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Facebook tweaks, Intel chip delay and leak

By Nancy Weil
December 11, 2009 04:38 PM ET

IDG News Service - Facebook's new privacy policy was rolled out this week and although we have known for months that it was coming it grabbed a lot of headline attention just the same. Of course, there were plenty of complaints from users about various aspects of the changes, so Facebook has already made some tweaks. In other news, Intel's Larrabee delay, announced last week, carried over into this week.

1. Facebook simplifies privacy options, Facebook privacy changes draw mixed reviews, Facebook users speak out against new privacy settings, After criticism, Facebook tweaks friends' privacy options Protect your privacy with the new Facebook settings: Even though we've known that Facebook privacy changes were in the offing, their official roll out this week provoked ire among some users, prompting yet more tweaking by Facebook.

2. Intel won't give up on Larrabee, analysts say and Intel may give Larrabee update in 2010: Last Friday's news that Intel has delayed the launch of its Larrabee graphics processor spilled into this week, churning up speculation about reasons for the delay and what it might mean to Intel's business (see also number four).

3. Apple countersues Nokia over patents: Apple is countersuing Nokia in a patent dispute initiated by Nokia in October and sure to result in an interesting legal tussle.

4. Analysts scoff at talk of Intel-Nvidia deal: Contrary to the swirl of Internet rumors that Intel wants to buy rival Nvidia, analysts say that's not likely.

5. Analysis: TSA document release shows pitfalls of electronic redaction and Lawmakers seek to stop reposting of TSA security document: This week's "Oopsie Award" goes to the U.S. Transportation Security Administration, where a contract employee posted a sensitive security document online that was not properly redacted. The TSA says that the document was outdated. But, hey, as long as we're all required to take off our shoes to get through airport security, what do we have to be concerned about?

6. Intel's upcoming Core i3 chip surfaces on retail site: Canadian online retailer A-Power started taking orders for Intel's new Clarkdale processor. The only thing is that Intel has not yet announced an official launch date for that next-generation desktop processor.

7. HP agrees to talks to head off major strike and Fujitsu staff slam pay offer and schedule strike: In labor news from the U.K., Hewlett-Packard barely avoided the strike of 1,000 former EDS staff members who work on important government projects. Meanwhile, Fujitsu employees turned down offers on pay and pensions, instead setting upcoming strike dates with the first set for next Friday.

8. Microsoft getting better at Patch Tuesday updates, experts say: Microsoft is refining its process for releasing patches, earning some kudos for its efforts.

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