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Power harvester uses Wi-Fi to charge wireless devices
RCA showed a prototype of its Wi-Fi Hotspot Power Harvester called Airnergy that's designed to convert Wi-Fi radio signals into DC power for charging small wireless devices such as smartphones.

USB 3.0 finally arrives
When you're in front of your PC, waiting for something to transfer to removable media, that's when seconds feel like minutes, and minutes feel like hours. Data storage scenarios such as that one is where the new SuperSpeed USB 3.0's greatest impact will be felt first.

Nexus One loses to iPhone in touchscreen accuracy tests
The Google Nexus One, Motorola Droid, and the iPhone have been put to the test to find out which smartphone has a better touchscreen. But despite overall more capable hardware, the iPhone still has a better display, a recent test shows.

FAQ: Ford's MyFord Touch Connected Car
Ford made waves at CES with MyFord Touch, a re-envisioned dashboard for multimedia, navigation and connections to the Internet. But while it's nice to ogle the technology's features or panic about safety, there are plenty of practical questions to answer.

'Minority Report' interface shown at CES
In a small meeting room at the edge of the show floor at the Consumer Electronics Show, a startup company demonstrated a motion-sensing interface technology that could offer a radical new way for interacting with games, PCs and televisions.

Quick look: The LG GW990 and Intel's role in 'superphones'
The upcoming LG Electronics GW990 smartphone looks, and feels, like it could be a real hit when it finally gets to the market in the second half of the year.

Image gallery: Hottest laptops and netbooks of CES
Everyone knew that this year's CES would be a coming-out party for tablets and ARM-based smartbooks. But what about those who still like a keyboard and Windows' buffet of apps? They're in luck, as laptops and netbooks showed that they are more than last decade's phenomenon.

Your mobile future: From smartphones to superphones -- and beyond
Just when the world got familiar with the smartphone, the mobile phone community is starting to talk about the "superphone." There's much more to come.

Hands On With the Litl Webbook
Litl's webbook looks and feels almost like a traditional laptop, but is billed instead as an internet appliance; think Chumby with a keyboard, and you won't be too far off the mark. The device was released in November, but I got a chance to check it out here at CES.

Money for nothing? Virtual goods market takes off
Social networking and multiplayer online games are fueling dramatic growth in hard cash earned from goods that exist only in the world of online make-believe, according to companies in that market gathered at CES.

Intel: 27 new laptop, desktop CPUs arrive this month
It's official. Intel CEO Paul Otellini launched a volley of 32-nanometer cannonballs at rival AMD with the official release of the company's latest dual- and quad-core Clarkdale and dual-core Arrandale processors.

E-readers to face tough fight against color tablets
Up to 40 e-readers could hit the market in 2010, but the question remains whether any of them can grab a major foothold before tablet computers with e-reader functions and brilliant LED color screens take over.

Dawn of the tablet PC: CES 2010 roundup
Tablet PCs are the big thing at CES 2010. Here's a look at what HP, Lenovo, and Sony have lined up -- as well as some of the challengers aiming to knock them down.

Intel CEO shows first Moorestown smartphone
Intel on Thursday showed the first smartphone based on its upcoming Moorestown platform for mobile devices.

Asustek unveils netbook that unfolds to big-screen tablet
Asustek Computer showed off its new 'wave' design concept in a few devices on Thursday at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), including a concept netbook that unfolds into a tablet PC and a 47-inch LED TV.

Verizon Wireless flexes LTE muscle at CES
Verizon Wireless demonstrated a series of technology prototypes this week to show how end users would benefit from its upcoming LTE network.

First looks from CES: Google Nexus One and Motorola Backflip
Two new smartphones demonstrated at the CES show this week offer a glimpse into some of the fascinating features to come to Android devices.

Palm opens developer program, adds plug-in support
Palm opened up its WebOS developer program to the public on Thursday, saying it expects to see a flood of new applications developed for the mobile OS.

Palm updates the Pre and Pixi for Verizon Wireless
Verizon Wireless will start selling improved versions of Palm's Pre and Pixi smartphones later this month under an exclusive arrangement with the handset maker.

U.S. consumer electronics revenue dropped 8% in '09
The U.S. consumer electronics industry saw sales drop 8% in 2009 as customers went for cheaper products as a result of the poor economy, the industry's trade association said Thursday.

Quick hands-on from CES: Que and Skiff e-readers
E-readers are making a big play at CES this year, and I got to hold and play briefly with two new ones: the Que from Plastic Logic and a previewed version of the Skiff from Skiff LLC.

First Look: Marvell's Plug Computer 3.0
Marvell has introduced its third-generation Sheevaplug, which is the basis for the Plug Computer 3.0. I got my hands on the first unit from one of Marvell's six contract manufacturing partners.

CES: See-through screens - gimmick or instant gadget love?
The next big wave to rush down the display tech pipeline may be laptops and handheld gadgets with transparent OLED screens.

Que e-reader unveiled for business professionals
Plastic Logic unveiled its long-promised Que e-reader for business professionals today at the International CES trade show.

Nvidia's new chips target mobile devices
Nvidia launched its next-generation Tegra processor for low-cost laptops and tablets on Thursday, which could intensify competition with rival Intel in the chip market.

CES: Intel launches next-generation Core chips
Intel on Thursday officially released its next-generation chips, which should improve the system performance and battery life of laptops.

New Sprint device depends on WiMax advances
Sprint unveiled a new wireless router it hopes will take advantage of the expected rapid spread of WiMax 4G technology over the next year.

CES: Ballmer shows off Windows 7 slate PCs, but he's coy about Courier
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer showed off three Windows 7-based touch screen computers but didn't demonstrate the company's new Courier e-reader-type machine as was expected.

Project Natal hitting Xbox 360 this year
Microsoft's full-body game control system Project Natal will be launched in time for the holidays this year, in what promises to be a big year for Xbox 360 users.

AMD launches DirectX 11 laptop graphics processors
Advanced Micro Devices announced new DirectX 11 mobile graphics processors that should bring improved graphics and application performance to Windows 7 laptops, the company said on Thursday.

Ford adapts Sync to create myFord Touch driver interface
Ford has updated its Sync technology and made it the basis for a new driver interface and dashboard design called myFord Touch that it is rolling out at this week's Consumer Electronics Show.

Samsung builds 3D TV home system, thinnest LED TV ever
Samsung Electronics unveiled a strong line-up for the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) on Wednesday, including a complete 3D home entertainment system and LED TVs with screens as thin as a pencil.

Motorola announces Backflip, more Android to come
Motorola will introduce more Android handsets as the company aims to offer an array of devices based on the mobile operating system, each targeting different segments of the consumer market, the CEO of Motorola's handset business said Wednesday.

Device makers bring mobile TV to iPhones
Two partnerships backing different forms of mobile TV are using this year's International Consumer Electronics Show to announce devices that can bring TV to iPhones through the back door.

CES: New Lephone smartphone central to mobile strategy
Lenovo announced a smartphone on Wednesday that executives said would be at the center of expanding the company's mobile strategy worldwide.

Cisco CEO on video technology: 'It's an art'
With a smile and a few handshakes for reporters, Cisco CEO John Chambers launched into a 45 minute presentation at the CES show on Wednesday describing the future of video over networks.

CES: Marvell sees fleet of Plug Computer-based products coming
Marvell Technology Group Ltd. showed off a new version of its tiny, green Plug Computer that boasts a much faster CPU on Tuesday.

AT&T to have first Dell Android phone exclusively
Dell will launch an Android smartphone later this year, and AT&T will carry it exclusively, officials of both companies announced today at the 2010 AT&T Developer Summit.

CES 2010 projects post-recession optimism
About 65 optimistic electronics vendors showed off a variety of new devices during a pre-2010 International CES show event held in Las vegas yesterday.

CES: Lenovo unveils hybrid tablet laptop with 'two brains'
Lenovo today announced its IdeaPad U1, a consumer Windows laptop with a touchscreen that can be detached and used as a separate Linux tablet computer.

CES: HP bets more on touch computing
Hewlett-Packard may be the biggest champion of touch computing, but even HP is not ready to embrace the hype and ship a full-fledged tablet computer.

CES: Firm to show more powerful wireless power technology
Fulton Innovation plans to demonstrate upgrades to its wireless power technology at the CES show in Las Vegas.

Lenovo pushes new smartbook as netbook alternative
Lenovo on Tuesday made a splash in the mobile market with the launch of its first smartbook, a mini-laptop that the company says combines the best features of netbooks and smartphones, albeit without telephone functions.

CES: Mobile DTV goes Wi-Fi to reach iPhones
Among the devices supporting mobile digital TV at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week will be a small box designed to bring over-the-air broadcasts to iPhones, BlackBerries, laptops and other devices with Wi-Fi.

CES: IBM to showcase smart home devices
IBM is pushing for intelligent homes as Internet-connected household devices get access to more online content and services, company officials said on Monday.

Intel gets ready to launch 32nm Westmere chips
Intel is making a big leap later this week, moving from a 45-nanometer manufacturing process to 32nm with three new chips.

CES: Thinner laptops, 3D TV look set to headline show
Thinner laptops, 3D television and e-book readers are expected to be among the highlights of this year's International Consumer Electronics Show that begins in Las Vegas on Thursday.

CES: DisplayLink says USB 3.0 video coming soon
DisplayLink plans to show off a new chip that supports the USB 3.0 standard at the Consumer Electronics Show next month in Las Vegas.

CES expands size of iPod, iPhone showcase at 2010 event
The Consumer Electronics Association, which organizes the massive Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas every January, plans to more than quintuple the size of its iPhone and iPod exhibit space at the 2010 trade show.

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Apple tablet 'PC' rumors: FingerWorks, A9, Orange, and more...

Another week; another set of Apple tablet 'PC' rumors. As speculation seemingly reaches fever-pitch, new nuggets of information continue to get dug out of the frozen ground. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers ponder Apple's acquisition of FingerWorks, ARM's Cortex A9, and an apparent lapsus-de-langue by a Frenchman. Not to mention The Unbroken Thread...

Google Nexus One vs. iPhone 3GS: FIGHT!

It's been almost a week -- how are the Google Nexus One phone early adopters finding it? And how does it measure up to the obvious benchmark: Apple's iPhone 3GS? In IT Blogwatch, bloggers compare and contrast. Not to mention asdfmovie2...

Hands-on: Trying out Fuse, a new concept in mobile design

Back in mid-December, Synaptics, a developer of human interface devices such as the touchpad, introduced what it's hoping is the next generation in mobile device concepts. It's called Fuse, and I got a chance to spend a few minutes with a very early prototype.

CES: Which do developers prefer: iPhone or Android?

In doing the rounds at the CES Showstoppers event last night, I learned a bit more than I expected -- that while developers like Android because of its open structure, but that there are also advantages to Apple's more structured platform policy.

CES 2010: New Intel processors: 32nm Core i3/i5/i7 HD turbo CPU chips ahoy!

At CES 2010 in Las Vegas, we see new, 32 nanometer Intel processors. The chip company's been announcing updated Core i3, i5, and i7 CPUs and associated chipsets. Some with Turbo Mode and/or integrated "HD" graphics. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers look deeper. Not to mention The Known Universe...

Dell's Slate is the iPod Touch for Google's Android platform

One of the bigger announcements at today's CES was Dell's foray into tablets ... or 'slates' as everyone seems to be calling them, now that news that Apple registered the domain iSlate was released.

CES: Do you really want a 3D TV?

It's difficult not to get enthusiastic over 3D when it's so much in evidence at this year's CES. Nearly every press preview that I've attended has mentioned 3D in some way.

CES: HP Slate preempts Apple Tablet, Sony gives up, and more

In Las Vegas, CES 2010 is spooling up. Microsoft's Steve Ballmer gave his opening keynote last night and we're already seeing some interesting announcements. Clearly, the Apple tablet isn't going to be the only game in town. In IT Blogwatch, what's blogged in Vegas doesn't stay in Vegas. Not to mention the Win7 Beep driver...

The next generation of Linux notebooks arrives at CES

The major computer vendors are once more embracing Linux as HP and Lenovo both announce models with desktop Linux pre-installed and rumor is there's more to come.

CES: Toshiba's stereoscopic Cell TV

Back when I was a kid, one of the things that I looked forward to when visiting my grandparents was playing with their stereoscope. Little did I know that Toshiba would re-introduce the concept -- in a somewhat more sophisticated way -- with its new Cell TV.

CES: Pushing through the crowds

When you're five foot five inches tall and not all that wide, it's sometimes hard to push your way to the various vendors at the CES Unveiled press preview

Microsoft Office 2010: download versions and prices

Microsoft has released the planned prices for Office 2010. It's also detailed a new method for downloading the suite and upgrading to different versions. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers delve into the details. Not to mention a useless machine...

And so CES starts

CES is a place where everybody is trying to find out what everybody else knows. Especially during the first two days, before the show floor opens and when the hotels are mainly occupied by vendors getting their exhibits ready and press trying to get into press events that are already full.

Flying to CES - online

I'm not a frequent traveler, but I've been doing business trips long enough to be used to the three most frustrating rules for the technically enthusiastic flyer: No phone calls (unless you want to use the plane's over-priced service). No decent entertainment. And no Internet.