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The Obama Administration: Tech Goes to Washington
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Report: Obama to name cybersecurity czar this week
President Obama later this week will formally appoint a cyber czar to coordinate a national strategy for securing cyber space, the Washington Post reported today.

Report: President Obama to get secure BlackBerry 8830
President Barack Obama is due to receive a high-security BlackBerry 8830 soon, a Washington-based newspaper has reported.

Obama administration said to consider military cybercommand
The Obama administration is considering a new military cybercommand for protecting U.S. Department of Defense networks and developing offensive cyberwarfare capabilities, says a report in The Wall Street Journal.

Obama taps Bush aide Melissa Hathaway to review federal cybersecurity efforts
Melissa Hathaway, a Bush administration official who is credited with helping to develop a multibillion-dollar classified initiative aimed at better securing federal systems and critical-infrastructure networks against online threats, has been named by President Barack Obama to lead a 60-day review of the government's cybersecurity efforts.

Tech groups praise Obama's pick for federal CTO
Tech vendors and trade groups are praising President Barack Obama's appointment of Aneesh Chopra as the U.S. government's chief technology officer, saying that the former secretary of technology for Virginia has strong experience using IT to make government more responsive to citizens.

Obama's Web 2.0 'town hall' draws 92,000 users
In an experimental online town meeting, President Barack Obama answered questions posted on the Web site by more than 90,000 citizens.

Obama 'Open for Questions' from anyone online
President Barack Obama and his tech team are experimenting with a new way to let ordinary citizens vote on or even pose questions to be answered at his online town hall meeting about the economy.

New federal CIO Vivek Kundra wants a Web 2.0 government
The U.S. government's first CIO, Vivek Kundra, introduced himself today as someone who will act aggressively to change the federal government's use of IT by adopting consumer technology and ensuring that government data is open and accessible.

White House changes course, appoints its first federal CIO
President Barack Obama has appointed the District of Columbia's chief technology officer, Vivek Kundra, as the federal government's first CIO. The decision to appoint a CIO is an apparent move by the White House to give it more control over the $80 billion that federal agencies spend annually on technology.

Obama's plans for health care IT: Too much money too soon?
President Obama's plan to inject $25 billion into the health care industry could create a technological divide between large and small health care organizations, say doctors and professionals. And they worry that his efforts to create a national electronic health records (EHR) system could affect the quality of health care in the U.S.

Is Obama's handheld really a BlackBerry, or something else?
Following confirmation that President Obama would keep his BlackBerry, he surprised White House press corps yesterday with a quick visit where he pulled a device from his coat pocket that looked like no other BlackBerry seen before. Could it be the Sectera Edge?

It's official: White House says Obama to keep his BlackBerry
President Barack Obama will indeed keep his beloved BlackBerry, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said on Thursday.

Obama plan says cyber infrastructure is 'strategic'
The Obama administration has published a high-level plan to protect U.S. computer networks, saying it considers cyber infrastructure "a strategic asset" and will appoint a cyber adviser who will report directly to the president.

Bloggers wonder: Is Obama's BlackBerry super-encrypted?
With President Obama planning to keep his BlackBerry, bloggers are debating whether it has some kind of high-level encryption. Even if it does, a security expert said the concept wouldn't work well in the real world.

Internet, wireless hold up despite massive inaugural video streaming
Streaming Internet video of the inauguration of President Barack Obama jammed Internet links and news Web sites today, and wireless carriers reported a deluge of calls, but problems seemed to be minor.

Crowds watch inauguration with their Facebook friends
In a somewhat new twist to social networking, a lot of techies watched today's inauguration of President Barack Obama with all their Facebook friends.

Obama makes quick move to update
Inauguration day historically is known as being all about a peaceful passage of power. But a change of administration wasn't the only change happening as President Barack Obama took the oath of office.

Obama's national health records system will be costly, daunting
President-elect Barack Obama has said that a national electronic health records system will be a priority in his first term, not just for streamlining workflow at hospitals and physician offices but to cut costs and improve the quality of health care.

Microsoft, CNN team up to make historians out of inaugural attendees
Going to watch Obama take the oath? Your digital pics may be used to create a wide-reaching, 3-D view

Obama plans to keep his BlackBerry
President-elect Barack Obama told CNN today he planned to "hang onto" his beloved BlackBerry, but he did not explain how he would overcome legal and security concerns.

Silverlight tapped to stream Obama's inauguration
Microsoft Corp.'s Silverlight technology has been chosen to stream President-elect Barack Obama's swearing-in ceremony live on the Presidential Inaugural Committee's Web site, the company said on Friday.

Live streaming video during inaugural will tax Internet
As Barack Obama raises his hand to be sworn in as the 44th U.S. president on Tuesday, could the millions worldwide watching the historic event on the Internet be left out?

Obama's likely FCC choice has a heart for start-ups
Julius Genachowski, who is expected to be President-elect Barack Obama's choice to head the Federal Communications Commission, has a Washington insider's resume and a Silicon Valley attitude.

Hackers hijack Obama's, Britney's Twitter accounts
Hackers hijacked the Twitter accounts of more than 30 celebrities and organizations, including President-elect Barack Obama, Britney Spears and Fox News, early on Monday, the company confirmed today.

Obama transforms Web-based politics
President-elect Barack Obama showed other politicians how to harness the power of the Web in 2008, bringing political campaigns kicking and screaming into the 21st century.

Ad hoc story of America emerges from posts
More than 3,500 comments posted at President-elect Barack Obama's Web site have been merged into a single document, creating a downloadable portrait of a nation in crisis that runs for more than 700 pages and nearly 500,000 words.

Web-savvy politicos: Obama's vision for e-government will take work
Obama successfully used Web 2.0 tools to solicit donations and feedback from his supporters during the campaign. But it's still unclear how well those methods will translate into electronic government initiatives, according to speakers at a seminar in Washington on technology and participatory government.

FAQ: Why Obama may give up his BlackBerry while he's in the White House
Could Barack Obama ever expect to continue using his BlackBerry once he officially becomes president? According to experts on security, mobile phones and presidential communications, the answer is no. This FAQ covers the reasons the President-elect will probably hand over his BlackBerry.

5 must-do cybersecurity steps for Obama
As President-elect Barack Obama looks for ways to deal with a shattered economy and an ongoing war on terrorism, security experts are urging him to pay attention to something that has a big impact on both: The nation's growing -- and fragile -- cyberinfrastructure.

Obama's site embraces Creative Commons, adds forum
President-elect Barack Obama's transition team is embracing what some have called a Google-enabled government by loosening copyright licensing on its Web site and by launching a feature that allows citizens to contribute to policy discussions.

Obama's choice for DHS could flame tech visa battle
The person thought to the leading choice to be secretary of the DHS, Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano, has been a strong advocate of increasing H-1B visas -- a stance that could come up during confirmation.

Verizon employees accessed Obama's mobile record
Verizon Wireless has suspended several employees who accessed account information for a flip phone formerly used by President-elect Barack Obama, the company said Thursday.

Opinion: Obama's BlackBerry is no security threat
Taking away Obama's BlackBerry would contribute to the isolation that has become part of the modern presidency.

Obama administration to inherit tough cybersecurity challenges
As President Bush prepares to leave office, the task of upgrading the security of federal information systems to deal with new cyberthreats continues to be very much a work in progress.

Thousands flock to site collecting ideas for Obama's CTO
Barack Obama hasn't even appointed a chief technology officer yet, but thousands of people are using a new Web site to suggest and vote on ideas they think his CTO should work on.

With Obama win, Google emerges as a D.C. player
Oh, to be Google Inc. right now. Its CEO, Eric Schmidt, is advising President-elect Barack Obama on economic policy. And who can forget the debate in Congress over Net neutrality and Google's battle with the telecoms? social network stays online after election
The network was used by 35,000 groups to create 200,000 events during Obama's presidential campaign

Al Gore sees transformative power of Web in politics
Barack Obama had a lot going for him already in this year's election, but his creative use of the Internet played a huge role in making him president-elect, former U.S. Vice President Al Gore says.

Google-enabled government starts with Obama's CTO
President-elect Barack Obama's plan to build a Google-enabled government began modestly this week with the new Web site, which includes the means to apply for a job in the new administration.

Cash, cups, clicks: Techies back Obama
On the last day to register to vote in next month's election in Silicon Valley's Santa Clara County, Barack Obama has a clear edge and a really big backer: Google Inc. CEO Eric Schmidt.

Obama camp offers iPhone app
Barack Obama's campaign team has released an application specifically for iPhone users to help supporters of the candidate connect with others and get involved, stay up to date on breaking issues and track local campaign events.

Obama dominated in Web 2.0 world, Internet searches
In the Web 2.0 race for the White House, Obama continues to dominate rival Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) in several areas.

Obama campaign unveils online tool to help canvass neighbors
Sen. Barack Obama's presidential campaign rolled out a new online voter-contact tool aimed at providing supporters with a virtual peek into the campaign's voter-registration database.

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Why Samsung may fear Obama's ITC Apple ban

Everyone and their brother knows the Obama administration has overturned a Samsung-inspired ITC ban on US imports of some Apple products -- but if you read the administration's message, I suspect there could be far more trouble in store for the Korean company as competition regulators look at how it does business.

ITC's Apple sales ban nixed via Obama veto

Samsung fumes. Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) products won't be banned in the U.S., thanks to a veto from The Whitehouse. The President's administration says the International Trade Commission's ban plan isn't right. Some say Samsung negotiated in bad faith, but others that Apple simply wouldn't negotiate, leaving Samsung no choice. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers unpick the story.

Offshore outsourcing, visas and the Obama speech

You may have noticed that there’s been a lot of talk by politicians about offshore outsourcing. But when you get to it there isn’t one political leader – Democrat or Republican – who has done a thing about it except former Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland.

Microsoft and Google employees vote with their wallets: They want Obama

Microsoft and Google employees are big-time donors to the Obama campaign, with Microsoft employees and associated groups donating $443,748 so far, and Google employees and associated groups donating $357,382. That's two of the top five employers donating to Obama. By way of contrast, the accumlated donations of no tech companies show up on the top of the Romney campaign.

Outsourcing: What Romney and Obama don't discuss

No one wants a real discussion on offshore outsourcing. Not President Barack Obama, not Mitt Romney and not the Brookings Institution.

It’s really not clear just what the Brookings Institution report this week on the geography of H-1B visa contributed to the debate.

Microsoft donations favor Obama by landslide

Microsoft is Obama's top donor.

Blasting Obama as a way to get H-1B visas

There is a group spending millions of dollars on TV advertisements blaming President Barack Obama for adding “$4 billion in new debt every day.” These shrill ads do not mention GOP presidential contender Mitt Romney, they’re just against Obama.

The television advertisements are running like crazy in 10 battleground states. CrossroadsGPS, the group behind themeffort, claims to have $25 million to spend.

Clueless in the White House

What top elected leaders don't understand about the H-1B visa.

Obama didn't get advance copy of new iPad

Stuff they talk about on Air Force One

Obama privacy pact is toothless, misguided

Obama's White House proposals to beef up people's privacy protection have been embraced by Google, Apple, Microsoft, and the like. But, in IT Blogwatch, bloggers aren't so sure that everything in the garden is rosy. Not to mention: Everett Hiller gets all the A-list party guests...

Don't phone and drive, says Obama's NTSB

The U.S. National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) wants you to stop using your phone while driving. Completely. Not even with a Borg-style, hands-free earpiece. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers weigh the pros and cons. Not to mention: Make your own Star Wars Snowflake decorations...

We're doomed: Shocking "Chinese" malware claim by DHS bigwig

Chinese flag A Department of Homeland Security (DHS) mucky-muck has 'fessed up about computer and networking gear being preloaded with malware, and other security nasties by foreigners. When asked about the rumors, Greg Schaffer, Acting Deputy Undersecretary of the DHS's National Protection and Programs Directorate, paused and admitted both DHS and White House have known about the problem for a while. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers wonder if the sky is falling. Not to mention: Error'd: High-level Usage...

Osama bin Laden dead; Twitter-body broke the story

Osama bin Laden (CIA)Updated: Osama bin Laden is dead -- yeah, you knew that already, but did you know that Twitter broke the story first? Is this a body-blow to the mainstream media, or a mindless search for a technology angle from Monday-morning bloggers? In IT Blogwatch, we search for the truth. Not to mention Facebook and China - The Joy of Tech...

Seven facts about Obama's Silicon Valley dinner

Making sense of the seating arraignments and non-invites.

Obama makes H-1B, Green Card reform a priority

President Obama's State says it makes "no sense" to send foreign students back home.