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OS X Snow Leopard desertion rate accelerates after patches stop
The decline of OS X Snow Leopard has accelerated in the last three months, perhaps because users now know that Apple has stopped patching the five-year-old OS.

Free OS X Mavericks now powers half of all Macs
OS X Mavericks powered half of all Macs that went online in March, the largest percentage of any individual version of Apple's operating system since 2009's Snow Leopard.

OS upgrades: Cheap is better than pricey, free is better than cheap
Lowering the price of an operating system upgrade boosts its uptake five-fold, but pushing it out for free speeds uptake as much as 12 times, data from an analytics company shows.

Apple retires Snow Leopard from support, leaves 1 in 5 Macs vulnerable to attacks
Apple on Tuesday made it clear that it will no longer patch OS X 10.6, aka Snow Leopard, when it again declined to offer a security update for the four-and-a-half-year-old operating system.

OS X Mavericks adoption steps on the brakes
OS X Mavericks' uptake slowed significantly in December, putting a crimp on Apple's plans to move customers to the new -- and free -- operating system.

Apple signals end to OS X Snow Leopard support
Apple has apparently decided to kill support for OS X Snow Leopard, the 2009 operating system that has resisted retirement for more than a year.

Apple ships first OS X Mavericks update, tackles more email issues
Apple on Monday updated OS X Mavericks for the first time since it released the free upgrade eight weeks ago, patching a handful of security vulnerabilities in Safari and addressing issues with Gmail and Contacts.

Free Mavericks sets OS X adoption record
Apple's Mavericks operating system set the OS X early-adoption record last month, with a third of all Macs running the new edition within weeks of its introduction.

Apple's Mavericks off to strongest-ever OS X start
Apple's new Mac operating system ended October with an 11% user share of all Macs that went online during the month, the strongest start ever for an OS X upgrade.

Mavericks rushes onto Macs as uptake easily beats predecessor to 10% mark
Five days after its release, Apple's new OS X Mavericks had accumulated more usage share than the predecessor Mountain Lion did in five weeks, an ad network claimed today.

9 out of 10 Macs are eligible for free Mavericks upgrade
OS X Mavericks, the Mac operating system Apple offered Tuesday as a free upgrade, could end up on more than 90% of Macs, according to statistics from Web analytics firm Net Applications.

5-year-old Macs not too old for OS X Mavericks
The new OS X Mavericks will run on the same set of Mac desktops and notebooks as OS X Mountain Lion, but iOS 7 will drop support for iPhone 3GS, the 2009 smartphone supported by the current iOS 6.

Apple dumps big cat OS X nicknames, zips lips on price and release timetable
Apple on Monday trumpeted OS X 10.9, or Mavericks, but made a U-turn from past practice and declined to name a price for the upgrade or tap a ship date as anything more specific than the fall.

Apple hosts live webcast of WWDC keynote today at 10 a.m. PT/ 1 p.m. ET
Apple will webcast the keynote of its developers conference live starting at 10 a.m. PT, but the webcast will be available only on the company's own hardware, or via an OS X-powered virtual machine.

Apple to spell out timetable, price of OS X 10.9 on Monday
Apple will probably spill the timetable and pricing of the next version of OS X on Monday at WWDC.

Why Microsoft won't charge for Windows 'Blue' ... this time
Sometime soon, Microsoft will tell Windows 8 users whether they will have to pay for the upgrade code-named "Blue," and if so, how much. Analysts don't expect it to charge anything for the update.

Windows XP decline stalls as users hold onto aged OS, flout 2014 deadline
The decline in usage share of Windows XP, which is slated for retirement in 53 weeks, has slowed significantly, hinting that millions of its users will hold onto the operating system much longer than some, including Microsoft, expect.

Apple sneaks Safari update into Snow Leopard
Apple last week silently updated the aged Safari 5 browser for Snow Leopard to version 5.1.8, more evidence that the company intends to support the 2009 operating system for an unusually long time.

Apple not ready to kill OS X Snow Leopard yet
Apple yesterday gave its strongest signal yet that it will continue to support OS X Snow Leopard with patches for the foreseeable future rather than retire the still-active operating system.

Apple updates Mountain Lion, patches Safari
Apple yesterday updated OS X Mountain Lion for the first time in six months, patching 14 security vulnerabilities and addressing a host of other issues.

Oracle pulls Java 6 plug, but Apple likely to keep patching OS X Snow Leopard
Apple on Monday patched Java 6 for OS X, following Oracle's lead and quashing a browser plug-in vulnerability that hackers have been exploiting.

Apple ships Java update, malware scrubber after confirming attacks on own Macs
The day it acknowledged company-owned Macs had been hacked using a "drive-by" Java exploit, Apple on Tuesday patched the Oracle software for older systems and released a malware detection tool.

OS X Snow Leopard stubbornly rejects retirement
Apple's OS X Snow Leopard, which shipped in August 2009, continued to resist retirement last month, new data from Web analytics vendor Net Applications showed.

Apple, Oracle restore Java on OS X
Apple on Friday shipped an update to Java 6 for Mac users running OS X Snow Leopard, matching Oracle's cadence for Java 7, which was patched the same day.

FAQ: Microsoft rents out Office 365
Microsoft this week launched the first two of its new pay-as-you-go subscription plans for Office. Is this the way we'll get software from now on? Or is it a gamble that could easily go awry? We've got the answers.

Mountain Lion mauls other OS X editions for top spot
Five months after its release, Apple's Mountain Lion became the most widely-used version of OS X, a Web measurement firm said Tuesday.

Snow Leopard users: Just try to pry this from my cold, dead hands
Mac owners still running 2009's OS X 10.6 are not about to give up on the operating system, making arguments strikingly similar to those trotted out by diehard Windows XP users.

OS X Mountain Lion's torrid upgrade pace cools
More Mac users took to OS X Mountain Lion last month even as the explosive growth of August slowed dramatically, Web measurement company Net Applications said Monday.

Apple goes against grain, extends support for Snow Leopard
Apple yesterday quietly released a security update for OS X 10.6, aka Snow Leopard, effectively extending support for the three-year-old OS beyond the normal lifecycle.

Update: Hackers exploit new IE zero-day vulnerability
Attackers are exploiting a "zero-day" vulnerability in Microsoft's Internet Explorer and hijacking Windows PCs that cruise to malicious or compromised websites, security experts said.

Apple patches Java 6 for OS X Snow Leopard, Lion
Apple today issued a Java update for OS X Lion and Snow Leopard to make it more difficult for hackers to exploit other vulnerabilities.

OS X Mountain Lion grabs 20% share of all Macs
One in five Mac users has adopted OS X Mountain Lion, the upgrade launched five weeks ago, according to Web analytics company Net Applications.

Macs at risk from 'super dangerous' Java zero-day
A zero-day vulnerability in Java 7 can be exploited through any browser running on any operating system -- from Windows and Linux to OS X -- that has Java installed, security experts said today.

Mozilla sets end of Firefox for OS X Leopard
Mozilla will drop support for Apple's OS X 10.5, or Leopard, after it ships Firefox 16 in October, according to company developers.

Mac laptop owners report shortened battery life after Mountain Lion upgrade
Apple is investigating reports of shorter battery life on Mac laptops that customers have upgraded to OS X Mountain Lion, according to the company's support forum.

Mac users left wondering if OS X Snow Leopard's retired
Apple's refusal to put into writing its operating system support policy leaves Snow Leopard users wondering whether their copy of OS X has been retired, security experts said today.

Customers grab 3M copies of OS X Mountain Lion, says Apple
More than 3 million copies of OS X Mountain Lion have been downloaded since its debut last week, Apple said today.

Mountain Lion grabs 3% share of OS X in first 48 hours
Apple's OS X Mountain Lion is off to a solid start in its first 48 hours and now powers more than 3% of all Macs, an online advertising network said today.

OS X Mountain Lion to launch Wednesday, Apple says
Apple will launch its Mountain Lion operating system tomorrow, the company's chief financial officer said Tuesday.

Google to pull Chrome plug on OS X Leopard
Google will pull the plug for Chrome running on OS X 10.5, aka Leopard, after it releases version 21, which is currently in beta and will reach the browser's "stable" channel sometime next month, the company has announced.

Apple ships final OS X Mountain Lion to developers
Apple on Monday released a "golden master" of OS X Mountain Lion to developers, putting the impending operating system on track to reach customers this month.

Windows 8, OS X upgrades by the numbers
Like 2009, this year is one of dueling operating system upgrades, when the two biggest OS rivals face off with new editions.

Apple warns MobileMe users they have just 7 days before service's death
Apple has again warned MobileMe subscribers that it will pull the plug on its sync and storage service at the end of this month.

FAQ: Apple reveals more about OS X Mountain Lion
Even though Apple fleshed out more details about OS X Mountain Lion at WWDC, it's obvious that questions about the enhancements and improvements remain. So we've got the answers.

Apple to narrow OS X Mountain Lion's release date, unveil price today
Although speculation that Apple would wrap up work on its Mountain Lion Mac OS early has flopped, the company will likely narrow the launch date during its Worldwide Developers Conference today.

Apple ships first Leopard security update in nearly a year
Apple on Monday issued its first security-related update for OS X 10.5, or Leopard, in nearly a year, to disable long-outdated versions of Adobe's Flash Player.

Adobe's security chief praises Apple for Flash-crippling move
Adobe's head of security is applauding Apple's move to block outdated versions of his company's Flash Player.

Apple patches 36 bugs in OS X, fixes encryption password goof
Apple on Wednesday patched 36 vulnerabilities in Mac OS X, most of them critical, plugging a hole that revealed passwords used to encrypt folders with an older version of FileVault.

Apple patches Safari, blocks outdated Flash Player
Apple on Wednesday patched four security vulnerabilities in Safari and blocked outdated versions of Adobe's Flash Player from running in its browser.

Is Apple's OS X Mountain Lion on early-release track?
Apple may release OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion earlier than expected, according to a report by a popular blog and clues found within the release dates of the three developer previews of the new operating system.

Half of all Macs will lack access to security updates by summer
Unless Apple changes its security update practice, nearly half of all Mac users will be adrift without patches sometime this summer.

Flashback gang could be making $10K a day off infected Macs
The Flashback malware that's infected hundreds of thousands of Macs may be generating more than $10,000 a day for the hackers who made the Trojan horse, Symantec said.

Snow Leopard users most prone to Flashback infection
Of the Macs that have been infected by the Flashback malware, nearly two-thirds are running OS X 10.6, better known as Snow Leopard, a Russian antivirus company said.

Apple offers free OS X upgrade to prep for switch to iCloud
Apple is offering Mac users a free upgrade to OS X 10.6, better known as Snow Leopard, in an attempt to prep them for the June switch from MobileMe to the newer iCloud online sync and backup service.

Mozilla blocks Java in Firefox for some Mac users
Mozilla this week began blocking outdated versions of a Java plug-in in Firefox for some Mac users after calling the threat posed by the Flashback malware "evident and imminent."

Apple delivers Flashback malware hunter-killer
Two days after Apple promised to decontaminate Macs infested with the Flashback malware, on Thursday the company delivered.

Apple promises Flashback malware killer
Apple for the first time publicly acknowledged a malware campaign that has infected an estimated 600,000 Macs, and said it would release a free tool to disinfect users' machines.

Apple patches Mac Java zero-day bug
Apple yesterday released a Java update for Mac owners that fixes a dozen security flaws, including one that has been exploited by attackers for at least two weeks.

Mac owners 3X more likely to preview next OS than Windows users
Mac users are nearly three times more likely to be running an early version of the OS X Mountain Lion operating system than PC owners testing Microsoft's Windows 8, the Chitika online ad network said today.

Apple patches record number of Safari 5 bugs with monster update
Apple yesterday updated Safari to version 5.1.4, patching 83 vulnerabilities and boosting JavaScript performance on OS X Lion.

Windows XP slide continues; Mac OS X posts record gain
On the heels of yesterday's launch of Windows 8's preview, new statistics show that Microsoft's decade-old Windows XP again plummeted in usage share and will be surpassed by Windows 7 in June.

Analyst: Free Mountain Lion upgrade would be 'brilliant' Apple move
Apple would be making a 'brilliant' move if it decided to give away OS X Mountain Lion to Mac users as a free upgrade, an analyst said today.

FAQ: What's what in OS X Mountain Lion?
Last week, Apple took most Mac users by surprise when it released a developers preview of Mountain Lion, the company's upcoming desktop OS. We're here to fill in some of the blanks about the new cat.

Apple's Mountain Lion shows personal cloud trumps personal computer
In a move that surprised many, Apple today seeded developers with a preview of Mac OS X 10.8, dubbed "Mountain Lion," and said it would offer the upgrade to customers this summer.

Apple updates Lion, patches 51 bugs in Mac OS X
Apple on Tuesday patched 51 vulnerabilities in Mac OS X, most of them critical, in 2012's first security update.

Mozilla slows pace of Firefox 9 upgrades
Mozilla dramatically slowed the update pace of Firefox 9, the browser it shipped late last month.

Mac App Store download tally reaches 100 million
Apple boasted today that it had distributed more than 100 million programs through the Mac App Store since the e-market's January launch.

Mozilla ponders demise of Firefox for Apple's Leopard
Mozilla is mulling the end of Firefox support for Mac owners running Leopard, the Apple operating system released four years ago, developer discussions show.

How is Mac OS X Lion doing?
Adoption of Mac OS X 10.7, also known as Lion, has stalled, according to statistics from online ad analytics company Chitika.

Apple updates OS X to block Mac Trojan
Apple has updated the bare-bones antivirus protection included with Mac OS X to detect a Trojan horse that poses as a PDF document.

Apple strikes stolen SSL certificates from OS X
Apple today released an update to Mac OS X that blocks Safari users from reaching sites secured with certificates stolen from a Dutch company last summer.

1-in-6 Macs run OS X Lion
One-in-six Macs now runs Apple's latest operating system, a Web metrics company said Thursday.

Adobe recants knock on Apple's OS X Lion
Adobe has backpedalled from a claim that its popular Flash Player did not work with OS X Lion's hardware acceleration, saying that a testing mistake led it to the wrong conclusion.

Apple touts 1M Lion downloads on Day 1
Apple said today that customers had downloaded more than one million copies of Mac OS X Lion from the Mac App Store in the upgrade's first day of availability.

Apple expands free Lion upgrade offer
Apple on Wednesday offered details about its free Lion upgrade offer, saying the deal also applies to Macs bought from authorized resellers after the new operating system's debut.

Hands on: Mac OS X, iOS morph into Lion
Apple has finally unleashed OS X 10.7 'Lion,' the revamped operating system for the company's desktops and laptops. Columnist Michael deAgonia offers a hands-on look at Lion's new features and offers advice on whether you should upgrade.

Apple patches 58 Safari bugs to deflect drive-by attacks
Apple today updated Safari to version 5.1, patching 58 security vulnerabilities and adding several new features, including sandboxing on Mac OS X 10.7.

Mac OS X: The Lion roars
This affordable operating system update is going to please a lot of users.

Apple delivers OS X Lion to Mac App Store
Apple today officially launched OS X Lion, the first major upgrade to its operating system software in two years.

OS X 'Lion' ships Wednesday, says Apple
Apple will launch its Lion operating system tomorrow, the company's chief financial officer said Tuesday.

Apple calls for Mac devs to submit Lion apps
Apple yesterday urged developers to submit their Lion apps for review before the OS X upgrade launches, making some wonder whether the operating system will launch this week as many had expected.

OS X Lion to launch next week, say reports
Apple will release OS X 10.7, or Lion, some time next week, perhaps Thursday, according to multiple reports.

How to prep your Mac for Lion
It may be just days before Apple releases Mac OS X 10.7, known as Lion, but you can prep your Mac now to make the upgrade go faster and more smoothly.

Apple ships Lion 'gold master' as release date rumors swirl
Apple has released a "gold master" build of OS X 'Lion' to developers, providing a clue that it will ship the new operating system shortly.

Apple patches 36 bugs in Snow Leopard, preps OS for Lion upgrade
Apple on Thursday released the final feature update for Snow Leopard as it prepared users' Macs for the upcoming Lion upgrade set to ship next month.

Apple calms concerns over volume Lion upgrades
Apple has spelled out how education and corporate customers can upgrade Macs to Lion next month.

FAQ: No, you can't have Lion
Next month Apple will ship Lion, giving customers the chance to upgrade to the company's newest edition of Mac OS X. Most customers, but not all.

OS X Lion's download-only distribution will hurt retailers
Apple's decision to sell the Mac OS X Lion upgrade through its own Mac App Store won't hurt the company's bottom line but will certainly impact traditional retailers, a market analyst said.

Apple offers free Lion upgrade for new Macs
Apple will provide a free upgrade to Mac OS X 10.7 to all customers who purchase a new Mac notebook or desktop before Lion ships next month.

How to upgrade to OS X Lion
On Monday, Apple said it would sell OS X 10.7, aka 'Lion,' next month through its own Mac App Store for $29.99. Here's what you need to know to upgrade.

High on iCloud, Apple slates MobileMe's demise
Apple told MobileMe subscribers Monday that the sync and storage service will be shuttered next year.

Apple to sell Lion next month for $30 via Mac App Store
Apple today said it would ship Mac OS X 10.7, aka 'Lion,' next month, and sell it exclusively through its own Mac App Store for $29.99.

Mac scareware gang, Apple trade blows yet again
Scareware makers on Friday again changed their fake security software scam, while Apple issued the third signature update in as many days to combat the scam.

Apple strikes back at newest Mac scareware
Apple on Wednesday updated the malware engine included with Snow Leopard to detect the newest version of MacDefender, the fake antivirus program that's plagued users for the last month.

Steve Jobs to debut iCloud, tout iOS 5 and Lion next week
Apple CEO Steve Jobs will take the stage at the company's developer conference next week to introduce iCloud -- Apple's new cloud service -- and the next version of its mobile operating system, iOS 5.

Amazon challenges Apple with Mac app download store
Amazon today launched a Mac-specific application download store that will compete with Apple's nearly five-month-old Mac App Store.

Everything you need to know about Mac scareware
You'd think the arrival of scareware scams like MacDefender on the Mac platform means the end of the world. It doesn't. But for Mac OS X users, it could herald the arrival of malware that's plagued Windows users for years.

Twitter updates Mac desktop client
Twitter today updated its Mac desktop software, the first time the micro-blogging service has refreshed the program since it launched last January.

Update: Apple patches Pwn2Own bug, 55 others in Mac OS
Apple on Monday issued patches for 56 Snow Leopard bugs, most of which can be exploited to hijack user machines.

Apple patches 62 bugs in massive Safari update
Apple today patched a record 62 vulnerabilities in Safari 5, updating the Mac and Windows browser to version 5.0.4.


Review roundup: Snow Leopard, aka Apple Mac OS X 10.6
The embargoes are up, the reviews are in: get ready for Apple's Snow Leopard operating system, also known as Mac OS X 10.6. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers tell us what's what. (AAPL)

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Why Mac users still use OS X Snow Leopard

Apple's decision to end support for OS X Snow Leopard is reasonable -- but it's the kiss of death for a large segment of the Mac resale market.

Doomed Apple is world's Number One PC maker, with a Snow Leopard problem

Poor, beleaguered Apple -- nothing's going right: on the one hand it must try to make its business out of a minority (20 percent) share of the PC industry; on the other, Macs manufactured six or more years ago are still in active use. Life really does suck, sometimes…

WWDC: Apple's OS X Lion -- it's all about control

Apple gave a big shock to Mac using system admins this week when it told them OS X Lion will only be made available via the Mac App Store: That's because no one can seriously expect people with many Macs to upgrade to repeatedly download and install a copy of the OS, even if they have the bandwidth and the time spare to do so.

First look: Inside Apple's Mac App Store

Super-fast and really easy to navigate, the Mac App Store is going to generate huge wads of cash for everyone involved, Apple and its partners -- but I do worry that app navigation and developer access to the Mac platform may suffer.

Hacker Pwn2Own organizer: Windows 7 is safer than Snow Leopard

Here's one more piece of evidence that the Mac isn't the secure, locked-down system that its proponents claim: The organizer of the Pwn2Own hacking contest says that Windows 7 is more secure than Snow Leopard, and that Safari will be the first browser to fall victim in the upcoming hacking contest.

Linux market share grows vs. Windows and Mac OS X shrinkage

We're told Linux is the only desktop OS with a growing market share: Windows and Mac OS X actually shrank. The Net Applications report also shows Windows 7 already dwarfing all versions of Mac OS combined. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers review the data. Not to mention People In Order...

Apple kills Atom hackintosh netbooks? Survey says...

Has Apple tweaked the new build of Snow Leopard to prevent you running Mac OS X on a netbook? Reports say that it won't run on Intel Atom hackintoshes any longer. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers wonder if it's a deliberate block or just a side-effect of something else. Not to mention movie timelines...

Upgrade Wars: Snow Leopard, Ubuntu & Windows 7

Now that Windows 7 and Snow Leopard are both out and Ubuntu 9.10 is all but out, it's time to revisit which one is the easiest to upgrade.

Apple Mac OS X 10.6.1 Snow Leopard deletes user data

Is this what Apple (AAPL) meant by Snow Leopard freeing up disk space? It's confirmed that Mac OS X users are losing all their data, even in 10.6.1. It seems that after a guest login, the user home can get wiped. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers taunt smug fanbois, saying OS X has got buggier and buggier. Not to mention Probably Bad News...

Security pro: Snow Leopard is less secure than Vista, Windows 7

Apple may be spending millions on ads touting that Macs are safer than Windows-based PCs, but a prominent security researcher claims that released Snow Leopard is less secure than either Vista or Windows 7. It's time for Apple to spend serious money on security, rather than marketing.

Snow Leopard saves millions of kilowatt hours of electricity?

Of all of the numerous improvements in Snow Leopard, the biggest might be its miserly use of energy. Snow Leopard doesn't just speed up your Mac, it also makes it a better environmental citizen.

Should Google kill the Chrome OS?

The near-simultaneous release of Windows 7 and Snow Leopard brings up the obvious question: Is there really any need for Google to release the Chrome operating system? Given the advances in those two just-released operating systems, and widespread availability of many versions of Linux, does the world really need another operating system?

Losing legacy data to Snow Leopard

We know about the classic hardware and software that Snow Leopard leaves in the dust. But did you know you won't even be able to write to your old disks, either?

The easiest operating system to update is...

Mac OS X, Ubuntu Linux, and Windows, which is the easiest to update? The answer may surprise you.

Snow Leopard: It doesn't "just plain work"

Mac fans like to brag that Mac hardware and software "just plain works." But that's not quite the case with Snow Leopard, because even though it's simple to install and use, there are quite a few applications and utilities that simply won't run on it, not to mention its incompatibility with many generations of Mac hardware.