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Why HTC put Windows on its M8 smartphone
HTC announced the HTC One (M8) smartphone for Windows todayl it's available exclusively at Verizon Wireless for $99 on a two-year contract.

iPhone 5C's China bust raises questions about Apple's pricing for '14 models
Apple's iPhone 5C, the lower-priced model introduced last year -- by many accounts to boost sales in countries like China -- has done poorly in the People's Republic.

China scrubs Apple's iPad and MacBooks from government buying list
China's government, which banned Windows 8 from agencies' computers, has now dropped Apple's notebooks and tablets from an approved list of purchases.

Navdy's planned heads-up car display works with iPhone or Android
A crowdfunding project hopes to attract enough money to develop the heads-up car display, which can be controlled by voice or hand gestures and syncs with iPhone or Android devices.

Circle the date: Apple's iPhone 6 event slated for Sept. 9
It looks like Apple will hold its annual iPhone event on Tuesday, Sept. 9.

Stable Mac prices fuel reliable profit engine
Even though iPhone revenue dwarfs the Mac, Apple's computer line remains important because its average selling price has held steady for four years.

Apple will 'set the world on fire' with iPhone 6 sales
Look for Apple to "set the world on fire" later this year with huge sales of the next iPhone.

The other Apple economy: $2B in devices on eBay
In the U.S. alone, nearly $2 billion worth of Apple devices -- Macs, iPhones, iPads and iPods -- were sold on eBay over the past 12 months.

Apple sends users scrambling for OS X Yosemite
Apple today released the public beta of OS X Yosemite, giving nondevelopers their first chance to preview an upcoming Mac operating system in 14 years.

Apple grows Mac sales by 18% on the back of the MacBook Air
Apple sold 4.4 million Macs in the June quarter, the most ever for that three-month stretch, with an annual growth rate the rest of the PC industry hasn't seen since 2010.

What to listen for during Apple's earnings call today
Apple today will reveal its Q2 revenue and device sales during a conference call with Wall Street. Here's what to listen out for.

Timeline: How Apple's iOS gained enterprise cred
In the seven years since the first iPhone arrived, iOS has morphed from a consumer-centric OS into one with a wealth of enterprise-worthy features.

Apple and IBM: A winning combo for IT
One thing is clear about the Apple-IBM partnership: It will change the dynamic of the enterprise mobility market in significant ways.

IBM and Apple ties go way back
IBM and Apple have a history of working together that dates back more than 20 years.

Apple quickly counters China claim of iPhone spying
Apple on Saturday quickly denied claims by China's state-run television that its iPhones track owners' locations.

China calls the iPhone and iOS 7 threats to national security
China's state-run TV is telling iPhone owners that the device is a threat to national security because it tracks their movements.

Apple's CarPlay to dominate infotainment systems, will be in 24M cars by 2019
Apple's API for in-car mobile devices, better known as CarPlay, will outpace both the open API MirrorLink and GENIVI.

Dev interest in OS X Yosemite is 4X what it was for Mavericks in '13
Developer interest in OS X Yosemite appears to be quadruple that of 2013's Mavericks.

Apple yanks Google Maps from iCloud's 'Find My iPhone'
Apple has begun replacing Google Maps with its own mapping technology on, specifically in the Web-based "Find My iPhone" service.

Gartner scales back Windows forecast
Gartner today scaled back its forecast of Windows' near future, saying that while Microsoft's OS will power a growing number of devices this year and next, the gains will be smaller than it projected in January.

Wal-Mart slashes iPhone 5S and 5C prices by as much as 71% off list
Wal-Mart today chopped prices of Apple's iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C to $99 and $29, respectively, with a two-year carrier contract.

Google answers Apple's 'Continuity' with partial measures
Google this week offered a partial answer to Apple's Continuity technology, announcing a system that will let Android-powered smartphones interact with Chrome OS on Chromebooks.

Yosemite's 'Handoff' will work only on Macs less than 2-3 years old
Apple's "Handoff" -- one of the key new features of iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite -- will work only on newer Macs that support Bluetooth 4.0 and the Bluetooth LE (low energy) technology.

Apple won't fear Amazon's Fire Phone
No one at Apple's headquarters will be losing sleep over whether the new Amazon Fire will snatch market share from the iPhone, analysts said.

Apple's new iMac is $200 cheaper -- and slower
Apple today added a new entry-level iMac to its line, pricing it 15% lower than the previous cheapest model but dramatically scaling back the all-in-one's performance/

Samsung matters more than Apple in deciding wireless charging's future
Samsung and Apple are the leading handset manufacturers in the world, but when it comes to which one can drive the mobile market for wireless charging, Samsung looks like the bigger player.

Headphone makers will be wary of Apple's Lightning audio pitch
Apple will find it difficult to convince headset manufacturers to switch to a Lightning port for audio, an analyst argued today.

No-interest financing tips consumers to priciest iPhones
iPhone buyers who finance full-priced smartphones are more likely to pick the most expensive iPhone 5S than U.S. consumers who go the subsidized-purchase route, analysts said.

Devs can 'Handoff' iOS apps to browser-based UIs on Macs
Apple's new Handoff feature in iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite not only lets users pick up on one app from where they left off on another, but it can "forward" them to a website on an iPhone, iPad or Mac.

The hackers behind those iPhone ransom attacks have been arrested in Russia
Russian authorities arrested a man and a teenaged boy from Moscow under suspicion that they compromised Apple ID accounts and used Apple's Find My iPhone service to hold iOS devices for ransom.

iPhone to keep punching revenue above its weight class
Apple's iPhone may continue to shed global market share in the next five years, but its portion of total revenue will remain stable because Apple will resist slashing iPhone prices, a research analyst said today.

Apple's storage strategy: Clear, not cloudy
Despite the iCloud enhancements and new features Apple talked up at WWDC, don't expect the company to broadly compete in the online storage market.

Apple's Continuity tack brings ubiquitous computing to Yosemite and iOS 8
At this year's WWDC, Apple showcased a variety of new technologies under the Continuity umbrella that take device communication to a more sophisticated level. Users are the winners, says columnist Michael deAgonia.

What's in a name? Aussie 'HealthKit' firm unhappy with Apple
An Australian company has made a big deal this week of taking umbridge over Apple's use of the name HealthKit. That's because the company is named HealthKit.

Will Apple's Internet of Things vision hurt a beautiful idea?
Apple's just announced approach to home automation involves Homekit, an iOS 8 framework and network protocol for controlling devices in the home. But will it play nicely with others?

Apple counters Microsoft's convergence strategy with Continuity
Apple yesterday countered Microsoft's vision of the future, where multiple devices collapse into one, with a recognition that compromises and multiple devices are not only the reality, but could be lucrative.

At WWDC, continuity across devices is the theme
Apple's "Continuity" initiative is all about using the right device for the right task at the right moment and shifting between those devices seamlessly. Columnist Ryan Faas explains.

Cook jabs at Windows, Android in WWDC keynote
Apple may have had a lot to dish out Monday to developers, but that didn't stop CEO Tim Cook from taking time to talk a little smack about rivals Microsoft and Google.

Apple opens up iOS, struts Mac-iPhone-iPad integration
Apple CEO Tim Cook and one of his top lieutenants today outlined the next iterations of the company's critical iOS and the less-important OS X before enthusiastic developers.

Demand for extra-large iPhone may be overstated
Although Apple watchers expect the company to boost the iPhone's screen size this fall, demand for a very large display is actually weak among iPhone owners in China -- and even weaker in the U.S.

Beats me: Everyone posits a theory on Apple's $3B deal
Apple made it official Wednesday that it would acquire Beats Entertainment, but even after weeks of speculation, pundits still can't decide whether the deal is a smart move.

WWDC preview: For Apple, it's all about platforms now
Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference is the company's one big chance to talk up hardware, operating systems and services -- and explain where Apple is headed. Ryan Faas explains what to look for on Monday.

Apple goes against grain, lets Beats Music live on Android and Windows Phone
Apple will continue to offer Beats Music apps for Android and Windows Phone after it closes the deal to acquire the streaming music service and Beats Electronics.

Smartphone prices are dropping, and will continue to dip through '18
Average global smartphone prices have dropped and will continue to do so into 2018, according to IDC.

Apple to reveal iOS 8, OS X 10.10 June 2 at 10 a.m. keynote
Apple will again kick off its developer conference with a keynote, where top-tier executives, including CEO Tim Cook, will tout the newest versions of iOS and OS X, and likely introduce new hardware.

Experts search for method to Apple's Beat madness
Analysts today struggled to explain why Apple might acquire Beats Electronics, the headphone maker and music subscription service operator, for $3.2 billion.

Apple to replace faulty iPhone 5 power buttons for free
Apple has confirmed that some iPhone 5 smartphones have defective sleep/wake/power buttons and on Friday kicked off a free component replacement program in the U.S. and Canada.

As iPad sales slump, Cook hijacks analysts' fast-uptake explanation
Apple on Wednesday conceded that it sold 16% fewer iPads in the March quarter than in the same period last year, fulfilling analysts' expectations -- in spades -- that iPad sales have slowed.

Android mobile ad traffic beats iOS for first time
Android smartphones and tablets now get the most mobile ad traffic worldwide, but iPhones and iPads still get 52% of the revenue.

The iPad's expected ebb, and the search for why
Apple is expected Wednesday to confirm Wall Street's fears, that iPad sales growth not only slackened in the March quarter, but reversed course with fewer of the iconic tablets sold than the year before.

Apple customers downsize iPhone, iPad storage in March quarter
U.S. iPhone and iPad sales skewed more toward devices with less storage space in the March quarter compared to the final three-month period of 2013.

Apple has bigger plans than just song ID with Shazam deal
Apple will integrate music identification technology created by Shazam into the next version of iOS, but could go much further than simple song naming.

Automakers show off in-vehicle Wi-Fi, new smartphone interfaces
Ahead of the big New York Auto Show, several car companies today displayed in-vehicle infotainment systems that connect to smartphones to use mobile apps, music playlists, calling features and calendars.

First-to-market means diddly when it comes to smartwatches
The old wisdom that "first-to-market" technology products will win out gets thrown out the window when it comes to smartwatches and some other wearables.

Apple slates WWDC for June 2-6, sets up ticket lottery
Apple today announced that its annual developers conference will run June 2-6, and that it's copying Google's method of assigning tickets through a random drawing.

Nadella to Cook on Office revenue sharing: Drop dead
With the launch of Office for iPad yesterday, Microsoft again effectively cut Apple out of most of the revenue stream by making the apps free to download.

Microsoft scraps 'Windows-first' practice, puts Office on iPad before Surface
As expected, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella hosted a press conference where the company unveiled Office for iPad, breaking with its past practice of protecting Windows by first launching software on its own operating system.

iOS tops Android for Web browsing in U.S. and other developed nations
Android smartphones from all manufacturers make up nearly 80% of all smartphones recently sold worldwide, but iOS still dominates when it comes to Web browsing in the U.S. and other developed countries.

Microsoft's free OneNote vaults to top of Mac App Store chart
Microsoft's OneNote jumped to the top of the free application chart on Apple's Mac App Store shortly after its Monday launch.

Apple discounts iPhone 5C 8%-9% in five markets via storage cuts
Apple today unveiled an 8GB iPhone 5C that costs between 8% and 9% less than the previous lowest-priced model with 16GB of storage space.

Microsoft's OneNote strategy: Battle Evernote, or something bigger?
Microsoft today began offering Mac users its OneNote application free of charge, making rumors last week about a release a reality.

Microsoft's new lower-priced Office 365 is 'obvious preface' for iPad suite
Microsoft's announcement today of a less expensive Office 365 subscription for consumers was the strongest hint yet that the company will soon offer an edition for Apple's iPad, an analyst said.

Apple's CarPlay vs. MirrorLink: Is there a need for both?
Both MirrorLink and Apple's new CarPlay will eventually be able to duplicate some iPhone functions on a car's in-vehicle infotainment system. But MirrorLink can also handle Android, Windows and Blackberry phones.

Apple's CarPlay to spark mobile apps war in your car
Apple's CarPlay user interface will not only add complexity to existing in-vehicle infotainment systems, it would virtually take away the keys from automakers who plan their own systems and interfaces.

iTunes is almost as big a biz as OEM Windows
Apple's iTunes, software and services group generated almost as much revenue in 2013 as the Microsoft division responsible for licensing Windows to computer and smartphone makers, according to comparisons of the companies' financial statements.

Icahn says 'I can't' and stops $50B fight over Apple stock buyback
Investment agitator and former corporate raider Carl Icahn today ended his fight to get Apple to boost its share buyback program by another $50 billion after an influential proxy advisory service nixed the idea.

Lenovo-Moto deal's impact on Apple? Zip
Apple won't lose any sleep over the Lenovo acquisition of Google's Motorola handset business, analysts said today.

Office 365 turns one, but success is tough to tally
A year after the launch of Microsoft's ambitious Office 365, it's almost impossible for outsiders to get a grip on how the software-by-subscription program has done, analysts admitted today.

Everyone bets on bigger iPhone for '14
Virtually every analyst who follows Apple has jumped on the bigger iPhone bandwagon, asserting that the company will step into the quickly-growing large-screen market this year.

Apple's iPod business collapses as revenue becomes a rounding error
Apple's iPod business collapsed last quarter, with revenue plummeting 55% and the number of music players dropping by more than half compared to the same period the year before.

Update: More than 1B smartphones were shipped in 2013
For the first time ever, just over 1 billion smartphones shipped to vendors worldwide in 2013, double the number of just two years earlier, IDC said late Monday.

Cook admits Apple blew the call on the iPhone 5C
Apple sold a record 51 million iPhones in the fourth quarter of 2013, but acknowledged it underestimated the appeal of the flagship iPhone 5S, making some analysts question the company's two-model strategy.

Android now has more than half of U.S. smartphone sales
Android represented more than half of U.S. smartphone sales in the last quarter of 2013, while the iPhone's share dropped to 43.9%, said Kantar WorldPanel ComTech.

Starbucks vows to beef up security on its iPhone app
Starbucks today promised to update its iOS app to calm a storm of interest in a report this week that claimed criminals could easily nab the app's credentials from a stolen iPhone.

Apple CEO Tim Cook boasts of record iPhone sales in China
Apple CEO Tim Cook's claim today that the company broke iPhone sales records in China during 2013's fourth quarter meant that the firm sold in excess of 10.4 million smartphones in the region, an IDC analyst said today.

GoDaddy touts simplicity over price as it launches Office 365 sales
Domain name registrar GoDaddy and Microsoft today announced a partnership that puts Office 365, the latter's rent-not-own software suite, in front of GoDaddy's small business customers.

Apple's Mac ends up in tablet cannibal pot, too
Tablet cannibals have taken as big a bite out of Mac growth as they have out of PCs in general, showing that Apple is not immune to the seismic shift it triggered with the iPad.

Roku beats Apple to the TV market
While Apple has called its Apple TV set-top box a "hobby," rival Roku has teamed up with two manufacturers to build its popular video streaming service directly into TVs. Columnist Ryan Faas weighs in on the consequences.

Unencrypted Windows crash reports give 'significant advantage' to hackers, spies
Windows' error- and crash-reporting system sends a wealth of data unencrypted and in the clear, information that eavesdropping hackers or state security agencies can use to refine and pinpoint their attacks, a researcher said today.

2014: Does Apple still look doomed?
Don't be fooled by the company's rocky 2013. There are strong signs that it has turned the corner.

Cook's 'big plans' remark reveals nothing about Apple product timing, everything about what fans crave
A leaked email from Apple CEO Tim Cook touting "big plans" for 2014 renewed speculation that the company could soon make good on expectations by launching new product lines.

iPhone, iPad dwarf mobile rivals in small- and mid-sized firms
Apple has won the hearts and minds of small- and mid-sized businesses, which have overwhelmingly adopted Cupertino's mobile devices over rivals powered by Android or Windows.

iOS 7 now powers 3 out of 4 Apple devices
Nearly three months after the launch of iOS 7, three-quarters of all mobile devices from Apple are running the newest operating system.

China Mobile-Apple iPhone pact 'very big deal'
China Mobile, the world's largest mobile carrier, has finally inked a deal with Apple to sell the iPhone, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal.

Aggressive iPad discounts signal Apple's move for market share
Apple's discounts of the iPad Air and first-generation iPad Mini were "very aggressive," a retail analyst said today, and were aimed at scooping up as much U.S. tablet market share as possible.

Why smartphone food photos look horrible
Martha Stewart wants to show you horrible pictures of nauseating-looking food for some reason. Mike Elgan finds this personally vexing.

Apple ditches discounts, goes with gift cards for Black Friday sale
Apple earlier today launched its annual Black Friday sale, but rather than directly discount hardware -- as it's done for years -- it offered gift cards of up to $150 with a purchase.

Apple's new iPad Mini: With a Retina Display, it's a Mini in name only
The new iPad Mini with Retina display offers a no-compromise option for tablet fans who want the speed of an iPad Air and the portability of the smaller iPad.

Malware: War without end
After decades of fighting off viruses, worms, Trojans and other malware and cyberattacks, total victory remains beyond reach.

Second take: The iPad Air sets a new benchmark for performance and style
Having spent a few weeks with the new iPad Air, columnist Michael deAgonia is ready to declare that it's a stunning improvement on what was already a rightfully successful tablet.

Retina iPad Mini inventory tracker returns from dead
A pair of inventory trackers, including one resurrected after Apple demanded it stop collecting data from its online store website, are helping buyers locate scarce Apple smartphones and tablets.

Once-pilloried Apple Maps gets the last laugh
Even after its extraordinary rough start last year, Apple Maps was used by nearly six out of every 10 U.S. iPhone owners during September, according to data recently published by metrics firm comScore.

Apple tries to calm stormy iWork waters with pledge to restore 18 features
Apple today responded to complaints from Mac users over features dumped from iWork, promising to restore 18 of them to the productivity suite in the next six months.

iPad Air's usage share hints at opening weekend sales boom
Apple's new iPad Air got off to a fast start this weekend, according to measurements of its online activity, which was twice the combined shares of 2012's then-new fourth-generation iPad and iPad Mini tablets.

Hands on: At just 1 pound, the iPad Air is worth the weight
The first thing you notice when you pick up Apple's new iPad Air is how light it feels. But there's more to the Air than it's new slender look and feel. Michael deAgonia offers his first impressions of the new tablet.

How to score an iPad Air on Friday
Apple will start selling the on-an-Atkins-diet iPad Air Friday. And with the reviews positively gushing consumer competition might get heated. Here's how to improve the odds of a first-day purchase.

Apple's $900 million moment
Apple has put a value on its decision to give away future OS X upgrades to all Mac users and offer the iWork and iLife suites for free to new Mac and iOS device buyers: $900 million.

Apple plays defense and offense with free software, upgrade strategies
Apple's decision to give away OS X upgrades and other software, including the iWork productivity suite, stemmed from both offensive and defensive strategies, analysts said today.

Free iWork upgrade angers Mac users
Apple's iWork free upgrade has angered long-time Mac power users, who have flooded the company's support forum with complaints about lost features.

Microsoft exec scoffs at talk that Apple's free iWork threatens Office
Microsoft's head of communications took shots today at Apple's decision to give away its iWork productivity software, calling the move "an attempt to catch up."

Richi Jennings: Pros and cons for business use
So it's finally announced: the Verizon iPhone 4 is coming. But is it in the slightest bit interesting for enterprise users? Or is it just a consumer product? Let's analyze the pros and cons, in The Long View... INSIDER (registration required)

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Apple's iOS leads the enterprise, Android doesn't

Google's Android has managed to steal a few points of share in the enterprise sector, but is unlikely to maintain this once new iPhones and iPads ship and the Apple/IBM alliance truly kicks in.

iOS 8/OS X Yosemite: Safari catching up with Chrome

Apple has introduced a range of improvements within Safari on both OS X and iOS that mean the multi-platform browser is catching up with Chrome for performance.


Chinese government bans Apple, really?

The situation for US tech firms in China has certainly become more difficult as a result of US surveillance activities.

Apple sets iPhone 6 special event September 9, claims Recode

Apple has scheduled a special event for September 9, and while the world waits for second line confirmation, a hubbub of expectation has already begun.

Latest iOS 8 beta shows Apple’s sensor sensibility

Apple continues work on iOS 8, but its latest developer release underlines the importance of new sensor technologies as it pulls together a private and secure mobile foundation to support the digital health industry.

Apple's growing smart for contextual search, Siri and services

Data driven insights; user recommendations; big data services and all the other buzzwords of the pre-Singularity techno-dystopia some say we're hurtling blindly toward are in Apple's sights, as evidenced by recent deals.

Apple and the omnichannel: 9 industries already using iBeacon

Apple's quiet introduction of iBeacon is shaping up to be a foundational release that transforms the company's place in computing -- it puts Apple inside the infrastructure. Here are 9 industries already using iBeacon.


Who sold more phones last quarter, Apple or Microsoft? Wrong -- it's Microsoft.

When it comes to phones, Apple is the 800-pound gorilla, and Microsoft is the 100-pound weakling, right? Wrong! Last quarter, Microsoft sold nearly one million more phones than Apple did. And it has the numbers to prove it.

Apple steals your wallet with future iPhone

Apple and Visa are ready to turn your iPhone into your wallet, after years of steady work to develop such services.

Security expert rejects Apple, NSA, iOS backdoor claims

A hacker this week claimed hidden iOS backdoors are used by government, law enforcement and other out of control groups to collect personal data without permission, but the allegations are incorrect, a leading security developer told AppleHolic.

Earnings reports show Apple matters to the world, Microsoft doesn't

Yesterday's earnings reports from Microsoft and Apple showed a contrast in corporate strategies: Apple's aimed at consumers, Microsoft's targeted at businesses. Those reports and the press's reaction to them shows why right now Apple matters to the world, and Microsoft doesn't.

Apple results: Don't expect new products until Fall

Apple CEO Tim Cook continued to talk about "new product lines" the company "can't wait" to share, but these promises couldn't disguise relative flatness in the company's Q3 results.

15 more iOS 8 features we learned this week

New insights into what's inside Apple's looming iOS 8 release continue to emerge, alongside a bunch of new enhancements introduced within iOS 8 Beta 4, which reached developers last night.

6 ways Apple protects your privacy in iOS 8

Apple has put a lot of work into ensuring iOS 8 users are given much stronger controls over their privacy and security, giving its mobile OS something competitors cannot (or will not) match.

Why enterprise IT pros should fear Apple and IBM

Apple and IBM intend to bring Apple's legendary ease of use into the enterprise. This means those who currently work in enterprise IT will be expected to deliver complexity and power within applications users can understand. And if they don't do it, they'll be out of a job.