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Sanyo laser to enable faster, higher-capacity Blu-ray Discs

At 12X speed, 100GB of data could be burned to a Blu-ray disk in 10 minutes

By Martyn Williams
October 6, 2008 12:00 PM ET

IDG News Service - Sanyo Electric Co. has developed a blue-laser diode that will help lay the foundation for higher-capacity and faster Blu-ray Disc systems.

The laser can emit a beam of 450 milliwatts, which is about double the power of Sanyo's current highest-power laser for Blu-ray Disc systems. The higher power means it can write and read data on discs with up to four data layers and at speeds of up to 12X, Sanyo said today.

Each recording layer on a Blu-ray Disc can store 25GB of data, and the highest-capacity commercial discs currently have two recording layers. A four-layer disc would be able to hold 100GB of data, which translates to about eight hours of high-definition video, and at 12X speed, all that data could be burned to the disc in just 10 minutes.

The new blue laser diode could read and write into four-layer discs holding about eight hours of high-definition video, and at 12X speed all that data could be burned to the disc in just 10 minutes
Sanyo's blue-laser diode

While the development of the laser is a step toward such systems, users shouldn't expect them anytime soon. With the development of a suitable laser, companies are now able to work on products supporting the higher speeds, but the length of the development cycle and the Blu-ray Disc standardization process means drives and recorders running at the higher speeds likely won't be available until one or two years later.

Optical disc systems such as Blu-ray Disc typically advance throughout their lives, thanks to developments in component technology. Stronger lasers mean additional recording layers can be added and discs can be spun faster. Most of the latest Blu-ray Disc drives support double-layer at speeds of up to 6X.

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