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Motorola Droid: A visual tour

By Robert S. Anthony and Ginny Mies, PC World
November 6, 2009 03:30 PM ET


A keyboard is generally a welcome feature on a touchscreen phone -- unless, of course, it isn't designed well. Alas, the Droid's keyboard is far from perfect. It is so shallow -- and the keys themselves are so flat -- that our testers (with various hand sizes) had trouble using it. In addition, the top keys are very close to the ledge of the display, so your fingers are constantly knocking against it. We were also thrown off by the two "dummy" keys (fake keys you can't press) in the bottom row of the board. The keyboard seems wider than it really is, due to the four-way directional pad that takes up a good chunk of real estate.
Motorola Verizon Droid

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