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Image gallery: Spotting the cybersquatters

June 25, 2009 12:01 AM ET

PAGE 4 While Verizon Communications aggressively pursues cybersquatters and has won back thousands of domain names, it hadn't run across this site when Computerworld interviewed the company. A spokesman says this is a typical "typosquatting" site, which uses a Web address that plays on a misspelling of the Verizon name. Some "domainers" own thousands of such sites that exploit Verizon brands, the company says.

A Whois query shows this site registered to LMM Domains. "We've not heard of them," the Verizon spokesman says. But LMM Domains may be hearing from Verizon soon: Going after cybersquatters has paid off for the telecommunications company. After reactivating domain names won from cybersquatters and redirecting them back to the official Verizon site, the company expects to see an extra 9 million visitors this year.

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