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Firefox Addon Shortens Lengthy Browser Tasks

By Preston Gralla
November 12, 2009 10:20 AM ET

PC World - Want to automate common Firefox browsing tasks, such as logging into your Web-based mail, or tracking a package online? Then you'll want to give the free DéjàClick a try. It's a simple-to-use recording program that will record your actions, let you save them as a script, and then run them for you.

DéjàClick is an addon for Firefox. It places a series of buttons in its toolbar just below Firefox's Address Bar. You use the buttons to record and save actions, play them back, and so on. To record your actions, simply click a Start button. Then click the Stop button, save your file as a script, and when you want to replay the actions, call up the script and run it. You can also create any script as a "Super Bookmark" that lives in your normal bookmarks. When you click the Super Bookmark, instead of going to a site, it replays the script.

How useful the DéjàClick add-on is depends on whether you have many, long tasks to automate. For me, it hardly seems worth the effort to merely save a few keystrokes logging in to check Web-based email. But others may appreciate it, especially if they check certain categories on eBay, for example, and don't want to spend the navigation effort, or have longer, complex tasks they want to automate.

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