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Apple Time Machine users hit with Mozy backup errors

Mozy parent Decho says it's working with Apple to fix the problem

August 12, 2009 11:24 AM ET

Computerworld - Decho Corp. today acknowledged that its popular Mozy online backup service is having problems saving backups sent to it by Apple Inc.'s Time Machine backup tool, which works with Apple's Time Capsule network-attached storage device.

The problem is being caused by Mozy's backup process, which is causing the Time Machine software to pause and then freeze up.

One user who posted on an Apple support discussion forum with the screen name "TSWilkes" noted that "after a year and a half of trouble-free Time Machine backups to a Time Capsule, my sparse bundle failed to mount. I could no longer get TM to mount my MBP's sparse bundle and after trying several things including Disk Utility to repair the disk I ended up having to delete and start fresh."

Decho said that its engineers are working with Apple to fix the problem.

"This morning we detected an issue where Mozy and Time Capsule are not getting along with each other. If our customers are using Time Machine with Time Capsule, then they may run into the issue," said Decho spokesman Devin Knighton in an e-mail.

Knighton said customers using Time Machine with another locally connected external drive are not experiencing problems.

"The good news is that no one is losing information. Mozy and Time Capsule still work. They just are not working together at the same time. Our development team is updating the code right now to get this resolved. We should have it fixed shortly," he said.

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