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Meet Cobol's hard core fans
Some of the world's largest businesses say their Cobol application infrastructure, running on state-of-the-art big iron, still delivers a powerful competitive advantage. The challenge going forward will be staffing it.

Cloud BI: Going where the data lives
Historically, cloud BI has been mostly used by smaller businesses, but larger enterprises are starting to make the trek.

Hadoop gets real
Its fast and robust data processing and storage power make Hadoop both wildly popular and wildly complex. Here's how four IT leaders have managed to bring Hadoop systems from the sandbox into production.

Infor takes on with SalesLogix acquisition
Infor has acquired SalesLogix in a bid to compete with in the cloud CRM (customer relationship management) software market, particularly for customers seeking industry-specific features.

3D printing makes its move into production
The use of 3D printing for finished goods is about to disrupt manufacturing and supply chains in a big way. Here's why, and here's how IT will be critical to that transition.

3 secrets to CIO longevity
Enterprises that keep the same CIO in place for years -- and even decades -- have a unique culture of collaboration and consistency.

Lawsuit over 'manifestly unusable' NetSuite software set to be dismissed
NetSuite has avoided what could have been an ugly, image-damaging court battle, having reached an agreement to dismiss a lawsuit brought by its customer SkinMedix over an allegedly unusable software system.

Ditch instinct: Why data drives business
The cultural changes involved with running a business on hard data and predictive analytics can't be underestimated. Here's what works and what doesn't work when making the cultural shift from traditional top-down decision-making to more competitive and higher-value methods of running a business based on hard data and analytics.

Google makes Hangouts more enterprise friendly
Google is looking to make your work day a bit more social and is taking its Google Hangouts into the business arena.

Does the connected workforce breach employee privacy?
Wearables will make it infinitely easier for companies to track employees. But without transparency, that will foster suspicion. launches Sales Reach for real-time selling and marketing is combining its Pardot marketing software, sales automation application and social communities platform into a new product called Sales Reach, which it says can help salespeople nurture leads and make deals in real time.

Oracle ships nearly 60 mobile apps for JD Edwards
Oracle is responding to an ever more mobile customer base with the rollout of 57 mobile applications for its JD Edwards EnterpriseOne business software suite.

Enterprises increasingly look to the private cloud
Companies interested in moving to cloud computing are increasingly choosing a private cloud for the increased security and, often, compliance features instead of the public cloud, according to a recent survey.

SAP raises cloud revenue forecast after Q2 business soars
SAP reported strong growth in cloud revenue in the second quarter, while its software revenue continued to fall, reflecting a shift in the market from on-premises software and services to applications delivered through the cloud on a subscription model.

Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols: Who should really worry about Apple/IBM? Microsoft
Sure, the enterprise push by Apple and IBM should worry the Android camp, and business writers should make sure they have an up-to-date obituary ready for BlackBerry. But Microsoft is the company with the most to lose.

Boost your security training with gamification -- really!
Getting employees to take security seriously can be a game that everyone wins.

Microsoft to take its 'mobile first, cloud first' mantra to partners
Microsoft shifts its attention cross-country this week, from its Washington state headquarters, overcast with uncertainty, to Washington, D.C., where company leaders will try to make sunny optimism shine at its annual partner conference.

Revamping your insider threat program
Companies including MITRE are looking at privileged access and how to better lock it down -- without stopping employees from doing their jobs.

What vacation? Expect to work while you're away
In these lean times, backups aren't what they used to be; it's inevitable that IT staffers will be called to help, especially when an important issue is brewing.

Getting started with Microsoft Azure RemoteApp
There are several deployment choices, but none is overly complex to set up.

How to recover after a cloud computing misstep
Early adopters share their lessons learned on ramping up, scaling back and avoiding disasters in the cloud. Insider (registration required)

Oracle bolsters integration suite for mobile work
If it weren't enough of a challenge for IT architects and system managers to glue enterprise systems together, they must also now worry about connecting their systems to mobile and Web applications as well.

With Android L, Google makes pitch for enterprise users
Google will provide enterprise-focused security and management features to its entire Android showcase of mobile devices, including features reserved only for Samsung devices running Samsung security software called Knox, a Google executive announced during the Google I/O keynote address Wednesday.

The Truth About Enterprises and the Public Cloud
Many companies look to the public cloud to cut costs, overhead and time to deployment. However, businesses need to understand how dramatically a move to the cloud will affect a key constituency: The IT department.

Oracle buying Micros Systems for $5.3 billion
Oracle is buying hospitality and retail technology vendor Micros Systems for $5.3 billion, in a deal that will be its largest since the purchase of Sun Microsystems in 2010.

The Internet of Things figures into this IT leader's five-year plan
Chris LeBeau, IT director at Advanced Technology Services, is shutting down several outdated systems, migrating users and switching to a more modern business architecture.

Ira S. Wolfe: Companies can't thrive when generations bicker
Employers will be better able to attract, retain and motivate talented people if they recognize what drives each generation and take those factors into account as they develop approaches to recruiting, hiring, onboarding and employee engagement.

Video: What IT employees want, and what best employers deliver
Organizations looking to attract the best and brightest IT talent find a good salary and decent benefits aren't enough to close the deal anymore. How about free lunch and onsite kickboxing?

Video: Tour the No. 1 Best Places for 2014
Quicken Loans, LinkedIn and Noah Consulting topped our list of Best Places to Work in IT by keeping employees well compensated and challenged in their jobs.

The No. 1 large place to work in IT: Quicken Loans
At Quicken Loans, a new in-house training program and strong corporate values help IT employees thrive in an atmosphere of accelerated growth.

The No. 1 midsize place to work in IT: LinkedIn
At LinkedIn, career growth is on a fast track for IT pros with superior customer-service skills -- with free lunches and theme parties to keep things hopping.

The No. 1 small place to work in IT:
Noah Consulting

Every employee matters at this virtual consultancy, which taps the best of technology and leadership to create a vibrant, nurturing environment.

Pirates, cheats and IT certs
Some ne'er-do-wells steal test questions and answers, and cheaters buy that information, share answers in chat rooms, pay other people to take tests for them and bring a range of technologies and techniques into test centers to gain an edge.

How the cloud can make IT shops more innovative
Jobs at many IT departments have been primarily about maintenance -- handling crashed email systems, ever-expanding security perimeters and users who bringing their own devices to the office

The enterprise PC: Not quite dead yet
Tablets haven't killed off the PC market, which is about to return from a downturn.

Adaptive learning creates more effective training
Long espoused in educational circles, intelligent software that tailors training to the individual learner is catching on in corporations.

Three strategies for the new era of enterprise cybersecurity
The pace of change for Information Technology is challenging established notions of "What is IT?" and "What is Information Security in the modern age?" For one example, the "new" data center technologies such as virtualization, Software-Defined Networking (SDN), service-oriented delivery models, and cloud computing have radically changed the typical IT infrastructure from a defined set of assets owned and controlled by the organization to a constantly fluctuating roster of resources that can come and go from IT department visibility and control.

Big SAP customers eager to move to the cloud
Some of SAP's largest customers plan to nearly double what they now spend on cloud deployments in the next year -- good news for a company that is trying to position itself as a key player in that market -- according to research commissioned by IT services provider HCL.

FCC to push network providers on cybersecurity
The U.S. Federal Communications Commission is threatening to step in with regulations if network providers don't take steps to improve cybersecurity.

Predictive data, the real workhorse behind the Internet of Things
Companies are having to be pickier about which data sets they collect, process and use. It's all about having the right architecture in place.

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison wades into the in-memory database wars
Oracle CEO Larry Ellison is taking the fight to IBM, Microsoft and SAP in the burgeoning in-memory database market with a new option the company says can deliver dramatic performance boosts without requiring changes to applications.

Why Mobile Strategies Are Stalling at Many Enterprises
CIOs know the value of having a mobile strategy. So why aren't companies doing it right? A study from Accenture sheds some light on why some companies aren't moving forward fast enough with their mobility initiatives.

App development in the cloud gets speedy, gains traction
A growing number of IT departments are moving development work to the cloud, allowing a faster responses to business requests with fewer people, disruptions and costs. Insider (registration required)

How to make the most of an IT buyer's market
New technology trends are driving big changes in the vendor landscape and creating a once-in-a-career opportunity for savvy CIOs. Huge price cuts, packaged deals, favorable contracts and unique partnerships with big-time vendors are now within reach.

University CIO helps boost graduation rates with analytics
Brian A. Haugabrook, interim CIO at Valdosta State University in Georgia, deployed analytics tools that enable faculty and staff to identify students who need extra help. The effort paid off with higher graduation rates.

Enterprise search brings together structured and unstructured customer data
Financial services firm UBS lets customers and employees see much more data, much faster, to improve relationships.

Exclusive video: Reinventing Ogilvy & Mather for today's connected world
Today's always-connected culture has wrought huge changes at global advertising giant Ogilvy & Mather. John Seifert, chairman of global brand community, talks about how the firm approached this, especially in the aftermath of the economy's financial meltdown.

IT power grab: Should you be a Machiavellian manager?
Years of striving for IT/business alignment have resulted in a service provider mentality within IT, one that casts the business as the customer who's always right. Some analysts are exhorting CIOs to grasp the reins of leadership instead.

Why IT needs to drive the risk conversation
The current system of risk management at most organizations is designed to frustrate everyone. Here are seven ways to change the dialogue.

Healthcare CIO Edward Marx: IT ROI is measured in lives saved
Edward Marx, senior vice president and CIO at Texas Health Resources in Arlington, is using social media to connect with the organization's local community and implementing BI tools to deliver advanced clinical care.

6 Top Enterprise Workgroup Printers
Is your office paperless? Didn't think so. Consider one of these six printers, then, for the workgroups in your enterprise.

Oracle wants its $1.3B pound of flesh in unique SAP theft case
Oracle has asked an appeals court to reinstate a $1.3 billion jury award against SAP for what an Oracle lawyer on Tuesday called "the most massive and brazen copyright infringement in history."

SAP to cut unspecified number of jobs in workforce restructuring
SAP is trimming an unspecified number of workers as part of an effort to restructure its overall skill set.

NetSuite plans to revamp its its cloud ERP software UI
NetSuite is overhauling its cloud ERP software's user interface, hoping to keep pace at a time when consumer-like experiences are increasingly becoming the norm in enterprise applications.

BlackBerry is laser-focused on the enterprise with BES10
After encountering problems last year selling its newest smartphones, BlackBerry has shifted to a stronger focus on the enterprise, especially through distribution of its BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 mobility management client software.

ERP vendor Epicor is on the block for $3.5B
Epicor has been put up for sale by private equity firm Apax Partners, which is hoping to get up to $3.5 billion for the ERP (enterprise resource planning) vendor, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal, but analysts say it's difficult to pin down who might be interested in buying it.

Field Notes: Clueless CIOs aside, open source is 'frightening and fantastic'
There's a reason the theme song at this year's Open Business Conference was 'Happy.'

Virtualizing Oracle software: Don't pay for what you don't need
Squeezing software cost savings from virtualization projects is tricky for lots of reasons, but can be particularly challenging when it comes to Oracle databases. Here's why, and some tips to help.

CIOs band together to lift Michigan's fortunes
Michigan's Kitchen Cabinet is a monthly meeting of savvy CIOs from different industries who share ideas and promote tech innovation within their state.

Whirlpool CIO moves 69,000 global employees to Google Apps
Whirlpool CIO Mike Heim says low-cost sensors will soon be found in the company's appliances, predicting the need for maintenance, noting fluctuations in temperature, and even allowing consumers to download recipes to their stoves.

U.S. Air Force takes Google Glass for a test flight
The Air Force announced this week that researchers with the 711th Human Performance Wing at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio are testing Google Glass for potential battlefield use.

SanDisk announces 4TB SSD, hopes for 8TB next year
While announcing the launch of its new line of 4TB enterprise-class SSDs this week, SanDisk also said it plans to up the ante for capacity.

Afraid of the cloud? How to handle your fears
A study released this week shows that 73% of IT executives believe cloud providers are hiding performance problems.

Fast, cheap and easy: Five IT certifications that won't break you
Achieving any certification worth its salt is never easy, but some are faster to complete than others -- and easier on your wallet as well. Here are five worth considering.

Field Notes: 'Rogue' employees want IT to lighten up already
National correspondent Julia King reports the mood is feisty at this year's CITE Conference & Expo.

SAP's Ariba to get an in-memory energy boost with Hana
SAP is making good on a promise to migrate its Ariba e-commerce software to the Hana in-memory computing platform, and says an initial step has already produced staggering performance improvements.

5 reasons why Google can catch Amazon in the cloud
Google, according to industry analysts, is positioning itself to take on Amazon's dominance as a cloud provider. While it's lagging today, Google could catch Amazon and some day supplant its top position in the cloud.

San Diego's SAP system has tripled some employees' workloads
San Diego's $50 million SAP system has ended up tripling employees' workloads for certain types of tasks, but the city has also failed to devote enough attention to training, according to a consultant's report released earlier this month.

Aereo court case pits consumer control over TV against broadcasters
The ability of television viewers to control and watch programs may be at stake when the U.S. Supreme Court hears arguments Tuesday in a copyright infringement case brought by TV networks against Aereo, a service that streams over-the-air television online.

4 things to do now to get ready for the Internet of Things
Loads of IP-addressable sensors and other smart devices are descending on the enterprise. Here's how you'll need to pull them all together.

Cleveland Clinic CIO: Tools are the biggest barrier to IT-driven medical care
Dr. C. Martin Harris, CIO at Cleveland Clinic and a former health technology adviser to President Obama, is using technology to redefine healthcare for patients and caregivers alike. Insider (registration required)

How to avoid big mistakes with Oracle's Exadata
Although Exadata is Oracle's most popular and mature "engineered system," some customers implementing the database machine are making mistakes that prevent them from getting the most performance out of the expensive product, according to a veteran of many Exadata projects.

How to get a job in manufacturing IT
To excel in manufacturing, tech workers need to be one part tinkerer and one part visionary, with a bit of analytical acumen thrown in as well.

Motorola's enterprise business sold for $3.45B to Zebra Technologies
Enterprise asset intelligence company Zebra Technologies said it is acquiring Motorola Solutions' enterprise business for $3.45 billion.

SAP users rattle sabers over fees for user-friendly Fiori apps
SAP user groups are stepping up pressure on the vendor over the fees charged for its user-friendly Fiori applications, saying they should be included as part of the substantial annual maintenance costs customers already pay, particularly given SAP's dismal track record with interfaces for its Business Suite ERP software.

Microsoft's Office for iPad Shakes Up Mobile Enterprise
It's hard to overstate the impact of the Microsoft Office for iPad. The arrival of the dominant productivity suite on the dominant tablet promises to change how iPads are viewed in the enterprise. Office for iPad may also crush competitive apps, shut out cloud storage providers and limit MDM vendors.

Oracle legal move prompts closure of independent J.D. Edwards help site
The operator of an independent website aimed at helping users of J.D. Edwards enterprise resource planning software has shut it down after Oracle alleged the site infringed on its copyrights.

Updated Tibco app integration tool moves outside the data center
Updating its platform for the hyper-connected cloud era, Tibco has equipped the new version of its flagship application-integration software with the ability to communicate with external applications.

Rimini Street diversifies with cloud services for Workday,
Independent Oracle and SAP support provider Rimini Street will now offer integration services for customers who want to adopt SaaS (software-as-a-service) offerings from the likes of and Workday.

Collaboration 2.0: Old meets new
Today's tools are a lot like yesterday's in some respects, except they add features for cloud, social, Web and mobile. They're also a whole lot easier to use.

WestJet turns to gamification to help its Oracle ERP users soar
Canadian airline WestJet believes gamification, the notion of applying elements of game design to a workplace setting, can help its employees use more effectively its Oracle J.D. Edwards ERP (enterprise resource planning) system.

Wendy's makes an Oracle ERP upgrade quick and tasty
It's not uncommon for ERP projects to take longer and cost more money than initially planned, but neither outcome ended up being on the menu for fast-food giant Wendy's recent Oracle E-Business Suite upgrade.

6 ways the Internet of Things will transform enterprise security
It's already started, with a refrigerator that sent out email spam. The Internet of Things trend shows how even a benign consumer appliance could pose a danger to enterprises if connected to the Internet without proper security.

Seagate releases 6TB hard drive, its fastest yet
Seagate has released its first 6TB hard drive, saying that it was able to reach that capacity without using helium like rival Western Digital.

Can VCE Be the Apple of the Converged Enterprise Cloud?
Apple wouldn't be where it is today if it hadn't taken redefined consumer electronics. VCE could very well do the same to the enterprise cloud market. First, it just has to convince companies to 'think different.'

Microsoft gets strategic with its Enterprise Mobility Suite
With its Enterprise Mobility Suite, Microsoft will make it easier for companies to manage a range of devices, including those running Apple's iOS and Google's Android. It's a smart move, says columnist Ryan Faas.

The Grill: Rep. William Keating wants cross-sector data sharing
Rep. William Keating (D-Mass.), who sits on the House Cybersecurity, Infrastructure Protection and Security Technologies Subcommittee, is calling on the Department of Homeland Security to be more involved in tackling the cybersecurity problem. Insider (registration required)

DirecTV entices more couch potatoes with new software
DirecTV's new enterprise system offers sales agents a whole view of the customer -- and real-time guidance to close deals.

Nadella unveils mobile managment suite for iPad and Android
Along with Office on the iPad, Microsoft Thursday released a comprehensive Enterprise Mobility Suite for managing and securing mobile devices, mobile applications and user identity and access -- all from the cloud.

Infor bets big on Amazon Web Services for cloud ERP
Infor is betting big on Amazon Web Services for its cloud ERP (enterprise-resource-planning) software strategy, with plans to begin offering a series of product suites on the company's IaaS (infrastructure as a service).

Survey: State of the enterprise 2014
Cloud, mobile and other tech investments are expected to yield benefits to both the top and bottom lines. But communication, integration and shadow IT challenges lurk.

Consumerization of IT in the enterprise starting to pay off
Businesses are beginning to reap ROI and productivity benefits from consumer technologies such as smartphones and tablets, according to a survey of 1,155 IT decision-makers conducted by IDG Enterprise.

Government open data proves a treasure trove for savvy businesses
Ever since President Obama signed the Open Data Executive Order, government agencies have been making their vast data stores available to the public. These once-secret data sets are proving a valuable business resource, too.

The Grill: Rotary CIO Peter Markos
Peter Markos, CIO and general manager for Rotary International, contends with challenges ranging from authenticating a constantly changing list of users who need to access Rotary's systems to enabling applications that work for a vastly diverse membership.

Ambitious IT pros seek COO role
With technology the cornerstone of most businesses, the lines are blurring between IT and operations -- leading some IT pros to think of COO as their title of choice.

Snowden revelations raise interest in smartphone spyware for business
As the world still reels over reports of U.S. government surveillance of privately owned smartphones, a spyware industry is growing that's focused on helping employers monitor the ways smartphones and tablets are used by their workers. Parents are also interested in the service to track their children's smartphone use.

Huawei expands partnership with SAP, launches new HANA hardware
Huawei's enterprise unit has launched the FusionCube for high-end HANA systems and will also work with SAP on products for areas such as enterprise mobility.

Oracle to revamp schools ERP software, with an eye on Workday
Oracle is planning to make significant investments in its ERP software for higher education institutions, with an eye on keeping the installed base happy and fending off challenges from the likes of Workday.

Do you understand your company's personality?
Corporate culture may matter even more to your project's success than ROI does. Here's how to work with it rather than against it.

Whittle down application sprawl
Getting rid of old, unsecured or unused software and services is not easy. Do it correctly, though, and you can save IT time and money.

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Why enterprise IT pros should fear Apple and IBM

Apple and IBM intend to bring Apple's legendary ease of use into the enterprise. This means those who currently work in enterprise IT will be expected to deliver complexity and power within applications users can understand. And if they don't do it, they'll be out of a job.

IBM and Apple... Sitting in a tree... K. I. S. S. I. N. G.

Tim loves Ginni. Ginni loves Tim. (But no tongues.)

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) and IBM (NYSE:IBM) are climbing into bed together. Better serving big customers is the aim of the game. And you'll see why 2015 will be like 1984.

Good thing? Bad thing? In IT Blogwatch, bloggers can't agree.

Apple's IBM alliance kills Google in the enterprise

The news (to my mind, at least) confirms just how far Apple has come in its battle for relevance against old foe, Microsoft. So, what might this mean for Android? Nothing good.

Apple's slice of the enterprise market has doubled in three years

Those Windows XP boxes may still be whirring away in the forgotten corners, but Apple's slice of the enterprise market has doubled across the last three years, JAMF Software reports.

The iPad productivity guide

More people than ever are using their iPads to be productive. This short report shares some of the best hardware, software and tips to help get the best out of Apple's tablet.

Apple's platform advantages for the enterprise

It is no longer true to say Apple has no place in the enterprise. Apple solutions now enable out of the box productivity, according to enterprise management firm, JAMF Software.

More than shiny: Apple is an enterprise firm

They say: "Apple is not an enterprise company", but things have changed -- Tim Cook's Apple is an enterprise company, here's some proof.

Samsung Knox needs a security overhaul

University researchers say Knox is so flawed that Samsung needs to 'rethink' security.

Samsung isn't ready to take Android to the enterprise

Samsung's Knox security platform isn't ready for prime time, and customers are not happy.

5 good reasons the iPad Air is great for the enterprise

"The iPad isn't a productivity device," they said. "It's just a giant phone," they moaned. "It's got rounded corners," they complained. "They" can say what they like, Here are 5 great reasons iPad Air is good for the enterprise:

iPhone in the enterprise? Forget about it.

The enterprise-class security in iOS 7 will keep Apple in companies for the short term, but eventually Android smartphones and tablets will clobber the iPhone and iPad.

Why Apple will disappoint businesses with iPhone 5S fingerprint scanner

Without a way to use the fingerprint sensor for signing into third-party software, the new hardware won't have much use for corporations.

3 ways Apple's new iPhones should change your life

I know I should be writing about those new iPhones and those dubious images rumor sites are making so much money with as they publish them. What's sad is that as they fetishize the iPhone as an object they completely miss its significance as solution, and that’s what I am going to talk about -- three ways the new iPhones are about to change lives.

Microsoft kills the enterprise cloud

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer may be taking a page from the Apple playbook in repositioning his corporation as a "devices company", but that's just smoke and mirrors to disguise a firm that's lost its soul: its data surveillance deal with the NSA undermines its precious position in the enterprise. Here's why:

If you're an iPad using BYOD convert, you might want NoteSuite for project management

A high standard for consumer-focused personal and project organization apps for Apple platforms has been set with the introduction of NoteSuite, a powerful iOS/Mac notekeeping solution that integrates support for iCloud.