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Workloads and responsibilities are up, and just about everything else — from budgets to salaries to hiring — is down. Read how the average IT staffer is holding up.

Sick of layoffs and pay cuts? Take charge of your own career by knowing which industries and jobs are poised for growth

Rising enrollments means more IT support staffers are needed in the education sector, helping to inch up pay there. Other industries are getting a boost from federal stimulus funding.

Information security managers had the highest total compensation increase in this year's survey. Other titles outpacing the average include network engineers, business intelligence analysts and software developers.

See base salary, bonus and total compensation figures for more than 40 job titles, and compare salaries by level.

A look at trends in workers' satisfaction, job security, stress levels and more.

IT exodus looms as satisfaction wanes
Now that the economy is starting to turn a corner, employees are on the move, says Yoh's Adam Lawrence
IT hiring poised for skills-driven rebound
IT hiring managers who wait for ideal economic conditions will struggle to find recruits, says Robert Half's Dave Willmer.
Develop your own long-term game plan
Safeguard your career with an action plan that defines your long-term goals, says's John McKee.
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