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SUSE unveils Linux versions based on 2.6 kernel

Its personal and professional versions will be followed by enterprise versions this summer

By Todd R. Weiss
March 18, 2004 12:00 PM ET

Computerworld - Fresh from its January acquisition by networking software vendor Novell Inc., SUSE Linux AG today unveiled its Personal 9.1 and Professional 9.1 Linux operating systems, which are based on the new Linux 2.6 kernel.
In an announcement today, Nuremberg, Germany-based SUSE said the two desktop operating systems will be followed by enterprise versions this summer.
The SUSE Linux 9.1 personal and professional editions include a host of performance benefits from the new 2.6 kernel, including improved threading and memory management and greater ease of use with both 32- and 64-bit processors, according to SUSE.
Both versions also include the latest Linux desktops -- GNOME 2.4 and KDE 3.2 -- so users can choose their desktop interface.
Also new in the personal edition is the SUSE Linux 9.1 LiveCD, which requires no installation and allows a user to boot a machine and try out a complete version of the operating system before installing it fully. A second CD with the normal install routine is also included.
The SUSE Linux 9.1 professional edition will run on standard 32-bit PC processors as well as Advanced Micro Devices Inc.'s Athlon 64 and Intel Corp. Extended Memory 64 processors.
Both versions feature a wide range of applications, including Internet browsers and programs for e-mail, image manipulation, graphics, audio and video. A full 1.1 office suite is also included, featuring word processing, spreadsheet and drawing applications, a formula editor and an HTML editor.
The personal edition retails for $29.95, while the professional version, which includes five CDs and two double-sided DVDs, sells for $89.95. An upgrade price of $59.95 is also available for the professional version.

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