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As sharks circle, IBM prepares its x86 exit
Once IBM completes its x86 server line sale to Lenovo, the latter will immediately take a solid third place ranking in worldwide revenues in the market.

Lenovo's x86 server buyout from IBM clears last US hurdle
Lenovo's planned acquisition of IBM's x86 server business for US$2.3 billion has cleared a major U.S. regulatory hurdle, paving the way for the deal to close by the end of the year.

SAP makes it cheaper, easier for customers to use Hana in certain scenarios
SAP has relaxed hardware requirements for using its Hana in-memory database platform for development and testing, in a move that could make existing Hana customers' operations easier and less expensive while also generating more Hana sales.

IBM focuses on identity management with Lighthouse buy
IBM has purchased Lighthouse Security Group and plans to combine it with another recent acquisition to build a set of identity management software and services.

UK public sector starting to spread the ICT spoils
Mid-sized companies are starting to outperform the leading IT suppliers to government, according to a report by analysts from TechMarketView.

IBM's new brain chip could power the Internet of things
IBM has taken another step toward its ambitious goal of creating a processor that acts like a human brain, creating a second, more advanced chip that mimics the way the mammalian brain operates.

IBM's 'click to buy' consulting services look beyond just IT
IBM hopes to expand its customer base and sell to executives outside of IT with a new set of consulting services that can be bought online with a credit card.

Is Apple on Its Way to Being a Mobile Enterprise Player?
While attending a tech conference last month, Michael DeFranco received word on his phone that Apple was joining forces with IBM to go after the enterprise. The CEO and founder of Lua, a mobile messaging service running on Android and iOS, stared at the text message in disbelief.

Data Scientist Role Shifting to Focus on Developers
Anant Jhingran is no fan of the term 'data scientist.'

IBM buys access control and identity management firm CrossIdeas
IBM has added to its security software portfolio with the purchase of Italian access control and identity management firm CrossIdeas for an undisclosed sum, the companies said Thursday.

Microsoft, IBM make cloud gains against Amazon
Microsoft and IBM are gaining momentum in the cloud infrastructure services market, putting pressure on Amazon and outpacing rival Google, according to a new study.

Non-IBM Power8 servers to appear early next year
The first third-party servers licensed to use IBM's Power architecture will be on the market early in 2015.

California sees IT shifting to IBM-built cloud
California is moving its IT services to a cloud, on-demand, subscription-based service that state officials believe may meet as much as 80% of its computing needs.

IBM aims to disrupt supercomputing market with cloud enticements
IBM is offering a potentially powerful incentive in its attempts to entice organizations to move supercomputing jobs to the cloud: a high-speed network communications link called InfiniBand.

The Apple/IBM deal: iOS claims the IoT
The partnership announced last week isn't just about selling more iPhones. It's part of a big push into the Internet of Things.

What to listen for during Apple's earnings call today
Apple today will reveal its Q2 revenue and device sales during a conference call with Wall Street. Here's what to listen out for.

Apple, IBM spell out enterprise support for iPhone, iPad
Apple will provide an expanded set of support services to IBM customers with iPhones and iPads under a new enterprise-grade AppleCare plan.

Despite cloud and mobile push, IBM's Q2 revenue flattens
Despite a hearty push into cloud services and enterprise mobility, IBM continues to experience difficulty in raising revenue, though second-quarter profit jumped compared to a year ago.

Quickpoll: Who's the winner in the Apple-IBM partnership?
Register your opinion on who gets the most out of the Apple-IBM pact.

Microsoft now leads in tech layoffs
Microsoft's planned 18,000 job cuts, or 14% of its workforce, is the biggest tech layoff announced this year, surpassing Hewlett-Packard's announcement in May that it was cutting 16,000 jobs.

Among IBM users, Apple agreement gets praise, questions
The IBM-Apple partnership resonates with users who like the idea of connecting Apple's mobile platform with IBM's back-end data, but some observers have questions about the deal and there's no certainty the partnership will succeed.

Timeline: How Apple's iOS gained enterprise cred
In the seven years since the first iPhone arrived, iOS has morphed from a consumer-centric OS into one with a wealth of enterprise-worthy features.

Apple and IBM: A winning combo for IT
One thing is clear about the Apple-IBM partnership: It will change the dynamic of the enterprise mobility market in significant ways.

Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols: Who should really worry about Apple/IBM? Microsoft
Sure, the enterprise push by Apple and IBM should worry the Android camp, and business writers should make sure they have an up-to-date obituary ready for BlackBerry. But Microsoft is the company with the most to lose.

Apple's Partnership With IBM Leaves CIOs Hanging
The big news this week of Apple and IBM joining forces to dominate the mobile enterprise market makes a great story -- at least on the surface.

Why Microsoft isn't spooked by the Apple-IBM alliance
The Apple-IBM partnership will have little effect on Microsoft's dominance in the enterprise, or drastically change its mutating mobile strategy.

Pennsylvania, a 'Fortune 20' state, consolidates IT
Pennsylvania has signed a seven-year deal with Unisys to consolidate the state's data centers and create an on-demand, cloud computing environment

Apple-IBM deal threatens Android's enterprise push
The new Apple-IBM partnership seems sure to help Apple sell more iPads to businesses, but it may also be setting off alarm bells at mobile device management companies large and small.

IBM and Apple ties go way back
IBM and Apple have a history of working together that dates back more than 20 years.

Review: Cloud Foundry brings power and polish to PaaS
Cloud Foundry impresses with broad application support, streamlined deployment, and enterprise extras from Pivotal, though initial setup could be simpler

Apple fashions 'brilliant' partnership with IBM for instant enterprise cred
The business-focused deal between Apple and IBM unveiled Tuesday is 'brilliant,' one analyst said, noting that Apple now gets into the enterprise through the front door rather than the back.

Why the Apple-IBM deal matters
Apple's partnership with IBM to tackle the mobile enterprise could have lasting ramifications for both companies -- as well as for rivals Google, Microsoft and BlackBerry. It could also make life a lot easier for IT staff at large enterprises.

Apple and IBM in major deal to tackle corporate market
Apple is making a big push for the corporate IT market through a partnership with IBM, which will develop iOS apps for its big data and analytics services and promote iPhones and iPads to its clients.

Update: Apple and IBM team up on 'historic' enterprise push
Apple and IBM today unveiled an "exclusive partnership" that melds IBM's big data and analytics capabilities with Apple's iPhone and iPad for business customers..

Money talks, and that's all quantum maker D-Wave has to say
The quantum computing technology developed by D-Wave gets ongoing scientific debate, but it's also getting money, $28 million last week, bringing its total funding to about $150 million.

IBM updates cloud strategy after loss of CIA pact
Two years after losing high-profile government work to Amazon Web Services, IBM has revamped the way it structures enterprise cloud services contracts, thanks in part to its $2 billion acquisition of cloud services provider SoftLayer.

New banking malware 'Kronos' advertised on underground forums
A new Trojan program designed to steal log-in credentials and other financial information from online banking websites is being advertised to cybercriminal groups on the underground market.

IBM eyes new chips for a new digital age
IBM plans to spend $3 billion to develop new computer chips and chip architectures. So what's this non-silicon future look like?

IBM spending $3 billion to rethink decades-old computer design
IBM is pouring $3 billion into computing and chip materials research over the next five years as it rethinks computer design, looking toward the future of computing, which may not involve silicon chips.

Microsoft's IE steps back from the brink of irrelevance
Microsoft has managed to reverse years of sometimes-sharp decline in Internet Explorer's user share and revive interest in the browser it bundles with Windows.

Apps will drive public cloud spending to double-digit growth
Global spending on public cloud services reached US$45.7 billion last year and will experience a 23 percent compound annual growth rate through 2018, according to analyst firm IDC.

IBM project aims to forecast and control Beijing's air pollution
China's nagging pollution problems could start to abate with the help of an IBM project that seeks to predict and control the air quality in Beijing, using new computing technologies.

IBM wants to make its Watson supercomputer as small as a pizza box
IBM researchers are pursuing an ambitious project to deliver supercomputers that can be held in the palm of your hand.

IBM to overcome data sovereignty fears with London data centre
IBM Softlayer opened a new London data centre yesterday, providing a local option for UK firms with data sovereignty concerns.

The UPC bar code arrived 40 years ago; now, they're ubiquitous
The first bar code was used in 1974 to scan in a pack of gum. Now they're used for everything from flight check-ins to patient records and warehouse inventory. They've even been used to track bees. Yes, bees.

SC500: China wins a slowing supercomputer race
China continues to dominate the high end of the Top500 list of the world's most powerful supercomputers, even as the growth of the computing power on the list seems to be stagnating.

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison wades into the in-memory database wars
Oracle CEO Larry Ellison is taking the fight to IBM, Microsoft and SAP in the burgeoning in-memory database market with a new option the company says can deliver dramatic performance boosts without requiring changes to applications.

Preston Gralla: Memo to Nadella: Copy IBM
Microsoft's situation in 2014 is eerily similar to IBM's in the late 1980s, and it can save itself the same way.

IBM brings development methodologies to the cloud
While practices to speed programming have been around for a decade, only recently have they caught the eye of the enterprise manager looking for a competitive edge. Now, IBM is updating its Bluemix portfolio of cloud services to help companies save time in deploying new applications by using these new programming methodologies.

Tech worker groups boycott IBM, Infosys, Manpower
Three U.S. tech worker groups have launched a labor boycott of IBM, Infosys and Manpower, saying the companies have engaged in a pattern that discourages U.S. workers from applying for U.S. IT jobs by tailoring employment ads toward overseas workers.

IBM customizes cloud services for the enterprise
Hoping to jump out in front of providers of generic cloud services, IBM has launched a portfolio of cloud packages, called IBM Cloud Business Solutions, designed to run specific business processes such as asset management and customer care.

New banking Trojan 'Zberp' offers the worst of Zeus and Carberp
A new computer Trojan that targets users of 450 financial institutions from around the world appears to borrow functionality and features directly from the notorious Zeus and Carberp malware programs.

Healthcare provider finds SDN is the proper Rx
William Hanna, vice president of technical services at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC), went out looking for a way to add capacity to a backup network and found what he wanted in Software Defined Networking (SDN) tools from Alcatel-Lucent. Network World Editor in Chief John Dix sat down with Hanna to learn about the process and experience.

Oracle set to launch in-memory database option
Oracle could be gearing up to make an anticipated in-memory computing option for its flagship 12c database generally available after hyping it for the better part of a year, judging from an upcoming appearance by CEO Larry Ellison.

IBM, Fujifilm show super dense storage tape for big data work
Anticipating a storage crunch spurred by big data, IBM and Fujifilm are advancing magnetic tape with a prototype capable of storing 85.9 billion bits of data per square inch.

SAP to buy SeeWhy for targeted marketing tech
SAP is scooping up SeeWhy, maker of real-time targeted marketing software, in a bid to flesh out the omni-channel commerce platform it gained through last year's acquisition of Hybris.

IBM buys virtual assistant tech for Watson
IBM has acquired virtual assistant software startup Cognea, with plans to roll its capabilities into the Watson cognitive computing platform.

IBM adds OpenStack to its cloud marketplace
To make it easier for users to build their own private and hybrid cloud systems using IBM technology, the company has added its distribution of the OpenStack cloud hosting software to its recently launched online market of products and services.

Laid-off IBM workers allege age bias in lawsuit
Three former IBM employees laid off last year have filed a lawsuit in federal court alleging they were victims of age discrimination. IBM denies the charge.

Lawson Software to pay $5.8M to end SEC insider trading complaint
Three founders of Lawson Software have agreed to pay about $5.8 million to settle insider trading charges in connection with Infor's 2011 acquisition of the company.

IBM ties software-defined storage to Watson
Storage is now marching down the same path as computing, approaching a future when all of an organization's storage systems can be mixed and managed as virtual pools.

ERP vendor Epicor is on the block for $3.5B
Epicor has been put up for sale by private equity firm Apax Partners, which is hoping to get up to $3.5 billion for the ERP (enterprise resource planning) vendor, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal, but analysts say it's difficult to pin down who might be interested in buying it.

Virtualizing Oracle software: Don't pay for what you don't need
Squeezing software cost savings from virtualization projects is tricky for lots of reasons, but can be particularly challenging when it comes to Oracle databases. Here's why, and some tips to help.

CEOs may look twice at IBM's new security tools as Target's head rolls
IBM picked a good day to launch a suite of security tools and services: a Monday morning when many CEOs saw in their news roundup that retailer Target is newly rid of a CEO who presided over a catastrophic data breach.

Google builds homegrown server with IBM Power chip
IBM's efforts to expand the use of its Power chips in hyperscale data centers just got a big shot in the arm from Google.

IBM joins cloud services in online portal
IBM has assembled a vast array of hosted cloud services, and now it has somewhere to show them off.

Big data key to bringing hyperlocal weather forecasts to Georgia farmers
Farmers in southwest Georgia's Flint River Valley could one day get accurate, hyperlocal weather forecasts just for their individual farms up to three days in advance.

How IBM Plans to Make Oracle Obsolete
IBM almost fell apart in the 1980s because it treated its customers like cash machines and not, well, customers. Oracle (and Sun) happily swept in to take this business. Now Oracle customers increasingly feel a similar squeeze -- and guess who's ready to take advantage of that?

Top vendors join to bolster OpenSSL, other open source projects, after Heartbleed
Reeling from the Heartbleed security fiasco, major IT vendors including Microsoft, IBM, Intel, Google and Cisco are backing a Linux Foundation initiative designed to boost open source projects considered critical to the industry.

IBM hopes new chip can turn the tables on Intel
An IBM project to widen the use of its Power server chips inched forward Wednesday with Big Blue trying to challenge Intel for a bigger role in the hyperscale data centers run by the likes of Google and Facebook.

IBM profit falls 21% on weak hardware sales, transition costs
Falling hardware sales and the cost of layoffs hit IBM's profit hard in the first quarter, sending it down 21 percent from a year earlier.

Server makers rush their Heartbleed patches
Enterprise IT vendors are rushing to protect users from the Heartbleed bug, which has been found in some servers and networking gear and could allow attackers to steal critical data -- including passwords and encryption keys -- from the memories of exposed systems.

AI gets its groove back
Thanks to the advent of Big Data, new algorithms and massive, affordable computing power, artificial intelligence is now, finally, on a roll again.

The Mainframe Isn't Dead, and Neither Is the PC
The mainframe was supposed to go extinct decades ago, but it's abundant in many habitats. Same goes for the PC, which seems to have adapted for survival better than once thought. Both the mainframe and the PC offer evolutionary advantages that newer, more sophisticated species still struggle to match.

Collaboration 2.0: Old meets new
Today's tools are a lot like yesterday's in some respects, except they add features for cloud, social, Web and mobile. They're also a whole lot easier to use.

How to Support Windows XP Now That Microsoft Isn't
Official Microsoft support for Windows XP ends tomorrow. However, as many as 20 percent of business endpoints still use the popular operating system. If your company ranks among those still using XP, here's how you can protect your machines from the forthcoming onslaught of security vulnerabilities.

50 years later, a mainframer recalls 'a fantastic time to be an engineer'
The make-or-break project kept engineers just out of college working around the clock hunting down bugs. The product had so much buzz that speculators bought up units to resell later for a profit. The company invested so much in development that its future was riding on success.

Mainframe turns 50: IBM System/360 launch was dawn of enterprise IT
In many ways, the modern computer era began in the New Englander Motor Hotel in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Oracle overtakes IBM as second-largest software vendor, Gartner says
Oracle has overtaken rival IBM as the world's second-largest software vendor by pulling in $29.6 billion in software revenue during 2013, according to analyst firm Gartner.

Cross-industry IoT group pushes for gear that works together
Five IT and equipment companies have formed a group to drive standards for the so-called Internet of Things, a network that would feed data back and forth between computers and all kinds of industrial gear.

Servergy now the first company outside IBM to build Power server
IBM for decades was the only company making servers based on its proprietary Power architecture, but that's not the case anymore.

Ballmer hints he may step down from Microsoft board
Microsoft's former CEO, Steve Ballmer, hinted recently that he may soon step down from the company's board.

ATM operators eye Linux as alternative to Windows XP
Some financial services companies are looking to migrate their ATM fleets from Windows to Linux in a bid to have better control over hardware and software upgrade cycles.

IBM rolls "Big Data" software to combat big business fraud
IBM today introduced software that can be used by business to combat attempted fraud in insurance, financial and healthcare settings by applying "Big Data" analytical concepts that bring together various data streams to decide whether someone appears to be perpetrating fraud.

IBM Watson and Genome Center join to find cancer treatments
IBM is using the powers of its Watson supercomputer service to help solve the mysteries of brain cancer by examining individual genetic mutations.

IBM denies links to NSA spy program
IBM said it has not provided client data to the U.S. National Security Agency or any other government agency under surveillance programs involving the bulk collection of content or metadata.

Strike at IBM's China factory falters as hundreds quit jobs
Hundreds of striking workers at an IBM server factory in China have decided to leave their jobs, disappointed with the U.S. company and the wages they will get once Lenovo takes over the factory.

Disk storage sales gets year-end boost
The market for external disk storage systems has recovered from a slump, with factory revenues up 2.4% to $6.9 billion in the fourth quarter of 2013, according to an IDC study.

Tip of The Hat: Unraveling IBM's cloud plan
A Tip of the Hat to ZDNet's Larry Dignan for his incisive look at the state of IBM's cloud strategy after the unveiling of the BlueMix open cloud platform.

IBM workers in China strike, protest transfer to Lenovo
Not everyone's a fan of Lenovo's recent plan to buy IBM's x86 server business. Since Monday, close to 1,000 workers at an IBM factory in China have been protesting the proposed acquisition, fearing they may lose their jobs if the deal goes through.

IBM workforce cuts raise questions about pact with New York
IBM is laying off employees this week, a job action that began in a curious way, with the announcement with an agreement with New York to maintain minimum staffing levels in the state.

Server market revenue down 4.4% in Q4
Even as server shipments went up, revenue in the market declined in last year's fourth quarter, as demand for higher-end systems remained weak, according to research firm IDC.

Arizona tech firms fight anti-gay bill and a future in a pariah state
Arizona's tech industry is united in fighting a state bill that allows a business to deny service to gay customers for religious reasons.

IBM CEO Rometty touts Watson mobile app challenge
IBM CEO Ginni Rometty took to the Mobile World Congress stage Wednesday to announce a global competition to encourage developers to create mobile consumer and business apps powered by its Watson supercomputer platform.

IBM solar energy tech claims to harness power of 2,000 suns
IBM is working on an affordable photovoltaic system capable of concentrating solar radiation 2,000 times and converting 80% of the incoming radiation into useful energy.

IBM buys NoSQL cloud provider Cloudant
Adding more muscle to its cloud operations portfolio, IBM is acquiring hosted NoSQL database provider Cloudant.

IBM begins moving software portfolio to the cloud
Swiftly putting its recently acquired Softlayer global cloud to use, IBM is moving much of its software portfolio and all of its existing platform services to the Softlayer cloud, where they all can be accessed as services under a common open architecture.

Wall Street Beat: After Facebook buy of WhatsApp, tech M&A set for strong year
Facebook's acquisition of WhatsApp may end up being just one milestone in a strong year for tech mergers and acquisitions.

Apple takes top spot in brand value computation
Apple was appointed the world's highest-valued brand today by Brand Finance, which said the Cupertino, Calif. company's brand is worth nearly $105 billion.

IBM and AT&T join forces on 'Internet of things' systems
AT&T and IBM will start jointly offering services designed to help municipalities, utility companies and other organizations use "Internet of things" technologies to better manage their infrastructure.

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IBM's Watson to help military members transition to civilian life

Watson: No problemo.

IBM (NYSE:IBM) is putting its resident game show champ -- a computer named Watson -- back to work. Not on another game show, this time Watson is on an important mission: Assisting armed service personnel transition back to civilian life.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers pack their gear and return home.

Filling in for our humble blogwatcher Richi Jennings, is a humbler Stephen Glasskeys.

Why enterprise IT pros should fear Apple and IBM

Apple and IBM intend to bring Apple's legendary ease of use into the enterprise. This means those who currently work in enterprise IT will be expected to deliver complexity and power within applications users can understand. And if they don't do it, they'll be out of a job.

Apple-IBM deal fallout: The future of innovation is now with Microsoft.

The Apple-IBM blockbuster deal may finally give Apple its long-denied entrée into the enterprise. But it also may signal something even more surprising: That the future of innovation now belongs to Microsoft, not Apple. Here's why.

IBM and Apple... Sitting in a tree... K. I. S. S. I. N. G.

Tim loves Ginni. Ginni loves Tim. (But no tongues.)

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) and IBM (NYSE:IBM) are climbing into bed together. Better serving big customers is the aim of the game. And you'll see why 2015 will be like 1984.

Good thing? Bad thing? In IT Blogwatch, bloggers can't agree.

Apple's IBM alliance kills Google in the enterprise

The news (to my mind, at least) confirms just how far Apple has come in its battle for relevance against old foe, Microsoft. So, what might this mean for Android? Nothing good.

IBM PR kills Moore's Law (or is it pinin' for the fjords?)

Not sure if news or PR blather.

IBM (NYSE:IBM) wants you to know that it's investing $3B in chip R&D over the next five years. It's voicing concerns that Moore's Law is running out (i.e., that it'll become impossible to double transistor densities every couple of years). To that end, IBM's looking at neurosynaptics, quantum computing, non-silicon semiconductors, carbon nanotubes, graphene, TFETS and photonics. Plus sticking to the knitting, with the next couple of process shrinks.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers get dizzy from the PR spin, but refuse to make lame, "the chips are down" gags.

IBM banned from China banks in 'trial'

Thomas J. Watson Sr. expresses his emotion from beyond the grave.

IBM (NYSE:IBM) servers have been banned from Chinese banks. Or so say unofficial rumor-mongers, speaking on condition of anonymity.

It's being seen as the latest tit-for-tat action in the ongoing row over spying.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers make like a bull in an IBM shop.

Microsoft's brand value surges, is now No. 4 worldwide

Ever since Satya Nadella took the reigns of Microsoft from Steve Ballmer, Microsoft has been on a roll. Now here's more evidence: Microsoft's brand is the fourth most valuable in the world, surging 29% in a single year, while Apple's dropped 20%.

Not quite as virtual as he thought

It's the 1980s, and this IT contractor is working on a big project to install an accounting system for a utility in the days before ERP. And with a little downtime on his hands, he gets his first opportunity to try using a virtual machine.

IBM's big letter about Big Brother and Big Blue

IBM: No worries.

Feeling left out, IBM (NYSE:IBM) has finally decided to chime in on its stance regarding alleged, massive, blanket, Orwellian surveillance by the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA). Due to fears that continued leaky drips from NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden may hurt business, IBM posted an open letter about the issue on a company website.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers are feeling blue.

Bargains trump security worries for mobile shoppers on Thanksgiving, Black Friday

Early Christmas shoppers show no fear with security in grabbing bargains from a tablet or smartphone.

Amazon re:Invents Windows desktops, as IBM adds attack ads

What's the weather like up there Amazon?
Amazon’s (NASDAQ:AMZN) cloud service—Amazon Web Services (AWS)—is currently holding its re:Invent conference in Las Vegas. Pronouncements of new and improved cloud computing innovations like streaming applications, a virtual desktop service, and data hosting should make Amazon happy. Instead, waters are being churned; the blood-scent of billions of dollars are inducing Amazon’s competitors to attack with the ferocity of piranhas. Over the top promotional gimmicks by competitors are making Amazon thunderously angry—sending bloggers to Cloud Nine. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers give us the view from 10,000 feet.

Ding-dong! AIX is dead: IBM doubles-down on Linux (as Microsoft gives up)

Penguin-power suffocates AIX as it sleeps. IBM (NYSE:IBM) is pouring more money into Linux. This time, it's to get people to use Linux on its POWER servers. But that doesn't mean IBM is killing AIX. Oh no. Not at all. Honestly. Pinky-swear. In IT Blogwatch, your humble blogwatcher reads between the lines.

Computing in the commercial age

Weather prediction in the 50s.  Missile intercepts of UFOs in the 60s.  Electronic messages in the 70s.  We learned about it through the commercials.

IBM makes feeble movie about a boy #MadeWithAtoms

Atom manipulation makes for world record. IBM (NYSE:IBM) produces the worst animated movie I've ever seen. Terrible production values, laughable plot, and awful soundtrack. At least it's mercifully short. Two thumbs down. Still, it does at least show what's possible when you manipulate and photograph individual atoms. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers think... and make Heisenberg gags.