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Oracle hits back at ex-employee's claims about in-memory database option
Oracle has responded to a former employee's claim that a new in-memory processing option is turned on by default with the latest release of Database 12c, insisting that the process of enabling it requires a series of deliberate steps.

Should EMC sell off 80% stake in VMware?
Breaking up is hard to do, but could a split be in store soon for EMC and VMware?

Review: Cloud Foundry brings power and polish to PaaS
Cloud Foundry impresses with broad application support, streamlined deployment, and enterprise extras from Pivotal, though initial setup could be simpler

EMC acquires cloud storage management company TwinStrata
Storage vendor EMC has scooped up cloud storage management company TwinStrata, the companies announced Tuesday.

Zeus Trojan alternative hits the underground market
A new Trojan program that can spy on victims, steal login credentials and interfere with browsing sessions is being sold on the underground market and might soon see wider distribution.

Rackspace not a good fit for Cisco, says Chambers
Rackspace doesn't fit Cisco's acquisition profile, CEO John Chambers told a room packed with reporters this week at the company's annual conference and exhibition.

New buys for EMC may come in security, big data
EMC may be in the market for security and data analytics acquisitions as it builds out what it calls a federation of businesses among VMware, RSA Security, Pivotal and the company's traditional storage operations.

EMC unveils cloud storage appliance, updates virtualization software
EMC's introductions this week of its Elastic Cloud Storage Appliance (ECS) and of ViPR 2.0, the latest generation of its enterprise storage virtualization software, are two sides of the same coin.

Internet of Things will stump IT until cloud, big data come aboard, EMC says
The IT systems of the past 20 years won't be able to handle the emerging Internet of Things, which will call for cloud computing, virtualization, efficient storage and big-data analysis, according to EMC.

EMC acquires flash storage startup DSSD
EMC has agreed to acquire DSSD, a Silicon Valley startup developing technology for pooling server-based flash for high-performance data access.

EMC takes on Amazon's cloud service with cheaper alternative
EMC is taking on Amazon's cloud storage service with a private cloud platform it says will cost less to use.

At EMC World, it's back to the high-stakes software table
EMC's big bet on software is likely to get even bigger at this week's EMC World conference in Las Vegas.

EMC says Project Liberty could free storage software from hardware
EMC will give users a peek at its progress toward software-defined storage next week at EMC World in Las Vegas, demonstrating a virtualized VNX array developed under a program called Project Liberty.

Can VCE Be the Apple of the Converged Enterprise Cloud?
Apple wouldn't be where it is today if it hadn't taken redefined consumer electronics. VCE could very well do the same to the enterprise cloud market. First, it just has to convince companies to 'think different.'

Disk storage sales gets year-end boost
The market for external disk storage systems has recovered from a slump, with factory revenues up 2.4% to $6.9 billion in the fourth quarter of 2013, according to an IDC study.

The 'Internet of things,' beyond the hype at Mobile World Congress
If you want to find out how the so-called Internet of things is shaking up the tech industry, Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is the place to be this week.

Source code for Android iBanking bot surfaces on underground forum
The source code for an Android mobile banking Trojan app was released on an underground forum, making it possible for a larger number of cybercriminals to launch attacks using this kind of malware in the future.

Review: 4 NAS appliances deliver big storage cheap
12-bay rack-mount systems from QNAP, Netgear, LenovoEMC, and Infortrend combine huge storage capacities, business-grade features, smooth setup, and easy administration

Windows XP cutoff poses breach risk for retailers
Retailers will face an increased risk of data breaches after Microsoft ends support for Windows XP, a version of which powers the majority of modern cash registers, security vendor Symantec warned in a report published Monday.

Tor-enabled malware stole credit card data from dozens of retailers
Payment card data was stolen during the past three months from several dozen retailers that had their point-of-sale systems infected with a memory-scraping malware program called ChewBacca.

How to Break Bad News About Shipping Software
Imagine you're working on a major project such as Suddenly, you realize there's no way the software will be done on time -- or even work. What do you do? Hear how veteran testers, project managers and developers tactfully handle such situations.

Security researcher cancels talk at RSA conference in protest
Security researcher Mikko Hypponen has canceled his talk at a RSA security conference in San Francisco, reacting to a report that the security division of EMC allegedly received US$10 million from the U.S. National Security Agency to use a flawed random number generator in one of its products.

Storage hardware sales hit by lower government spending
Storage vendors struggled with a decline in spending by the U.S. government and increased investment in public cloud capacity during the third quarter, according to IDC.

The waiting ends for EMC's XtremIO all-flash storage array
EMC's long-awaited entry into all-flash storage arrays will finally get a full-fledged rollout next week, possibly setting the terms for mastery of the fledgling product category along the way.

Security researchers laud Microsoft, Facebook bug bounty programs
Facebook and Microsoft are winning plaudits from security researchers for launching an initiative to offer bounties to bug hunters who discover and report vulnerabilities in widely used products.

EMC tightens controls on Syncplicity service shared files
EMC will give users of its Syncplicity file-sharing and synchronization service more control over how their data can be accessed and used, including the ability to make files 'time out' on a certain date wherever they may be stored.

EMC sues startup for stealing trade secrets through staff hires
EMC has sued Pure Storage for allegedly colluding with some of the storage giant's former employees to misappropriate and bring to the startup confidential EMC information and trade secrets, including lists and notes on current and potential customers.

Don't Live in Fear of Your Cloud Storage Provider Going Under
The closure of cloud storage provider Nirvanix sent a chill through the cloud storage industry and its customers, but is it really a big deal?

EMC bets big on flash
The vendor gets aggressive about enterprise flash arrays, but faces challenges in the data center

Cisco, EMC coalition supports Oracle, VDI
VCE, the data center-focused joint venture formed by Cisco and EMC/VMware, this week rolled out converged infrastructure systems designed to support the latest technology from the founding companies as well as specialized offerings for Oracle and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) environments.

Disk storage revenues decline in Q2
Disk storage systems sales generated $7.7B in the second quarter, a 5% decline from the same quarter in 2012, according to IDC.

EMC optimizes VNX hybrid array for flash
EMC's VNX hybrid storage line is now built for flash first, with revamped software that can take full advantage of multicore processors, producing what the company calls a major boost in performance.

VMware CEO talks software-defined data centers, OpenStack and dueling Amazon
As a top executive at Intel and EMC, Pat Gelsinger helped build the data centers of today. Now, as CEO of VMware, he's promising to deliver the data centers of tomorrow. In this installment of the IDG Enterprise CEO Interview Series, Gelsinger spoke with Chief Content Officer John Gallant and Network World Senior Writer Brandon Butler about what he's accomplished one year into his tenure, and why the company is uniquely positioned to deliver on the vision of software-defined data centers. Gelsinger detailed the company's plans for its upcoming infrastructure-as-a-service offerings and how it will out-duel early leader Amazon in that market. He also discussed VMware's plans to simplify mobility and explained how, rather than threatening the company, OpenStack is widening VMware's market. (Oh, one other thing about OpenStack: He doesn't see it gaining traction in the enterprise.) Gelsinger also shared thoughts on VMware's competitors and discussed how he'll work with former VMware CEO Paul Maritz's new Pivotal spin off.

HP 3PAR conjures powerful storage magic
HP 3PAR StoreServe 7400 combines high scalability, high performance, and a big bag of tricks for easing storage management

How Intel Plans to Destroy the Legacy Data Center
These days, and with the help of Cisco and EMC, Intel is dipping its toes into the networking and storage ends of the enterprise technology pool. Add this to Intel's server expertise and the data center of the future may be at hand.

EMC bets on flash storage with ScaleIO buy
Boosting its portfolio of solid state storage technologies, EMC is acquiring ScaleIO, a purveyor of storage management software, for an undisclosed amount of cash.

EMC battles rogue backups
With a new set of hardware and software releases, EMC is promising to simplify its customers' storage infrastructure by combining different types of operation into a single EMC system.

How Analytics Is Helping IT Vendors Sell Actual Solutions
For decades, IT vendors have offered small 's' solutions that were really bundles of hardware, software and services that they wanted to sell regardless of what customers actually needed. Now firms such as Dell, IBM and EMC are using analytics to help customers decide which products are best for their needs. Oracle, HP and others struggling with big 'S' solutions may get left behind.

EMC's Syncplicity lets enterprises lock down data sharing
EMC is giving enterprises greater control over how corporate data gets distributed and to whom, plus more mobile capabilities, with the latest update to its Syncplicity service.

How IBM Beat Up HP in Las Vegas
IBM and Hewlett-Packard recently held events in Las Vegas. IBM went first and demonstrated how its customers will use Watson to change the world. HP responded by bringing executives on stage to talk about new products. HP can't let its competition keep winning.

The Iomega brand is now LenovoEMC
Iomega owner EMC said today it will replace the brand on business-class NAS products with LenovoEMC, a joint venture that now sells the SMB business hardware.

External server disk storage sales drop for first time since 2009, says IDC
Global sales of external server storage have dropped for the first time since 2009, according to data from research firm IDC.

Multiple copies of data drive attempts to rein it in
All that new data flowing into enterprises can bring along an expensive partner: multiple copies.

CIOs need to rethink their roles
By now, it's become a tired old tech industry bromide: CIOs need to be business-savvy.

The whole enchilada: Integrated compute platforms steamroll across IT
Vendors are rebuilding the mainframe with converged infrastructure, collapsed kit or integrated compute platforms -- whatever you want to call it. And customers are loving it.

Review: HP 3PAR conjures powerful storage magic
HP 3PAR StoreServe 7400 combines high scalability, high performance, and a big bag of tricks for easing storage management

Isilon OneFS software to expand scope of EMC's scale-out NAS
EMC will continue extending its Isilon OneFS network-attached storage operating system to new use cases later this year, adding deduplication, compliance auditing and object storage features.

EMC's Syncplicity to gain hybrid-cloud storage capability
Only a year after acquiring Syncplicity, EMC is getting ready to make the company's enterprise file management system work with hybrid clouds.

Software AG buys LongJump for cloud PaaS
Software AG has picked up cloud PaaS (platform-as-a-service) vendor LongJump in a bid to give small and medium-sized companies a way to rapidly develop applications with less involvement from IT. Terms of the deal, which was announced Thursday, were not disclosed.

Pivotal launched from VMware, EMC technologies
Making good on a promise made in December, VMware and parent company EMC have launched a new company, called Pivotal, to offer an enterprise-ready data analysis platform as a service (PaaS) based on software from both companies.

EMC storage business grows, profit shrinks
EMC reported first-quarter revenue rose 6% to $5.39 billion, while net income fell about 1% year-over year to $580 million as costs rose.

Cisco lays off 734, or 1% of workforce
Cisco this week reduced its workforce by about 1% -- or 734 people - as the company realigns to face the advent of software-defined networking, cloud computing and its impact on routing and switching.

Silver Peak announces virtual appliance for offsite replication
Silver Peak Systems announced a new virtual application designed to dramatically speed up data duplication for disaster recovery without the purchase of additional hardware.

Oracle's storage business falters as market slows in Q4, says Gartner
Oracle suffered the most as growth in the storage market continued to slow during the end of 2012. Hewlett-Packard, Dell and IBM also struggled while EMC emerged as the big winner.

Big data the security answer?
The recent RSA conference in San Francisco was awash in talk of big data, but it was clear there was some disagreement about what people mean by big data and some outright skepticism about it being the answer.

Forget big data, the value is in 'big answers'
The CTO of Barack Obama's reelection campaign says we need to stop worrying about big data and turn our attention instead to the 'big answers' the data provides. EMC, which made big data news this week, is one tech company that plans to translate big answers into big customer wins.

Microsoft, EMC, NetApp join Oracle's legal fight against Google on Java
Microsoft, EMC and NetApp have joined an appeal by Oracle against an earlier decision in a copyright and patent infringement lawsuit against Google over Android.

VMware buying Virsto to bolster storage virtualization
VMware plans to acquire Virsto Software, maker of a "storage hypervisor" that will be added to VMware's popular virtualization lineup and licensed by EMC.

VCE CEO says EMC, Cisco, VMware partnership unshaken by NetApp incursion
VCE said its partnership with Cisco has been unaffected by Cisco's strengthening a reseller agreement with NetApp to sell cloud architectures.

Wall Street Beat: Earnings help boost tech as Dow closes above 14,000
Despite some caution about the fortunes of BlackBerry, Facebook and Apple, solid financial results from tech vendors coupled with positive reports about the economy are boosting confidence in IT, with share prices of computer, consumer electronics and Internet companies rising this week.

Iomega px2-300d network-attached storage device
The Iomega px2-300d is a two-bay NAS box that delivers very good performance, excellent backup and surveillance features, and a helpful LCD that reports on the unit's status (IP address, current time, storage remaining, and so on). Its EMC LifeLine operating system is also one of the more feature-rich ones in the industry. But you should buy this box bare--Iomega populates it with enterprise-class hard drives that jack up the price.

Cisco gets closer to NetApp, further from VCE
Appearing to further distance itself from VCE coalition partners EMC and VMware, Cisco this week expanded collaboration with storage titan NetApp to deepen integration and market reach.

EMC Offers Online File Sharing With On-Premise Storage Product
EMC is building on its acquisition of the Syncplicity file-sharing and collaboration service by combining it with its Isilon scale-out NAS to provide the enterprise what the storage giant claims provides the convenience of a cloud-based file-sharing service with the administrative and governance capabilities of an on-premise solution.

ExaGrid aces disk-to-disk backup
ExaGrid's unique scale-out grid architecture makes for powerful, scalable, and uncomplicated disk-based backup and deduplication

Hitachi, EMC and Fujitsu winners as storage market weakens
Growth in the storage market slowed down during the third quarter, but vendors such as Hitachi, EMC and Fujitsu still had a good three months thanks in part to sales of high-end systems.

By 2020, there will be 5,200 GB of data for every person on Earth
During the next eight years, the amount of digital data produced will exceed 40 zettabytes -- the equivalent of 5,200 GB of data for every man, woman and child on Earth, according to an updated Digital Universe study released today.

VMware makes a play for developers
Pivotal Initiative lumps multiple app dev, big data and cloud efforts under a single umbrella

IT shops will become consultants instead of tech managers, says EMC's CIO
An EMC executive said customers should have a sense of urgency about deploying IT as a service via a cloud infrastructure, but not everyone at the data storage company's user forum agreed with him.

External disk storage shipments surpass 7 exabytes in Q3
IDC today released its Disk Storage Tracker, showing steady growth in external storage systems worldwide for the third quarter.

EMC's Project X may have wide impact on data centers
EMC plans to sell flash storage for use across data centers and is developing software to tie all those components together.

EMC and VMware spin out big data/cloud division
VMware and EMC today confirmed rumors that have been circulating for weeks that it would spin out its big data and platform as a service (PaaS) cloud products into a new division within the company named Pivotal Initiative, which will be led by former VMware chief Paul Maritz.

Mobile device management vendors unveil a slate of new tools
IBM, Good Technology and several other mobile device and app management software vendors today separately announced a variety of new or enhanced products.

EMC's Tucci: Global economy hinges on U.S. budget deal
EMC CEO Joe Tucci on Monday called for CEOs to put pressure on U.S. politicians to strike a budget deal, saying that the direction of the domestic and global economy depends on it.

Hitachi releases new 1.6TB flash modules
HDS's new flash module is built specifically for enterprise-class workloads. The 1.6TB module fits in an 8U flash chassis. Each enclosure can scale from 6.4TB up to 76.8TB.

EMC releases upgrades to its document content management line
EMC today unveiled upgrades across its Documentum content management and Captiva document capture product lines.

Juniper trimming up for a sale?
Those layoffs happening at Juniper might be to dress the company up for a sale.

HDS releases converged infrastructure platform
Hitachi Data Systems said that it is offering a pretested architecture that combines storage, servers, networking switches and virtualization software

EMC names new CTO to oversee cloud, big data strategy
EMC appointed former Huawei Technologies executive John Roese as its new CTO. Roese will play a key role in shaping EMC's technology strategy. Roese replaces Jeff Nick, who has been EMC's CTO for eight years.

5 Enterprise Alternatives to Dropbox
The recent Dropbox data breach has many IT executives telling employees not to use it. These five products offer the administrative and security features that may restore their faith in cloud data storage.

First look: Driving VMware vSphere 5.1
VMware's new, Flash-based Web management GUI is easy to like, but it comes with a few gotchas

Dell, EMC, Cisco Tackle BYOD With Desktop Virtualization
As the Bring Your Own Device trend gains traction, Dell and EMC/Cisco are taking different approaches to desktop virtualization. Generally, Dell aims for PC users in the midmarket, while the EMC/Cisco partnership may work better for enterprises that have to consider the iPad. Both tacks are worth a look, though.

Applied Micro shows 64-bit ARM server chip, ignites x86 debate
Applied Micro lifted the curtain on its 64-bit ARM-based server platform at the Hot Chips conference this week and ignited a debate about whether ARM is the right architecture for the data center.

Zend, VMware partner on PHP cloud deployments
Integration between Zend Server PHP and VMware vFabric Application Director automates process of moving from virtualized to cloud environments

VMware vSphere 5.1 includes backup, deduplication
VMware announced today that vSphere 5.1 includes backup capability complete with deduplication powered by EMC's Avamar software.

NASA rover Curiosity blasts first Martian rock with laser
NASA's Mars rover Curiosity successfully tested its laser on Sunday, blasting a fist-size Martian rock and analyzing its makeup.

EMC rolls out Symmetrix disk library for mainframes
DLm8000 is the first EMC disk library for mainframe that will leverage its flagship VMAX storage teshnology.

EMCs interest in China, servers continues to grow
Its new partnership with Lenovo takes EMC even further into the data center. With plans now to begin selling storage and servers in the Chinese market, could that partnership stress EMC's existing relationships?

Lenovo, EMC join forces on storage, servers
Lenovo and EMC will team up to develop and sell server and storage technology, with an eye to the Chinese market, the companies said.

Wall Street Beat: Tech results mixed, but show areas of strength
Quarterly earnings from some of the biggest tech companies in the world this week were decidedly mixed, but showed some signs of strength, particularly in enterprise IT spending.

EMC confirms CEO change at VMware
Paul Maritz will step down from his role as CEO of VMware, to be replaced by EMC Chief Operating Officer Pat Gelsinger, EMC confirmed on Tuesday.

MicroStrategy upgrades BI platform for visual analysis, Hadoop
MicroStrategy is set to unveil an array of enhancements to its BI (business intelligence) software platform, covering areas such as visual data-exploration and the open-source Hadoop data-processing framework, during the MicroStrategy World conference in Amsterdam on Tuesday.

Nearly 10 years later, EMC's NetWorker hits Version 8.0
EMC is updating its NetWorker backup and recovery software on Tuesday with an eye to greater efficiency, tighter integration with other EMC products, and cloud computing.

Don't get shortchanged by data center bundles
As top-tier infrastructure vendors bundle their hardware, the customer often comes out with less. Insider (registration required)

Bye-bye, tapes: How to get the right disk backup appliance
Deduplicating backup appliances have become very popular, but choosing the right one means looking beyond deduplication. Insider (registration required)

Worldwide disk storage system revenues grow 7%, NAS sales dip
Worldwide external disk storage systems factory revenues posted year-over-year growth of 7.1%, totaling just under $6 billion, in the first quarter of 2012, according to IDC.

EMC-Terremark ink joint cloud agreement
Terremark, the cloud vendor owned by Verizon, has become a platinum member of EMC's cloud service provider program, solidifying a relationship between the two enterprise service providers.

EMC acquires Syncplicity for cloud file management
EMC has acquired Syncplicity, an enterprise file-management service provider, for an undisclosed sum.

EMC unveils slew of product upgrades, new VMAX array
EMC today announced upgrades across all of its product lines, including a doubling of capacity and performance in both its high-end VMAX array and a 50% performance boost to its midrange VNXe line.

Why Israel is a hotbed for flash storage innovation
Israel is where the USB flash drive was invented and where innovative companies such as Anobit and XtremIO are drawing American companies to their shores in droves to get a piece of the intellectual property pie.

EMC buys flash-array start-up XtremIO
EMC today confirmed that it is buying out XtremIO, the maker of flash devices, in a deal pegged at $430 million.

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EMC unleashes VMAX3 and buys TwinStrata

No LOL: EMC CEO Joe Tucci.

Storage behemoth EMC (NYSE:EMC) has a bunch of announcements. New products, upgrades and an acquisition are the order of the day.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers round up the cloudy details.

EMC, RSA, NSA, @TrustyCon, and ''dirty tricks''

@Mikko, the notoriously publicity-shy CTO, doesn't trust RSA.

The RSA (NYSE:EMC) Conference was boycotted yesterday by TrustyCon attendees. A range of speakers criticized the company's alleged cosy links with the NSA, arguing that the industry badly needs a huge dose of trustworthiness.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers reach for the bottomless bucket of popcorn. Not to mention: Hypponen explains his 'personal' reasons...

Boycotting RSA Conference: Jaws all on the floor over NSA backdoor at #RSAC

Security wonks put one of those fingers on each hand up.

May I have your attention, please? Next month's huge RSA security conference is in the spotlight over a growing number of boycotts by high-profile speakers. The conflab, run by EMC's (NYSE:EMC) RSA division is the lightning-rod for disquiet over alleged NSA backdoors inserted into RSA crypto software.

As you may recall, the smell of it is that RSA agreed to the NSA's request to use a default random-number generator that made it easy to crack customers' encrypted data. And its subsequent denial didn't really deny the core accusation.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers repeatedly ask, "He didn't just say what I think he did, did he?"

I repeat, your real, humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment. [We're gonna have a problem here -Ed.]

VMware buys Nicira: Open-source threat or cloudy opportunity?

VMware (NYSE:VMW) is buying Nicira for $1.26 billion. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers wonder what the future holds for open-source software-defined networking and cloud-computing generally.

EMC/VMware cloudy spinoff rumors (and Maritz is out)

This is serious business: EMC (NYSE:EMC) and VMware (NYSE:VMW) are said to be spinning off their cloud computing assets into a new company. Those will include the Cloud Foundry PaaS, Greenplum, Chorus, DynamicOps, and the Project Rubicon IaaS, we're told. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers wonder if it could be true. And Paul Maritz may be the guy to run it [Update: or not!]

RSA SecurID: Egg meets face

SecurID fob (EMC) In the case of the SecurID hack three months ago, RSA's strategy -- to deny anything was worrisome -- has come back to bite it. Hard. The company is having to learn some of the oldest lessons in security -- and in PR. Find out more, in The Long View...
INSIDER (free registration required)

RSA SecurID hacked: 2FA fob and software compromise?

Egg meets face, as security company 'fesses up to security breach. Are your RSA SecurID keys safe? Or are we panicking too SecurID fob (EMC)much?
EMC's RSA says its SecurID two-factor authentication system has been "impacted" thanks to a hack attack. It's not clear whether the company's fob or software 2FA tokens have been compromised. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers push the panic button. Not to mention The animated GIF staring competition...

Microsoft-led CPTN bid for Novell FLOSS patents is on/off/on

Novell's patent threat to Linux and other open source software: some bloggers thought that CPTN was no more, but that was Tuxnaive.
CPTN Holdings' plan to purchase the Novell open source patent portfolio has been withdrawn. At least, that's what some breathless reporting would have you believe. The consortium of Microsoft, Apple, EMC and Oracle has certainly withdrawn something, but does it really mean that FLOSS is safe? In IT Blogwatch, bloggers get to the truth of the matter. Not to mention Chris Ollis's appalling Star Wars pun...

The importance of technology partnerships in the storage industry

Unless you have been stranded on a deserted island the last few years, you know that the storage industry is rapidly consolidating. This is due in part to the recent contraction of the overall economy, but only in part. This primary cause of the contraction is that the storage industry is maturing.

Dell disrupts data-dedupe apple-cart with Ocarina (and gamer cake)

This will set the cat among the pigeons in the data-deduplication world: Dell is to acquire Ocarina Networks for its content-aware dedupe and compression technology. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers wonder how this will affect the rest of the industry. Not to mention a telling gamer wedding cake...

Power savings on a platter: How to save on storage

A single storage frame can suck down more than 2kW of power, adding to the power and cooling loads in you data center. These three steps can help you go green - and save money.

California court backs EMC: Former exec can't oversee HP's storage ops

A California judge ruled today that former EMC top executive David Donatelli cannot oversee storage operations at HP due to a noncompete clause with his former employer.

Finding a bone marrow match for Nick

EMC employee Nick Glasgow has Leukemia and efforts to cure the disease by transfusing blood platelets and antibiotic treatments have so far failed. What he needs is a bone marrow transplant. The technology community is rallying around the cause of getting as many possible donors to submit a simple sample to the national donor base.

VMware's VMworld is virtually cloudy

VMware logoIn Monday's IT Blogwatch, we watch as VMware kicks off its user conference, while drooling competitors circle hungrily. Not to mention Trent Reznor, the Mac fanboi...

Patrick Thibodeau reports:

Celerra Man

While attending EMC World in Las Vegas this past week, I was confronted by Celerra Man, a guy dressed up in a foam costume to look like an EMC Celerra disk array.