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Continuing coverage: Web giants attacked
Continuing coverage: Google, other companies attacked Web attacks RSS

White House orders security review in wake of WikiLeaks disclosure
The White House has ordered all federal agencies to review systems for protecting sensitive data due to the latest release of potentially damaging classified data by WikiLeaks.

Leaked U.S. document links China to Google attack
A State Department source in China told the U.S. that the Chinese government was behind the Google Aurora attacks last year.

Update: Researchers track cyber-espionage ring to China
Researchers in the U.S. and Canada have tracked and documented a sophisticated cyber-espionage network based in China, dubbed Shadow, that targeted computers in several countries, including systems belonging to the Indian government and military.

Google, China now playing cat and mouse?
Google late yesterday reversed its earlier statement and now says that the Chinese government is likely responsible for the difficulties some users in the country had accessing its sites early this week.

McAfee: 'Amateur' malware not used in Google attacks
A misstep by McAfee security researchers apparently helped confuse the security research community about the hackers who targeted Google and many other major corporations in cyber attacks last year.

Military warns of 'increasingly active' cyber-threat from China
On the same day that Google Inc. and the GoDaddy Group Inc. complained about China to a congressional committee, U.S. Navy Adm. Robert Willard appeared before the U.S. House Armed Services Committee with an even stronger warning about cyber-threats posed by China.

China: Google 'totally wrong' to stop censoring
Google was "totally wrong" to stop censoring results on its China-based search engine, Chinese state-controlled media cited a government official as saying early Tuesday.

Update: Google stops censoring in China
Google today said it has stopped censoring results in China, acting on a decision it made in January.

Google's China move ignores conventional wisdom
Google's decision to stop censoring search engine results in China, announced in a blog posting Monday, flies in the face of common wisdom when it comes to doing business in the country.

Google's China ad partners wait in 'incomparable pain'
A group of ad resellers for Google in China have asked the company to explain what will happen to them if Google shuts its China-based search engine, saying they have waited in "incomparable pain" since Google announced the possible move.

Google may soon leave China, reports say
Google is likely to close its Chinese operations soon as its negotiations with the Chinese government are apparently breaking down.

U.S. expert blames Chinese government for recent cyberattacks
The Chinese government is likely behind recent cyberattacks on U.S. government Web sites and on U.S. companies in an apparent effort to quash criticism of the government there, an expert on U.S. and Chinese relations said Wednesday.

Update: Attacks on Google may have been work of amateurs
Contrary to popular assumptions, the recent cyberattacks against Google and more than 30 other high-tech companies were carried out by relatively unsophisticated attackers using outdated botnet tools, according to an Atlanta-based security firm.

More than 100 companies targeted by Google hackers
The hackers who broke into Google two months ago have gone after more than 100 companies, according to an estimate by security vendor Isec Partners.

Source: Google cancels Android developer event in China
Google's row with the Chinese government has led it to cancel an event for Android developers in China next week, according to a person familiar with the situation, in the latest show of the dustup's effect on Google operations in China.

Intel confirms 'sophisticated' attacks in January
Intel was targeted by 'sophisticated' attacks in January, at about the same time that Google reported its network had been breached, allegedly by Chinese hackers.

Chinese schools deny role in Google hack
Two schools in China where computers were reportedly linked to cyberattacks on Google and other companies have denied involvement in the hack, Chinese state media said Sunday.

Chinese school linked to Google attacks also linked to '01 attacks on White House site
One of two Chinese academic institutions identified in a New York Times report Thursday as the apparent source of the recent attacks against Google, has also been linked to a hacker who may have been involved with the takedown of nine years ago.

After China pull-out bluster, will Google backtrack?
It has been a long three and a half weeks since Google made the dramatic announcement that it will no longer censor its search results in China, even if that means exiting that huge Internet market.

EPIC files FOIA request over reported Google, NSA partnership
Privacy advocacy group EPIC has filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the NSA asking for details on the agency's purported partnership with Google on cybersecurity issues.

Reported Google-NSA alliance sets off privacy alarms
In a development that is already causing alarm among privacy advocates, search engine giant Google Inc. is reported to be enlisting the help of the National Security Agency to investigate recent cyberattacks that Google says originated from China.

At Black Hat, a search for the best response to China
Google's revelation last month that attacks out of China resulted in the theft of some of its data drew attention to the broader question at the Black Hat conference here of what can be done to the villains.

Senator questions tech companies on China activities
U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin is seeking information from 30 technology companies in advance of a hearing he is planning on their human rights practices in China.

China takes step to toughen hacking laws
Chinese police and judicial officials are formulating new measures that govern how hacking crimes are handled by courts, the country's latest step to strengthen its cyber laws, state media reported.

China hacks used as lure for more targeted attacks
Malicious hackers have begun using the recent cyberattacks against Google and more than 30 other companies as lures for launching even more targeted attacks, security firm F-Secure said in a blog post today.

IE attacks pose small threat to U.S., big risk to China
Security researchers say that the hackers exploiting an Internet Explorer bug are far more likely to hit Chinese computers users than those in the U.S. The hackers are believed to be working from China.

China slams Clinton's call for Internet freedom
China on Friday slammed remarks made by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton promoting Internet freedom worldwide, saying her words harmed U.S.-China relations.

Widespread attacks exploit newly patched IE bug
The first widespread attack to leverage a recently patched flaw in Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser has surfaced.

Microsoft patches IE, admits it knew of bug last August
As Microsoft patched the Internet Explorer zero-day used to break into Google's network, it acknowledged that it had known of the bug since August 2009, when an Israeli security company reported the flaw.

Clinton: U.S. gov't will push harder against Web censorship
The State Department will launch several new initiatives focused on fighting Internet censorship, including working with businesses and other groups to develop mobile apps that help residents of countries with repressive governments report problems, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Thursday.

Firefox, Opera downloads soar after IE warnings
Mozilla yesterday reported a "huge increase" in downloads of Firefox in Germany after that country's computer security agency urged IE users to dump the browser and run a rival instead.

Microsoft to issue emergency IE patch Thursday
Microsoft will release its emergency patch for Internet Explorer (IE) on Thursday, the company said, as it also admitted that attacks can be hidden inside rigged Office documents.

Security researcher IDs China link in Google hack
The malicious software used to steal information Google and other companies contains code that links it to China, a security researcher said Tuesday

Microsoft promises emergency IE patch
Microsoft today announced that it will issue an emergency security update for Internet Explorer (IE), but postponed setting a ship date for the fix until Wednesday.

Researchers up ante, create exploits for IE7, IE8
Researchers have created attack code that exploits a zero-day vulnerability in IE7 as well as in the newest IE8 -- even when Microsoft's recommended defensive measure is on.

Hackers wield newest IE exploit in drive-by attacks
A security researcher said hackers are attacking some PC users by using an Internet Explorer exploit allegedly used last month to break into Google's network.

Three lessons for businesses from the Google attack
The cyberattacks against Google and more than 30 other technology companies by adversaries operating out of China highlights what some call the Advanced Persistent Threat confronting a growing number of U.S commercial entities.

China: We are biggest victim of cyberattacks
China on Tuesday denied any role in alleged cyberattacks on Indian government offices, calling China itself the biggest victim of hackers.

Google cyberattack probe includes employees
Google's investigation of a cyberattack that rocked the company's infrastructure in mid-December includes a probe of its staff in China, a source familiar with the investigation said on Monday.

Attack code used to hack Google now public
The dangerous Internet Explorer attack code used in last month's attack on Google's corporate networks is now public.

Vendor retracts claim of Adobe flaw's part in Google attack
A vendor that earlier this week claimed that a vulnerability in Adobe Reader appeared to have resulted in the recent attacks against Google and other companies has retracted that claim.

Google runs Microsoft's IE, attacks show
Google's corporate network was hacked because its workers were running rival Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser, a point that didn't escape the notice of security researchers and Web users.

U.S. to lodge formal protest with China over alleged cyberattacks
The U.S. will lodge a formal protest with China over the nation's alleged involvement in cyberattacks against Google.

Microsoft confirms IE zero-day behind Google attack
Microsoft issued a security advisory today that warned users of a critical and unpatched vulnerability in Internet Explorer (IE), and acknowledged that it had been used to hack several companies' networks.

Yahoo reportedly hit by China hackers
Yahoo was one of more than 30 companies hit by a sophisticated online attack from China, designed to steal intellectual property and collect information on Chinese dissidents, several news sources reported Thursday.

Hackers used IE zero-day, not PDF, in China-Google attacks
Hackers exploited an unpatched vulnerability in Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) browser to break into some of the firms targeted in a widespread attack that compromised Google's and Adobe's networks, McAfee said today.

Alleged China attacks could test U.S. cybersecurity policy
The attacks on Google and more than 30 other Silicon Valley companies by agents allegedly working for China raises a question: How should the U.S. government respond?

Law firm in Green Dam suit targeted with cyberattack
The law firm representing a U.S. company involved in a legal dispute over China's Green Dam censorship software says it was targeted with a sophisticated online attack this week, similar to the one reported by Google Tuesday.

Hackers used rigged PDFs to hit Google -- and Adobe, says researcher
Adobe today confirmed that the cyberattack that hit its corporate network earlier this month was connected to the large-scale attacks Google cited yesterday as one reason it might abandon China.

Hacking risks persist even if firms leave China
Google and other enterprises still face a bleak computer security landscape that makes their companies vulnerable to hackers, whether they do business in China or not, analysts say.

Adobe patches PDF zero-day, other critical bugs
Adobe patched eight security vulnerabilities, six of them critical, in its popular PDF viewing and editing programs.

Google attack part of widespread spying effort
Google's decision Tuesday to risk walking away from the world's largest Internet market may have come as a shock, but security experts see it as the most public admission of a top IT problem for U.S. companies: ongoing corporate espionage originating from China. probably attacked from U.S. domain registrar, says researcher
The attack that took China's biggest search site offline yesterday was most likely carried out by modifying Baidu's records at, the search engine's official domain registrar, a security researcher said today.

RSA: Hackers find a wealth of victims on corporate sites
User-generated Web content is becoming a target for hackers, and cross-site scripting attacks on Web sites can lead to malware taking over the browsers of machines that use the sites.

Online broker hit by denial-of-service attack
National Discount Brokers Group in Jersey City, N.J., said its Web site,, was down for nearly two hours yesterday, the apparent victim of a denial-of-service attack.

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'Operation Aurora' Google China patches imminent

Microsoft will soon be releasing patches for the vulnerabilities highlighted by the recent Google China hacks. The so-called Operation Aurora malware exploited bugs in IE, causing Redmond to issue fixes outside its usual second-Tuesday schedule. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers dig into the details and continue to point fingers at China. Not to mention Farmville!!!

Ditch IE over Google China 'Aurora' hack bug?

Should we be ditching IE because of the Google China hacking vulnerability? The German government thinks so. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers debate putting Internet Explorer out of our misery. Not to mention an alien shapeshifter...

How to protect yourself against the Chinese Google hack

Worried about the security hole in Internet Explorer that was used to launch attacks by China against Google and others? There are ways to help close it and limit your exposure to similar threats --- and it won't take more than a few minutes. Here's how to do it.

Apple: Still kowtowing to Chinese censorship

Apple has worked for years to build a company image as freedom-loving and iconoclastic. But the truth is far darker: Apple is cooperating with the Chinese government to ban iPhone applications in China related to the Dalai Lama and Uighur activist Rebiya Kandeer, even though it once highlighted the Dalai Lama in its "Think Different" campaign. One word describes Apple's behavior: hypocritical.

The little-known Microsoft connection in the Google-China cyberwar

Microsoft has yet to say whether it will follow Google in standing up to Chinese censorship, but a former top Microsoft executive played a key role in Google's Chinese business --- and his unexpectedly quitting Google last year may have signaled the impending cyberwar between Google and the Chinese government.

Google China censorship: opinion roundup

First came the breathless reporting of Google's faceoff with China over censorship and hacking. Now come the more considered opinions. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers do what they do best. Not to mention hot dogs and cats...

If Google abandons China will it take Android with it?

Here's an interesting scenario: If Google does stick to its guns and leaves China because the country continues to insist on censoring web search results and blocking websites, will it also pull Android cellphones from the Chinese market? That's just the beginning...

Microsoft should follow Google and drop censorship in China

Kudos to Google for finally standing up to the Chinese government, refusing to cooperate with Chinese censorship, and possibly pulling out of China altogether if it can't operate without censorship. Now it's time for Microsoft's Bing to follow suit.