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IT puts millennials to work - as mentors
Reverse mentoring helps seasoned IT execs get comfortable with new technologies like social media while gaining insight into what makes millennials tick.

Internet outages expected to abate as routers are modified, rebooted
A flood of updates to databases inside Internet routers caused intermittent outages on Wednesday and connectivity issues for companies, but experts expect the long-forecasted hiccup to be resolved soon.

Cisco slashing up to 6,000 jobs
Cisco Systems will cut as many as 6,000 jobs over the next 12 months, saying it needs to shift resources to growing businesses such as cloud, software and security.

Cisco's Q4 revenue and profit flat; Chambers cites a 'tough environment'
Cisco Systems posted fiscal fourth-quarter revenue and earnings that were roughly flat from a year earlier as the company works through what Chairman and CEO John Chambers called "a tough environment."

IoT is here, there, not yet everywhere
The Internet of Things is still too hard. Even some of its biggest backers say so.

Cisco: Blackhole arrest cuts exploit-kit traffic, but don't let your guard down
Exploit kits of cybercrime tools fell into a big slump in the first half of this year after Russian authorities nabbed the alleged creator of the popular Blackhole kit, but users aren't necessarily safer.

Cisco patches traffic snooping flaw in its networking gear OSes
Cisco Systems said attackers could disrupt or intercept traffic in many of its networking products unless a new security update is applied to the software they run.

One of Google's mysterious barges is on the move
The Maine-docked Google barge, which created so much curiosity and brouhaha last fall, is on the move.

Cisco describes its SDN vision: A Q&A with Soni Jiandani
Soni Jiandani is one of Cisco's serial entrepreneurs, having been a key member of the teams that developed everything from the Nexus 5000 to Cisco's Unified Computing System (which in five years has leapt to the top of the x86 blade server market in North America, according to IDC). Today Jiandani is Senior Vice President of Cisco's Insieme business unit, the group pushing the company's Software Defined Networking vision. Network World Editor in Chief John Dix caught with Jiandani to get her take on how SDN plays out.

Small cell device tech set to connect workplace Wi-Fi with 3G and LTE
Cisco says small cell technology is primed for explosive growth as it plans to connect 3G and LTE cellular networks to Wi-Fi access points that are already widely deployed in many enterprise facilities.

Flaw exposes some Cisco home wireless devices to hacking
Nine of Cisco's home and small office cable modems with router and wireless access point functionality need software updates to fix a critical vulnerability that could allow remote attackers to completely compromise them.

Why Cisco, Intel, and Qualcomm are funding IoT startups
Internet of Things startups have had little trouble finding seed money lately, with overall venture capital surpassing the $1 billion mark in 2013 alone, according to CB Insights.

Cisco patches communications manager to close backdoor access vulnerability
An unprotected SSH access key left inside the Cisco Unified Communications Domain Manager product for remote support purposes allows attackers to take complete control of affected deployments.

Big data security analytics mantra: Collect and analyze everything
In a recent research survey, ESG asked security professionals to identify the most important type of data for use in malware detection and analysis (note: I am an employee of ESG). The responses were as follows:

Microsoft challenges US warrant to turn over emails held overseas
Microsoft has in a landmark case challenged in U.S. federal court a search warrant for private email communications located in the company's facility in Dublin, Ireland, after a magistrate judge quashed in April its opposition to the warrant.

How Voice Control Will Make the Internet of Things More Human
As the Internet of Things expands from the industrial environment to the home, more people will interact with connected devices. Expect the voice commands familiar to entertainment system and smartphone users to become the 'interface' for these smart devices.

Broadband providers should not treat all bits the same, says Cisco
All bits running over the Internet are not equal and should not be treated that way by broadband providers, despite net neutrality advocates' calls for traffic neutral regulations, Cisco Systems said.

Malicious major website ads lead to ransomware
Malicious advertisements on domains belonging to Disney, Facebook, The Guardian newspaper and others are leading people to malware that encrypts a computer's files until a ransom is paid, Cisco Systems has found.

A year after Snowden revelations, Microsoft demands NSA reform
Microsoft has asked the U.S. government to recognize that its search warrants should end at the country's borders, reflecting growing concern that surveillance by the U.S. National Security Agency could impact business abroad for tech companies.

Cloud, software options deflate sales of enterprise video systems
Sales of videoconferencing and telepresence hardware systems are declining, hurt by an increase in cloud and software-based options that often are cheaper and simpler to deploy, according to an IDC study.

China accuses Cisco of supporting US cyberwar efforts
China is attacking secret surveillance programs of the U.S. government with harsh words from its state-controlled press, accusing Cisco of helping the U.S. in cyberespionage.

Cisco and Kansas City to launch network for smart city services
Officials from Cisco Systems and the Kansas City, Mo., municipal government are teaming up to launch a new network for smart city services.

Cisco loses IoT chief to Chinese startup
Cisco Systems hinted at future plans for the Internet of Things on Wednesday even as its former IoT chief joined a Shanghai-based startup that plans to use sensors and big data for renewable energy.

Cisco welcomes Dimension Data to global cloud initiative
The sun shone outside the Cisco Live conference on Tuesday even as the clouds gathered within, and that was exactly the kind of weather Cisco was hoping for.

Silverlight malvertising exploits are on the rise
Microsoft Silverlight vulnerabilities are increasingly being exploited in drive-by download attacks to infect computers with malware, especially through malicious ads.

Cisco will lead SDN and win IT, Chambers says
There's a big showdown coming in IT pitting no-name hardware with overlaid software against purpose-built architectures that stretch from data centers to the edges of networks, Cisco CEO John Chambers says.

Cisco puts video conferencing spotlight on individuals at Cisco Live 2014
Cisco will target individual video conferencing users with new desktop devices and a cloud-based service, a move that complements a recent announcement focused on outfitting small and mid-size office meeting rooms.

Ex-Cisco CEO reflects, looks ahead on 25 years of Networkers
John Morgridge was Cisco's first CEO. He took the company public and presided over its growth until John Chambers took over as CEO in 1995. On the 25th anniversary of the Networker's user conference this week, Morgridge, 80, reflects on the past and looks ahead to the future as Cisco's Chairman Emeritus.

Cisco CEO tells Obama that NSA spying hits tech sales
Cisco Systems CEO John Chambers has written to U.S. President Barack Obama, asking for his intervention so that U.S. technology sales are not affected by a loss in trust as a result of reports of surveillance by the U.S. National Security Agency.

Cisco results improve, but will Chambers keep CEO post?
John Chambers may stay chairman and CEO of Cisco Systems for the time being, but with the company's financial results just beginning to emerge from a slump and major challenges remaining, it won't be an easy time to hold onto one of the longest leadership stints in the IT industry.

Cisco financials brighten a bit in Q3
Cisco posted lower sales and profit in the third quarter but beat its own forecast, signaling that the company is continuing to work against economic and industry challenges following two earlier weak performances.

License reader lawsuit can be heard, appeals court rules
A federal appeals court this week ruled that a woman's Fourth Amendment rights may have been violated when San Francisco police arrested her after an automated license plate reader mistakenly identified her car as stolen.

Cisco's IoT chief resigns
Cisco Systems' point man on the Internet of Things has resigned just as industries start to explore how millions of sensors and devices can be connected over networks.

Cisco retires WebEx Social, partners with Jive instead
Cisco has put out to pasture its WebEx Social enterprise social networking suite, opting instead to partner with Jive Software.

Adobe's Flash Player gets an emergency update
Adobe Systems released emergency security updates for Flash Player in order to fix a vulnerability that has been exploited in attacks against users since earlier this month.

Top vendors join to bolster OpenSSL, other open source projects, after Heartbleed
Reeling from the Heartbleed security fiasco, major IT vendors including Microsoft, IBM, Intel, Google and Cisco are backing a Linux Foundation initiative designed to boost open source projects considered critical to the industry.

Connected stuff catches on -- but don't call it IoT
Many organizations today are looking for things that talk to the Internet. Sensors, cameras, medical equipment and even snowplows are on that wish list.

Can VCE Be the Apple of the Converged Enterprise Cloud?
Apple wouldn't be where it is today if it hadn't taken redefined consumer electronics. VCE could very well do the same to the enterprise cloud market. First, it just has to convince companies to 'think different.'

Cross-industry IoT group pushes for gear that works together
Five IT and equipment companies have formed a group to drive standards for the so-called Internet of Things, a network that would feed data back and forth between computers and all kinds of industrial gear.

Cisco fixes denial-of-service flaws in IOS software for networking devices
Cisco Systems released security updates for its IOS software used on routers, switches and other networking gear in order to fix seven vulnerabilities that could be exploited by attackers to impact the performance of affected devices or force them to reboot.

Global Mobile Data Traffic to Surpass 15 Exabytes Per Month by 2018
A recent report from Cisco predicts that global mobile data traffic, which hit 1.5 exabytes per month in 2013, will be 10 times as high by the end of 2018. Smartphones will drive the bulk of this traffic growth, but the Internet of Things will also play a role.

Spherix sues Cisco for 'immense' patent infringement
A company that bought Nortel patents is suing Cisco Systems, alleging "immense" infringement by the network vendor's switches, routers and other products.

Cisco's Intercloud could supercharge its Internet of Things plans
Cisco Systems' "Intercloud" platform for interoperable cloud services could be combined with remote-computing technology to define the so-called Internet of Things from the weather-ravaged, intermittently connected edge to regional and global data centers.

Cisco plans $1B investment in global cloud infrastructure
Cisco Systems plans to invest over US$1 billion to expand its cloud business over the next two years, including building an OpenStack-based "network of clouds" with partners.

Attack hits Web servers with outdated Linux kernels
Web servers running a long-outdated version of the Linux kernel were attacked with dramatic speed over two days last week, Cisco Systems said on Thursday.

Google and Cisco will bring WebEx to Chromebooks
Google and Cisco are teaming up in the enterprise collaboration market, bundling WebEx with Chromebooks and integrating the Cisco Web conferencing and online meeting product with Google Apps.

Cisco on mission to outfit all office rooms with video conferencing systems
Cisco unveiled Wednesday an array of video conferencing products as it seeks to provide video collaboration systems for meeting rooms of all sizes.

Cisco patches flaws in routers, wireless LAN controllers
Cisco Systems released new firmware versions for some of its small business routers and wireless LAN controllers in order to address vulnerabilities that could allow remote attackers to compromise the vulnerable devices or affect their availability.

Whittle down application sprawl
Getting rid of old, unsecured or unused software and services is not easy. Do it correctly, though, and you can save IT time and money.

Open source challenges a proprietary Internet of Things
The only limit to the Internet of Things isn't imagination or technology. It's interoperability. And the Linux Foundation thinks that's an issue it can help fix.

FIRST LOOK: Cisco Nexus 9000
The Cisco Nexus 9000 series, the fruit of Cisco's InsiemeA spin-in, is more than another fast router -- it's a change in the way that high-end routers are designed and built.

The 'Internet of things,' beyond the hype at Mobile World Congress
If you want to find out how the so-called Internet of things is shaking up the tech industry, Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is the place to be this week.

Qualcomm, Cisco join forces to improve wireless coverage at the office
Qualcomm and Cisco Systems have started developing small cells customized for enterprises, which will be able to use the products to improve indoor wireless network coverage for their employees.

Cisco fixes flaws in several products
Cisco Systems has released security updates to fix serious vulnerabilities in a range of products including its Intrusion Prevention System, Unified Computing System Director, Unified SIP Phone 3905 and Firewall Services Module products.

Cisco profit halved as revenue falls
Cisco Systems reported another tough quarter on Wednesday, saying profits in its fiscal second quarter fell by more than half and revenue declined by nearly 8%.

Google goes after enterprise with Chromebox for meetings
Google is opening the door wider to the enterprise, launching a videoconferencing tool designed to make it easier and cheaper to have face-to-face meetings with far-flung co-workers.

Cisco, Innovatio come to Wi-Fi patent agreement
Cisco Systems has come to an agreement with patent firm Innovatio IP Ventures in a dispute over Wi-Fi standards-essential patents that targeted its customers.

Mobile data traffic is expected to explode 11-fold by 2018
Networking experts are running out of superlatives to describe the coming tidal wave of mobile data traffic.

Google and Cisco strike patent deal
Google has added Cisco to the list of tech companies with which it has struck a long-term patent cross-licensing agreement.

Cisco's 'fog computing' aims to bridge clouds and the Internet of Things
If the hardest part of the "Internet of Things" is getting to the Things, Cisco Systems is offering a lifeline.

Old-school Wi-Fi is slowing down networks
The early Wi-Fi standards that opened the world's eyes to wire-free networking are now holding back the newer, faster protocols that followed in their wake, Cisco Systems said.

Researchers find new point-of-sale malware
In the wake of a large-scale attack on point-of-sale systems at retailer Target, new malware designed to steal payment card data from the sales systems was released earlier this month.

Cisco fixes remote access flaws in its Secure Access Control System
Cisco Systems has released software updates for its Cisco Secure Access Control System (ACS) in order to patch three vulnerabilities that could give remote attackers administrative access to the platform and allow them to execute OS-level commands without authorization.

Cisco says it will fix backdoor found in routers
Cisco Systems promised to issue firmware updates removing a backdoor from a wireless access point and two of its routers later this month. The undocumented feature could allow unauthenticated remote attackers to gain administrative access to the devices.

Wall Street Beat: Cautious optimism for tech this year
After a year in which tech stocks boomed but overall IT spending barely eked out single-digit growth, market forecasters are adopting an air of cautious optimism for 2014.

Yahoo malvertising attack linked to larger malware scheme
A deeper look by Cisco Systems into the cyberattack that infected Yahoo users with malware appears to show a link between the attack and a suspicious affiliate traffic-pushing scheme with roots in Ukraine.

Oracle buys maker of software-defined networking tech
Oracle is buying Corente, maker of SDN technology for WANs, in a strike against competitors such as Cisco and IBM. Terms of the deal weren't disclosed.

The NSA intercepts computer deliveries to plant spyware
A special hacking unit of the U.S. National Security Agency intercepts deliveries of new computer equipment en route to plant spyware, according to a report on Sunday from Der Spiegel, a German publication.

Home appliance makers connect with open source 'Internet of things' project
Home appliances, cars and computers could soon be talking to one another thanks to an open source framework that has the backing of consumer electronics manufacturers in a new industry alliance.

Data centers drove Ethernet sales in Q3
The growing popularity of 10 Gigabit and 40 Gigabit Ethernet in data centers helped propel the entire Ethernet switch market during the third quarter, according to IDC.

NSA spy scandal prompts China push to favor local tech vendors
While China's demand for electronics continues to soar, the tech services market may be shrinking for U.S. enterprise vendors. Security concerns over U.S. secret surveillance are giving the Chinese government and local companies more reason to trust domestic vendors, according to industry experts.

Cisco issues grim forecast after falling short on revenue
Cisco Systems stunned Wall Street on Wednesday with a gloomy financial forecast it blamed on falling demand in developing countries and transitions in some of its product lines.

Cisco Q1 revenue falls short as profit drops from last year
Cisco Systems missed its revenue forecast and logged a year-over-year profit decline in its fiscal first quarter.

F5, VMware & Cisco: One happy family?
At first blush, F5 Networks' new Synthesis Architecture for Software-Defined Application Services might appear to compete with new offerings from Cisco and VMware. But no, F5 CEO John McAdam and executive vice president of Strategic Solutions Manuel Rivelo tell IDG Communications Chief Content Officer John Gallant that F5 is very much in sync with these two data center giants (we did not, however, press them on the relationship between Cisco and VMware).

Security researchers laud Microsoft, Facebook bug bounty programs
Facebook and Microsoft are winning plaudits from security researchers for launching an initiative to offer bounties to bug hunters who discover and report vulnerabilities in widely used products.

Here comes WiGig: Cisco backs multi-gigabit addition to Wi-Fi
A high-frequency supplement to Wi-Fi that's several times faster than most of what's available now appears headed for enterprises through a partnership between Cisco Systems and a specialist in the technology.

Spike in traffic with TCP source port zero has some researchers worried
A significant increase this weekend in TCP traffic with source port zero detected could be part of reconnaissance efforts in preparation for more serious attacks, according to security researchers from Cisco Systems.

Mystery barge bets see floating data center as shoe-in
A well-known bookmaker is taking bets on what Google will do with its mystery barges, and so far floating data centers are a shoe-in with some interesting wages coming in as long shots.

Mystery barges reportedly tied to Google X
A report today says the mystery barges docked in San Francisco and Portland, Maine, will hold luxury showrooms for displaying Google X products, such as Google's digital eyewear called Glass.

Coast Guard spills the beans on Google's mystery barges
The U.S. Coast Guard has given up what could be a key clue in the tale of two mysterious barges moored on either side of the country.

Cisco to release free standard software to boost Web videoconferencing
Web videoconferencing may get easier after a decision by Cisco Systems that should help bring widely used technology into browsers.

Google Apps, once a leader, faces growing cloud app rivals
When Google Apps arrived in 2006, it stood on the cutting edge of web-hosted email and collaboration suites for businesses. But it's fallen behind rival suites from IBM, Cisco and Microsoft and needs to step up its game, say analysts.

Does Google's floating data center plan hold water?
With speculation swirling that two mysterious barges on either side of the U.S. are evidence Google's working on floating data centers, analysts say the company would have a lot of obstacles to overcome.

Web conferencing shootout: WebEx vs. GoToMeeting vs. MyTrueCloud
Cisco WebEx Meetings, Citrix GoToMeeting and MyTrueCloud My Web Conferences compete on features, quality, client support and cost. See how these three Web conferencing services compare.

Mysterious barges in Maine and San Francisco ignite Google rumors
Speculation that had been growing about mysterious barges harbored on both sides of the U.S. is exploding.

Cisco fixes serious security flaws in networking, communications products
Cisco Systems released software security updates Wednesday to address denial-of-service and arbitrary command execution vulnerabilities in several products, including a known flaw in the Apache Struts development framework used by some of them.

NEC manager charged in Cisco replacement parts fraud
A 40-year-old NEC account manager has been charged with mail fraud for allegedly obtaining replacement networking parts from Cisco using bogus names, the U.S. Department of Justice said Wednesday.

Cisco beefs up enterprise collaboration tools
Cisco will boost its enterprise collaboration stack with products designed to simplify the way companies secure communications, interact with external parties and manage their collaboration tools.

T-Mobile urged to pull TV commercial depicting smartphone robbery
A TV commercial for T-Mobile US that parodies a smartphone theft is "more than tasteless" and should be pulled, two prosecutors wrote in a letter to T-Mobile CEO John Legere.

Wall Street Beat: Talk of US budget compromise boosts tech stocks
After a rollercoaster ride, tech stocks rebounded toward the end of last week following reports of a possible compromise on the political impasse over the U.S. budget.

Cisco patches flaw in security appliances, switches, routers
Cisco Systems has released security patches for authentication bypass, command execution and denial-of-service vulnerabilities affecting products that use its Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) software, as well as the Cisco Catalyst 6500 series switches and Cisco 7600 series routers.

SDN: The security pros and cons of using it in your organization
SDN benefits include automating and easing network administration duties and improving application performance. But it also introduces a number of potential threat vectors into your environment. What should you know before you invest in SDN?

Google backs effort to slash worldwide Internet costs
Internet access can be expensive, especially in developing countries. Google is backing a new project that aims to change that.

BlackBerry offers itself up to six would-be buyers; Cisco looks like the best fit
BlackBerry has reportedly asked Cisco, Google, SAP, Intel, LG and Samsung separately to consider buying all or parts of its embattled company.

Facebook and Cisco partner to offer free Wi-Fi at stores
Cisco and Facebook have become unusual friends in a new collaboration that offers free Wi-Fi to consumers who "check in" to a participating business via a Facebook account.

Why San Francisco today is like every city tomorrow
San Francisco residents are used as lab rats in Silicon Valley's many new high-tech services. And you won't believe the cheese they get.

Cisco IOS fixes 10 denial-of-service vulnerabilities
Cisco Systems has patched 10 vulnerabilities that could impact the availability of devices using various versions of its IOS software.

Patent trolls will gain from single European system
The creation of a pan-European patent system will help spread abusive patent litigation to Europe and could lead to E.U.-wide sales bans on products, leading tech vendors have claimed.

Why HP's Successful Turnaround Is Closer Than It Looks
Hewlett-Packard's turnaround effort under CEO Meg Whitman, like an object in the rearview mirror, is closer than it appears. Credit the impending success on strategic partnerships, good hires and a broad view of the future of tech.

Cisco bets on new programmable 400Gbps processor
Cisco Systems has unveiled what it calls the world's most scalable and programmable network processor, the nPower X1, which handles 400G bps to keep up with increasing Internet traffic volume.

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Microsoft, Apple, and Google agree: The federal ban against gay marriage must go

Microsoft, Apple, Google, and other tech giants rarely agree on anything. But they all agree on this: The Supreme Court should rule that the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which for federal purposes defines marriage as only being between a man and a woman, is unconstitutional.

Apple closes Java hack, and why it's time to switch Java off

The Apple critics are dancing their dance once again today following news of a Java-based malware attack on Macs. But, given Java is the bad boy in the room, shouldn't critics and Kool-Aid drinkers alike just do the right thing and switch Java off for good?

Cisco to dump failed Linksys unit, say rumor-mongers

People with (ahem) "knowledge of the situation" say that Cisco is about to sell its Linksys business unit. Cisco (NASDAQ:CSCO) bought Linksys almost ten years ago, as part of a strategy to move into consumer and small-business products. Sadly for Cisco CEO John Chambers (pictured), that strategy has lost money; this sale will be the latest in a line of closures and divestitures of Cisco's low-end businesses. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers shed few tears for the purveyor of shoddy products that Linksys has become.

Cisco buys Meraki for cloud Wi-Fi/BYOD ops. tech.

Cisco acquires Meraki for its cloud-based Wi-Fi and BYOD management technology. Cisco (NASDAQ:CSCO), true to its M&A-heavy strategy, liked the startup so much it bought the company. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers look on the deal with envious eyes.

Gartner Keynote: Cisco CEO Chambers speaks out

In an engaging and wide ranging keynote session interview this morning at the Gartner Symposium, Cisco chairman and CEO John Chambers weighed in on a wide variety of issues, from the coming shakeout in the top six IT vendors to business to the CIO role as a stepping stone to the CEO's office. Here are 10 highlights of the conversation.

Data center expertise: Hard to come by, harder to validate

Last week I spoke at Data Center World out in Las Vegas. During my presentation we talked a lot about data center expertise within specific technical areas like VoIP, virtualization, and power management. How to find and validate experts in these areas seemed to at the forefront of everyone's minds.

Is there still a market for Exchange alternatives?

Not so very long ago, there was a lot of talk in the market about Exchange alternatives -- software products that worked in a similar way to Microsoft Exchange. I was reminded of this by some news that crossed my desk yesterday. Is this still an interesting market, or is the battle long lost? Let's see, in The Long View...
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Cisco and HP in "Peaceful Chongqing" China surveillance deal

Chinese flag Cisco (NASDAQ:CSCO) and HP (NYSE:HPQ) are to supply surveillance equipment to China. The local government calls the project to install 500,000 networked cameras, "Peaceful Chongqing." In IT Blogwatch, bloggers try to break through the tut-tutting. Not to mention: Angry Birds for the Apple ][e...

Linksys E4200: Big bucks, bigger bang

A high performance W-Fi router may not solve all of the problems in your digital household, but Cisco's best wireless 802.11n router can certainly provide a good foundation.

Linksys E4200: New technology in an old house

Even for a high-end device such as the E4200, my office, located on the first floor in the very rear of a rambling two-story 1851 New England farm house, is horror show.

Linksys E4200: The results

In the real world -- in your home -- a new router may not solve all of your problems for all of your devices. But a high performance router is a good place to start.

Cisco's big financial woes: Job cuts coming

John Chambers (World Economic Forum) Cisco Systems (CSCO) revealed the extent of its lousy financials last night, with its third quarter results. After initial confusion, the markets reacted badly. This follows last month's admission of "Unacceptable execution" by CEO John Chambers. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers run the numbers. Not to mention Why reality sucks, compared to video games...

RIP Flip: Another great device hits the dust

It's happened again. I'm losing a device that I depend on, because it is considered too old-fashioned to live.

Cisco Systems CEO Chambers admits: "Unacceptable execution"

John Chambers (World Economic Forum) Cisco Systems (CSCO) CEO John Chambers sent an all-hands email message yesterday, admitting that the company is in deep doo-doo. He says things have to change -- does that mean he's on the way out, to be replaced by new COO Gary Moore? In IT Blogwatch, bloggers point the finger. Not to mention PRECISION: Great Sci-Fi short made in 48 hours...

Wireless routers: Fixing the Achilles heel of the digital home

From dropped connections to dead spots, cheap, consumer-grade wireless routers just can't keep up with the demands of the wireless digital home. Cisco's newly released Linksys E3200 just might solve the problem -- if you're willing to pay the premium.