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What's the Best Broadband ISP?

July 24, 2007 12:00 PM ET

The Rankings

There's little doubt as to the best U.S. broadband ISP, according to our readers -- Verizon FiOS wins by a wide margin. Overall, its users rated it at 4.4 out of 5, far better than the five other ISPs, which are bunched together in their ratings, with Cox Communications at a 3.9 rating, Time Warner at 3.8, AT&T and Verizon DSL tied at 3.7, and Comcast, the worst-rated ISP of all, at a lowly 3.5.

ISP Ranking
Verizon FiOS   4.4
Cox Communications   3.9
Time Warner   3.8
AT&T   3.7
Verizon DSL   3.7
Comcast   3.5

Breaking down the results by category, Verizon FiOS was either first or tied for first every time, and sometimes by a wide margin.

Overall Satisfaction
Verizon FiOS   4.6
Cox Communications   4.2
Time Warner   4
AT&T   3.8
Comcast   3.8
Verizon DSL   3.7

Where Verizon FiOS really stood out, though, was in connection reliability and speed. Its connection reliability was rated overall at 4.8, compared with runner-up Cox Communications at 4.3. Its download speed was rated 4.7, compared with runner-up Cox Communications at 4.2. Similarly, upload speed was rated at 4.5, compared with runner-up Cox Communications at 3.7.

Connection Reliability
Verizon FiOS   4.8
Cox Communications   4.3
Verizon DSL   4.2
Time Warner   4.1
Comcast   4.1
AT&T   3.9

Download Speed
Verizon FiOS   4.7
Cox Communications   4.2
Comcast   4.1
Time Warner   4.1
Verizon DSL   3.8
AT&T   3.7

Upload Speed
Verizon FiOS   4.5
Cox Communications   3.7
Comcast   3.5
Time Warner   3.5
AT&T   3.5
Verizon DSL   3.5

This should come as no surprise; the Verizon FiOS connection provides dedicated service to homes via high-speed fiber-optic lines. With cable companies, you share your broadband with everyone on your node, and with DSL, you get a dedicated connection, but typically over copper cable for a slower connection. (See Fiber to the home: 'It's insanely better.'.)

What's the Best Broadband ISP?

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