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Google launches Web security for corporations

App offers enterprises and their remote users real-time malware protection

By Linda Rosencrance
May 8, 2008 12:00 PM ET

Computerworld - Google Inc. today announced its Web Security for Enterprise, a product that protects organizations against malware attacks in real time.

The application allows organizations to control how employees use the Internet, according to a blog post by Tim Johnson, product marketing manager.

It also provides tools to help enterprises create and enforce Internet policies, the blog stated. A new add-on feature extends the same security to remote users by automatically directing all off-network traffic to a scanning infrastructure that enforces policies to protect users' computers.

The application is powered by Postini Inc., which Google acquired last year, and uses technology from San Mateo, Calif.-based ScanSafe Inc. It is integrated with Google Apps security and compliance messaging services.

The product protects against Web viruses, spyware and zero-hour threats, Google said, and also protects networks and users from undesirable Web content, file types and MIME types; monitors online activity with comprehensive reporting; and reduces bandwidth congestion.

Google Web Security also applies acceptable use policies to remote employees, enhances privacy by automatically encrypting Web traffic whenever users connect to public networks and eliminates the need for users to connect to the network over the corporate VPN.

A Google spokesman said the service costs $36 a year per user and an additional $12 per year for each remote user. He said it was a re-branded, less expensive product that had been offered by Postini.

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