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What's the Best Broadband ISP?

July 24, 2007 12:00 PM ET

No. 2: Cox Communications

Runner-up Cox Communications, a cable broadband provider, came in second to Verizon FiOS in most categories, including connection reliability, download speed, upload speed, overall satisfaction, customer service and technical support.

Connection reliability, with 85% combined for excellent and good, and download speed, with 77% combined for excellent and good, are particularly noteworthy. Largely as a result of those ratings, Cox Communications has a high overall satisfaction rating, at a combined excellent and good of 79%.

Overall Satisfaction
Overall Satisfaction  Excellent: 44%
 Good: 35%
 Average: 16%
 Poor: 3%
 Very poor: 1%
 Not applicable/
no opinion: 0%

Connection Reliability
Excellent   51%
Good   34%
Average   9%
Poor   3%
Very poor   3%
Not applicable/no opinion   0%

Download Speed
Excellent   50%
Good   27%
Average   21%
Poor   1%
Very poor   1%
Not applicable/no opinion   0%

Upload Speed
Excellent   31%
Good   36%
Average   22%
Poor   4%
Very poor   1%
Not applicable/no opinion   6%

Customer Service
Excellent   25%
Good   32%
Average   22%
Poor   6%
Very poor   7%
Not applicable/no opinion   7%

Technical Support
Excellent   24%
Good   28%
Average   25%
Poor   7%
Very poor   9%
Not applicable/no opinion   7%

E-mail Services
Excellent   24%
Good   28%
Average   21%
Poor   0%
Very poor   6%
Not applicable/no opinion   22%

Value (Price vs. Performance)
Excellent   16%
Good   26%
Average   38%
Poor   15%
Very poor   3%
Not applicable/no opinion   1%

Reader comments back up the importance of connection speed and reliability. Said one, "Very good download speed (7+Mbps), good upload (~350Kpbs), and nearly zero downtime."

Although its customer service (54% excellent and good combined) and technical support (53% excellent and good combined) numbers are similar to those of all other ISPs, some readers have been less than pleased with Cox. Said one, "Terrible customer service and tech support -- with every interaction with them there's always a glitch."

Another reader lauded connection speeds but was displeased with tech support: "Speed features and online reliability is good -- very good. Technical help to resolve problems are non-existent on all four occasions."

What's the Best Broadband ISP?

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