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E-book readers
Latest on e-book readers: News, reviews and more E-book RSS mulls unlimited e-book subscription offer looks to be prepping a $9.99-a-month e-book and audiobook subscription service dubbed "Kindle Unlimited."

Amazon lets you switch from e-book reading to listening with just a tap
If you ever wanted to switch between reading an e-book and listening to it being read -- maybe by a famous actor or the author -- Amazon now has just the thing for you.

Self-publishing e-books: How to get started
Self-publishing has become an increasingly important industry for both individual authors and businesses who want to put out their own books. But how do you begin? Here are some tips for self-starters.

4 Android e-reader apps: The latest word in reading
Sometimes even a tablet is too much trouble to tote. These Android smartphone e-reader apps will make it easy to enjoy your favorite book wherever you go.

Apple makes good on vow, appeals e-book price-fix ruling
Apple yesterday appealed a decision by a federal judge who ruled the Cupertino, Calif. company must be monitored by a watchdog for two years after conspiring to fix e-book prices.

Federal judge upholds Apple's 30% take on in-app e-book sales
A federal judge rejected government regulators' demand that Apple waive its 30% commission on all in-app e-book sales by third-party retailers, including Amazon, for two years.

Angry Apple makes hollow threat to bar Kindle, other e-book apps
Apple pushed back on e-book price-fixing remedies proposed by the Department of Justice and 33 state attorneys general with, among other things, an implied threat that it could yank Amazon's Kindle app from its iPad and iPhone App Store.

How to browse the Kindle Lending Library on your PC
As an avid reader, and an especially big fan of ebooks, I thought subscribing to Amazon Prime seemed like a good idea.

E-reader decline prompts user debate over e-reader vs. tablet
Reports of the drastic decline of e-readers amidst an explosion in multi-use tablets re-ignited a passionate debate in technology: Is a single-purpose device better and worth the cost, compared to a multi-function device

Last chapter for e-readers?
It could be be the final word on e-readers. Analysts are sounding a proverbial death knell for the devices, which have declined 36% in 2012 as buyers turned instead to multi-use tablets.

Kindle Fire HD review: A better Kindle, but not a better tablet
Amazon's newest Kindle, the 7-in. Kindle Fire HD, is a great buy if you're an Amazon customer, but it falls short as a general-purpose tablet.

Learn the Basics of Using Pinterest for Business
Should businesses be interested in Pinterest? On the surface, you might not think so: the service would appear to be little more than a showcase for cool jewelry and favorite recipes.

Target to stop selling Amazon Kindles in its stores
Target plans to stop selling Kindle e-readers in its brock-and-mortar stores after seeing buyers test the devices in its showrooms only to later buy them online from Amazon.

Microsoft-Barnes & Noble deal could lead to Windows-based tablet
Microsoft's partnership with Barnes & Noble could lead to development of a Windows-based tablet or e-reader, not just a Nook e-reader application for Windows 8, some analysts said.

Apple vs. Amazon: Who Is Really Fixing E-Book Prices?
A brouhaha is shaping up: Apple and book publishers square off against Amazon and the DOJ over the price of an e-book. Who's right?'s Tom Kaneshige looks back to a Whiz Kid from the '90s for answers.

Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight: An e-reader for night readers
Barnes & Noble's new Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight offers readers the ability to read comfortably in sunlight and in the dark. But can it otherwise compete?

Some Publishers Quickly Settle E-book Price-Fixing Lawsuit
Within hours of an anti-trust lawsuit filed against some of the largest trade book publishers in the United States and Apple for fixing the prices on e-books, three of publishers have settled their involvement in the case with the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ).

DOJ sues Apple for e-book price fixing
The U.S. Department of Justice filed an antitrust lawsuit against Apple and five book publishers for alleged e-book price fixing The Wall Street Journal reported.

Update: DOJ sues Apple, publishers over e-book price-fixing
The U.S. Department of Justice has filed an antitrust lawsuit against Apple and five large publishers, accusing the companies of working together to raise prices of e-books.

Publish an Ebook, Step by Step
Want to publish a book? You can either kill a bunch of trees, or get with the 2010s and publish it as an ebook.

Goodbye e-books, hello apps
E-book sales are, surprisingly, flattening and Gibbs knows why: E-books don't really work very well.

E-book library borrowing hits record pace
Holiday sales of new tablets and e-readers have catapulted e-book borrowing at many of the nation's libraries, raising the question of how libraries can keep up with demand -- especially when some publishers still balk at e-book lending.

In depth: Using the Kindle Fire vs. the Kobo Vox vs. the Nook Tablet
Preston Gralla worked on the three new color e-readers -- the Kindle Fire, Kobo Vox and Nook Tablet -- and reports on his experiences and preferences.

Image gallery: 'Cool stuff' 2011 holiday tech gift guide
From tablets and smartphones to HDTVs and a few surprises, we've rounded up the best tech gear to give and get this year.

Cool stuff: Your 2011 holiday tech gift guide
From tablets and smartphones to laptops, HDTVs and a few surprises, we've rounded up the best tech gear to give and get this year.

Kobo Vox: A social, multipurpose e-reader and tablet
Like its E-Ink sibling, the Kobo Touch e-reader, the Vox has a social focus, and places an emphasis on sharing reading experiences.

Analysis: Kindle Fire, Nook Tablet, Kobo Vox
Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kobo are all vying for the dollars of those consumers who want either a high-end e-reader or low-end tablet. What does the race look like?

Kindle Fire: What the critics are saying
Gadget gurus have been testing out Amazon's Kindle Fire media tablet ahead of the device's Tuesday ship date and the consensus is that it's a solid alternative to the iPad for some environments. The Fire even matches the device when it comes to breadth of downloadable content to put on the new tablet, thanks to Amazon's wealth of digital content, including e-books, movies, television shows, Android apps, and, of course, e-books.

First Impressions: The Nook Tablet is the value tablet to beat
The Nook Tablet is leaps ahead of its competitors. That said, the Nook Tablet is not a full-featured tablet and lacks built-in Bluetooth, stereo speakers, GPS, and front- and rear-facing cameras.

Amazon Prime book lending: your FAQs answered
Amazon Prime subscribers can now read more than 5,000 Kindle e-book titles for free thanks to a new service called Kindle Owners' Lending Library, but only if you own a Kindle device. The new Prime feature lets you borrow one book per month and read it on your Kindle device for as long as you want with no specific due date when your access to the book expires. Amazon lending library books cannot be read using Amazon's smartphone apps.

Bluefire launches Android-ready e-reader software for independent booksellers
Bluefire Productions announced e-reader software that can be used by independent booksellers for Android devices. The software is a supplement to a free Bluefire e-reader version for iPad that was released last November.

Kindle Fire virtual teardown puts cost at $209.63, about $10 above retail
The Kindle Fire tablet costs $209.63 for materials and manufacturing expenses, more than $10 above its $199 price tag, according to a virtual teardown by IT research firm IHS iSuppli.

E-books now a novelty at Virginia regional library network
Massanutten Regional Library, based in Harrisonburg, Va., began offering the clientele in its mostly rural library network the option of borrowing e-books for the first time on Tuesday.

Kindle books now ready for borrowing from public libraries
Users of the Kindle e-reader and Amazon's e-reading app for other devices can now borrow e-books from more than 11,000 U.S. libraries.

Libre Air: Tiny, Cool, Affordable Ebook Reader
E-readers don't get much smaller than the 6-ounce Aluratek Libre Air, which measures 6.0 by 4.1 by 0.4 inches. But this tiny package holds a lot of useful technology, including Wi-Fi integration with an online bookstore offering both commercial and free content.

Libre Touch Color E-Reader Has Usability Flaws
More and more devices are blurring the lines between ebook reader and tablet, but the Aluratek Libre Touch isn't one of them. While it does support basic Web browsing, email, and multimedia playback, the Libre Touch is first and foremost an e-reader with a color touchscreen and integration (via Wi-Fi) with an online bookstore. But although its feature list is respectable, usability flaws make the Libre Touch a tough sell, even at its attractive price ($150 as of August 5, 2011).

Bookeen Cybook Orizon Touchscreen Ebook Reader
The Bookeen Cybook Orizon joins a growing group of ebook readers with built-in Wi-Fi, which allows you to download material without having to hook the device up to a PC. The $240 (as of August 5, 2011) Orizon also has a 6-inch touchscreen electronic-paper display, which makes for easy and intuitive menu navigation, text selections, and page turns using your fingertip.

Bookeen Cybook Sleek, Lacks Integrated Store
Bookeen's latest iteration of its Cybook Opus (originally reviewed last year) puts a little spit and polish on the original, which was one of the skinniest and lightest e-readers available. At 5.3 ounces, the new Opus retains the featherweight crown, but the current Sony Reader Pocket Edition almost matches it at 5.5 ounces--and that model offers an easier-to-navigate touchscreen. On top of that, the Opus's $190 price remains steeper than most (though competitive with Sony).

Travel Smart: The Best Tech Gear for the Road
Editor's note: Former computer security consultant Anil Polat has set a goal of traveling the world indefinitely, while blogging about his tech-fueled experiences at Given his on-the-go lifestyle, Polat has strong feelings about what to look for in digital tagalongs. Here's what he recommends.

iRiver Story HD Review
Google is everywhere right now. The company has made a strong push with its Google Books project, but until now it hasn't had a tie-in to a stand-alone e-reader. That changes with the iRiver Story HD, which goes on sale this weekend at Target for $140. The Story HD makes getting Google ebooks onto an E Ink-based reader reasonably easy; in my trials with the device, however, I found myself frustrated by the Story HD's cheap design, poky performance, and Google Books interface.

Update: Google picks iriver for first integrated e-reader
Google on Monday announced the iriver Story HD, its first e-reader to be integrated with its open Google eBookstore.

More Americans own e-readers than tablets, survey finds
A Pew Research Institute survey in May found that Americans favor less-expensive e-reader devices over tablets like Apple's iPad.

Harry Potter books to go digital
J.K. Rowling on Thursday announced the creation of a website where users can buy electronic versions of her Harry Potter books and can network with one another and the author.

For B&N, e-books outsell physical books three to one
Barnes & Noble on Tuesday said it sold three times as many digital books through its website compared to physical books during the fourth fiscal quarter.

How Kindle Can Still Beat Nook
The latest Barnes & Noble Nook e-reader is getting a lot of positive buzz, and for good reason. It's thin and light, has a touchscreen interface that's easy to navigate, and is priced the same ($139, Wi-Fi) as Amazon's industry-leading Kindle.

Beware of Spam Titles in Kindle Store
Amazon's Kindle e-reader store has a spam problem, and that isn't good news for legitimate authors and consumers trying to find their books.

Kobo eReader Touch Edition
It's rare to find an inexpensive product that also introduces innovation into its category. And yet that's exactly what Kobo Books' Kobo eReader Touch Edition does. The company's third-generation e-reader, this model is the smallest and lightest 6-inch E Ink e-reader currently available. At $130 (as of June 13, 2011), it's also the cheapest e-reader with a touchscreen, besting Barnes and Noble's touchscreen Nook by $10. The Kobo eReader Touch Edition lacks the finesse of the Nook and the Amazon Kindle Wi-Fi, but it still has much to offer value-conscious book lovers.

First look: The Kobo eReader Touch Edition
The Kobo eReader Touch Edition offers e-reading at its simplest; a touch interface and reasonable price could make it a competitor.

Amazon: E-books now outsell print books
The impact of technology on culture reached a turning point Thursday as announced that it's selling more Kindle e-books than printed books.

Creating an e-book: Tips on formatting and converting your document
Formatting a document for publication as an e-book can be a complicated and frustrating process. We offer some tips and applications that can help.

Display tech to watch this year: E-paper stretches its wings
The iPad notwithstanding, business is booming for e-paper-based e-readers. More vibrant colors, faster screen-response times and flexible displays are on the way.

Seven IT Lessons From The Failure of Borders
We've all heard -- endlessly -- why Borders went bankrupt. But those things are just technology. What are the IT lessons?

Judge tosses iPad overheating lawsuit
A federal judge has tossed a class-action lawsuit that claimed Apple's iPad overheats when used outdoors in warm weather or in direct sunlight, according to court documents. touts more e-book sales than paperbacks CEO Jeff Bezos said in a fourth-quarter earnings statement Thursday that the e-book-selling milestone 'has come even sooner than we expected.'

Kobo Wireless eReader
The Kobo Wireless eReader aspires to compete with the big kids in the e-reader arena. This iteration represents a marked improvement over its predecessor, offering higher contrast, a sharper E Ink display, and better performance. Unfortunately, the Wireless eReader still lacks the polish and finesse of the leaders. And at $139 (as of December 13, 2010), it's the same price as an Amazon Kindle.

Kindle for the Web demos at Chrome event demonstrated its update of Kindle for the Web, which will appear 'in the coming months,' allowing the full reading and annotation of Kindle books from a Web browser on any device.

Google vs. Amazon: Clash of the booksellers
Google and Amazon cross swords with new e-book applications and services meant to lure readers into buying online.

Image gallery: 'Cool stuff' 2010 holiday tech gift guide
Take a gander at the best tablets, smartphones, e-readers, laptops, HDTVs and other tech gadgets to give and get this year.

Cool stuff: Your 2010 holiday tech gift guide
In response to Computerworld readers' holiday wish lists, we've gathered the best tablets, smartphones, e-readers, laptops, HDTVs and other tech gadgets to give and get this year.

Update: Amazon to demo Kindle for the Web on Tuesday
Amazon plans to demonstrate a new version of Kindle for the Web on Tuesday, one day after Google's launch of its Google eBooks and eBookstore initiative.

Google launches eBooks, eBookstore
Google announced Google eBooks and Google eBookstore on Monday, launching a long-anticipated cloud-based system to allow readers to buy e-books online from a choice of booksellers and to read them with a variety of devices.

Google Editions e-book venture to launch by year's end
After months of delays, Google will launch its e-book retail business, called Google Editions, in the U.S. before the end of the year, a Google spokesman confirmed.

Amazon bows to social networking pressure on pedophile book may be one of the largest online retailers in the world, but it apparently doesn't want to risk the ire of people who use the world's top social networks.

Color comes to E Ink, LG electronic-paper displays
The first commercial electronic paper displays that can show color were unveiled Wednesday at the Flat Panel Display International show in Japan. The screens open the way for electronic book readers like Amazon's Kindle and Sony's Reader to add color, but so far only a single Chinese device maker has committed to the technology.

B&N adds tablet features to new Nook Color e-reader
Barnes & Noble on Tuesday introduced an e-book reader called Nook Color, which will allow users to view color e-books and access social media applications on the Internet.

Convert Files to Other Formats
Recently I wanted to order something that would include a company logo imprinted on the side. I had no trouble creating the logo, but the company wanted it in EPS format--something that few programs outside of Photoshop can create. (Freeware favorite Paint.NET can't do it; neither can GIMP.)

Elgan: Why book publishing needs the Silicon Valley way
What the stale, gloomy New York book publishing industry really needs is a blast of California sunshine.

Sony Reader Pocket Edition: Good reading in a small package
The Sony Reader Pocket Edition, an updated touch version of its smallest e-book reader, is feature-filled and nicely designed but lacks wireless capabilities.

Barnes & Noble expects $1B in digital book sales by 2013
Book retailer Barnes & Noble expects to generate $1 billion in revenue from sales of digital books, including e-books and e-textbooks, by 2013, the company said on Thursday.

Image gallery: 8 e-readers reviewed
We look at the current state of the market and review 8 of the most popular e-readers.

E-reader roundup: 8 devices compete for the crown
The popularity of e-readers proves that reading books isn't passé. But what is the current state of the market, and which e-readers are the best?

Sony introduces three light, bright touch-screen e-readers
New models of Sony's Reader Pocket Edition, Reader Touch Edition and Reader Daily Edition now offer touch screens and sleeker designs. Will that be enough to keep Sony in the e-reader market?

The e-reader market: Still young and restless
Declining prices, a wide selection and dozens of makers of e-reader devices are among the indications that the e-reader market is young and likely to remain in a state of uncertainty for a few more years.

iPad quickly adopted as e-reader on Wattpad
Users quickly embraced Apple's iPad as an e-book reading platform in the second quarter, while e-reading on BlackBerries declined, according to cloud-based e-book provider Wattpad.

Pandigital Novel: Poor Display, Interface
The Pandigital Novel makes a valiant attempt at being a value-priced, full-color, Android-based e-reader that also doubles as a general-use tablet. Unfortunately, it falls short of its mark. At $175 (price as of August 10, 2010), the Novel is expensive compared with Amazon's newest, $139, single-purpose, E-Ink-based Kindle e-reader. And as a tablet/e-reader combo that tries to compete with Apple's iPad, the Novel is slow and inelegant, and lacks the full versatility that a true tablet user expects.

Back-to-school tech guide 2010
Having the right tech tools can give students a leg up at college. Our guide for gift-givers and students rounds up the best gadgets and apps to ease the transition back to campus.

Nook e-reader software ready for iPhone, iPod Touch
Barnes & Noble today released free Nook e-reader software for the iPhone and the iPod Touch, along with updates to Nook for the iPad.

Copy Kindle Notes and Bookmarks to Your PC
If you're a Kindle owner, you've probably discovered the device's enviable ability to bookmark pages, highlight passages, and add notes (a.k.a. annotations).

Plastic Logic kills Que e-book reader
Plastic Logic has dropped plans to launch its Que e-book reader and will instead concentrating on a second-generation device.

Kobo offers free use of its e-readers at 10 Fairmont hotels
Kobo announced that some bestselling books from Random House will be available free on Kobo eReaders to guests at 10 Fairmont hotels in the U.S. and Canada.

Kids Review Kids' Tech
Children's toys are going more and more high-tech each year.

Amazon’s Revamped Kindle DX Improves Display
What a difference a display can make. Turning on the $380 Amazon Kindle DX (Graphite) second-generation large-format e-reader was all it took to see that Amazon's claims of a higher-contrast display than its predecessor were true.

Amazon launches two new Kindles, one with Wi-Fi only
Amazon has launched two new Kindle e-readers priced at $139 and $189, with the cheaper version a Wi-Fi-only e-reader and $10 less than the Wi-Fi-only Nook.

Hands on with Amazon's zippy, alluring Kindle
The third-generation Kindle offers smaller size, less wasted real estate around the edges, new button design, new color -- in other words, it's a winner.

Amazon's new Kindle rachets up e-reader price battle's new Kindle e-book reader in August could further stoke a price battle between major players in the e-reader market.

Borders jumps into e-bookstore game
Borders today launched an e-book store with 1.5 million titles, coming somewhat late to the game but committed to grabbing a 17% share of the market within a year.

Apple pulls iPhone apps after rival devs claim fraud
Apple pulled a large number of apps created by a Vietnamese iPhone developer after claims by competitors that he had pushed his software to the top of the bestseller list by purchasing them with stolen credit cards.

8 highly useful apps for reading and writing on the iPad
Reading on the iPad is a joy, and writing can be too. Here are eight apps -- and a few tips -- that can make both experiences even better.

Kobo eReader: Inexpensive but Requires Patience
Somewhere between the premium e-readers and the bare-bones, low-cost models lies the Kobo eReader. Kobo has its sights set on delivering a satisfying e-reading experience, without the cost premium of blue-chip competitors like Amazon and Sony. In this mission, Kobo only partly succeeds. At $150, the Kobo eReader is almost half the price of an Amazon Kindle 2, and one of the least-expensive E-Ink devices available (price as of June 7, 2010). However, in spite of its refreshing interface, its usability suffers from sluggish performance and stiff buttons.

Nook price cut to $199, Wi-Fi only model launched
Barnes & Noble today launched a Wi-Fi-only version of the Nook for $149 and cut the price of its original Wi-Fi and 3G version from $259 to $199.

E-reader sales expected to hit wall in 2014
E-readers like the Kindle and Nook are surging in popularity, but sales will hit a wall in 2014 in the face of competition from a wide range of consumer electronics devices, including the iPad, according to an analyst firm.

iPad makes big strides as e-reader
Apple's iPad, while far more than an e-reader, is having a clear impact on the e-reader market -- it even seems to be affecting the kind of content people are reading on mobile devices.

Alex: A new e-reader -- and an Android Web device
If you like to take an occasional break from your novel, the Alex e-reader lets you surf the Web via its second LCD display.

Kindle for Android app coming soon
Kindle software for some Android smartphones will soon be available for free, granting access to 500,000 Kindle e-books, according to

Elgan: Why iPad owners need a Kindle, too
Reading on an iPad is great, but there are still plenty of reasons to hold on to the Kindle e-reader. Columnist Mike Elgan lists 13 of them.

The 'iPad Era' dawns
I think the iPad is the most important launch in Apple's history -- bigger than the Mac, iPod or iPhone. More than that, I think it's the most important cultural phenomenon of this generation. It's bigger than technology.

Aluratek Libre Pro E-Reader
Priced at $170 (as of March 15, 2010), the no-frills, lightweight Aluratek Libre Pro e-reader is a refreshing surprise. Dismissing the Libre Pro as just another e-reader in a sea of clones would be easy, but this device handles better than most--and it sports a bargain price, too.

Kobo announces $149 e-reader to be sold by Borders
Kobo of Toronto announced a $149 e-reader device during the CTIA show, although the company's chief executive said he recognizes how crowded the e-reader device market has become.

Amazon preps Kindle app for iPad
Amazon today announced that it will release Kindle software for Apple's iPad, a move one analyst said was in line with the e-tailer's earlier releases of viewing software for the PC, Mac, iPhone and Blackberry.

Can the iPad make it as an e-textbook reader for students?
Apple's iPad, which arrives April 3, is already regarded as a high-end, color e-reader and multimedia device. But its potential as an e-textbook reader for students remains debatable.


Analysis: Kindle Fire, Nook Tablet, Kobo Vox
Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kobo are all vying for the dollars of those consumers who want either a high-end e-reader or low-end tablet. Here's how they stack up.

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