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The 10 funniest YouTube videos for the Republican debate

Which of the top 10 submissions will be used to question presidential candidates Wednesday night?

By Heather Havenstein
November 26, 2007 12:00 PM ET

Computerworld - Most of the more than 4,000 videos submitted for Wednesday's CNN/YouTube debate among Republican presidential candidates cover serious issues like health care, the environment or the war in Iraq.

A few others, however, use humor to get their points across, a tactic that proved successful in getting videos aired during the July CNN/YouTube debate that featured the Democratic candidates. The Democratic debate, in which all questions were taken from submitted videos, received mixed reviews from the blogosphere and political elite.

At that debate, a video that Computerworld had selected as one of the 10 funniest was used, so be on the lookout for humor during the Republican debate as well.

1. #2985

Up first are Jackie and Dunlap from Murfreesboro, Tenn., a team that has already caught the attention of CNN's news leaders and become commentators of sort for the presidential campaign. They are repeat winners, having shown up on the Computerworld list for the Democrats, and one of their videos was used during that debate. But while they may have taken humorous punches at a Democratic candidate or two then, they saved up their real wrath for the "Wax museum of failure" they see among the Republican candidates.

2. #2912

Jackie and Dunlap have a second top-10 entry, asking former Gov. Mike Huckabee for help getting rid of some extra pounds.

3. #3732

This video enlists the help of Vice President Dick Cheney in asking a question about how much power and influence the candidates would grant their own vice presidents.

4. # 788

In a parody of the popular YouTube video of candidate John Edwards styling his hair to music, this video queries the candidates about how they will, in the words of Gandhi, "live simply."

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