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Q&A: Jim Zemlin touts the 'second phase' of Linux

By Todd R. Weiss
July 24, 2007 12:00 PM ET

By working together, each of the groups can work on their core [missions], with other nonprofits such as the Software Freedom Law Center and others helping with legal issues related to Linux and open source. I would like to see a better cross-project collaboration, a better, more synchronized release schedule for all the projects that make up Linux. I'd like to see better testing to ensure the most stable releases. The Ruby project is a great example. When you submit code, you also submit a test scenario -- you create the test that goes along with that.

As you talk to people in the IT community about Linux and open source, what is your main message today? I'd like to be very clear with people that there is no inherent risk of using open source as opposed to a proprietary license. The reality is that the corporate success of this movement helps the success of the free software movement. We all need everyone to be successful right now. This is the fundamental thing about open source -- that it's good for everyone. The passion that Ubuntu generates is good for Red Hat and other vendors. We need to keep our eye on that ball. Their success is ours.

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