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Nokia N810 hits store shelves

Internet Tablet weighs less than 8 oz.

November 19, 2007 12:00 PM ET

Computerworld - The new Nokia N810 Internet Tablet began shipping in the U.S. today and is priced at $479, announced Nokia Corp.

At just under 8 ounces, the tablet features a slide-out keyboard, built-in Global Positioning System capability, digital audio and video playback, and Wi-Fi functionality that can be used for voice over IP calls, Nokia said in a statement.

It runs a Maemo Linux-based OS2008, which provides a customizable user interface and a Mozilla-based browser supporting Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, Adobe Flash 9 and Bluetooth headsets.

The N810 is 2.8 by 5 by 0.55 in. in size, with a 400-MHz processor, 128MB of memory and 2GB of internal storage with support for external memory cards of up to 8GB. There is room to store up to 7,500 songs. The 4.13-in. color display includes touch-screen capability.

The device can support up to four hours of continuous use, even with the Wi-Fi active, and up to 10 hours of music playback as well at 14 days of standby time, according to Nokia.

<br></br>The Nokia 810 Internet Tablet (Photo courtesy of Nokia Corp.)

Nokia 810 Internet Tablet (Photo courtesy of Nokia Corp.)

Free maps are preloaded to find locations, but navigation through Wayfinder is available for $129.99 for a three-year license.

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