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Staples launches data recovery services

Office supply firm partners with Seagate to provide service for media devices of all sizes

By Brian Fonseca
November 20, 2007 12:00 PM ET

Computerworld - Staples Inc. announced on Tuesday that it is partnering with Seagate Technology LLC to provide in-store data recovery services and information retrieval expertise.

As part of the agreement, 1,400 Staples office supply retail stores in the U.S. will offer free walk-in evaluations to determine whether lost data can be retrieved from various types of storage media, including desktop and laptop hard drives, external drives, flash cards, memory sticks, tape and optical devices. If recovery is possible, the company will charge various sums for the service.

The company said that Seagate experts trained its in-store EasyTech services staff in data forensic and diagnostic training techniques and on how to use the Seagate File Recovery software.

Services personnel will first try to recover data using equipment in the stores. If more resources and expertise are needed, the device will be shipped overnight to a Seagate lab in Santa Clara, Calif., or Chicago, said Jay Remley, president of Seagate's services group. Remley said that the company that lost data from smaller storage devices will typically be retrieved within three to five days, and for large devices within a week.

Staples will return lost data from high capacity devices to customers on a Seagate USB device, which Remley said is simpler to use than CDs. Lost data from smaller devices will be stored on a 6GB Seagate pocket drive.

"It's definitely getting more challenging for customers to manage and protect their data due to the amount of digital devices [they regularly use], which they just didn't have five or six years ago," Remley said. "Staples was obviously being asked [for information retrieval assistance] by their customers who would come in with issues for data recovery."

According to Remley, if the lost or deleted data is deemed unrecoverable or the files are too severely corrupted by technicians, Staples will not impose any charges for using the data recovery service.

He estimated the price for recovering data from low-end storage media such as flash and optical DVDs at a few hundred dollars. The price for retrieving lost data from larger storage devices could cost several thousand dollars, he said.

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