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Coverage from Apple's WWDC 2008

June 9, 2008 12:00 PM ET
Top Stories

New iPhone Still Faces Corporate Disconnects
Apple still has both hardware and software issues to work through before the iPhone 3G is likely to be widely adopted in corporate environments.

Opinion: Apple's Snow Leopard -- an OS without new features?
Are stability and speed alone enough for Apple to successfully sell its next OS, Snow Leopard?

Apple's App Store vital to iPhone success, say analysts
The upcoming App Store for the iPhone shows Apple is serious about building a platform around the device.

FAQ: The new iPhone brings changes to activation, price plans
Faster speeds and GPS aren't all that's changed. There's also a new activation process and different monthly plan prices.

Opinion: Move over .Mac., here comes MobileMe
Apple's upcoming MobileMe is more than just a .Mac makeover.

Gartner: Be cautious about letting new iPhones into your company
As owners dump first-gen iPhones, look for sub-$100 prices

New iPhone 3G will boost used iPhone market
As owners dump first-gen iPhones, look for sub-$100 prices

Opinion: You already have an iPhone, should you buy a new one?
If want faster speeds and GPS and you talk a lot, the answer is probably yes

FAQ: Meet the new iPhone 3G
Wonder what the big deal is about Apple's new phone? Here's where to start finding answers.

Apps distribution still an issue for businesses
'Enterprise' distribution would mean workers download custom apps via iTunes

Update: Jobs unveils $199 3G iPhone
It goes on sale July 11 with a starting price of $199 for the 8GB model.

Analyst: Apple may ship 18 million 3G iPhones this year
Apple has hit the sweet spot in terms of pricing for the new 3G iPhone and, as a result, one analyst has significantly increased sales projections for the device.

Apple iPhone faces challenges in enterprise bid
Despite its new enterprise-focused features, some analysts believe that iPhone has a long way to go before it is widely adopted by large organizations.

8 unanswered questions about Apple's iPhone 3G
You have questions. So do we.

How to make the new iPhone work at work
What you need to know to bring next-gen mobile to your enterprise.

How can the iPhone 3G be so cheap?
What's behind the drastic price cut for Apple's new iPhone?

IPhone 3G: It's not world peace, but it's close
At Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference, there is talk of the big picture and of the iPhone 3G as a technology change agent that combines a great computer and cell phone with fast networks that can be used around the world.

iPhone timeline
A lot has happened since the iPhone was first unveiled in 2007.

Image Gallery: Pictures from WWDC 2008


Sharon Machlis: iPhone economics: The 3G isn't cheaper in the long run
The 'news' is an iPhone price cut, but total cost of ownership will be higher.

Preston Gralla: iPhone 3G: Apple hype machine trumps reality again
Zealots crave the iPhone, even though the device is packed with plenty of "me-too" technology.

Mike Elgan: Why GPS on the iPhone matters
The addition of GPS to the iPhone was the biggest story of the day. Here's why.

Matt Hamblen: Running to the boy's room in hot pursuit of iPhone news
I started off for the wash room, but was told by Apple officials that I couldn't go alone. I needed an escort.

Seth Weintraub: WWDC 2008 report card
How did we do with our predictions?

Seth Weintraub: WWDC 2008 live
New iPhone has 3G and GPS.


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Apple's Steve Jobs introduces the iPhone 3G.


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FAQ: Speculation swells as Apple's WWDC '08 nears
Everyone's expecting Steve Jobs to unveil a new iPhone. But what else will be showcased at this year's big Apple developer event?

Opinion: WWDC takes an iPhone-centric tack
Computerworld columnist Dan Turner says there's more to the WWDC than the iPhone.

iPhone: One year later

Apple's splash into the cell phone market proved consumers will pay for hip devices. Now the race is on to one-up the iPhone.

FAQ: From 'iPhonies' to iFacts, we answer your iPhone questions
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The iPhone: Two reviews, one conclusion -- it's a glimpse of the future
The must-have phone of '07 lives up to its hype

IPhone video demo: UI is the secret of its success
IPhone video demo: UI is the secret of its success

Usability test: Does iPhone match the hype?
Users try out the iPhone, HTC Touch and the Nokia N95

The iPhone at two months: It's all about the interface
Rivals all too often deliver clumsy hardware, lousy software

Apple adds Exchange support to iPhone, unveils SDK
But enterprise functionality and third-party apps won't happen until June

Does the iPhone 2.0 have what it takes for the enterprise?
There are lingering doubts about security and Apple's readiness to deal with large corporations

FAQ: What iPhone 2.0 means to you
The gadget meets Exchange, and developers get a green light

Opinion: IPhone stats confirmed; it really does run my world
If you have an iPhone, you're doing a lot more than just making calls

Opinion: From cell phone 'Luddite' to iPhone lover
Apple 'hit a home run' with the iPhone, says Computerworld's Scot Finnie

Top 10 -- plus one -- funniest iPhone YouTube videos
Lifting the spirits of iPhone users weighed down by heavy bills

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