duty as notebooks and tablets. But "convertibles" and similar devices are bound to fail. They're a marketing concept in search of a reason to live, and there is none.

Dell hell continues as it morphs into enterprise cloud company

The Dell (NASDAQ:DELL) Q2 results make ugly reading. The company is in mid-transition from a consumer-PC-led business into an enterprise 'n' cloud-computing firm. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers manage to avoid using the phrase post-PC.

Collected: Apple, iPhone, Dell, post-PC, data and you

Some still deny Apple [AAPL] CEO, Steve Jobs and his vision of an age of computing after the PC, but this number doesn't include Dell boss, Michael Dell, who "doesn't want to talk about PCs anymore," according to the Wall Street Journal. That's a shame as there's almost no touchscreens left for Dell to use in its own tablets, Apple got them all. And regulators everywhere finally get the idea that location-based data protection may be needed after all.

Newspipe: White iPhone 4 release date; Post-PC tablets; DoJ vs. botnet

Welcome to Newspipe: a wrap-up of interesting stories in a handy, easily-digestible size. This time: rumors say we're close to the release date for Apple's (AAPL) white iPhone 4; falling PC sales in a post-PC world of tablets; and the Justice Department wages war on botnets and zombies (oh my!)

"iPad 2 will FAIL in enterprise." O RLY, Dell?

O RLY? (original image by John_White) A Dell marketing muckety-muck chucked muck at Apple's iPad 2 down under. Dell big cheese Andy Lark says the iPad ain't so magical when you get it in an enterprise. He also claims it's horrifically expensive. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers dissect Dell's dissembling. Not to mention The existential despair of Charles Schulz's Peanuts...

Google and other titans form Open Networking Foundation

Google, Facebook and Microsoft are among the heavy hitters of the tech industry that have teamed up to support a new, cloud-focused initiative called Software-Defined Networking (SDN).

iPad 2 wins the tablet wars, competitors already DOA

Apple's [AAPL] iPad 2 hits US retail Friday, and already many of the 100 competing tablets shown at CES this year are being terminated, withdrawn, shelved or otherwise dumped. That's because competitors now know what I've been telling them: their expensive and less well-featured alternatives are DOA.